Addressing The Kanye Situation
I Have Some REALLY Bad News.
Doing What's Right
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First Date Does My Makeup
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Never Leaving My House Again...
We Broke Up.
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Emanuel De Leon Rivera
Emanuel De Leon Rivera Timme sedan
The Donald Trump of all gays.
Emanuel De Leon Rivera
Emanuel De Leon Rivera Timme sedan
It’s not fair that good and honest people work hard to make a living, yet someone as vile as Jeffree has too much money that he doesn’t even know what to do with it... And we helped him get to where he is... I’ll never understand this world.
edward jessica
edward jessica Timme sedan
U gay?
Leteric Parker
Leteric Parker Timme sedan
Well I mean he/it is already pretty gross you already got canceled once because of the bullshit its pulled last year
Barbara Hudson
Barbara Hudson Timme sedan
We live in such a perverted world where people are enthusiastic about a man leaving his woman for a man🤢🤮
Lola Lux Deville
Lola Lux Deville Timme sedan
Just started following you your energy and personality is awesome 🤩
Lola Lux Deville
Lola Lux Deville Timme sedan
Just started following you & I gotta say I love your personality and energy ( my 12 yr daughter put me on to you lol )
Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin Timme sedan
Money made you worse. You need to get a hold of yourself.
Arab Timme sedan
Reporting all his videos
supersmoothify Timme sedan
Making fun of people for their looks makes you the ugliest human being in earth.
Wendy dayz
Wendy dayz Timme sedan
If Jeffree hangs around or is friends with, " Hair By Jay" then I'm assuming that, JS is just as shallow of a person as his ," friend".
Emily Rose
Emily Rose Timme sedan
The cashier looks like Fairuza Balk
Arab Timme sedan
Act Your Fucking Age
Arab Timme sedan
Hearth And Soul
Hearth And Soul Timme sedan
I find it ironic that a man whose sole business is makeup is one of the most ugliest people I've ever encountered. It's all good when he pays people's bills but think about all of the people he has betrayed, all of the trouble he has caused and all of the nastiness he says! It's no wonder Nate got the hell out of there!
Ylva Ottossob
Ylva Ottossob Timme sedan
He looks so scary😭😅🤮🤮
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez Timme sedan
Let's be honest here. Kanye west wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole let alone have sex with you. You need to watch the people close to you, they are telling all your business and you don't even know it. You need to be canceled for your wig guy verbally attacking trisha. You guys are so full of junior high drama and it's sad
Minahail Afzal
Minahail Afzal 2 timmar sedan
Sena Chi
Sena Chi 2 timmar sedan
why are the comments mostly negative yet the video is mostly upvoted? 🤔can someone explain?
TaoPearl 2 timmar sedan
Elevates Kardashians to level of Shakespeare
Mrs. Ma’am
Mrs. Ma’am 2 timmar sedan
Since I haven’t seen anyone else say it....that hair is fucking stunning on u girl
N3ku! 2 timmar sedan
seb 2 timmar sedan
Everyone is just talking about his wig man, JEFFREE IS JUST AS BAD. UNSUB
Lola Lux Deville
Lola Lux Deville 2 timmar sedan
Just started following you after hearing that rumor 🤣🤣🤣 happy 2021
seb 2 timmar sedan
Money is not a personality trait, how insecure must you be to make it so.
Nathalia Calderon
Nathalia Calderon 2 timmar sedan
My gosh Jeffree ur bouta get canceled again😭🤚🏼
Lil Demon
Lil Demon 2 timmar sedan
Unsubscribed :)
Honeypot 2 timmar sedan
Trailer park trash
Lin Tsubomi
Lin Tsubomi 2 timmar sedan
"Im gonna be going like this" "To this" *Ad plays* Wow nice transition :0
Kaylee 2 timmar sedan
Well well well must be true considering he’s blocking everyone on Twitter for asking about it?😒 lighten up Jeffers.
Hollywood’s Bleeding!
Hollywood’s Bleeding! 2 timmar sedan
Why am I still watching this and crying 😭 I felt so bad for her
Sophia Hodgson
Sophia Hodgson 2 timmar sedan
I love that you actually took the time to learn to properly handle a firearm!! As a lifelong Wyoming resident, it truly makes me so happy!
Julieanne Awcock
Julieanne Awcock 2 timmar sedan
No I’m crazy🤪🤪🤪🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉
Julieanne Awcock
Julieanne Awcock 2 timmar sedan
Why is there so many weird shades🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🧐🧐
ipolatti *
ipolatti * 2 timmar sedan
Kanye would be proud
nirmal kumar gurung
nirmal kumar gurung 2 timmar sedan
who the hell is this freak???
Julieanne Awcock
Julieanne Awcock 2 timmar sedan
I love the idea it’s so cool💄💄💋💋👄👄
let'shaveatoast forthe
let'shaveatoast forthe 2 timmar sedan
Your personality is not approved.
TommyHo 2 timmar sedan
Money can't buy a nice personality Jeffrey I hope you know that.
Julieanne Awcock
Julieanne Awcock 2 timmar sedan
Oh my god so cool❤️❤️🛍🎀🦄
let'shaveatoast forthe
let'shaveatoast forthe 2 timmar sedan
B E I N G R I C H I S N O T A P E R S O N I L I T Y T R A I T A N D D O E S N O T M A K E Y O U B E T T E R P E R S O N T H E N O T H E R S P. E. R. I. O. T ! ! !
Makialee Marie
Makialee Marie 2 timmar sedan
Common sense and aplogies to Trish Paytas Has entered the damn chat!
Kelly Moran
Kelly Moran 2 timmar sedan
Bold of him to leave the comments on😭😭
Callumxxy 3 timmar sedan
I don't like you 😀
ItsProbably2AM 3 timmar sedan
7:09 - 7:22 oh how the tables have TURNEDDDDD
vRenzo 3 timmar sedan
When you showed the cars all I wanted to see was stradmans Supra 😔
ItsProbably2AM 3 timmar sedan
Imagine having such a sweet soul LIVING to meet you and you shit on her...... shoulda kept this energy, moneys gone to your head 😌🤚🏼
Brave 3 timmar sedan
Jeffree looks like a lesbian
Melanie Carter
Melanie Carter 3 timmar sedan
Oh and by the way anyone looking to by make up from a self made brand that doesn't bully people for their skin and weight... Pat McGrath is a queen!
Kelly lynne bruce
Kelly lynne bruce 3 timmar sedan
go to 6:05 and listen carefully lmao shane is SHADDYYY he said “ ok hurry up” under his breath 😭😂
Sumerianharp 3 timmar sedan
Makeup by Kenya P
Makeup by Kenya P 3 timmar sedan
JEFFREE Oh My GOD you handsomer than the dolen twins
Melanie Carter
Melanie Carter 3 timmar sedan
Of all the things I never took you for , a bully was one of them! Come on sis you know better than this! You were meant to be TRISHAS FRIEND! Friends don't do this shit. And why are you gonna stand by such a shameful twat that is wig man, whatever the fuck his name is, I don't know if the wig glue got to him or the money but what he said was disgraceful. Trish may have many flaws but her friendship shouldn't hate for those but help her.
Devika D'Silva
Devika D'Silva 3 timmar sedan
I think he’s hot. Far from ugly. Who the fuck thinks they have the right to judge someone else’s appearance
Eva Gallagher-xoxo
Eva Gallagher-xoxo 3 timmar sedan
There are more important matters you need to address.
Eva Gallagher-xoxo
Eva Gallagher-xoxo 3 timmar sedan
I cannot support you in any way anymore. Your behaviour towards Trisha is disgusting. you are nothing more than your money. You think your money can help you with everything but having a decent personality and disrespectful helps too.🙄🖐🏼
Arvi Telebrico
Arvi Telebrico 3 timmar sedan
Did you notice Vice Ganda in the video? 😀
oryiman Moishe
oryiman Moishe 3 timmar sedan
When l look at Jeffree star he created happiness for himself hating on people is not a good thing when you are hating on someone remember he or she has a mother that loves her child no matter what just as your mother loves you
Vulgar Beauty
Vulgar Beauty 3 timmar sedan
I didn’t know you were against Mexicans 😳 UNSUBSCRIBED! I saw that sanders Kennedy video message your friend left confirming Trisha 7 months ago and bearing witness to you downing Mexicans wow
Iyla And Cleo Vlogs
Iyla And Cleo Vlogs 3 timmar sedan
I like that even Zach Choi likes Jeffree Star
Jowell Abbernathie
Jowell Abbernathie 3 timmar sedan
people who make fun of him dont realize that how much dirt they are under his 1.5 Million shoe they are... look. you can degrade him. go ahead but he is more succesful then your hole family combined. i am no richer but i can see where i stand. so. go fuck yourself, oh wait ha ha ha... you cant even. bye felisha.
Bella Hammer
Bella Hammer 3 timmar sedan
Dizzu 3 timmar sedan
bitch his hair was sticking to his face TF- 💀💀
Chloe Watkins
Chloe Watkins 4 timmar sedan
anyone here from 2021
The Official Billy Myers
The Official Billy Myers 4 timmar sedan
I love all these haters on here acting like jeffree hasnt ALWAYS BEEN like this lol.. Hope trish Shes JUST ad problematic asffff they are in the same boat. Jeffree doesn't have to apologize for shit esp when it wasnt him lol yall are clownssss
Marylou Eaton
Marylou Eaton 4 timmar sedan
I will not be one to bully however. You need to apologise and I mean GENUINELY apologize not just one of the many fake ones you've done you need to sincerely apologise because what you did was horrible
Serana Marie
Serana Marie 4 timmar sedan
Jesus loves anyone reading this! God bless and stay safe
Yve Tejera
Yve Tejera 4 timmar sedan
This video just called me single in 45 languages
Angela 4 timmar sedan
WHY ARE YOU INDUCING PAIN FOR SOMEONE THAT IS ALREADY HURT?! You are evil Jeffree. There’s no love left in you. Money doesn’t make you a better person. You and your hair stylist are both rotten inside. Seriously, shame on you. You are a bully.
Lisa Mac
Lisa Mac 4 timmar sedan
Jeffrie living his best life in Wyoming.❤
Rutendo Karuma
Rutendo Karuma 4 timmar sedan
Wow!Wow!Wow! This is breathtaking Jeff ure extra! 💫
Elaine Sewell
Elaine Sewell 4 timmar sedan
STOP LYING JEFFREE!! Just stop it na!😂😂😂😂he paid u good huh?!!🤣🤣🤣just look at the guy’s reaction when he said I have never!!!😂😂😂 alright bill Clinton!
Aksa Bibi
Aksa Bibi 4 timmar sedan
I like it whenever he says “HUHHH” 👁👄👁
Valeria Martinez
Valeria Martinez 4 timmar sedan
Gun safety, always treat the gun like it's loaded at all times. He was swinging that in front people. Would have been anyone else they would've been kicked out of the gun store asap.
Moon Angel
Moon Angel 4 timmar sedan
Why do some People forget that jeffree was bullying trish too and are just trashtalking jay? Jeffree is the agressor if you cancle jay for his behavior cancle jerahmia starfish too
Zadrian Werimai
Zadrian Werimai 4 timmar sedan
You a ninja jumping over cameraman’s
Sarah Marshman
Sarah Marshman 4 timmar sedan
Poor kylie
M.M 5 timmar sedan
looking back he’s so horrible towards her she’s so mistreated she’d never deserved this and my heart breaks for her honestly considering she’s so cute and adorable honestly and she legit boosts my confidence I don’t think she knows she’s the reason I’m still alive honestly 🥺
LemonLyle EU
LemonLyle EU 5 timmar sedan
OMG I forgot that Walmart owned Asda (here in the uk Walmart is Asda) and they both have the same George brand!
Sinead Bales
Sinead Bales 5 timmar sedan
All you care about is money and all your Rich friends and you have forgotten where you came from and the people that loved you. SELL OUT