grateful to be alive..
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What Happened To Us
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Time to Change.
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They Cut Me Out Of Bad Boys...
Finally... WILL SMITH!
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Lee Hague 18 timmar sedan
World Peace through travel, friendship, and food. Interesting to note that without governments and those seeking power in the way, people love each other and naturally seek a kind of unity. My heart bonded with these people through you my friend, strong work, keep it up.
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Another excellent video! Thank you for showing us what isn't shown nearly enough. I hope the school is a great success. Thomas you are great at sharing your thoughts and feelings. All the best to you and Yes Theory!
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Ben Kemp 18 timmar sedan
Fucking hell what a stunning country. I’m a brit, hope these people don’t hate British people after we were fighting a war in their land.
Jasper Ng
Jasper Ng 18 timmar sedan
My gosh.. My tears came down listening to this. So many dreams and failures, but then you realize its the failures you experienced that will make you a better person and achieve your dream even faster. Remember.. Dream a better dream and always move forward!
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D Bone 18 timmar sedan
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master rhythm 19 timmar sedan
something similar happened in China, but the poor dude was sentanced 20 years, the charge is "conspiring to subvert current regime"
Jamshid Sarwari
Jamshid Sarwari 19 timmar sedan
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The corona virus doesn’t exist in Afghanistan
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Reggie David 19 timmar sedan
With news that vaccines could be widely available in Spring 2021, when would you feel most comfortable going back to crowded movie theaters?
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The black plague was caused by bacteria, it's not a virus, if anyone's interested in that
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the world owes you for this. barely anyone has shown Afghanistan like you have, which is incredibly beautiful but very sad at the same time
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seeni gzty 20 timmar sedan
islands and has 2 proper cities on it with many towns surrounding it, functioning perfectly. There is a saying: "god created the earth, but the Dutch created The Netherlands".
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A couple friends and myself could easily colonize & take over that country and force them to pay tribute, and then make them work in my new factory.
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fjøsnissen ! 20 timmar sedan
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