Alissa Vanluvender
Alissa Vanluvender 22 timmar sedan
It’s like the best song on earth
Thompson Smith
Thompson Smith 22 timmar sedan
See this video: svfrom.info/history/video/XdmAeZrevpejkZk
Onfonem 22 timmar sedan
All my emo people stand up ⬆️
Sofía B.
Sofía B. 22 timmar sedan
such a talented girl 😊 happy for u baby
Zoe Jin
Zoe Jin 22 timmar sedan
*clicks on video* *scrolling through comments*
Alissa Vanluvender
Alissa Vanluvender 22 timmar sedan
I love your song so so much
Thomas O'Bannon
Thomas O'Bannon 22 timmar sedan
She’s a lovesick girl😭😭
tota 22 timmar sedan
give me an owa owa
Charlotte Q
Charlotte Q 22 timmar sedan
Name 22 timmar sedan
This song has more views in a week then "All I want" (her other song) in 9 months. Thats Crazy💖
JaySungJake '02
JaySungJake '02 22 timmar sedan
I literally relate to this song, he likes the girl who's got all that i don't have. He made a poem and gave it to me, but i guess it wasn't meant for me :)
Haliey Salcedo
Haliey Salcedo 22 timmar sedan
Me when I’m sad and start listening to this song and this song makes me happy :)
Juan Alan Nicolas Gomez
Juan Alan Nicolas Gomez 22 timmar sedan
#1 on Billboard
Phoenix Sankar
Phoenix Sankar 22 timmar sedan
songs hits diff bro 🥺 this reminds me how my girl feels about me
Imen Tini
Imen Tini 22 timmar sedan
she beat Ariana Grande...
Chiniii Love
Chiniii Love 22 timmar sedan
Ame😍😍estoy obsesionada con esta cancion...❤❤❤❤❤❤
Directioner_ forever
Directioner_ forever 22 timmar sedan
The number of times I listen to this song in a day is really concerning . And the amount of tears I have cried over this , let's not get over there 😌😌 Like it is soooo powerful , I have never been into a relationship before nor I am in one right now .... But this song hits different ! ♥️♥️
J'deyah Carey
J'deyah Carey 22 timmar sedan
I know my neighbors are probably worried about me bc i keep playing the same song over and over😂
Toastird 22 timmar sedan
If white people was a song
Ella rose Eraya
Ella rose Eraya 22 timmar sedan
Me:crying bout the boy that doesn't know i exist.
Matilda 22 timmar sedan
Not me crying about my imaginary boyfriend
T E E Y A 22 timmar sedan
my sister forced me to listen to this song. And yeah i kinda love it
millie silva
millie silva 22 timmar sedan
Meu Deus q música perfeita é essa?
juliana pamfilo
juliana pamfilo 22 timmar sedan
my bf broke up with me our monthsarry was yesterday were only 3 months and it hurts so bad
juliana pamfilo
juliana pamfilo 22 timmar sedan
Have you ever asked myself if you are lacking?
paige jenkins
paige jenkins 22 timmar sedan
Sad Potato
Sad Potato 22 timmar sedan
Ugh her mix into falsetto is so goodddddd omgggggg
Thiago Gimenez
Thiago Gimenez 22 timmar sedan
Imagine people coming here every day.
gnomia indie
gnomia indie 22 timmar sedan
Esse é o comentário de um brasileiro que vc tanto procura !
T r a c y
T r a c y 22 timmar sedan
Like idk what to say. How in fucks name could Joshua?HOW?Like please!I really want to YEET him at the moment🥶🖐🏾
Elloscyne Gray
Elloscyne Gray 22 timmar sedan
This is a masterpieceㅠㅠ
Sleepy Kid
Sleepy Kid 22 timmar sedan
been crying over this song since it was released. waiting for more music please
Dubinbok 22 timmar sedan
Teo GuUrRrlLL
Teo GuUrRrlLL 22 timmar sedan
that moment when he hurts her and she makes him famous by writing this song instead
Seraphina Lily Potter
Seraphina Lily Potter 22 timmar sedan
he was already famous
Leo 72
Leo 72 22 timmar sedan
34 million views in a week on a debut single, she's gonna blow up!!!❤️
Drew 22 timmar sedan
All these people in pain, yall can get through those sadness. Sending you a virtual hug!
Aliecia Michele
Aliecia Michele 22 timmar sedan
really not me listening to this for the past few days and crying over my non existence love story
Janelle Lumauag
Janelle Lumauag 22 timmar sedan
Angel Anns
Angel Anns 22 timmar sedan
Hey im back again
Campbell Sidebottom
Campbell Sidebottom 22 timmar sedan
Scrolling and listening? Yep, again
Golumeitor 22 timmar sedan
Odette Vieira
Odette Vieira 22 timmar sedan
Who would dump her!?
Jobi 22 timmar sedan
I want to see a driving instructor react to Driver's License.
LeNa BuEnA ?
LeNa BuEnA ? 22 timmar sedan
when it put me off people
Ashutosh Hindustani
Ashutosh Hindustani 22 timmar sedan
People are crazy
Maryam Zaki
Maryam Zaki 22 timmar sedan
she has Billie, Lorde and 2008 Taylor vibes
Sulaiman siddiqui
Sulaiman siddiqui 22 timmar sedan
Ok but this song is sooooo good. I didnt even knew about her before like 4 mins ago....
NACON 33 22 timmar sedan
I just got a 98% on my permit test two days ago
cigarr8 23 timmar sedan
this is the straight version of heather
Ayanna Campos
Ayanna Campos 23 timmar sedan
Ikrame Achekar
Ikrame Achekar 23 timmar sedan
Hi guys i made a cover of this song and i would really love it if you could take a look at it on my page ❤
Coopdog 22
Coopdog 22 23 timmar sedan
The song is for josh
Rashid Ell
Rashid Ell 23 timmar sedan
I have no idea who is she after i know she just surpassed ariana grande in fasters streaming song in spotify... but this song so so so ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Line K
Line K 23 timmar sedan
how was I able to live without this?
ons ghrairi
ons ghrairi 23 timmar sedan
Can someone please explain to me why are people hating on Sabrina Carpenter because of this song? PS: i'm not hating on anyone, i'm just curious.
Taehyung Daddy
Taehyung Daddy 23 timmar sedan
Who’s here streaming everyday
sheentheexplorer 23 timmar sedan
Watching till I memorize the lyrics haha
Tareeqah Amber
Tareeqah Amber 23 timmar sedan
I'm addicted to this song!! It's so GOOD!
Maysa el Sekalle
Maysa el Sekalle 23 timmar sedan
StixFigurez 23 timmar sedan
I saw someone call this song generic and boring, so I proceeded to block them and kept listening cause this song is a MASTERPIECE 😤❤🔥
Tayyab Kamran
Tayyab Kamran 23 timmar sedan
Me always crying when i listen to this song😭😭😭
ash 23 timmar sedan
now that I'm gone
Nihira Venu
Nihira Venu 23 timmar sedan
I find Olivia so pretty? Like this comment if you agree with me.
Alyssa Castro
Alyssa Castro 23 timmar sedan
You are everything I am insecure about, Olivia. What you saying?
Aaron Govender
Aaron Govender 23 timmar sedan
She is going to be the next Disney Superstar like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.
Lily The Pineapple
Lily The Pineapple 22 timmar sedan
probably more successful i think
Tasfia Hossain
Tasfia Hossain 22 timmar sedan
Anthony De La Cuba Berrú
Anthony De La Cuba Berrú 23 timmar sedan
El puente de esta canción es la mejor que puede haber 2:30
Jackpot Jackson
Jackpot Jackson 23 timmar sedan
I might cry- this hit different
Patricia 23 timmar sedan
I don’t mean to be mean just tryna find out why people keep talking about this song? It‘s good but sounds just like any other 2020/2021 pop song... it’s not that special?! Please explain😊
Ilaria Caiazzo
Ilaria Caiazzo 23 timmar sedan
She nailed it!
KISHELLE BURKE 23 timmar sedan
she should sing with conan gray
Podj 23 timmar sedan
Are we not gonna talk about how freaking pretty she is and how sad this song is 🥰😭
Claurens Nazaret Valencia Sánchez
Claurens Nazaret Valencia Sánchez 23 timmar sedan
Omg this is just beautiful
stella Maheen
stella Maheen 23 timmar sedan
24/7 mood rn
Ange Tryphose Kayumba Simbi
Ange Tryphose Kayumba Simbi 23 timmar sedan
The girl is so pretty😶 and her voice too😍👏🏾
natea skubic
natea skubic 23 timmar sedan
this song really makes me rethink my entire life at 2am.
Oliwia Kluczniok
Oliwia Kluczniok 23 timmar sedan
Kto od lexy liva haha?
LAKSHITA SATYA 23 timmar sedan
Everyone shut up i'm in my feels
Paris heiress
Paris heiress 23 timmar sedan
Me when i'm depressed* * me putting on this song
NNz Ban
NNz Ban 23 timmar sedan
I am ready for this song to hit 100 million
You are the present but sing of the past like there's no future. Your song is only comparable to a Shakespearian sonnet. No kidding.
Roaida4 Remigio
Roaida4 Remigio 23 timmar sedan
Perfect for ms. Donalyn bartolome haha