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i cannot stop singing it was agatha all along!!!!! i am still holding out for a professor x appearance trying to calm her mind
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I dont think the kids were real.. we'll see friday, I guess
Kaushik Reddy
Kaushik Reddy 14 timmar sedan
Some of the injuries are pretty minor. Like falling on his left arm or falling back on it when Thanos stabbed him. Also, when he was fighting Whiplash, his right arm was the one that took the whip. The fire probably didn't damage him at all because F1 suits are meant to protect the racer against heat. Also, why would Tony "risk" injuring his arm when he snapped the stones even though he knew he died anyways. There's no point trying to protect it if he knew he was going to die.
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will you do the season 2?
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Jason got switched when he ran off too the bathroom earlier that day. Then that night the tethered son was pointing to what time it was like he already knew those numbers meant something. He just wanted to keep his spot he claimed and end the end he wanted his mom to reclaim her shyt which is why he looks at his mom differently in the end after the whole locker situation.
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Keshav colonel 14 timmar sedan
who the hell is this wannabe Dr. Manhattan in the thumbnail of this video?
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I haven't seen any of these type of shows point out that captain America stole the pim Particles that hank accused his old partner of stealing in antman
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I knew I was on for a good time when Cage opened the trunk and pulled out a can of Punch.
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I'm hoping the Evan Peters Quicksilver doesn't turn out to just be nothing.
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Mal was actually correct about still being in a dream, and her jumping off the balcony woke her up... leaving Cobb in the dream world by himself. He's become so convinced that his dream is a reality, that his subconscious creates a totem(his ring). In his dream reality, he does not wear a ring. In his dream dream, he wears a ring. But it is not his true totem. Because he never actually uses it as a totem. The spinning top is Mel's totem, not Cobbs. He explains how it never stops spinning when he is in someone else's dream. But if his dream is now his reality, and not someone else's dream... the totem will stop spinning because he is in his own dream. The top is the only totem that doesn't act like a totem should.. it acts like a reflection of a totem, because it isn't his totem. When Mel left the dream world, she left her totem behind(Cobb picked it up on the hotel floor, she killed herself without it). Which brings me to his actual totem... his watch. Which he never takes off throughout the movie, because the entire movie is his dream. The actual inception, was when he convinced himself that his dream was a reality.
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What's the thing that Transformers do? They transform. What do the robots do in this show? Talk, and mope, and talk, and mope, then transform OFFSCREEN. Real shitshow.
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Wandas brother came runing in after the explosion it seemed to me he had his speed powers then too
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She is not taking wanda's powers
Chris Peers
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I dont know about that hayward i think there is more to it..i mean he faked the footage of wanda braking in to sword for visoin if he was just a paranoid then why would he fake that footage ??
Chris Peers
Chris Peers 15 timmar sedan
I dont know about that hayward i think there is more to it..i mean he faked the footage of wanda braking in to sword for visoin if he was just a paranoid then why would he fake that footage ??
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How many times does Wanda have to see vision die?
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Mr. Scratchy is Dr. Strange. Agatha attacked him, turned him into a bunny and stole the dark hold. She will turn him back to help save the world.
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Avnish Mandal 15 timmar sedan
When u think about it white Vision is the OG vision and the hex one is fake
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Question why is this mans wife always dying ... seriously though.
BMaida2 16 timmar sedan
This won't end well for the kids.
Potato Masher
Potato Masher 16 timmar sedan
Honestly south korea has deep history/folklore/oral tales or stories about zombies, it's my guess for the first zombie outbreak, if not there then it would be China
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I thought is was pronounced " Ka-thown" or something like that lol
AntiTeo Sensai
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I said ultron would be involved before anyone , why have a story involving vision , without ultron having a connection
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Ur saying anything I name, you’ve watched huh? Have you watched 2SIMPLE REDSTONE BUILDS? It’s an awesome video by Mr_Drago
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As powerful as Wanda is, I just dont see how she, her kids, and hex vision teamed up fighting white vision would be some big battle. It would seem that should be an easy win for her alone unless she cant bring herself to destroy his body. It also doesnt make sense for Agatha to team up with Hayward and white vision so I dont see that happening either. A three way battle seems more likely. I just really dont want to see Vision die 4 times. I hope somehow they merge but I seriously doubt thats a possibility either.
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If the movie turns out to be great and they don't play the original MK sound track, WB have officially f** up
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My question is How did Vison’s body get into the hands of swords if he died in Wankanda
김유진 16 timmar sedan
The Cobra Kai series has given the impression that no character is black and white; "villains" can find redemption and growth or even sympathy from the audience once their backgrounds and contexts are known. John Kreese's opening statement to his students shortly after usurping Lawrence, that their opponents think of themselves as "good," while members of cobra kai realize now there is no "good/bad" duality, simply a "weak/strong" dynamic, speaks volumes about the development of characters throughout and beyond the show's events. "Bullies" are never inherently evil; they have reasons for being so. We saw this character development with Eli/Hawk, who himself became a bully after being bullied; and even with Sam, 1) whose social isolation from her rich b*tch crew led her to take a classist attitude towards tory at their first encounter, 2) whose resentment for cobra kai causes her to initiate group violence on the flimsiest provocation at the soccer match & golf & stuff (so the way to "show you can't be bullied" is to organize gang violence?~something that the more apparent antagonists of the show (like kyler or later-tory) do but neither miguel nor robby even consider, and 3) whose real or imagined impressions of public ridicule by anonymous peers for her involvement in the school violence causes herself to assume a bullying attitude towards others ("you got something to say~ say it to my face!"). The interesting thing, especially in Sam's case, is that despite signs that she isn't the innocent victim she would like herself to be, she will not or cannot come to the conclusion something that kreese and johnny (and the showwriters have already realized): the bully is in the eye of the beholder. Bullies rarely realize they are bullying; rather, they are "defending themselves" from bullying. For example, an interesing question or plotline to develop of their characters recur would be why Yasmine and Kyler bully others? It's implied in the snake steal scene that Ky is under severe pressure from his Asian(from Irvine) dad, who (assuming he is a traditional Asian father) might disapprove of Ky's academic record, his preoccupation with athletics (esp. at the expense of his academics!), or even signs that Ky doesn't uphold ties to his own background (affinity for non-Asian girls, dislike of fish, ignorance of his family background beyond...Irvine). Indeed, since we only see brief and subjective sides to Ky, we simply assume he is a major a-hole. Given more context and a sympathetic treatment, Ky's bullying might be interpreted as a lashing against his own insecurities (being the only Asian in his posse of friends, or being non-academic in an academic Asian family). Why does Yasmine bully Aisha? Is it simply because Aisha is overweight or unattractive? Following the show's implications, its themes, and its symmetry, I'd be willing to bet that Yas, who is obviously insecure about her own intellect (she doesn't recognize that NaCl = salt and she reveals through her grudging praise of Demetri's science model that her parents literally have to pay for grades), feels herself resentful of and intimidated by academic overachievers such as Aisha (at least before she became Cobrakaid), and perhaps targets Aisha's weaknesses to compensate for her own insecurities or even to get retribution against a past / unintended / exaggerated slight from Aisha that made Yas feel even more stupid. I feel intelligence is a quality Yasmine actually secretly prizes, as she hooks up with "nerd" demetri through a combination of admiration for his intellect and mutual sympathy for their wedgy experiences. Anyway, these ideas are simply potential plotlines for future seasons, but I believe that the premise of the show is that either everyone is a bully--or no one is. Except maybe Mr. Miyagi, r.i.p.
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One thing about Haywood; he lied about Wanda stealing Vision. That's kind of a big deal
Nakkisoppa 16 timmar sedan
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William Cordier
William Cordier 16 timmar sedan
Vision died five years ago in Wakanda, along with half the universe. Tony Stark just died. That may have something to do with the lack of Vision tributes. The Far From Home tribute to Vision may be related to the world just realizing he didn't come back with the snap. That makes Vision, Stark, and Black Widow the only ones who did not come back.
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Mitch Meyer 16 timmar sedan
This is what all trailers should be. Spoils nothing from the movie and builds up so much tension. Well played Mr. Snyder. Well played.
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Now you've got to add the scene from 1693 in Wandavision.
KILLA SEASON 17 timmar sedan
The tail scene where godzilla destroyed the jet looks just like the tail scene in shin godzilla before he evolved to come on land.
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At iron man funeral u can see the teen he become friend in one of iron man movies when he is hiding or something like that.
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Humans: we need kong Godzilla: SHUT THE FUCK UP...!!
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miz r.j. 77 18 timmar sedan
Dick Van Dyke/ Dr. Von Doom Wanda is still at Hydra. she is a Sokovian Fortune teller. She predictd the future & can create reality from tv shows Cynthia Von Doom is Agnes.
Miss Lady
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I wonder if Wanda's powers somehow cause a "glitch" in the fabric of reality causing openings in time and space around the world thus opening up the multiverse for Spiderman.
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Jason Prowse 19 timmar sedan
I like that the town is called Westview as Wanda is from Sokovia supposedly in Eastern Europe and as a child she views the West (U.S.) through the television shows, so what she sees is a west-view. Also the middle letters of Westview make up ‘T.V.’ , the common word / acronym for television.
c ankhovich
c ankhovich 19 timmar sedan
"We're in the Matrix, it's all a game, a thought experiment." -Erin Valenti, Utah Tech CEO with no history of mental illness, found dead in backseat of own California rental car, days after going missing/calling her parents ------ what did she find?
Ulquiorra Schiffer
Ulquiorra Schiffer 19 timmar sedan
I have seen Smoke, Kabal twice, maybe Reptile after scene with Khan's statue. What other MK fighters did you see in the frames of the video?
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How did Agatha get inside the hex? Wasn’t she immediately in the first episode as soon as Wanda created the reality?
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Lois and Bruce getting together after Clark died, it would actually be possible in my opinion. All depends on execution, Snyder has proved well enough to me that he knows how to build and expand on characters.
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German Dude
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How did Monica Rambeau enter the Hex 3 times.? Can someone explain....
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Idk why but I feel so grate when people recognize that the woman with the sai is Mileena and not Kitana, Kitana use steel fans
Joker Black
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I feel scorpion and sub-zero's armor are just a little to bulky and not right looking but to be fair it must be hard to do martial arts in a fitted outfit so what do i know. Also scorpion needs to say "get over here" better
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I think the snow may be part of the synthetic environment. Like some areas have mountain tops with snow, some have beaches, some tropical areas. I imagine it was built to house all different types of kaiju.