Self-Kickflipping Skateboard!
Piloting a GIANT MECH!
5 månader sedan
7 månader sedan
Wolverine Bone Claws VS CONCRETE!
Building Iron Man's Workshop!
Swinging From Web Shooters!
Thanos Sword Build!
Flying a JET SUIT!
artegos rodriguez
artegos rodriguez 14 timmar sedan
Diego Sobarzo
Diego Sobarzo 14 timmar sedan
damn i wanna see something from dark souls 3, like the Black Knight Greatsword or a Bonfire and coiled sword
Jono 14 timmar sedan
Ok I love how they added potato girl 💗
F R Y Gamers
F R Y Gamers 14 timmar sedan
Can you sell the Ironman gauntlet
Nova Frags
Nova Frags 14 timmar sedan
It’s soo short tho
Mehdi Aouiguer
Mehdi Aouiguer 14 timmar sedan
Cut a tree in half with the proto saber
Adrian Adi
Adrian Adi 14 timmar sedan
8:58 my siri thinks you say "Hey Siri" :))))
prosoccer95 14 timmar sedan
Pretty great, now use more power and put some servos in to change the angle of the motors so you can control where you go better
Hands Of Light
Hands Of Light 14 timmar sedan
Maybe Gundam suits are best suited for this though a giant iron God would be dope. Though I am iron God. 🤣
Wyatt Jamielyn
Wyatt Jamielyn 14 timmar sedan
Wow 🤩 😳 it’s so cool
Colin Toupin
Colin Toupin 14 timmar sedan
Is this CGI?!
Hands Of Light
Hands Of Light 14 timmar sedan
You'll need everyone for these things to work at there best. Action lab, you'll need Neil, ancient aliens, and elon. Or you will fail nd destroy the world. Nd you'll have to include yourself. I've given you what you need to know on the other side of the equation. Though it'll only work in theory. If you've deciphered all of my thoughts by now. But for that you would need to actually read them and understand their true meanings from the right perspective.
Albertsons 14 timmar sedan
Loved the small scene yall made super cool
MusicMiller 14 timmar sedan
Good morning! You have been in suspension for 99999 99 days
mheys1 14 timmar sedan
Try to shave your beard with it?
free heavy
free heavy 14 timmar sedan
So basically it’s a big flame
Kathy Peralez
Kathy Peralez 14 timmar sedan
Think you could make Link's Master sword?
Hands Of Light
Hands Of Light 14 timmar sedan
If you show people like this everything they do good. And with my knowledge they can do real shit that I like to see.
Hands Of Light
Hands Of Light 14 timmar sedan
Show them everything lol
Wyatt Oldfield
Wyatt Oldfield 14 timmar sedan
Looks like the darksaber
Mylesman Gaming
Mylesman Gaming 14 timmar sedan
I like it how you organise all your stuff on a big shelf
Hands Of Light
Hands Of Light 14 timmar sedan
Don't try creating a hulk, unless it is a natural hulk. That also has enough plasma and a balance of carbohydrates. With some iron. Or more iron though high carbohydrates and low plasma. That is hard to complete. There's a problem with getting that balance in effect unless you understand biochemistry enough to learn to use these different forces in ways that allow you to stabilize the foundation of the body interchanging their quantum equilibrium. Or their physical equilibrium. Though only reference the body with technology to view this information. Not to change it. If you change a person's structure it must be done Naturally. In order for it to properly work and not destroy the being entirely. And it will take time as well.
Nicholas Resto
Nicholas Resto 14 timmar sedan
Doom fist is most powerful
Yianni Peñaloza
Yianni Peñaloza 14 timmar sedan
Potato girl
Autumn Games
Autumn Games 14 timmar sedan
Can you sell some pieces of the play button
Nicholas Resto
Nicholas Resto 14 timmar sedan
That will take years to clean
Hands Of Light
Hands Of Light 14 timmar sedan
Though it would make you lighter the iron will strengthen the lighter forms of matter you use. Don't forget meditation and choose a cold magnetic environment. Not too cold and not too hot. Not too powerful lol. Meat iron plasma and fruit. And water. Though still some carbohydrates or you'll become a lower level being entirely.
Trib bro’s 123
Trib bro’s 123 15 timmar sedan
This is the best video you have ever made
Hands Of Light
Hands Of Light 15 timmar sedan
We can switch there diets a little bit if we can find the right balance and equation. Though do not destroy them with things that aren't yet understood because we would rather work off of natural boundaries. I know you've been watching my every move now🤣
Headshot525 15 timmar sedan
Who needs furnaces when u have a light saber
Hands Of Light
Hands Of Light 15 timmar sedan
We should use these technologies in movies. We need a real movie with our technology at play. Just for daredevil stunts nothing that will harm them. So build counter parts for the weapons that can absorb or reflect them. And don't kill people.
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 15 timmar sedan
Can you do some Star Wars stuff
spycam gamer
spycam gamer 15 timmar sedan
And happy new year
Julie Socia
Julie Socia 15 timmar sedan
I thought the button was going to be the blue one but no
Julie- Abughonmi
Julie- Abughonmi 15 timmar sedan
I don't understand a single thing you say but I still watch u James
FirestormCrafts 15 timmar sedan
Ok this guy has officially become the coolest person on the planet
LOK Executioner
LOK Executioner 15 timmar sedan
I haven’t seen the wandavision gloves :(
James Brown
James Brown 15 timmar sedan
He makes things and then destroys them Lol if u see his HackSmith plz like
Julie Socia
Julie Socia 15 timmar sedan
Ehh it’s only 800 dollars
Hands Of Light
Hands Of Light 15 timmar sedan
I wonder what used to happen in Vegas before my rule as God.
Hands Of Light
Hands Of Light 15 timmar sedan
Don't forget to seek and destroy evil. In this world. Vegas has got alot of explaining to do. 🤣
Unnecessarily Epic
Unnecessarily Epic 15 timmar sedan
Wow this thing is almost as bright as my phone at 3AM!
Stefan Filipovski
Stefan Filipovski 15 timmar sedan
its so cool
ItsAura 15 timmar sedan
4 Lightsabers, One Year.. Oooooh it’s getting hot in here
Fox Tron
Fox Tron 15 timmar sedan
Imagine if you used that blue laser as a lightsaber... Would that work? Tell us Hacksmith
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 15 timmar sedan
Tristan Im
Tristan Im 15 timmar sedan
Who’s watching this in 2021
Lv.99 Mastermind
Lv.99 Mastermind 15 timmar sedan
Now become a sith and improve the lightsaber design to have an internal power supply
Clav D
Clav D 15 timmar sedan
Wish he'd have went for the door knob.
sara mck
sara mck 15 timmar sedan
Make BT from Titan fall 2
OMG RONNIE 16 timmar sedan
How much
Gerald Henton
Gerald Henton 16 timmar sedan
I was wondering if you have tried to dust the shirt with some form of ink/polymer etc and use the laser to etch/bond the two without damaging the fabric? My laser is on a slow boat from china
Gaming For Live
Gaming For Live 16 timmar sedan
1:10 nice scicor lift dude
Sharukhan 16 timmar sedan
Flying iron Man suit pls
Quarkee 16 timmar sedan
Hi, looking back at this video, wasn't it a bad idea to use metal as a casing for the gun? Sure it wasn't a big portion of the gun but since there's so much current wouldn't there be eddy current losses? Did the side metals heat up when you guys used it? (since that would mean loss in power)
New Movies
New Movies 16 timmar sedan
Can y’all make a better hoverboard
du michael
du michael 16 timmar sedan
Another loo student that actually saw the job on WaterlooWorks but studies CS so can only look from afar.
__TRISTAN__ 16 timmar sedan
I dare u to do the obi ani spin with that bad boi
xXpgrab Xx
xXpgrab Xx 16 timmar sedan
wtf they got aquired by google
sara mck
sara mck 16 timmar sedan
Make BT from Titan fall 2
Mr Tophat
Mr Tophat 16 timmar sedan
As soon if these lightsabers ever go onsale we gonna have the empire exist and torture us all
Migliorar SI
Migliorar SI 16 timmar sedan
Cool ❕
Marc Garza
Marc Garza 16 timmar sedan
Just imagine if someone robbed a bank with this
Ördek TV
Ördek TV 16 timmar sedan
FoxOP - 2080og
FoxOP - 2080og 16 timmar sedan
I hack Smith if you’re reading this I am a young engineer and I really got inspired by you and the creator of rock on fire explosion it’s a robotic band from the 80s and I really like your videos and if you would respond to this that would be awesome and my birthday is coming up too
Olivia Heider
Olivia Heider 16 timmar sedan
IsNt ThAt ThE GuY fRoM F O R T N I T E
Sydops Æ
Sydops Æ 16 timmar sedan
So thankful to have been with you fru this wonderful journey
desaster hunter
desaster hunter 16 timmar sedan
Do not stop keep making lvl2 and 3 seriously bro keep it it might take years but it's worth it
Irma Barac
Irma Barac 16 timmar sedan
Hey bud can you make the panels from potal 2 i i wish you the best
Colin Harvey
Colin Harvey 16 timmar sedan
I think the kid in the section where James advertises kiwi co. is Will's brother from stranger things...
Boss Lugo
Boss Lugo 16 timmar sedan
What the quit kid is doing in the back of the classroom
Michael Zelahy
Michael Zelahy 16 timmar sedan
I love the hack smith if you do to leave a like
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 16 timmar sedan
Well these people been ready in case of a zombie apocalypse
Joe R
Joe R 16 timmar sedan
Buddons, buddons, buddons... LOL!
XD Calam1ty
XD Calam1ty 16 timmar sedan
3:40 : yea i would like my steak medium rare, not burnt to a crisp, and do it by Proto-Saber
Fire Fly
Fire Fly 16 timmar sedan
8.04 A worse acting than the actors in a hot video
Hey It's Zach
Hey It's Zach 16 timmar sedan
you guys are so talented
Víctor Gabriel Medina Torres
Víctor Gabriel Medina Torres 16 timmar sedan
17:07 Poor Tesla
Hey It's Zach
Hey It's Zach 16 timmar sedan
but the genji still needs healing
görkem uyanık
görkem uyanık 16 timmar sedan
Charles: Carbon fiber is the best, let's not use it.