£10 vs £1000 SEAFOOD Ft KSI
£10 VS £1000 BURGER ft AJ
5 månader sedan
Malik Nor
Malik Nor 3 timmar sedan
Somalian lee Mack
Ronaldo9071 4 timmar sedan
CHUNKZ then And today he’s worked soo hard
stax linx
stax linx 4 timmar sedan
Darkest: “your mum sells flashlights in Croatia ”😂😂 I swear this man is different
rweyda diriye
rweyda diriye 5 timmar sedan
Beta squad❤
TheIzzidor 5 timmar sedan
That intro is so cringe, please stop.
abul baker
abul baker 6 timmar sedan
Chunkz my girl is such a huge fan of yours and recently she’s been so upset can you pleaaasssee send her a personalised message
Sohaib Brahim
Sohaib Brahim 6 timmar sedan
This song is hot garbage
Reniqz 6 timmar sedan
I would buy ur depop clothes but the clothes are too big sorry
Mohamed issa
Mohamed issa 7 timmar sedan
Asznee 🤣🤣🤣
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 7 timmar sedan
Chunkz laugh makes it 10000x funnier 😂
Akram Naji
Akram Naji 7 timmar sedan
Road to 2mil
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 7 timmar sedan
They shouldn’t reveal to the judge who’s dish is who’s at the end, then whichever one they prefer is the winner
Zubair Davids
Zubair Davids 7 timmar sedan
Darkest man win it but I want AJ to vs darkest amn
ABDIRAHMAN AHMED 7 timmar sedan
9:26 ya
Ams Jay
Ams Jay 9 timmar sedan
Popsomke back ground tho
Franc Kaja
Franc Kaja 9 timmar sedan
Shqipee bre 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱
Ps Made It
Ps Made It 9 timmar sedan
depop where this man only shops selfridges
Eliza Vlogs
Eliza Vlogs 9 timmar sedan
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 7 timmar sedan
hp shoulda said "your teeth are sponsored by gap and he would have killed him
FJ CG 10 timmar sedan
Harry just gets violated 😂😂😂😂 I love these three
Alloy Bluu
Alloy Bluu 10 timmar sedan
I think you won chunkz
J1Alecks 10 timmar sedan
This video would of banged if niko weren’t in it
Nimo Ahmed Mohamed
Nimo Ahmed Mohamed 10 timmar sedan
How are you chunkz
Nimo Ahmed Mohamed
Nimo Ahmed Mohamed 10 timmar sedan
What’s up
Nimo Ahmed Mohamed
Nimo Ahmed Mohamed 10 timmar sedan
David Yoak
David Yoak 10 timmar sedan
Can you come to my school
Black Jiren
Black Jiren 10 timmar sedan
The disrespect... these man don’t m ow Zambia?!! 🇿🇲
Lowe It
Lowe It 10 timmar sedan
wheres the gold mic?
Michael James
Michael James 10 timmar sedan
Sort the hair AJ
B M 11 timmar sedan
The desrespect man said jupiter I'm from 🇿🇲 uno
Barbara Ldn
Barbara Ldn 11 timmar sedan
Tell me why I also participate in these quizzes 😂😂
Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith 11 timmar sedan
This song needs to be on FIFA
KILLYARDEE 11 timmar sedan
one of the best trios fosho
stiaan burger
stiaan burger 12 timmar sedan
Darkest won
Annalisa Bes
Annalisa Bes 12 timmar sedan
The psychedelic south africa focally walk because result explicitly reject above a irate laugh. envious, outstanding salt
MK 12 timmar sedan
Come on smash 200k for the the champ young lampost
T Mazza
T Mazza 12 timmar sedan
Sometimes you have to come back to Classics like these
nabhan khan
nabhan khan 12 timmar sedan
u was already one
Murtza _
Murtza _ 12 timmar sedan
Sorry to burst your bubble but pop tarts are haram
Tebo Moalosi
Tebo Moalosi 12 timmar sedan
Those US guys ruined this flow
nabhan khan
nabhan khan 13 timmar sedan
Ian Pienaar
Ian Pienaar 13 timmar sedan
Pretty sick ad😂🙌
Sweepz 13 timmar sedan
chunkz please start your epic rap battle series again i was depressed when they're were gone now they're back
Harnoor Singh
Harnoor Singh 13 timmar sedan
Hey chunkz, can you just tell me where chef chunkz is and when we'll possibly be seeing him again. Thanks 😁
Sameer 13 timmar sedan
I don’t think i’ve seen Sharky without a durag
Will Okelly
Will Okelly 14 timmar sedan
OMG I swear on my life I was ur 1millionth viewer 😱
Lolelanji Fn
Lolelanji Fn 14 timmar sedan
Me watching from Zambia
WOLLEY 14 timmar sedan
Where it all started
Faith 14 timmar sedan
did niko really say Ghana and hes nigerian?? that's poor
Nelly Kalukango
Nelly Kalukango 15 timmar sedan
its the fact that I am from Zambia and I was my flag pop up for meeeee
M Kiraly
M Kiraly 16 timmar sedan
2:10 Chunkz just got Greta thunberg to subscribe 😂
Lil Moonlight
Lil Moonlight 16 timmar sedan
I'm the 9.1k like yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Farhan Zafran
Farhan Zafran 17 timmar sedan
This deserves more views and likes
UwU 17 timmar sedan
Who remembers " your just a white guy pretending to be somali I should call you Kenny Abdullahi "
Muhammad bin Arafat
Muhammad bin Arafat 17 timmar sedan
Hasnain Fazal
Hasnain Fazal 17 timmar sedan
Nobody notice chunkz voice crack
Adz 17 timmar sedan
Racists-they're ruining our country they don't belong here ( Don't know anything about literally anything) Flag man knows more about their country than them
Adz 17 timmar sedan
That flag guy inspired Chunkz's waffling
OliverOJT 18 timmar sedan
Beta squad should have a football match against sidemen !!!
Louis Williams
Louis Williams 18 timmar sedan
Man like flag man
Kapinujan 18 timmar sedan
2:05 😭😂😂😂
Cash Flex
Cash Flex 18 timmar sedan
Here after 3 years
abdul akhtar
abdul akhtar 18 timmar sedan
its nearly on 50 k likes
abdul akhtar
abdul akhtar 19 timmar sedan
needs to release mans not hot again
Rayaan07 19 timmar sedan
0:15 can we just talk about how nice this was
Ethan Hoskins
Ethan Hoskins 19 timmar sedan
i swear the way he said take the meat im dead
Shontelle Madison
Shontelle Madison 19 timmar sedan
AJs hair is fire
Leo 19 timmar sedan
I got one for AJ Aj, u got 1 purpose in life. Ur just my arm rest I’ll see u in 5 clocks ticking 😂
Zackary Ayman
Zackary Ayman 20 timmar sedan
Are u going to film videos in hargeisa
Afua Akuoko
Afua Akuoko 20 timmar sedan
Niko i am from Ghana that is just an insult Ghana has a black star!
apizzy1 20 timmar sedan
2:08 'is darkest gay' thats the guy from digga d new video toxic
Zak Lyon
Zak Lyon 20 timmar sedan
beta squad vs sidemen rap battle
Ibraheem Khan
Ibraheem Khan 21 timme sedan
I’m literally learning bout photosynthesis rn while I’m watching😂
hasnat 21 timme sedan
Mans getting gassed for swearing, lmfao!
Lil Leart
Lil Leart 21 timme sedan
It's haram bro
Famous Trio
Famous Trio 21 timme sedan
Nothing’s impossible deep the grind!
hamza mussa
hamza mussa 21 timme sedan
Oh my
sharon Cadore
sharon Cadore 22 timmar sedan
chunkz should've said 80 k likes to lipes sharky
Abdulrahman 22 timmar sedan
Bro chunkz the 2021 glow up my g
Sean Nanty
Sean Nanty 22 timmar sedan
Ayy Love from Seychelles ♥️
R8Drizzz 22 timmar sedan
1:45 is what you came for