My 50 Cal Exploded
8 dagar sedan
My First Hand Cannon 😍
2 månader sedan
50 Cal vs ICE ❄
2 månader sedan
2 månader sedan
3 månader sedan
50 Cal vs Tractor Weight 🚜
3 månader sedan
Do Work
Do Work 10 timmar sedan
Buy a Kevlar neck shield and also invest in a plexi glass protector shield.
J Burton
J Burton 10 timmar sedan
Dude does an awesome Arnold impression.
James Hamilton
James Hamilton 10 timmar sedan
Glad you are still here man.
Todd P
Todd P 10 timmar sedan
He’s a good friend. I hope you have a fast recovery!
Bill Kembo
Bill Kembo 10 timmar sedan
Amen to your life... that explosion 💥 was God is good
Lex Talionis
Lex Talionis 11 timmar sedan
The 1.3k that disliked the video need to go to a safe space tighten their man buns and stay away from gun channels. Before I left my old job CobraTV was my boss, he said that if you make a 2 hour video it'll take about 5 hours to edit it down to 30 minutes. Keep your chin up Scott, the gun community has your 6
COOLxxBREEZE 11 timmar sedan
God is Good! Give Him praise
Robbie Benson
Robbie Benson 11 timmar sedan
I would like to watch the video, but I can’t stand the commentary. Just want to watch the video
Ditch Chicken
Ditch Chicken 11 timmar sedan
Thank you for sharing this. I am so glad you are okay now and wish you a full recovery.
marcos ortiz
marcos ortiz 11 timmar sedan
devil spy gaming
devil spy gaming 11 timmar sedan
Oh no I'm getting fallout new vegas flash backs
Gene Galpin
Gene Galpin 11 timmar sedan
Real scary! Soo glad you made it through this!
Drewbie Reacts
Drewbie Reacts 11 timmar sedan
Amazing Video Demo Team And Ballistics Team Go Awesome Hope You Get Well Scott
G 11 timmar sedan
Oh i love this gun.
Rob C.
Rob C. 11 timmar sedan
ChrisFoley0803 11 timmar sedan
Yeah, well done Matt. Like it !
Madan Shrestha
Madan Shrestha 11 timmar sedan
you are legend brother: God bless you!!
Manny Huerta
Manny Huerta 11 timmar sedan
Damn I wouldn’t fight you 🤣 you can take a hit
Harv Pot
Harv Pot 11 timmar sedan
I am so glad you are alive
Arden Svoboda
Arden Svoboda 11 timmar sedan
I like “Kentucky Ranch” better
Throp 11 timmar sedan
Don’t know anything about guns. What does “hot round” mean?
The Red Comet
The Red Comet 11 timmar sedan
The Red Comet
The Red Comet 11 timmar sedan
wow amazing what if the world came together like this.
Tall Mike
Tall Mike 11 timmar sedan
You get a sub!
philosoaper 11 timmar sedan
you survived? where's the fun in that?
Tony Blas
Tony Blas 11 timmar sedan
Just came across the video. I'm glad you're ok and God bless on a speedy recovery . 🙏
remy5405 11 timmar sedan
Soooo..... ummmmm.... did you hit the target that shot?
Exploring The World
Exploring The World 11 timmar sedan
i can only watch this video in five minute intervals because hearing this scares the shift out of me
septicnaus 11 timmar sedan
This man has been blessed with many more years on this earth
Chan Impresario
Chan Impresario 11 timmar sedan
Under larry
Under larry 11 timmar sedan
luckiest man alive
DJ Mel'Chis'edec
DJ Mel'Chis'edec 11 timmar sedan
Dr, Thats a hell of an autopsy on Armstrong !!!!
Trevor Murphy
Trevor Murphy 11 timmar sedan
I'm wondering where you in contact with the person that showed you those counterfeit rounds I would definitely be talking to him
Ace 11 timmar sedan
so this is why i haven't been able to eat lunch for a few days
Whack em N Stack em
Whack em N Stack em 11 timmar sedan
That was funny good job Matt.
John Doe
John Doe 11 timmar sedan
Holy sh*t....! GOD BLESS YOU BRUH.. ❤️
Tristan Oh
Tristan Oh 11 timmar sedan
How? R u still here?
Jonathan nunez
Jonathan nunez 11 timmar sedan
Damn crazy
FrostB7acK MyotisCO7D
FrostB7acK MyotisCO7D 11 timmar sedan
Damn, the intro music sounds like Nirvana's "School".
Commentary Crusader
Commentary Crusader 11 timmar sedan
Scott got his revenge, that table didn’t stand a chance.
Kevin Talbot
Kevin Talbot 11 timmar sedan
This is hilarious. Hurry up and heal up man! Lol
Thomas Powell
Thomas Powell 11 timmar sedan
You could see the round in the slow motion 😂
Hamza Hafez
Hamza Hafez 11 timmar sedan
Trex be like dinners ready boys
Nazir Germain
Nazir Germain 11 timmar sedan
Bro all praise to god, you should not be here today. You are a real warrior man a real warrior I’m so glad you’re still here today
The 710 Boys
The 710 Boys 11 timmar sedan
Holy crap what a guy Matt is. Truly truly an amazing big hearted guy. I’ve never seen this done on SVfrom before and I love it. We need more fellas like you Matt
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 11 timmar sedan
I laughed exactly like him after each mag hahahaaaa
Spudd07 11 timmar sedan
Scott survived an incident that basically everyone else would not have lived through Be like Scott
Kelvin 11 timmar sedan
Thats a big iron
Pa's Place Homestead
Pa's Place Homestead 11 timmar sedan
You yeeted everything
Stephen Boyle
Stephen Boyle 12 timmar sedan
It got you the footfall on SVfrom! Congrats
Mario Camargo
Mario Camargo 12 timmar sedan
God bless Kentucky ...God bless you.
Carlos Daniel Herrera Martínez
Carlos Daniel Herrera Martínez 12 timmar sedan
I knew it, Scott is the real Ironman 😎💪👍
Alduin nikkerslayer
Alduin nikkerslayer 12 timmar sedan
If im not mistaking. Hollow points already have less penetretion power. And um aim for the legs is a fun option
Stephen Boyer
Stephen Boyer 12 timmar sedan
Glad to see that healing is going so well. Your and your dad’s level headed thinking and quick, courageous actions litterally
Stephen Boyer
Stephen Boyer 12 timmar sedan
Saved the day.
Mario Camargo
Mario Camargo 12 timmar sedan
Mario Camargo
Mario Camargo 12 timmar sedan
Matt D.
Matt D. 12 timmar sedan
A perfect lesson in always wearing safety glasses!
Renalda Bruziene
Renalda Bruziene 12 timmar sedan
My man lost some brain cells
Tracey Culbertson
Tracey Culbertson 12 timmar sedan
Yikes! I'm glad you were repairable. You are absolutely a walking miracle.
jyotirmoy sen
jyotirmoy sen 12 timmar sedan
Take care of yourself brother. Love from India ❤️
Dead_ Killer_4201
Dead_ Killer_4201 12 timmar sedan
Scott I'm glad ur still here
Kaleab Demissie
Kaleab Demissie 12 timmar sedan
GOD is good
Tosu Bro
Tosu Bro 12 timmar sedan
It is while people around world starving for food. This kind of guys waste food .😔
DE Fiverr
DE Fiverr 12 timmar sedan
For God's sake, play with some body protection. Instead of shooting at BP vests, wear them, and don't be a Tom Cruise (love love the man but he's nuts). Safety safety safety. YT money isn't worth the danger and body harm. With all the rounds in your channel,, there is always metal fatigue and failure. Retire the guns after a set of rounds. It's not worth dying on camera for subs and ads!
PIMPIMTHEGAMER11 12 timmar sedan
Im praying for you
soulsilver 2135
soulsilver 2135 12 timmar sedan
geo death
geo death 12 timmar sedan
Could you not sue the people who sold you the round?
David Rozell
David Rozell 12 timmar sedan
I'm glad that you're going to be alright thank God your dad was there to get you to the hospital
DE Fiverr
DE Fiverr 12 timmar sedan
Time for a lawyer and pay day larger than the YT ad payout!
Clint Beastwood231
Clint Beastwood231 12 timmar sedan
Completely SPEECHLESS!!!! You're a damn BEAST!!! Glad you made it and are still with us and on a speedy recovery!!!
hotrod watch tv
hotrod watch tv 12 timmar sedan
Always good to have awesome friends like that
Cody Long
Cody Long 12 timmar sedan
Love that you plowed the table with the ole super duty 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Minhduc Nguyen
Minhduc Nguyen 12 timmar sedan
_ The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed _ Dude, who did you fought? _ A 50 cal.
brandon hickey
brandon hickey 12 timmar sedan
Please be safe! Happy you are still with us
DAMIAN FLORES 12 timmar sedan
My dad has a 308. Sniper rifle it’s good for ram
lirmily 12 timmar sedan
Oh, it's dangerous.
Evan LeBaron
Evan LeBaron 12 timmar sedan
when you put it in the mud it becomes a swamp eagle
Minh Tran
Minh Tran 12 timmar sedan
ok now we'd all love to know a link to your glasses, bro
Đคzəđ 12 timmar sedan
That tub how could he do that 🤮
geo death
geo death 12 timmar sedan
Could you not sue the people who sold you the round?