Obama Sings Al Green
6 dagar sedan
Paul M
Paul M 2 timmar sedan
He should just end his miserable life
Dave Harrison
Dave Harrison 2 timmar sedan
Point of order: 95% of prescriptions are are charge exempt so they don't even cost £9 per item.
Dustin Caso
Dustin Caso 2 timmar sedan
Separation of church and state is a good thing.
蕭吉米Jimmy Hsiao
蕭吉米Jimmy Hsiao 2 timmar sedan
She attacked my village.😡😡😡
Mavrick Schofield
Mavrick Schofield 2 timmar sedan
The music is great! Really makes this problem not be a problem rather famous people with hurt feelings! :D
Christina Melligan
Christina Melligan 2 timmar sedan
Jesse chima
Jesse chima 2 timmar sedan
This is a real human?
faulk ray
faulk ray 2 timmar sedan
Such a relief he's gone! 🤗
Lucianna Guo
Lucianna Guo 2 timmar sedan
The only joy in 2020
Lionel Cerda
Lionel Cerda 2 timmar sedan
Feb Vel
Feb Vel 2 timmar sedan
Feels like we just came back to real life after watching 4 years non stop reality tv
Ashton Worth
Ashton Worth 2 timmar sedan
This is how I'd be if I ever came into money. I'd help those who helped me when I was at my lowest and didn't ask for a penny. Means so much more to give back in those situations.
Hellmuth Christian Stuven
Hellmuth Christian Stuven 2 timmar sedan
What a joy!!!!
Qasim Lakdawala
Qasim Lakdawala 2 timmar sedan
"To fill the vacancy of former Senator Kamala Harris." *Laughs*. That's how you answer your Haters.
Remedios Canlas
Remedios Canlas 2 timmar sedan
This is the beginning of one nation, unity and freedom of democracy under President Joe Biden.. May God bless you 🙏Goodluck😊
Zivin 2 timmar sedan
Imma buy from florida paints now lol
Thatmtlguy 2 timmar sedan
The music is just so perfect for this?! 👍👌
Sian Dyas
Sian Dyas 2 timmar sedan
This is absolutely pointless. Why is she stood there wasting her time arguing with her? She's antagonising the woman and making it worse by filming her. If people aren't wearing a mask and you don't work at that shop you have no right to confront anyone.
Ahmad Farzan Zahirhussan
Ahmad Farzan Zahirhussan 2 timmar sedan
Finally!!!after four years of the worst nightmare for America😪😁
Kim Ayah
Kim Ayah 2 timmar sedan
That woman stole my underwear; look if she's wearing it... I need to see it and See the proof! ~ *Well she didn't, i just want her to realize that she can't command something to other people just like that*
360 gaming wizard
360 gaming wizard 2 timmar sedan
Good, one less embarrassment to the human race
Peter Stokes
Peter Stokes 2 timmar sedan
Mate, Ex ADF. The pressure those blokes are under, frightening.
Rishi Roy
Rishi Roy 2 timmar sedan
I am more amazed at how you kept the count of his lies.🙄
Sasquatch Sasquatch
Sasquatch Sasquatch 2 timmar sedan
Buh bye now
L E V E L 0
L E V E L 0 2 timmar sedan
Yeah Biden won but my own hope is gone You came alil too late
pixe logan
pixe logan 2 timmar sedan
Omg a normal grown up. Thank god and god bless America now the ugly stain is gone
Sandra Lewis
Sandra Lewis 2 timmar sedan
Don't haste ye back, tRumpet. Nobody cares.
Prison Mike
Prison Mike 2 timmar sedan
Stella Kitty
Stella Kitty 2 timmar sedan
Don’t know those truck drivers can do the job. They can’t say I need the money. They are wankers
Shin Yagami
Shin Yagami 2 timmar sedan
Oh no his money laundering golf course is going to be investigated too 😱 Such a shame 😂
QADIR JAILANI? 2 timmar sedan
Do you smell?
CloudStreets 2 timmar sedan
Elegance and grace. Always.
Ole Sørensen
Ole Sørensen 2 timmar sedan
A guy born on 1970, and you have background music from the thirties?
PoisenedBlade 2 timmar sedan
European as in from the geographical continent of europe, if it said eu leaders then it would be wrong
Nicholas Tariang
Nicholas Tariang 2 timmar sedan
I feel pity for Paula white.
Jojo Galit
Jojo Galit 2 timmar sedan
The people dislike here was thrown out the planes too.
Ryan Mcerlane
Ryan Mcerlane 2 timmar sedan
Hey what happens when u cant vote cant speak and you have a foreighn group dropping bioweapons on you and that same group wants to crush your economy and stick a needle in you Those soldiers need to understand they are next and if they cant question the orders of a chicom puppet then they have no soul or conscience
Only Sica
Only Sica 2 timmar sedan
Well even in death some people can't accept the truth The most pathetic and saddest I have ever known.
Black zeno
Black zeno 2 timmar sedan
Jenna 2 timmar sedan
The swamp is drained to only move to a swamp! LOL! The irony...
James Elder
James Elder 2 timmar sedan
Stupid for stupid . Thanks. No new prez. Without all these no masker.Thanks for.your help.
mais 2 timmar sedan
She's in black. Should have worn the I don't care do you Jacket
Dylan Vuorinen
Dylan Vuorinen 2 timmar sedan
“Your eating!” “So what?” iT’S aGaINsT tHE LaW
Edwina Walton
Edwina Walton 2 timmar sedan
Perfect choice of music
Uhby 2 timmar sedan
I find this guys hand movements very annoying for some reason.
wanny225 2 timmar sedan
"kiss" goodbye might be a stretch in phrasing 🤣
Dinitha Nishadya
Dinitha Nishadya 2 timmar sedan
save this for future when this become another classic administration
Enrico De Guzman
Enrico De Guzman 2 timmar sedan
Another crook bites the dust!
Jeiber Milano
Jeiber Milano 3 timmar sedan
Remember kids, if the video comes from this Channel, is obviously fake.
James Elder
James Elder 3 timmar sedan
Thank you for getting him fired.
dekel polak
dekel polak 3 timmar sedan
𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗨𝗻𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗲(𝘀) 𝗼𝗳 𝗛𝘂𝗺𝗮𝗻𝗶𝘁𝘆 America is in a state of deep scrutiny. So is humanity. Today’s America presents the future state of humanity: If the world advances the way America is advancing, we will end up being divided between two blocs that hate each other in every sense-ideologically, approach to life, culture, education, and every other way. It will be impossible to connect the adversaries, just as it is impossible to connect the Democrats with the Republicans in today’s divided United States. As things are, there will be no calm. It seems as though things have gone out of control, but they haven’t. It is simply what happens when the ego wants to govern and will not hear of anything less than that. It does not want connection; it wants domination. It may be horrifying to watch, but we are merely witnessing the natural process. When everything revolves around who has more and who has less, and when the ego keeps intensifying, we come to a state where the ego wants everything, and to leave absolutely nothing to the other side. This is what you get when you don’t educate people. It doesn’t matter how much you invest in aid packages and relief programs, when the ego comes to a state of all or nothing, nothing helps. Therefore, we should thank America for the example it is giving us, at its own expense. We should thank the American people for setting an example that demonstrates what our future will be like unless we achieve unity among us. In other words, if we don’t achieve a united state in humanity, humanity will become like today’s United States: an assortment of nations, colors, races, and faiths that hate each other to death, and do everything they can to cater to their hatred.
Zahin Wahedi
Zahin Wahedi 3 timmar sedan
Jojo Galit
Jojo Galit 3 timmar sedan
You cannot fix stupidity smh 🤦‍♂️
joanna jamerson
joanna jamerson 3 timmar sedan
No Joe exotic???
NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy 3 timmar sedan
Monnie Brown
Monnie Brown 3 timmar sedan
Omg, why is this music so perfect? It is eerily fitting for their departure.
Timothy Morigeau
Timothy Morigeau 3 timmar sedan
Wow, a normal articulate person doing a press briefing. Omg no more Kayleigh McAneny (however you spell it who cares)!!!!! Oh this is great!!!!!!!