Juan Manuel Di lullo Mendez
Juan Manuel Di lullo Mendez 28 minuter sedan
She is very good, but Eric Saade will be the best performance for Sweden 👏
SoberbioNumeroUno Timme sedan
sarah kielty
sarah kielty 2 timmar sedan
Anyone else think this a little bit like Youngblood by 5sos?
Dani García
Dani García 2 timmar sedan
I love the song! I really hope he wins! 😶 My other favorites are Eric Saade and The Mamas
V1ddV0dd JR
V1ddV0dd JR 2 timmar sedan
Everybody gangsta till ”rena rama ding dong” comes on!
Susan 2 timmar sedan
Anton wins because of the backup dancer on the right, who is so professional and amazing
Camilo Corail
Camilo Corail 2 timmar sedan
This is actually pretty good. Much much better than last year. Bravo !!!! <3 Hope she advances to the final
Elí Daniel García Martínez
Elí Daniel García Martínez 2 timmar sedan
And people actually want this cr*p to win? People can be so basic... The Mamas and Tusse are a million light years ahead of this generic rubble
furkangoth 2 timmar sedan
I think this is the best song in Melodifestivalen this year. Even though I still like Bulletproof much more this can easily make top 7 in ESC.
Tullio Mucciolo
Tullio Mucciolo 2 timmar sedan
Italy with Annalisa and Sweden with Dotter... France with Barbara Pravi.... for me the best!!!!🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🤗🤗🤗🤗🇮🇹🇮🇹🤗🤗 Hugs from Italy
zaitr0s 3 timmar sedan
Årets vinnare right here!🔥
Ph 2 timmar sedan
Håller med!!!
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 3 timmar sedan
mello this year.
LeatherPatch 3 timmar sedan
The most overrated song this year, not sure how it can get so much love. The staging is okay and it has a decent beat, but other than that it really is not that good.
Jerry Vou91
Jerry Vou91 3 timmar sedan
Impressive performance and a very good song ... probably the winner 🍾 I really don’t like his outfit 🥶 Greetings from Greece 🇬🇷
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 3 timmar sedan
whole Europe will be able to take part of Saade’s masterpiece 😍😋🙏🏼⭐️
Spell TV
Spell TV 3 timmar sedan
This is going to be a big hit if he goes to Eurovision
what ever
what ever 3 timmar sedan
Giovanni Arcamone
Giovanni Arcamone 3 timmar sedan
Honestly this stuff has already been brought on the ESC stage by Sweden, and I mean it’s not bad but... THERE’S DOTTER
Martin Gruba
Martin Gruba 4 timmar sedan
Kilian 4 timmar sedan
This is just like a slightly worse version of bulletproof...
Kilian 4 timmar sedan
This is ok. No more, no less.
eman 4 timmar sedan
Just me who thinks she’s kinda trash? Lol
Louis Horhe
Louis Horhe 4 timmar sedan
I was 17 when I saw Eric saade for the first time in ESC . Now that I’m 27 I want him BACK !!! Periodt!
Emperor of the Gas Station
Emperor of the Gas Station 4 timmar sedan
Eric Såde - Every Ten Years
E 4 timmar sedan
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 3 timmar sedan
PLEASE GET HIS ASS TO ROTTERDAM, come here!!! hahaha
Ziventive 4 timmar sedan
He sings like shit, if this wins it’s over for Sweden In ESC lmaoo
Vixikie 4 timmar sedan
How are they even allowed to have that pre recording in the beginning of the song when everything is supposed to be live?
Ansa Iseli
Ansa Iseli 2 timmar sedan
well, remember Srbuk last year?
Kian 4 timmar sedan
the singing is live, but the video is pre recorded. they just gotta hope that they dont mess up in the start or it'll look really awkward
awr 4 timmar sedan
I live in Sweden and barely see black people. I turn on the tv and they’re in every show. I’m not complaining or whatever lol just observing
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 3 timmar sedan
Hoppas du vinner hela Mellon Tusse !Du är bäst!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Cloudy 4 timmar sedan
I personally like Bulletproof just a little more but this is still phenomenal.
Filip Pagot
Filip Pagot 4 timmar sedan
I can’t find the song on her’s SVfrom channel.
jesus obinu medina
jesus obinu medina 4 timmar sedan
We wake up together We messed up Memories from last night Cant find them there gone Laughing at our problems Like crazy we cant stop You dont wanna leave wanna leave Oh baby yeah We coudn't sleep so we were wrap all night Making each other blushing thats so bright. I gotta fell it. You gotta feel it I love it in the morning oh nana nana na I love it in the evening oh nana nana na I love it every weeking oh nana nana na I want it all every minute (x2) We dont speak we' re sweating You know that We might be to loud it My windows wide open And all of my neighbors Are sleeping we dont care We just wanna stay wanna stay We coudn't sleep so we were wrap all night Making each other blushing thats so bright. I gotta fell it. You gotta feel it I love it in the morning oh nana nana na I love it in the evening oh nana nana na I love it every weeking oh nana nana na I want it all every minute (x2) You light up my world Every minute
Mihaela Ittu
Mihaela Ittu 5 timmar sedan
Hoppas hon blir vinnare i finalen. Hon är best! 👍
Ahmed Al-Saedi
Ahmed Al-Saedi 5 timmar sedan
han har lånat sin farfars kläder
ArishaSmile 5 timmar sedan
“Little toddler, don’t be like us.... Now let me rub my thighs and dance in my leather leotard to persuade this child about my deep and meaningful point about how all adults all suck. The thigh touching shows how serious I am about exposing kids to impactful change” Seriously, am I the only person absolutely weirded out by how sexy she tries to sing a song, but also have it directly address toddlers? This song just tried to cram as many sell points as possible, and I hate how gimmicky that is. At least her vocals are fantastic.
Arnaldo Martins
Arnaldo Martins 5 timmar sedan
She slays 🙏
Deep ❶
Deep ❶ 5 timmar sedan
I can't stop listenning to this song , she's my 2nd favourite this year
AzizT5M 5 timmar sedan
I think its between Tusse, Dotter or Eric
Abdul Qaderr
Abdul Qaderr 5 timmar sedan
TheQvater 5 timmar sedan
Tänkte bara på rama lama ding dong när jag läste låtens namn
PatTV 5 timmar sedan
Kan han inte sjunga längre? Vafan har hänt
Maciej Podsiadło
Maciej Podsiadło 5 timmar sedan
I want them to win <3 I love them so much
robinhio84 5 timmar sedan
My front runner!!
Michael Olsson
Michael Olsson 5 timmar sedan
Charlotte perrelli is the Best, her song still young Was the best in the melody festival and hope she wins, I totally love that song and she is schlager Queen from Michael denmark ❤❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰🥰
arvid wahl
arvid wahl 6 timmar sedan
Honestly I don't like his voice but the dance is amazing!
Milica Kvizzz
Milica Kvizzz 6 timmar sedan
Wow! I liked Dotter the most, but had real fun while listening and watching this. Great performance indeed. Choose wisely Sweden this year. Greetings from Serbia!
MyPumpkin00 6 timmar sedan
Love it
kira blog
kira blog 6 timmar sedan
Love it ♡ Good luck :)
LINUS . S 6 timmar sedan
The winner
Milica Kvizzz
Milica Kvizzz 6 timmar sedan
It would be nice if this won!
Ghostin Records
Ghostin Records 6 timmar sedan
Tindra Johansson
Tindra Johansson 6 timmar sedan
Ok Alla svenskar som tror/ vet att Eric kommer vinna lika för asså vet inte vilka som är Svenska här eller vilka som är engelska! Men jag tror jalla fall att han kommer vinna! 😊✨
Tindra Johansson
Tindra Johansson 6 timmar sedan
Ok now have i Watch this like 404 times! ☺️✨
L'Orchidarium 6 timmar sedan
Zzafftv 6 timmar sedan
The song is quiet catchy atleast on spotify, but not here.
Adrian Gussolovski
Adrian Gussolovski 6 timmar sedan
Danil Iva
Danil Iva 6 timmar sedan
Привет из 🇺🇦 Украины ! Песня крутая
Jim Werngren
Jim Werngren 6 timmar sedan
Joyful and charming. Douze points :-)
Eva Sterling
Eva Sterling 6 timmar sedan
Väntar och väntar på wow-känslan men den kommer inte, medioker låt. 🙄
Chris Gabler
Chris Gabler 7 timmar sedan
Her legs 😍
brittany farrow
brittany farrow 7 timmar sedan
Loved him from 2011 Popular, would be amazing 10 years later to see him back on the Eurovision stage and WIN!
CaMiLLa D 7 timmar sedan
When I first saw this I thought that she would have this in the bag. I never expected that this year would become so competative with 3 or 4 potential winners. Who wiĺl the international juries go for? I predict that their opinions will differ aswell.
robinhio84 7 timmar sedan
The outfit needs to go, but outdated. And it doesn’t fit the song at all
瑞典 光
瑞典 光 7 timmar sedan
Hoppas verkligen att han vinner över Klara i andra chansen!!
Lars Hansson
Lars Hansson 7 timmar sedan
Incredible artist and a great song. But we will probably not see her in Rotterdam. Voters like the snooze-fest songs from Tusse, Saade and Mamas.
Alexandru Satir
Alexandru Satir 7 timmar sedan
I love it soooo much😍😍😍😍
UTD Amolji
UTD Amolji 7 timmar sedan
Melodin i början = Wake me up - Avicii
aaron ZRH
aaron ZRH 7 timmar sedan
The song is terrible. It is not an energy contest
Samuel Berhane
Samuel Berhane 7 timmar sedan
This year is going to be Dotterdam.
robinhio84 7 timmar sedan
I LOVE the energy, but seriously WTF what a mess 😂😂
John Manis Dimos
John Manis Dimos 7 timmar sedan
My favourite to win Melodifestivalen this year.
Trixeru 7 timmar sedan
I love his voice soo much! 💫 It’s so soft but still so straight through. I’ve been listening to his music for years, such as “what good is love” and “fool for you”. His songs are so calm and beautiful 🌟☺️☺️
mdk Artur
mdk Artur 7 timmar sedan
Man får tycka vad man vill om Saades röst, men faktum är att han är den enda i finalen som har ett framträdande som sticker ut. Det är nytt, kreativt och innovativt till skillnad från de andra bidragen. Att ha en bra röst som t.ex. Tusse innebär inte per automatik att européerna kommer rösta på honom i ESC. John Lundvik exempelvis blev ratad av de europeiska tittarrösterna, trots sin fantastiska röst. Eric Saade är det enda alternativet om vi vill att Sverige ska få en topplacering i Eurovision.
Fisksauce 5 timmar sedan
Med Eric Saade så kommer vi vinna. Du hörde det här först!
GoddessKali88 7 timmar sedan
Should have made it to the finals instead of Erik.
passe partout
passe partout 7 timmar sedan
ok but how iconic is this
Alma Rosell
Alma Rosell 7 timmar sedan
Bästa låt och bästa killarna i Arvingarna som passar till Alma älskar dom och idoler låten som heter Tänker inte alls gå hem ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Martijn Bolhuis
Martijn Bolhuis 7 timmar sedan
PLEASE GET HIS ASS TO ROTTERDAM, come here!!! hahaha
Ezd Erik
Ezd Erik 7 timmar sedan
Han skulle vunnit
elinthesalty 7 timmar sedan
Leopard7 7 timmar sedan
No offence to whoever thinks this is a winner, but he has had his time already and The Mamas deserve the win more.
E 4 timmar sedan
No the mamas suck
Rasmus Otzen
Rasmus Otzen 7 timmar sedan
Why do they deserve it more? They have also won before, not even once, but twice
Alexander Stenfelt
Alexander Stenfelt 8 timmar sedan
Jag älskar refrängen
Anton Lennbom
Anton Lennbom 8 timmar sedan
i still wonder how they did the transformation with the outfit and the hairsyle on like 2 seconds
Mike MLX
Mike MLX 7 timmar sedan
pre-recorded video but with live vocals