hawkar 6 timmar sedan
Just films nothing else
Mord 6 timmar sedan
I wonder if ivar was like this in real life or his portrayal in ac Valhalla where he was called boneless because he was so agile. Tbh when ivar got hvitserk on the ground i thought it was game over as he has a really strong upper body.
Brandon S
Brandon S 6 timmar sedan
Horses took arrows like champs back then.
Scottx125 Productions
Scottx125 Productions 8 timmar sedan
You'd probably find more food just scavenging in the wilderness...
vijay kadyan
vijay kadyan 8 timmar sedan
हम तो फ्री में देख लेते है आपकी क्या जरूरत है अमेज़न और नेटफ्लिक्स 🧐🧐 ,,,
Zolmag 8 timmar sedan
Ragnar: "It gladdens me to know that odin prepares for a feast, soon I shall be drinking ale from curved horns!" Hvitserk: "It gladdens me to know that odin makes ready the benches for a feast, soon you'll be drinking ale from curved horns." Loved the little sneak they added in, absolutely amazing show.
Coral Roper
Coral Roper 8 timmar sedan
I feel like they missed an opportunity to have "Don't Stop Me Now" playing.
David Butler
David Butler 9 timmar sedan
Just a bunch of slappers on an island
Phil Lawrence
Phil Lawrence 8 timmar sedan
That made me lol
Aleksandr Vashchenko
Aleksandr Vashchenko 9 timmar sedan
Козлов Ты тут не в тему
ayu puspita
ayu puspita 9 timmar sedan
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Salim Bhai
Salim Bhai 9 timmar sedan
When i finally start feeling sad for Ivar, they do this.
Nicholas Y
Nicholas Y 9 timmar sedan
Ricky grew his hair .........or did he? 🙈🙉🙊
Sidhar Shan
Sidhar Shan 10 timmar sedan
Didn't even fall down from his horse........legend.....
AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza
AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza 10 timmar sedan
Michael Nolan
Michael Nolan 10 timmar sedan
Great, never watched the series - how it seems to end. Time saved
RussianDuck 10 timmar sedan
This video is 2 weeks old and Is already the most viewed video on this channel
Mr.Bagruk 11 timmar sedan
Славься Бьёрн ❤️ Скол
Gutsy Productions
Gutsy Productions 11 timmar sedan
Sure the first half of the show was much better overall but i think this is one of the best scenes from the entire show, if not the best scene!
RekeBear 11 timmar sedan
4:19 Alloy? is that you? :D
Rayzer Maniac
Rayzer Maniac 11 timmar sedan
Here is a crazy idea, and bare with me for a minute. But maybe, just maybe somebody should have told him not to eat the food in the ample amount of time that passed between him being served the food and having eaten some of it. Like seriously. Its like opening a door for someone then telling them off when they walk through it. Who serves lunch to someone and expects them not to eat it? Not one person said anything to him before hand so it isn't James' fault at all.
Hirak Hirak pratim das
Hirak Hirak pratim das 11 timmar sedan
Why isn't this season not available in indian amazon prime.
NicTheGreek1979 12 timmar sedan
No thanks. Looks like woke trash.
David Townsend
David Townsend 12 timmar sedan
Fun fact. Hvitserk means white shirt. Was a nickname. His name was actually halfdan. Some historians wrote gly think its 2 guys. But its same dude. Hvitserk nickname. He went north. Gutham went to east anglia.
lAvRaAml 13 timmar sedan
Where is a bald dude? Ouch, i meant bold dude.
Milmiskew 13 timmar sedan
I never drink milk but man does this show make me wanna keep that up
Jarle Beinnes Fredriksen
Jarle Beinnes Fredriksen 13 timmar sedan
One of the best episodes of the entire Series
Gillpocalypse Vids
Gillpocalypse Vids 13 timmar sedan
KellOfDestiny 13 timmar sedan
If anyone’s not watched season 6B , watch episode one only, it’s a way better ending
Phil Allwright
Phil Allwright 13 timmar sedan
I thought Sound Of Metal was coming out this month?
hermionejg22 14 timmar sedan
We must protect Aziraphale and Michael Sheen at all cost.
Enrique 14 timmar sedan
I'm 2 episodes in..great so far.. After reading some comments I guess this is a remake and people are saying the the original is better. Is that so?
CBA 14 timmar sedan
Both are trash
Jonathan Nelson
Jonathan Nelson 14 timmar sedan
"May your children one day be as the sand on the shores of Scandinavia and create a distribution chain of reasonably priced furniture and safe cars"
Johnny ᴋ14
Johnny ᴋ14 14 timmar sedan
Заслужил билет к отцу 💪😎
BSbragi 14 timmar sedan
I like how their idea of maintenance is placing a few wooden boards on the bridge - excellent infrastructure.
UNCAGED-MONSTA 14 timmar sedan
The ending to this show is just 🤬
The Movie God
The Movie God 14 timmar sedan
I love the comic better
DON'T LOOK AT MY AVATAR 15 timmar sedan
Just don't look at my nickname !
Buckii 15 timmar sedan
Jameela Alanazi
Jameela Alanazi 15 timmar sedan
Farhaan Muhammad
Farhaan Muhammad 15 timmar sedan
I don't expect biyon will gone. Because he is making his role perfect and attractive. Dear Director you shouldn't do that, and likewise his mother lagather too. Besides that I respect Ivar the boneless he has been participated. Great job
Vankruze 15 timmar sedan
Bjorn was my favorite character, this really hurt to watch.
Manchester United
Manchester United 16 timmar sedan
In uns und um uns
In uns und um uns 16 timmar sedan
He didn't talk much, he did.
Bilal khan
Bilal khan 16 timmar sedan
Bjorn my favorite character always <3
Tangiers Amad
Tangiers Amad 16 timmar sedan
did he have to sacrifice his life to pull that pincer move? sure, it's more epic of a movie presentation, but c'mon, I'm sure the armies could've pulled that maneauver without Bjorn having to take three arrows in the chest.
Zboro 17 timmar sedan
uzair vayani
uzair vayani 17 timmar sedan
When will be the season 2 released?
Sons of Italy
Sons of Italy 17 timmar sedan
Anyone know the name of this song? It's EPIC!!!
Sunrise 17 timmar sedan
Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry
Elisa Pugliese
Elisa Pugliese 17 timmar sedan
Jasper haircut is just scary like him
alexandre juby
alexandre juby 18 timmar sedan
is the primary character died of covid 19 or arrows who knows??? mystery seround this world
easyLiving Life
easyLiving Life 18 timmar sedan
After watching this series, I realized why I should never buy a car with no roof.
KingSabsLane 18 timmar sedan
the best recap I've ever seen because I've seen every season and I was so confused
fawa teer
fawa teer 18 timmar sedan
akki 18 timmar sedan
No spoiler B like seer he know everything but didn't tell anyone😆
Member Satanic Cabal. Coronaut-1281
Member Satanic Cabal. Coronaut-1281 18 timmar sedan
T 18 timmar sedan
Bjorn Ironside > Jon Snow
T 18 timmar sedan
9 million views in two weeks... I mean...
Osiel Belchior
Osiel Belchior 18 timmar sedan
Kinda remind me of Thorstein
Marc M
Marc M 19 timmar sedan
Ale glupie i plytkie
Jack Herd
Jack Herd 19 timmar sedan
That was the average life timespan for a warrior and a Viking, 40-50 years old max. Bjorn was worse than Ivar, he was a terrible strategist. That's why people followed Ivar at the first place. But Bjorn was a Warrior like Rollo, and a Viking and true king.
Modern Founder
Modern Founder 19 timmar sedan
This ending > GOT ending
Андрей Викторов
Андрей Викторов 19 timmar sedan
Это..Навальный вернулся..😂
Chief Nosay
Chief Nosay 19 timmar sedan
Bjorn ; The king of Norway. The King in the North .
Uta Frei
Uta Frei 19 timmar sedan
gol D
gol D 20 timmar sedan
What happened to the Lagertha and Floki? I liked this movie show only for Ragnar,Lagertha,Bjorm and Floki, i'm not interested without them
Bscaine Bees
Bscaine Bees 20 timmar sedan
You just disgrace this series with this ending!
Rose DF
Rose DF 20 timmar sedan
They should ended it right there...
Rostok_d 21 timme sedan
сказка о варварах, не было такого народа как викинги.
Blitz Amatér
Blitz Amatér 21 timme sedan
one of the best moments in Vikings, loved it <3
6ft2Mini_Bilal 21 timme sedan
Why does this have many views?