PlayOn RC Video
PlayOn RC Video 11 timmar sedan
My personal tribute to Ken Block🤗 svfrom.info/history/video/m7Kfh6m9s52brsQ
Pulang Araw DareAngeL
Pulang Araw DareAngeL 11 timmar sedan
waduhek, this is fast
PSN Homicide58x
PSN Homicide58x 12 timmar sedan
What year is that raptor
YOUR RAGNAROK 13 timmar sedan
It's not a goodbye ford just came out with the mach e
jeffery hughes
jeffery hughes 13 timmar sedan
why cant you drive it without the ford partnership?
NeedForSpeed2004 15 timmar sedan
Bruh I’m sitting here watching how well he teaches her how to hoon that thing while remembering anytime I’m practicing driving with my mom, she’s acts pissed at me for no reason
Helindu Muhandiramage
Helindu Muhandiramage 15 timmar sedan
where will the hoonicorn go?
Helindu Muhandiramage
Helindu Muhandiramage 15 timmar sedan
why is it goodbye i dont get it for gods sake i will take that beast till my deathbed if i had that
Beryl Bell
Beryl Bell 16 timmar sedan
if someone else drives the Hoonicorn we riot
Xak Li
Xak Li 16 timmar sedan
I would love to have a tee shirt with dual concentric circular rings inside the top of the rings "KEN BLOCK" inside the bottom of the rings "HOONIGAN" and in the middle of the inner circle "DMG" for Drift Master General
Carson Watson
Carson Watson 17 timmar sedan
Everyone in the comments are so sad (well I am too😭) but anyway, it's not like he's gonna crush the cars guys. They will still be around. The big question is what's going to happen moving forward. I'm curious if itll be another American company of if he'll go jdm. We will just have to wait and see
Jared Hernandez
Jared Hernandez 18 timmar sedan
Bro he was so close to losing his hand maybe even his arm
Finn199 _
Finn199 _ 18 timmar sedan
I'm not crying, you're crying.
jeff Forker
jeff Forker 20 timmar sedan
Awesome to watch her drift learning! Thanks for sharing.
Patrick McWilliams
Patrick McWilliams 22 timmar sedan
How disappointing. You can tell Ken was just trying to be nice. For those of you that say it didn't make any noise? It sounded to me like a jet turbine engine spooling up. And if they can't get the thing to roast the tires from a dead stop, electrics are dead to me.
Mike Scarborough
Mike Scarborough 23 timmar sedan
You are an artist of adrenaline and I love it ,keep up the good job.
TheReinoPaasonen 23 timmar sedan
Cameron Downey
Cameron Downey 23 timmar sedan
this video felt hugely misleading my brother
Paddy Speed
Paddy Speed Dag sedan
That is a fucking proud father
mama mia -
mama mia - Dag sedan
What did the red button do?
paresh lalta
paresh lalta Dag sedan
anybody got the footage from pastrana's car , wanna know why it was on fire
Tom Smock
Tom Smock Dag sedan
Sorry.... but when did tire smoke equate to performance. I’m so tired of seeing rubber marks on intersections of community streets. Total disrespect for community property. BTW who’s cleaning that shit up? Then farewell to the sycophants that made and supported this form of entertainment. Give me midgets without wings on dirt any day.... that’s talent at its best.
Vili Virtanen
Vili Virtanen Dag sedan
you should have rev hoonicorn to the limiter until engine breaks
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Dag sedan
Car is square, no curves, you find curves on road
Angel Cruz
Angel Cruz Dag sedan
Most annoying drift ever makes me sick
YeOldeOgre Dag sedan
So.... Do the 'fox and the Truck go away now that Ken and Ford have split?
YeOldeOgre Dag sedan
Somebody need to take WHATEVER vehicle that is that's beeping out of reverse! Lol my freaking tinnitus is bad enough!
YeOldeOgre Dag sedan
Why would this be the "last ride" in the 'corn? If I'm not mistaken, Ken/Hoonigan Racing owns it... Not Ford. Am I wrong?
FastPacedCheese Dag sedan
cool vid, different kind of music to it with the electric VRREEEEE but it does hold up pretty gud aiight, am out too Peace //
Jamie Grandel
Jamie Grandel Dag sedan
I like how he just gave up half way in
Gator Golf USA
Gator Golf USA Dag sedan
Knockz Dag sedan
it’s actually kinda nice 😂
Jacob King
Jacob King Dag sedan
Me driving through blm rallies
minij hooi
minij hooi Dag sedan
"Dom" say goodbye to the Charger "The Curse" (*Fast And Furious)
esmokebaby Dag sedan
Makes me want to play asseto coursa sence I can't afford to do this
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan Dag sedan
Ken Block likes to test his electric vehicles sometimes.
Donavan Smith
Donavan Smith Dag sedan
What a great video,so much joy at the end !!!!!!! Thanks Donavansmithsurf
Donavan Smith
Donavan Smith Dag sedan
So nice to get thought by your dad Ken Block.
Carrie Thompson
Carrie Thompson Dag sedan
tinyurl.com/girlslovep6jcy Tenendo conto degli scenari chiave di comportamento, il nuovo modello di attività organizzativa, nella sua visione classica, consente l'introduzione dell'attuazione tempestiva del super task. E non c'è dubbio che le azioni dei rappresentanti dell'opposizione si siano trasformate in uno zimbello, anche se la loro stessa esistenza porta indubbi benefici alla società.Ognuno di noi comprende la cosa ovvia: la teoria esistente gioca un ruolo decisivo negli sforzi di raggruppamento. Pertanto, lo sviluppo sociale ed economico dipende direttamente dal progresso della comunità professionale.! もちろん、社会志向の国家プロジェクトに向けたコースは、新しい提案の機会を残しません。突然、プロジェクト構造の主要な機能は派閥の違いを追加するだけであり、可能な限り詳細に説明されています。
William Dag sedan
Get her a drifting wheel
Charles Tam
Charles Tam Dag sedan
Sad to see that.... But it's understandable and inevitable... I wonder if Ken will be able to keep the car(s) so we may see them as a cameo in his garage in the future...
Karel Gierke
Karel Gierke Dag sedan
Ford ...... Biiiiiiiig mistake.
Noah Melsom
Noah Melsom Dag sedan
Surely you make a video blowing up the motor
minij hooi
minij hooi Dag sedan
Supercharger: weeeeeeee Captions: [Music]
clayton matheny
clayton matheny Dag sedan
And Thats ! Knowing Youre Car ! Kudos !" Long Live Hoonicorn !!!
clayton matheny
clayton matheny Dag sedan
That's Just Beautiful to a Ford Guy !
clayton matheny
clayton matheny Dag sedan
Gonna miss the Hoonicofn But , i have a 68 Cougar Grew up with a family owning one the Oldest and Biggest salvage yards in Louisville KY, Abell Auto Parts & Salvage , .... i want to do this with the cougar but try to improve somehow, I Don't Think it's Possible Though !
Kam Lara
Kam Lara Dag sedan
Mo me I love the hoognicorn
Payden Miller
Payden Miller Dag sedan
Super Spartan
Super Spartan Dag sedan
Makes no noise yet it sounds like a Barbie Jeep on crack. 🤣🤔
Rebelution Nova
Rebelution Nova Dag sedan
No way is this real. It will be back
SuperErizce Dag sedan
john doyle
john doyle Dag sedan
The hoonicorn belongs in the Smithsonian. It's iconic !
Joe Dib
Joe Dib Dag sedan
Partner up with Toyota
jltolli Dag sedan
another rich man with all the fun and goodies and he didn't pay for any of it...
Legolee23 Dag sedan
I was expecting to be faster and I feel like Ken was too. He honestly looked kinda disappointed in it, but I think because he was with Ford he had to pretend he liked it.
Kaptain Klevans
Kaptain Klevans Dag sedan
no goodbye
TheMattholew Dag sedan
I was going to buy a fiesta ST or RS, but nah. Not if Ford is going to be a bitch about Hoonicorn and Block.
Nadine Bolger
Nadine Bolger Dag sedan
U don't know what Ur talking about
Nadine Bolger
Nadine Bolger Dag sedan
No thanks
Nadine Bolger
Nadine Bolger Dag sedan
Haha great I hope the police have been called REALLY
Nadine Bolger
Nadine Bolger Dag sedan
Keep ur comments respectful community guidelines don't want to know thanks 👍 exactly so 🤮
KILLA BEATZ 909 Dag sedan
Supercharger: weeeeeeee Captions: [Music]
SuPerPiTs Dag sedan
The skull on the tailgate is the same skull SVfrom gamer crainers uses :)
squals is a exploiter
squals is a exploiter Dag sedan
Ashkeem Marriott
Ashkeem Marriott Dag sedan
Ohh shit. Ken you where soo close to me I am. At Jamaica
Noah Smith
Noah Smith Dag sedan
Ashkeem Marriott
Ashkeem Marriott Dag sedan
Hoonicorn 10 timers better
scott fulton
scott fulton Dag sedan
Wonder how many sets of tires were burned up during it's life.
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Dag sedan
How much did it cost? And how much money will it be worth years from NOW?
mike chavez
mike chavez Dag sedan
I’d love to drive that Road, the Tail of the 🐍 .
JoN Brayson
JoN Brayson Dag sedan
Damn an we all thought goin electric ment hooning would be a thing of the past like electric cars wud never be as much fun as internal combustion shit this why the government didnt want it released all those decades ago cos it would bread not just hyper cars but hyper rally cars this car is insane im converted to Ecars now i want one of these likkle Fessies man that lil Hatchy is pure🔥🔥🔥🔥Fire i defo want one a fully loaded one thats for sure...holys**t its a pure monster an insane mental beast of a car....!! 🎉🎉🍾🍾🍾💝
JoN Brayson
JoN Brayson Dag sedan
Nope u dint do nothin its a hoon thing we like to do burnouts with some one standin infront holdin the car bak an doin donuts around someone stand still without fillin ur keggs an it shows u got faith in the drivers skill an trust in him fully... thats all it is it gives u chance to bepart of the show too lol....😁😅😆😂😂
JoN Brayson
JoN Brayson Dag sedan
F******k that things rapid pure vicious on launch
JoN Brayson
JoN Brayson Dag sedan
F***in awsome KenBlock so is it better than its petrol predecessor...??
Lightskill _
Lightskill _ 2 dagar sedan
The music at the end, made it much worse 😢
IRONHEAD420 Vk4life
IRONHEAD420 Vk4life 2 dagar sedan
Bro you are a legend ✌️👍
Rainers Tomanovičš
Rainers Tomanovičš 2 dagar sedan
Vs hoonicorn
zueiraneed for speed2054 feke joga
zueiraneed for speed2054 feke joga 2 dagar sedan
nfs 2015 yeah!!! f*ck
Caleb York
Caleb York 2 dagar sedan
Her driver’s license test is going to be filmed and called Gymkhana 15. Her instructor will need therapy afterwards
Calva Dos
Calva Dos 2 dagar sedan