Starlink Mission
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Crew-1 Mission | Approach
Crew-1 Mission | Coast Phase
Crew-1 Mission | Launch
Falcon 9 | Overview
100 Successful Flights
Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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SAOCOM 1B | Launch and Landing
Starlink Mission
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SAOCOM 1B Mission
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Ms. Tree Catches a Fairing Half
Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Crew Demo-2 | Splashdown
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Crew Demo-2 | Return Coast Phase
Crew Demo-2 | Departure
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Inside the Space Suit Lab
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GPS III Space Vehicle 03 Mission
Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Crew Demo-2 | Approach and Docking
Crew Demo-2 | Coast
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Crew Demo-2 | Launch
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Crew Demo-2
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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CRS-20 Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Starlink Mission
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Crew Dragon | Animation
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JCSAT-18/Kacific1 Mission
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CRS-19 Mission
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Starlink Mission
Starship Update
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CRS-18 Mission
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STP-2 Mission
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Starlink Mission
CRS-17 Mission
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Arabsat-6A Mission
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Crew Demo-1 | Splashdown
Crew Demo-1 | Launch
Nusantara Satu Mission
Iridium-8 Mission
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GPS III Space Vehicle 01
Dragon Rendezvous (CRS-16)
Es’hail-2 Mission
SAOCOM 1A Mission
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Telstar 18 VANTAGE
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Merah Putih Mission
Iridium-7 NEXT Mission
CRS-15 Mission
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SES-12 Mission
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Iridium-6/GRACE-FO Mission
TESS Mission
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CRS-14 Mission
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Iridium-5 Mission
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Falcon Heavy & Starman
HISPASAT 30W-6 Mission
PAZ Mission
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GovSat-1 Launch
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Live Views of Starman
Falcon Heavy Test Flight
Falcon Heavy Animation
ZUMA Mission
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Iridium-4 Webcast
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CRS-13 Hosted Webcast
SpaceX | McGregor, TX
Koreasat-5A Webcast
Iridium-3 Mission
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Павел Акантин
Павел Акантин 48 minuter sedan
Давно надо было показать , а то сам пытался догадаться, что и как . Thank you for the interesting video!!!
James Simmons
James Simmons 49 minuter sedan
I just hope that when we colonize Mars we can manage to leave behind those things that are currently responsible for so much social discord here on Earth. I refer to "wokeness" in all of it many forms. If we export this evil to Mars we may as well not go in the first place. We want to send the best that humanity has to offer, not the worst.
MOVE ON TV 52 minuter sedan
Wow! Congratulations to you and the team idol! Shoutout! #MOVEONTV
Joey Gonker
Joey Gonker 55 minuter sedan
You have to learn through failure in order to succeed. Never give up.
Bijan Izadi
Bijan Izadi Timme sedan
7 years ago
Esse elicopitero parece um inseto mas pensa ne um bicho potente
Dave Blaedow
Dave Blaedow Timme sedan
So what happens to the second stage after the satellite's are deployed??
Steve Adams
Steve Adams 59 minuter sedan
It performs a de-orbit maneuver to fall back into the atmosphere and burn up.
GamePlay Show
GamePlay Show Timme sedan
This Is SpaceX Red Dragon
roju66 Timme sedan
Thanks! This was a usefull tip!
بارق بارق
بارق بارق Timme sedan
Tapan Kumar
Tapan Kumar Timme sedan
I watched him in Iron man 2. Do you ?
matjeng jebong
matjeng jebong 2 timmar sedan
Want to be like the Star Wars movies, even a single creature or alien cannot be detected.or found.
Vatsalya Gaur
Vatsalya Gaur 2 timmar sedan
He is the real iron man But who will be the real captain America???
Vatsalya Gaur
Vatsalya Gaur 2 timmar sedan
How to do this??? I want to know
praveen babu
praveen babu 2 timmar sedan
why is always the thing tilted in the parachuting time
God Father Gaming
God Father Gaming 2 timmar sedan
He is legend in this era
Hamzat Gelagaev
Hamzat Gelagaev 3 timmar sedan
that dislike is from me because i like vulcan centaur and sls better
Hamzat Gelagaev
Hamzat Gelagaev 3 timmar sedan
falcon heavy vulcan centaur heavy is legendary than falcon heavy
e e
e e 3 timmar sedan
What i hear is loudness
odessa muana
odessa muana 4 timmar sedan
14:51 Ignition and Liftoff
Poontang 4 timmar sedan
I fully trust Elon to pull us out of the gutter. Us meaning earth I mean his idea is that they will be sending multiple people to space on a daily basis and traveling even more of the universe like Mars. I might not get to see the extent of what his work does and I’m younger then him but I’m hopeful that my grandchildren’s children will be able to go to space like it’s a normal thing
Card Board Sims
Card Board Sims 4 timmar sedan
Wow! .. Musk sure has had a lot of work done to his teeth and hair since this was made .. He looks so different
Svend Tang
Svend Tang 5 timmar sedan
Childhood dreams back.. thanks SpaceX.. and thanks Elon for enabling this fabulous team..
Nicholas Maude
Nicholas Maude 5 timmar sedan
The resolution of this video is crap.
Svend Tang
Svend Tang 5 timmar sedan
I don't know why but when i see the last clips.. a little lump is forming in my chest.. and i get a little moist around the eyes... This is part of what makes it worth living... people like you pushing the dreams back in orbit.. i know hunger, famine, no healthcare.. but without dreams and the people who go for those dreams .. all this is for naught.
Eki Bagas Candra Wardana
Eki Bagas Candra Wardana 5 timmar sedan
So smooth
Suriyash Mohan
Suriyash Mohan 5 timmar sedan
What a journey ❤️
Добрый Росомах
Добрый Росомах 5 timmar sedan
The Simple Channel
The Simple Channel 6 timmar sedan
This never gets old.
Malcolm Tieman
Malcolm Tieman 6 timmar sedan
Never give up!
Hexilougus Hell
Hexilougus Hell 6 timmar sedan
Why are we going to mars is elon musk doing it for a buisness
Md. Sameen Yasar
Md. Sameen Yasar 2 timmar sedan
No. if you think so, then you don't know Elon Musk
Vinayak Gupta
Vinayak Gupta 6 timmar sedan
Iron Man is real
icantenternamedontbegme lolwhat
icantenternamedontbegme lolwhat 6 timmar sedan
Jefferson Starships ? anyone :D
Matt Howard
Matt Howard 6 timmar sedan
How many times have you watched this video? I don't even want to say how many times I have!
Troy Johnston
Troy Johnston 6 timmar sedan
How correct was Cowboy Bebop about us in the future eh?
patrick jensen
patrick jensen 7 timmar sedan
Looks like a exspensive hammic
Snowy Stories
Snowy Stories 7 timmar sedan
Thats a nice looking lighter
WOL Productions
WOL Productions 7 timmar sedan
It's so sad how a big company thinks it's funny contaminating the ocean
WOL Productions
WOL Productions 2 timmar sedan
@logitech4873 you're right, that's true. I didn't think of that. Hopefully in the future we will have cleaner oceans thanks to this technology.
logitech4873 2 timmar sedan
The goal isn't to contaminate the ocean, It's the stark opposite. Before SpaceX, ALL rocket first stages ended up in the ocean. Now they can land on drone ships and be re-used. Don't you think the end result is worth the mishaps during development?
Taylor Hayden
Taylor Hayden 7 timmar sedan
Even in almost 2021, watching those two side boosters land next to each other, simultaneously, makes me choke up.
The Boring Geek
The Boring Geek 7 timmar sedan
Here we goooooooo bb
Алекс Мамаев
Алекс Мамаев 8 timmar sedan
Good thoughts. Thank you for such amazing work! I met a lot of projects are helped by other specialized teams and platforms. So I didn’t know the Geeq was built by duckdao. Did you hear anything about DuckDuo before?
Jhardy0786 8 timmar sedan
Thanks elon
Smart Love
Smart Love 8 timmar sedan
КП графика
Boaz Peereboom
Boaz Peereboom 8 timmar sedan
like als je een dikke piemel hebt
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith 8 timmar sedan
Show Eddie bravo this shit NOW!!!!!
Danyjma 8 timmar sedan
2020 what was a small startup, today builds the starship that will take us to Mars
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia 9 timmar sedan
Good luck Elon Musk I'm really impressed with the work you are doing hey just wondering you wouldn't b needing heavy equipment operators in Mars would you not to brag but I am very good at it.
Fun is the reason
Fun is the reason 9 timmar sedan
Where is the rocket😐
GellBell 9 timmar sedan
Рогозин, доставай свой батут)))
喂人民服雾 9 timmar sedan
Adobe Reviews
Adobe Reviews 9 timmar sedan
you know, one day, he'll end a speech saying: "and, yes: I am Iron Man"
Auto Bot
Auto Bot 9 timmar sedan
Can anyone help to answer? There are so many satellites orbiting round the earth we have heard that daily many small asteroids hit the earth and are destroyed by earth's atmosphere my question is don't they hit these satellites? consider ISS orbiting for so long time don't small space debris catched by earth's gravity ever hit it? if so how do they survive coz at those thousand kms speed it would just be deadly.
Auto Bot
Auto Bot Timme sedan
@Zrips thanks a ton for replies.
Zrips Timme sedan
@Auto Bot It depends, satellites in low earth orbit do have some small propulsion system, as it needs to correct its speed from time to time, as even at 400km (ISS altitude) you have some atmospheric particles which slowly decreases speed. But, satellites are small, allot smaller than ISS and ALLOT cheaper. So even if it gets hit it might be cheaper to just deorbit it and send new one than constantly monitor it and adjust its trajectory, especially if its sensitive in being at one place, like a GPS satellite which position needs to be lock in one place for it to actually be working. Satellites are being hit, its one of those issues which needs to be resolved, as one destroyed satellite could create quite few debris, even tho those debris would fall back to the earth in time, it might take quite some time until that happens which by itself could hit another satellite and create even more debris and so on. In case of SpaceX starlink, those will deorbit when they are at end of life span or if they are no longer working because of debri hit, if possible. And just to put that into perspective, ISS value is around 150 billion, while satelite cost could be as small as 10 million or up to 400 million, depending on its size and actual worth. And then you have that thing where ISS is always being occupied by people, so you need allot more protection for ISS than some 10 million satelite. There are quite few variables in play here and it all comes to the actual satelite cost, its size and so on.
Auto Bot
Auto Bot 4 timmar sedan
@Zrips ok thanks and what about the satellites they are small if they are hit they can't repair themselves I think, how are they protected any idea?
Zrips 4 timmar sedan
ISS does get hit, rarely, but it does. You need to remember how big space is and how small ISS in comparison to it. Most debris which could cause serious damage to ISS are tracked down and if needed ISS will change its trajectory to avoid any possibility in hitting it. Small debris which cant be tracked will hit ISS and cause some damage, tho usually its nothing what cause cause total destruction of ISS in general, you will get maybe some hull breach, maybe some dents in hull or something like that, which happens and it was recorded multiple times by now. And just for scale comparison, earths surface is 510.1 million km², while ISS surface would be around 7.9km² which is really inaccurate, as this is just a width by height result, but point is simple. ISS is only 0.0000013% of earths surface, so check all recorded asteroid hits to earth and you will get some what result in ISS experiencing one while at same time take into consideration that ISS can actually move away to avoid collision.
G Pic
G Pic 9 timmar sedan
I thought this guy was a vagrant version of Elon. Then after 10 secs into the video, it's actually the guy himself!
LetemNo 9 timmar sedan
Earth looks beautiful from space but inside it's a mess
LetemNo 9 timmar sedan
SPACE CAT WITH DORITOS 10 timmar sedan
since im 10 and I still have a long way to go, I would see everything in my lifetime. This will be quite a show!
Mahir Patel
Mahir Patel 10 timmar sedan
I'm here after 10 years. I changed but elon musk is still same.World needs more like him.i saw stephen hawking in elon musk.
arthur Me
arthur Me 10 timmar sedan
Why are you using old technology to get in to space
Rahul 10 timmar sedan
You're my inspiration 🤗🤗 Elon Musk
Mr Yusuf
Mr Yusuf 11 timmar sedan
Same thing different date, send some worthless humans to space already billions of planets earth is worthless already lol
1WInDix FamIlY • 109 years and
1WInDix FamIlY • 109 years and 11 timmar sedan
0:10 headphones warning
JustVibeCentral 11 timmar sedan
if you just add safety netting to catch it and make sure theres a little bit less propellent then i think it would work better
logitech4873 2 timmar sedan
I don't think you realize how how huge these are.
Max Power
Max Power 11 timmar sedan
Artists are the last people I would have invited to the Moon.
Max Power
Max Power 11 timmar sedan
How many people will die..... just from the excitement and unbelievablity of traveling to the MOON? ;) Too awesome
I am a Diver
I am a Diver 11 timmar sedan
Space x advence team uniform look like ninja with the sticks in bis back 1:21:21
Hyper Mega
Hyper Mega 11 timmar sedan
Where tf silo goin?
Hanya untuk Komentar
Hanya untuk Komentar 11 timmar sedan
Waw is so....😭
IRodric 11 timmar sedan
Never give up
Max Power
Max Power 12 timmar sedan
Starts @ 1:15:40
venkateh shanbhag
venkateh shanbhag 12 timmar sedan
0.43s can any one explain what is bird like ???
Writer 12 timmar sedan
Today he's 2nd most richest
Dev_ItWasTaken 12 timmar sedan
Elon are you sure you are okay?
zig zagz_
zig zagz_ 12 timmar sedan
~ Priceless ~🍥🤺
Nathaniel Capaccio
Nathaniel Capaccio 12 timmar sedan
‘Tis but a scratch*
Caleb Stone
Caleb Stone 12 timmar sedan
Yall saying the starship animation will look different when the rocket already looks entirely different lmao
Francluiz Vertudes
Francluiz Vertudes 9 timmar sedan
This is true, i agree with you witg so many years now.
Caleb Stone
Caleb Stone 12 timmar sedan
When I die this video will be history.
Fabio Ferreira Gomes
Fabio Ferreira Gomes 13 timmar sedan
Fabio Ferreira Gomes
Fabio Ferreira Gomes 13 timmar sedan
Fabio Ferreira Gomes
Fabio Ferreira Gomes 13 timmar sedan