william lao
william lao 15 timmar sedan
VNW - Every Channel
VNW - Every Channel 15 timmar sedan
Gary Van Camp
Gary Van Camp 15 timmar sedan
😊 A pullback is coming for sure, the market is boiling hot and steamy right now.
Nceb 15 timmar sedan
Wow, that's an amazing painting from 1859!
misty mihaly
misty mihaly 15 timmar sedan
Yikes. Not her best.
Minecraft Mike
Minecraft Mike 15 timmar sedan
Why are the democrats still complaining? You win what more can you want?
alex martineau
alex martineau 15 timmar sedan
Good luck for the next 4 years everyone, gonna be a long term....
AlwaysonTmyeB48 15 timmar sedan
The Joeker
The Joeker 15 timmar sedan
Thanks for the vote, suckers.
big guy
big guy 15 timmar sedan
I pray for Donald Trump and his family I pray for Biden and his family and I pray for Kamala Harris today is a good day👍🇺🇸🎆🎇
Bigbradwolf 15 timmar sedan
So 80 million postal voters get to stay home. What a joke this election was. The media will be happy that sleepy Joe will make China and Hunter great again.
Alicia Holm
Alicia Holm 15 timmar sedan
This for damn sure isn’t Jennifer Lopez! Her clone yes.
J R 15 timmar sedan
Biden only picked her because she was Spanish! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
kenni Hardjo
kenni Hardjo 15 timmar sedan
Frances Williams
Frances Williams 15 timmar sedan
That's Obama's boy
Teresa Goodkind
Teresa Goodkind 15 timmar sedan
Terry Cutburth
Terry Cutburth 15 timmar sedan
Wont listen to him ever again!!
King Daddy Super Cracker
King Daddy Super Cracker 15 timmar sedan
Nothing but a thief and a liar is it 2024 yet
kirk thompson
kirk thompson 15 timmar sedan
United! 😁❤🇺🇸🙏
FatherLucid 15 timmar sedan
None of the majority of Biden voters gave trump a chance. And here I am a trump voter giving Biden a chance. What does that say?
free2express08 15 timmar sedan
You just know Trump is steamed right now.
Batman Wayne
Batman Wayne 15 timmar sedan
One word: B-O-R-I-N-G!!!
April S.
April S. 15 timmar sedan
Janet rodriguez
Janet rodriguez 15 timmar sedan
So bad . Should have sang WAP . 🤮
Norm Hiscock
Norm Hiscock 15 timmar sedan
So what about all the people that have spent years at their job working hard to get raises? Now we'll have kids still in high school with no experience making as much as them.
JTM 15 timmar sedan
Biden speech today " I am trunalimunumaprzure of the United states of America" "Common man".
SuzyQ 15 timmar sedan
“No Joe, you’re Mr. President” Such humility in our new President.
CFTM 15 timmar sedan
🦀Trump is gone🦀
Lafemme Sasa
Lafemme Sasa 15 timmar sedan
I never had an issue with Mike Pence. It was beautiful to see him there. That’s true Christianity.
Music Man
Music Man 15 timmar sedan
And this is how they steal an election!!! Fraudulent to the max!
May Thao
May Thao 15 timmar sedan
tom Lucero
tom Lucero 15 timmar sedan
a trump I heard that YMCA song is going to be your walk of shame song hahaha hahaha hahaha is that a hint were your going to be living after they seize your accounts and property after those indictments in New York and Chicago
Jaefar SABNW
Jaefar SABNW 15 timmar sedan
I know the high salute is not racist, but I just think of KKK people saying white power as a result from the thumb.
Matthew Pettit
Matthew Pettit 15 timmar sedan
Atleast Joe Biden doesn't look like a horse when he walks.
Jay Denton
Jay Denton 15 timmar sedan
Loved it!
David Thomas
David Thomas 15 timmar sedan
Could the media be any more biased?
Robert Martellini
Robert Martellini 15 timmar sedan
A sigh of relief and justice. America is back and I feel good about the US now. God Bless you all. A Canadian.
April S.
April S. 15 timmar sedan
Loveyr4ever 15 timmar sedan
They forgot to mention that she is also west indian and caribbean Jamaican decscent.
Nevaeh&lol Plaz
Nevaeh&lol Plaz 15 timmar sedan
We see it in school today
Michael Norwich
Michael Norwich 15 timmar sedan
She and her words are quite wonderful. I truly hope that we can all live up to her words. All, be well
Freya zaldivar
Freya zaldivar 15 timmar sedan
Oh Mr. Trump you’re right about that... you did leave things in a way they’ve never been before ... a disaster
server1 15 timmar sedan
Inaugurated or elected by the Courts ? Does it matter ?
kisstherain73 15 timmar sedan
Lol...running to get love from media...he waving at 12 people? LOL. What a joke!!!
JTM 15 timmar sedan
Biden speech today " I am trunalimunumaprzure of the United states of America" "Common man".
King Daddy Super Cracker
King Daddy Super Cracker 15 timmar sedan
Not my president never will be nothing but a two-faced liar
I Want Lee
I Want Lee 15 timmar sedan
May Biden burn in hell. And to be honest, the rest of you domestic terrorists of BLM and Antifa can do the same. You had a good run President Trump. You made America a better country. Love from Sweden 🇸🇪❤️🇺🇸
John 15 timmar sedan
Biden declares war on half of the country and then calls for unity. Saved you the time.
Debby A
Debby A 15 timmar sedan
Am happy he seems fit, just being in the moment ❤️🇺🇸
Amanda Lopez
Amanda Lopez 15 timmar sedan
Some of these comments have me cracking up
Slim Strang
Slim Strang 15 timmar sedan
There goes donald trump. Nothing but a big wall.
Prince Virtual Assistance Services
Prince Virtual Assistance Services 15 timmar sedan
Now Obama can receive the Medal of Freedom. xD
D.L. L.
D.L. L. 15 timmar sedan
Biden/Harris: We all know this election was fraudulent. My Republican vote was not counted until November 12, 2020, NINE days after election ended!!! Find out why, Biden!!!
Kim Thanh Nguyen
Kim Thanh Nguyen 15 timmar sedan
Thanks God! People in The US have Joe Biden is The President!
Bribarian Bribarian
Bribarian Bribarian 15 timmar sedan
Josh F-w
Josh F-w 15 timmar sedan
And you're a goat molesterer, do I have evidence? No, but since you don't need to evidence to back up your statement neither do it
Mahavir Panwar
Mahavir Panwar 15 timmar sedan
Best of luck biden
Phil 15 timmar sedan
That Chin Diaper should have Stayed On.
OrangeChickenTaco 15 timmar sedan
We arent purposed to allowing all cultures lmao we have made korean, japanese, communist camps. we make torture camps in the middle east, we randomly grab civilians in isreal and bring to camps just to torture them lol IDK where she getting her info from but she is stuck in bubble
MRGRUMPY53 15 timmar sedan
What a coincidence, today was Take out the Trash day, for me too......Trash has left the building.
John Drake
John Drake 15 timmar sedan
This election was like the OJ verdict. Everyone knows what really happened. Not my president.
Laurie McDarby
Laurie McDarby 15 timmar sedan
Who cares?
Brad Trimas
Brad Trimas 15 timmar sedan
The tell tale sign is if she attacks Bitcoin because it can be used for nefarious purposes. Bitcoin is 10 years old. Hmmmm what was used for nefarious purposes before Bitcoin...The dollar. The dollar is issued for free digitally. They don't even print much of it anymore. 3 percent of your currency is in physical form. We printed 32 percent of all the currency every produced in the USA this year. This is hyperinflation folks with only one way out. #Bitcoin. Bitcoin can not be over printed as there are only 21 million. Each Bitcoin is divisible up to .00000001 digits. These small pieces are known as Satoshi's. The other countries around the world are farther along than the US in adoption. Billions in infrastructure already exists. Bitcoin is Censorship & Seizureship Resistant, Secure, Scarce, Portable, Divisible, Borderless, Decentralized, Liquid, Durable, Fungible, Immutable, Verifiable. I suggest learning about it but MOST IMPORTANTLY watch how our country treats it up top. This will be a tale tell sign that they want to print money for free and you have to work for it. If Yellen bans Bitcoin in America than you can assume you have been a slave your whole life working for paper that they make for free and depreciates to the point that your retirement will be non-existent.
Slick Mike
Slick Mike 15 timmar sedan
I too love propoganda
RobBobTim 15 timmar sedan
They are not saying Booooo. They are saying Booiden.
Batman Wayne
Batman Wayne 15 timmar sedan
The rest of the peanut gallery arrives...
2007sharky 15 timmar sedan
Can't wait to see the media coverage of his impeachment and investigations into the biden family crimes...
Psychoessentials 15 timmar sedan
I got to admit.. 78 jogging like that...
TheAlfredPlatform 15 timmar sedan
She did a phenomenal job!
sheilabernadetteclaire mcintyre
sheilabernadetteclaire mcintyre 15 timmar sedan
This is inspiration Amazing . She says it all . Please God we can all move on .
DTR89 15 timmar sedan
Biden famously made Chris Coon’s young daughter very uncountable in that groping video on C-SPAN
Rosa Cabrera
Rosa Cabrera 15 timmar sedan
Lol everyone happy a deep state is back in power 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Homebrand Fishfood
Homebrand Fishfood 15 timmar sedan
Looks fun
Noraa Noraa
Noraa Noraa 15 timmar sedan
We 💕 USA
long island
long island 15 timmar sedan
What a scam
Twila Jones
Twila Jones 15 timmar sedan
The Fraudster ...and those supporting fraud
Emily Garza
Emily Garza 15 timmar sedan
Eugenia Alberdi
Eugenia Alberdi 15 timmar sedan
Love her voice, her eloquent gestures, and her words...oh my, I'm speechless...
Susan Jimenez
Susan Jimenez 15 timmar sedan
I pray they fumigated it from all those past sickies
Julio César Escamilla Becerra
Julio César Escamilla Becerra 15 timmar sedan
Joe Frauden
Danimeme 15 timmar sedan
Warning: many conspiracy theorists in the comments.
Ed Ashford
Ed Ashford 15 timmar sedan
Gosh, I cried while watching this. Just so glad to see our country take that step forward, but also so sad that it's being done during a time when we can't even fully celebrate because our minds are so focused on so many other problems. The visual of this strong, diverse woman being sworn in as vice president, but then she has to pull off her mask before she takes the oath, and everyone in the background is still wearing their masks. It's not something I ever expected to see at an inauguration, maybe in any regard. The realization of how big a moment this actually was hit me and I cried. And then I realized... I'm crying over politics. I had always wondered as a kid how I would know when I was really an adult, when I would have switched over to caring about adult problems. And I just realized that this is it. To care so much about the world and the impact a moment like this will have that it makes me cry in both grief and celebration... That's the moment. I'm an adult.