Stephen Wood
Stephen Wood 17 timmar sedan
Probably already been said, but would the muzzle break make the difference by jetting all the gas back away from the SPM?
Lennart Sorensen
Lennart Sorensen 17 timmar sedan
The render looks neat, although I personally hate the collapsed suspension look. I want the wheels in the middle of the round bit they go with.
holstjt 18 timmar sedan
I cant help thinking Tavarish vs DDE... But this is going to look so good!!?. .. Remember the best wines, is the looong matured wines.
uhhh Uhhh
uhhh Uhhh 20 timmar sedan
People would dislike it but I would say wait you it for 300 and it still works?
Julian Yale
Julian Yale 20 timmar sedan
Man I hope you and your wife get 100% better. Take care.
Bernis 20 timmar sedan
The most reliable BMW was e39 3.0d
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 21 timme sedan
"I wonder if launch control works" famous last words.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 21 timme sedan
"There are no check engine lights" it's a Mclaren...give it ten minutes...lol
Ashton 22 timmar sedan
I had full expectations for Jared to like come out of nowhere and run 9s and that happened 😂
Jason Veto
Jason Veto 22 timmar sedan
When Jared said "dont you put that on me" I wished with all my heart they would edit it to make him say "dont you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby!" I would have made another account just to subscribe again.
Colin Ashton
Colin Ashton 22 timmar sedan
idiots on what they have done to that car........ lost all respect.........
farzana sulthana
farzana sulthana 22 timmar sedan
And it is so a mad car
farzana sulthana
farzana sulthana 22 timmar sedan
Here are you mad
Krule World
Krule World 22 timmar sedan
"It's ridiculous. This is not how it's going to look like" i look forward to laughing at you driving it.
Mega destroyer man
Mega destroyer man 23 timmar sedan
“How’s it going guys my name is tavarish and today we are going to do exactly what the title says”
Fizzy Plays
Fizzy Plays 23 timmar sedan
Why not make a wide body?
Matthew Rosario
Matthew Rosario 23 timmar sedan
👍 👍 Jared... Great episode
Eduard Porton
Eduard Porton 23 timmar sedan
One word: STEADYCAM! for g*d sake... ;)
Sam I
Sam I Dag sedan
Really enjoy your videos! a question, what brand is the aftermarket system for android and IOS ?
floridagremlin42069 Dag sedan
I don't remember who it was.... someone will fill it in for me......but get with Cletus and see who helped him build his rotary for his mystery machine burn out van...that thing came out sick....and I think they will do a great job on this one for you
Chris C
Chris C Dag sedan
should have turned it into some kid's twin sized bed. that would have been super cool! (for the kid at least)
Info Red
Info Red Dag sedan
I cant wait for your next honda build
Arjun Padmakumar
Arjun Padmakumar Dag sedan
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Dag sedan
You'd be a legend if you went backwards and turned the F355 into a Fiero "replica"!!!!
Edson Campos
Edson Campos Dag sedan
What a beauty of a car.
mssn316 Dag sedan
how long did your cast last ? thanks
PC oldskool
PC oldskool Dag sedan
What a waste.
0p71x Dag sedan
I don't think it would ever happen, but an @aaroncake collaboration would complete my life. I doubt there is another human in existence with a more appropriate rotary resume.
Rubicon Fintech
Rubicon Fintech Dag sedan
Lucky you are down south. It looks like Dahm may help and Pettit Racing is not too far away either. Sure beats taking a 20b to prop plane mechanics like in the old days. If you're not getting vapor locks from subzero starts or fouling plugs out on stalls, then you're not learning to love your rotary. Man, they get into your bones and it never goes away.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Dag sedan
At 12:05 all I could think was it looks like a 4th Gen Trans-Am
Alastair Storry
Alastair Storry Dag sedan
LoL you and Scotto bought the s8 for wildly different reasons. 😂😂
Jossian Mercado
Jossian Mercado Dag sedan
Mad mikes rotaries are bad ass, look up the redbull rx-7
magzire Dag sedan
Damn sick project, can't wait
Outatime12 Dag sedan
as an italian i must say i feel just offended by this disaster...JK i'm so hyped for this project
Nae nae god
Nae nae god Dag sedan
Scale of 1-10 how bad of an idea would it be to buy a Kia Stinger gt
DeadlyColt45 Dag sedan
You got it while you was working on your fast and furious lambo
Dustin Clemons
Dustin Clemons Dag sedan
Who cares what all the naysayers say🤔 this is one of my favorite Porsche models!
Just Me
Just Me Dag sedan
why censoring the battery though?
kaboebi kabeb
kaboebi kabeb Dag sedan
Angel brothers the best in rotor
ZFrog Dag sedan
What size garage is that in feet? Also, what is your eave height?
Wolf Party
Wolf Party Dag sedan
Angel motorsports!!! On SVfrom. They are the best in the game!! Rob probably won’t have time for ya!!! Best rotory engine builders!!
Justin Y.
Justin Y. Dag sedan
The rims are German from Cargraphic the performance 38. There a forced alloy wheels that are a three piece construction. I thought the were BBS because they tailor to that design of the wheels found on a 997 gt3 but the BBS versions don't have as many studs.
Christopher Herring
Christopher Herring Dag sedan
You need to get into the Cletus and Cars Freedom 500!
Garrick Kidd
Garrick Kidd Dag sedan
38:27 .. Bruh .... Ddduuudde you did it wrong . shouldn't have told her it was hers until she saw it.
Garrick Kidd
Garrick Kidd Dag sedan
38:18 .. Bruh ?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 why would you ask that ? 😂😂😂😂
Yousef Plays
Yousef Plays Dag sedan
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson Dag sedan
Suggestion - a short windshield even with the mirror mounts on the doors. It would flow together that way and you can retain your side mirrors.
Abarth AH
Abarth AH Dag sedan
Hey you should flatten
ThePopcyclePete Dag sedan
Everything but the hood vents...dear god, please do not install those hood vents.
novark ngoode
novark ngoode Dag sedan
that was an amazing build...the engine bay wiring was mind boggling
Rich Hubert
Rich Hubert Dag sedan
This Ferrari was a total loss. Better to see someone have fun with it & do something cool than see it scrapped. The fact that Rob Dahm commented on this video is excellent! Hopefully that collaboration works out!
Adan Garza
Adan Garza Dag sedan
"Ran when parked"
Luís David Ferreira
Luís David Ferreira Dag sedan
Congrats you the best SVfrom car cannel 👍👍👍👏👏👏
Daniel T
Daniel T Dag sedan
The Vargas brothers .. wankel gurus ... Angel Motorsports here on youtube.
Ste P
Ste P Dag sedan
Tavarish, check out IAA VEHICLES SERVICES UK, they have a salvage McLaren on there
John Slagel
John Slagel Dag sedan
thebetatester800 Dag sedan
At 12:05 all I could think was it looks like a 4th Gen Trans-Am
Earl of Baltimore
Earl of Baltimore Dag sedan
Make questionable decisions everyday
Eddie Arafa
Eddie Arafa Dag sedan
I like the Top Gear/Grand Tour vibe in this video, they are the American version of Clarkson, May, and Hammond!
CeNtennial Farm
CeNtennial Farm Dag sedan
You should have got the Bugatti that drove into the bay and rebuilt it. That thing would be awesome to see someone with your skills put back together
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera Dag sedan
Jim Worthington
Jim Worthington Dag sedan
Suck it Rob Dahm!
Ken Cope
Ken Cope Dag sedan
ROACHES? ...for a second ...i thought you had Cheech and Chongs car !!
StrmrBTW Dag sedan
My favourite McLaren
CraZyOrWhat! Dag sedan
Ken Cope
Ken Cope Dag sedan
A VERY interesting episode on a dyno run !!!
Dipling. Pitzler
Dipling. Pitzler Dag sedan
I hate the sound of a rotary that cranks and does not fire up..had a RX7 and the apex seals were shot... as the compression is when new only 6 bar , damaged seals will turn the engine into a lump of dead metal.
Joshua Gibson
Joshua Gibson Dag sedan
A ton of people make second channels. It's a money move and good for your traffic from what I've read. I can't hate on that. Make all the $.
Joshua Gibson
Joshua Gibson Dag sedan
Jared is cool. I've seen him somewhere else before and I can't place it? Anyone know? Other show maybe?
Joshua Gibson
Joshua Gibson Dag sedan
2 months with no income. That would not be fun.
Shane Worden
Shane Worden Dag sedan
Ok......where did you get the 80s Top Gun style music!? Awesome!
spooks Dag sedan
this car would be like a collectors car in a few years, as a what a symbol of tesla's old days
D'l33t C0dr
D'l33t C0dr Dag sedan
KingWulfgar Dag sedan
Jared is a national treasure
Shane Worden
Shane Worden Dag sedan
Pull it apart and roach bomb it with the ac on recycle........twice!
E Sanford16
E Sanford16 Dag sedan
Whos this new guy that does all the work for u? I thought that u fixed up and maintained your own cars
Jorge Pinto
Jorge Pinto Dag sedan
why would you load up the corners with monster brakes and calipers? the 11" rotors would be fine for a car that is going to be insanely uncomfortable at 40mph... while you munch in all that insect protein. @Hoovie, it lost its dignity at exactly 6 feet high flames.
Electronic Battlefield
Electronic Battlefield Dag sedan
That gross BMW got you sick.
Shane Worden
Shane Worden Dag sedan
Stumbled across your video. Fell in love with the series and subbed. Not only that I live on the East coast of Fl. Space coast. Watch launches from my front yard. Glad your here.
Docfish21 _
Docfish21 _ Dag sedan
The intro is gold