It's a Long Way to Furudu
Living into your 90s
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2007: Barack Obama
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America the Resilient
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What drives Ohio voters?
Joe Biden's tax plan
60 in 6 reports on QAnon
Daniel Pierce
Daniel Pierce 4 timmar sedan
If Republicans have any morals left they should disavow Trumps nonsense claims and explain to their voters that their is no evidence of the fraud the Trump team is alleging. They are letting Trump destroy faith in democracy for no other reason than to hold power for his own ego, this entire situation is disgraceful in a way I hoped I would never see!
L R 4 timmar sedan
If the 2020 election was the “most secure in United States history”, I can only imagine how the other elections looked like. It does not make any sense to vote and participate in this fraud. It is degrading and may constitute a criminal conspiracy to commit fraud.
Aser Levi
Aser Levi 4 timmar sedan
Chirs is very smart person
Sizwe Mwale
Sizwe Mwale 4 timmar sedan
I have one question for him, so if it's proven that the election was rigged will he come back to retract? I didn't realize americans could be so naive. Your election was stolen and Krebs was in on it. Soon you will know who else. Wake up! He deserves an oscar 😆😆😆
TimBrown5000 4 timmar sedan
"Be careful with the media because the media has the influence and power to portray a criminal as a hero, and a hero as a criminal" - Malcolm X
Thomas Fitzpatrick
Thomas Fitzpatrick 4 timmar sedan
He got fired for securing the election. Trump is a criminal
mdf1951 4 timmar sedan
The one thing that disturbs me is that this is only one side of the story, I want to hear this in court where both sides can bring their arguments.
Steve Fine
Steve Fine 4 timmar sedan
Only a blind and stupid fool would not see this leftist slant. More fake news.
Aser Levi
Aser Levi 4 timmar sedan
Thank you for your truth
anthony ramos
anthony ramos 5 timmar sedan
So we need to lie say it was secure to better the country ..... hmm funny how alot of evidence has now been put out there .... you guys should check out why he got fired and the evidence that got him fired .... check the az meeting
Tremain Bowman
Tremain Bowman 5 timmar sedan
CNN with no captions available... 😕
space boy
space boy 5 timmar sedan
That was all staged. They're great actors.
Barby Lee
Barby Lee 5 timmar sedan
This doctor reminded me of grease. Actress
precious gem
precious gem 5 timmar sedan
waiting for them to do the 90+ study on black folks...hummm I wonder what the result would be. Or maybe those 14,000 were all white? Latin? Asian? don't know
Barby Lee
Barby Lee 5 timmar sedan
Chick magnet....omg
Xx_Shenzai Izunako_Xx
Xx_Shenzai Izunako_Xx 5 timmar sedan
they are adorable.
happy gekko
happy gekko 5 timmar sedan
Krebs asserts 'it was the safest election in US history'. Colonel Waldron would suggest otherwise.
Sizwe Mwale
Sizwe Mwale 5 timmar sedan
Exactly. This guy's an actor. One question for him, so if it's proven that the election was rigged will he come back to retract. I didn't realize americans could be so naive. Your election was stolen and Krebs was in on it. Soon you will know who else. Wake up
Michael Mango
Michael Mango 5 timmar sedan
Absolutely a fraud. Bill Gates planted him where he needed him, The rest is history.
Perspex Savant
Perspex Savant 5 timmar sedan
Damn son, if you think this was secure; you need to be run off. Glad you are gone. I feel MUCH better now.
The Troy Prouty Show
The Troy Prouty Show 5 timmar sedan
Its sad Trump staff said this guy should be shot. Is that what we have become? Another Hungary 🇭🇺. Full of lies, intimidation and corruption. If Trump somehow becomes President will it lead us into Fascist state like Hungary now is?
Corey Moyers
Corey Moyers 5 timmar sedan
They haven’t physically counted the paper. Their “hand recount” is simply rescanning the paper. Why not count the paper if that’s what you are trying to say you did?
Bob Lee
Bob Lee 5 timmar sedan
Globalist have an Agenda to depopulate the world starting with the elderly, because "Living in your 90's" is living to long according to their belief. Their agenda could not be any clearer in 2020. I have no doubt that the COVID-19 patients in the nursing homes are being killed by ventilators. The COVID-19 vaccine is all part of the Global Agenda to Control and Depopulate the World.
jcandlc7 5 timmar sedan
This guy didn't go to the president first, but publicly made this his stand to go against what the president said. Who dose he work for makes you think.
William schlenger
William schlenger 5 timmar sedan
Never speak up against the Fhurer.
cameltoejhonsonbro92 5 timmar sedan
Oh yea no discrepancies here... 🙄
happy gekko
happy gekko 5 timmar sedan
Chris Krebs What a miserable little liar
h30202 5 timmar sedan
Only you guys thinks that way.
Sue Wagner
Sue Wagner 5 timmar sedan
Camera work used to be better when they did extreme close ups!
Juke Box Hero
Juke Box Hero 5 timmar sedan
Keep in mind Trump doesn’t like to loose. In one of her books, Barbara Corcoran (yes that chick from Shark Tank) told a story about one of her early days as a journalist where she did a piece about the tallest buildings in NY. She then got a call from Trump when her piece didn’t say Trump Tower was the tallest asking her to fix it... by changing the unit of measurement she used to calculate the height.
K3V1N SHR3DZ 5 timmar sedan
Lots of Chinese bots in this comment section. CHINA STOLE THE ELECTION FOR THEIR PUPPET JOE BIDEN
Jen W
Jen W 5 timmar sedan
Why is this kassoghi dude getting more attention than Kayla mueller? I just think CNN is blowing it out of proportion and so is 60 minutes cuz he was a journalist. I hate journalists anyways!!!!!
Spencer Buckley
Spencer Buckley 5 timmar sedan
Haven’t regained my taste
Arthur Radtke
Arthur Radtke 5 timmar sedan
The constant spraying of our skis is a huge reason so many Americans are sick. For more information go to
brian keenan
brian keenan 5 timmar sedan
“Clinton Cash”
ade fiker
ade fiker 5 timmar sedan
This guy facial expression tells he is a con actor....believe me this election was a democrat but I don't like manupultion
Lynn H
Lynn H 5 timmar sedan
Obviously, that guy was just cleaning paperwork from his desk. No way was this a legitimate election. More people voting than registered in a state, dead people voting and the list goes on.
Glenn Anderson
Glenn Anderson 5 timmar sedan
Joe diGenova needs to go on a hunting trip with
Hunter Feraco
Hunter Feraco 5 timmar sedan
I missed the part about matching the signatures on file to the envelopes mailed in. I voted once in FL and in MI 🤷‍♂️
This too shall Pass
This too shall Pass 5 timmar sedan
Trump administration had one smart guy working for him and he terminated
Albert Cole
Albert Cole 5 timmar sedan
Does anyone actually believe this loser?
happy gekko
happy gekko 5 timmar sedan
He is a liar, pure and simple
Amanda Strickland
Amanda Strickland 5 timmar sedan
The election was rigged Fake news
AC3 5 timmar sedan
Going through the comments, amazed I'm not seeing any trumpers here so much. Are they finally giving up? At least for this thing?
Christiaan de Marez Oyens
Christiaan de Marez Oyens 5 timmar sedan
Thanks to the freakish half of the population which allowed Trump to take office America’s the laughing stock for most of the world today.
taleinz1 5 timmar sedan
Trump is going to fire everyone around him . Then just be him and he’ll have to fire himself !!!
The Amish Rectal Oculosis Research Center
The Amish Rectal Oculosis Research Center 5 timmar sedan
Just wait until the the Covid vaccine syndromes pop up in the future. #NoCronenbergforMeThanks
You're a Peasant
You're a Peasant 5 timmar sedan
Election Officials: No election fraud. FBI: No election fraud. CIA: No election fraud. Trumptards: The truth will come out. 😂😂 All these are just baseless buffoonery by Trump and his legal team, they all scream fraud to their supporters but wouldn’t mention the word “fraud” in a law court under oath where you will be jailed for lying. 39 court cases dismissed, the judges just laughs at them and throw them in the trash, just like Hillary’s emails, Obama spying on Trump campaign and Hunter Biden’s laptop these are typical Republican banter.
Sylvia Blue
Sylvia Blue 5 timmar sedan
thank you Chris for your integrity you can lay your head down in peace knowing you are speaking truth to power .PERIOD! Pray blessings on you and your family! this makes me so sad and angry what Trump is doing to destroy our democracy.
M T 5 timmar sedan
This is pure propaganda, its absolutely disgusting. His job here today is pure disinformation. You cannot audit a paper ballot when you throw out envelope and lose all the chain of custody documents. They cover one side, add tons of hyperbole to every piece of reporting. Who even watches this dribble
happy gekko
happy gekko 5 timmar sedan
Lying is what the MSM does.
muchomusiclibre 5 timmar sedan
God reminding us that He doesn't like lying.
Ken 5 timmar sedan
Behind every Conan, there's a Schlansky.
iTalk uListen
iTalk uListen 5 timmar sedan
Trump has a full blown cult, not followers. He tells them to believe only HIM and that the media lies 24/7 and doesn’t tell them the truth, only HE knows the truth, only HE has the evidence (which he’s yet to produce) and oh don’t you dear and try to offer constructive criticism or go against one of his idiotic demands, that’s when he not only attacks and harasses like a mad man but sends his cultist minions to do the same YET they all claim to be christians! Smdh 🤣🤣🤣
Josh Mack
Josh Mack 5 timmar sedan
Aww so only brown ppl get it.
super fz09
super fz09 5 timmar sedan
This man is just simply a legend 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
John Sharnetsky
John Sharnetsky 5 timmar sedan
Lying to undermine our democracy is treason. Country before party. Country before candidate.
Lando Calrissian
Lando Calrissian 5 timmar sedan
Feels good to see republicans eating each other.....
Here2 Play
Here2 Play 5 timmar sedan
Hypochondriacs as far as the eye can see
Paul Auspitz the greatest song in rock history
Paul Auspitz the greatest song in rock history 5 timmar sedan
60 minutes is Spewing Lies!!! Trump is right about the Voter Fraud!!!
Bob Sundram
Bob Sundram 5 timmar sedan
Either this guy is incompetent, corrupt or stupid,period.Sydney Powell will expose how ignorant he is , the president trusted him 100% but he failed, shame
happy gekko
happy gekko 5 timmar sedan
My bet is he is corrupt
Karl Jo
Karl Jo 5 timmar sedan
I know one thing: There are millions of Americans who adore Donald Trump, in spite of what the media says about him. People are angry with the status quo, and they need someone to change the system, and that's exactly what Trump delivers. We are tired of all those elite hypocrite who talk smoothly and harm the interests of the masses.
1life 2live
1life 2live 5 timmar sedan
Stand up to Bullies!
Newton Almeida
Newton Almeida 5 timmar sedan
If there were a difference? Which one is correct? After, in quiet room, how can you be sure if the code is wrong or if the paper was manipulated? The dog which has two owners dies starving!
Ryan McInnis
Ryan McInnis 5 timmar sedan
They left the comments on. I give them that.
Lala Love
Lala Love 5 timmar sedan
Biden should re hire this guy
Nana'i Enekosi Si'u
Nana'i Enekosi Si'u 5 timmar sedan
Well done Chris Krebs you make lots American peoples proud thank you SIR
Infamous Danimal
Infamous Danimal 5 timmar sedan
Glad he had the integrity to speak out! ✊
Eileen M
Eileen M 5 timmar sedan
Sounds like ME/CFS patients.
Mourad Alouan
Mourad Alouan 5 timmar sedan
Imagine bullying SHAKIRA
Jimmy Bond
Jimmy Bond 5 timmar sedan
None of this bullshite accounts for illegal voting. Late votes are NOT legal votes. As they say garbage in garbage out. The voting process is worth little more than junk bonds.
Elin Lim
Elin Lim 5 timmar sedan
Getting fired by tRump will look good in your resume. Means you did your job right 👍🏻
Andrew Jordan
Andrew Jordan 5 timmar sedan
Voting machines should not tabulate any votes, they should count them! they're telling you in your face
grasser 82
grasser 82 5 timmar sedan
Manning is the goat deal with it
deltaborn flogrown
deltaborn flogrown 5 timmar sedan
Trump is a corporate man and holds a corporate mentality, and anyone that works at a large corporate base knows that at all levels management and control lacks and utterly fails in many ways. President Trump is the CEO that truly has no clue what's going on beneath him and is quite literally being guided by his underlings. Very sad to realize President Trump has no control, all those below him is in control and he's just going on what they're telling him. This type of leadership fails the corporate base and will ultimately leave President Trump viewed as weak and incapable.
Andrew Jordan
Andrew Jordan 5 timmar sedan
liars covering up for each other, you think it's a coincedence this interview comes out just before the arizona election hearings took place where clear evidence that voter fraud took place including 300 000 fake people votinhg for biden and that the voting machine was assigning every biden vote as 1.3 votes leaving biden with 130% of the democrat vote and trump receiving -30% ???
Francis Remengesau
Francis Remengesau 5 timmar sedan
Good riddance, CK!!! Krebs is delusional!!! How can he be so blind to voter fraud!!! Bought and paid for by the left democratic socialist party to promote MSM no voter fraud narrative!!! SMH
siclucealucks 5 timmar sedan
She did the test better then Trump.
Phillip John
Phillip John 5 timmar sedan
The man is so disrespectful he can't even answer simple question about things affecting the country once it's not fox news all the others are fake the man like a child he walks
Jeneil Pringle
Jeneil Pringle 5 timmar sedan
Lmfao all the "sheeps" in this fake news comment section!!
Dr Ogunya
Dr Ogunya 5 timmar sedan
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filthbomb 5 timmar sedan
I guess we'll see ......
Ron 0311
Ron 0311 5 timmar sedan
His face looks FAKE