Lil Tjay - 20/20 (Official Video)
Lil Tjay - 20/20 (Official Audio)
Lil Tjay - Go In (Lyric Video)
Marcus Ratterree
Marcus Ratterree Timme sedan
Whover dislikes this song SHAME
Tsunami Alsa
Tsunami Alsa Timme sedan
Zen idk
Zen idk Timme sedan
this song in my opinion is kinda mid i like his other songs more
Denzeal torto
Denzeal torto Timme sedan
Rocco Schulman
Rocco Schulman Timme sedan
Love this song so much
Alasana Darboe
Alasana Darboe Timme sedan
This is diff
francisco joao ribeiro
francisco joao ribeiro Timme sedan
Nobody realized that the instrumental to this song "Wet Bed Gang - Não Sinto" ????????????????????
Alasana Darboe
Alasana Darboe 2 timmar sedan
Lil Tijay is diff
Alasana Darboe
Alasana Darboe 2 timmar sedan
So talented
karter mcelfresh
karter mcelfresh 2 timmar sedan
everyone in 2020 If YoU dOnT cOmE fRoM TiK tOk cAn LiKe ThiS sOnG
Tyler Bartley
Tyler Bartley 2 timmar sedan
Almost cried
Tyler Bartley
Tyler Bartley 2 timmar sedan
Best song
Samantha Fisher
Samantha Fisher 2 timmar sedan
Like if lil tjay is better than snitch9ine
Courtney Blackham
Courtney Blackham 2 timmar sedan
He is 🔥
Galen Kowalski
Galen Kowalski 2 timmar sedan
I stg he only dropps heat!!!
reject_1975 2 timmar sedan
gd merda boy
Info Makassar dan sekitarnya
Info Makassar dan sekitarnya 2 timmar sedan
zeniic 2 timmar sedan
missing my dog lexi the songs just makes me think of her and our memories. this year has been the worst
DeathSlayer30 2 timmar sedan
Im just getting some juurly
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson 2 timmar sedan
sohut out to lil tjay&polo g the greates rapper
Ber KeR
Ber KeR 2 timmar sedan
Stop lil tjay is mine These girl are always by lil tjay ughhh lol
BB_ Kilo_Yt
BB_ Kilo_Yt 2 timmar sedan
This song makes everyone remember the times they let there queen go
Aidrr 3 timmar sedan
Who in the world would leave a dislike? Not me
TTV subreme
TTV subreme 3 timmar sedan
so lit
Jack Attack
Jack Attack 3 timmar sedan
grrrt bow imma skip town
Ryan the 2nd ghost
Ryan the 2nd ghost 3 timmar sedan
0:57 this verse hit different
TR NIFE 3 timmar sedan
who is reading this before decemeber and before he dies claim ur ticket
Lena Vera
Lena Vera 3 timmar sedan LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE ‼️
Kailani Moten
Kailani Moten 3 timmar sedan
i like it but if feel like he got nigga thats gone ride or die for him
Barbara Savič
Barbara Savič 3 timmar sedan
zan 3 timmar sedan
CluB MTA 3 timmar sedan
Savannah Ziolkowski
Savannah Ziolkowski 3 timmar sedan
hi @austin
austin callaway
austin callaway 3 timmar sedan
austin callaway
austin callaway 2 timmar sedan
@Savannah Ziolkowski HI MOMMY PIG
Savannah Ziolkowski
Savannah Ziolkowski 3 timmar sedan
hi bby
Lil Climb
Lil Climb 3 timmar sedan
Dude the ads on SVfrom went to far Jeep has never seen such bullshit before
Roxy Douglas
Roxy Douglas 3 timmar sedan
Can someone of color tell me if its okay to lip sing that word but not say it? I try to not even lip sing it but it's hard cuz hes so fast!
Jessica Pedrosa
Jessica Pedrosa 3 timmar sedan
Dude, esse som é do Wet Bed Gang ou sou eu que estou a sonhar?
Mikyah Snowden
Mikyah Snowden 3 timmar sedan
Vibes big mood 🌦🌦🌦🌦🌦✅✅✅
B1G%C0mP 3 timmar sedan
This is the best tapper i’ve seen . Smoke, drug,or swear or sumthing
M R 3 timmar sedan
I fucked to this song probs to lil tjay
Johanna Broward
Johanna Broward 3 timmar sedan
Dam son this is 🔥 bro da fuck rip the guy he killed like he a killer Lil tjay I use you name on among us becuse every one likes yo name bro keep it up bro remember black lives matter
Hara-KiriFSUK 4 timmar sedan
Adam Nastevski
Adam Nastevski 4 timmar sedan
Who is listening to this after Biden was elected
Giovanni Acteopan
Giovanni Acteopan 4 timmar sedan
yoooo we playing call of duty whit lil Tjay
Basti Gaming
Basti Gaming 4 timmar sedan
editztentacion 4 timmar sedan
Ray Hill
Ray Hill 4 timmar sedan
i pay you for a featoring
michael 4 timmar sedan
i used to have tjay at my top 5 rappers of this generation, but the fact he hangin' out with jake paul, and didn't even support a basketball legend during the fight really changed how I see him, but there is a chance jake is actually a good person off camera.
pakyx 4 timmar sedan
OmgitsChrxsgotDripp 4 timmar sedan
no homo but his voice is beautiful and it makes me wanna cry. KEEP GRINDING TJAY!!!
SxpremeTrust 5 timmar sedan
Guys wat do I do. So yesterday my mom got angry I got a C and a B. I had those grades because I had incomplete work but those grades are good. She got rlly mad. I started panicking. But I didn't know wat was gonna come next. So after that my mom threw me on the floor off my chair. Then my dad and her started kicking me and punching me. After that they chased me around the house. I injured my leg a little but idk wat to do. Should I call the police, run away, move out, wat should i do. I need help.
Kyd Flame
Kyd Flame 5 timmar sedan
Let the top down and ride vibes 🕊🔥
samjtk 5 timmar sedan
What a good song and video
modified drift squad fan
modified drift squad fan 5 timmar sedan
modified drift squad fan
modified drift squad fan 5 timmar sedan
Don't make me move on
TSP-Mo 5 timmar sedan
Ass song
dona nan
dona nan 5 timmar sedan
all i heard is NIGGA
king jay
king jay 5 timmar sedan
2:27 is my favorite part in this song
Stephen Honore
Stephen Honore 6 timmar sedan
Yow, i got this on repeat. Felt the #Realness in it bro 💯🙏💪🔥
Nix 6 timmar sedan
HXK Karim
HXK Karim 6 timmar sedan
I cant stop coming back to this song
Dorcas Banza
Dorcas Banza 6 timmar sedan
Lil tjays songs always hitting different :
_.zisoss._ 6 timmar sedan
2:58 i dont understand who was in the car
nevaehhh.x 6 timmar sedan
Its_Alter Artoria
Its_Alter Artoria 6 timmar sedan
Ay I don't need my single ass feeling even more lonelier than this already Lil tjay:
Rhino Rhino
Rhino Rhino 7 timmar sedan
Best song fuck yeah
Dennison Reyes
Dennison Reyes 7 timmar sedan
The goat🙇🏽‍♂️❗️
Hugo Tarberg Sanchez
Hugo Tarberg Sanchez 7 timmar sedan
hes better without autotune!🔥🔥🔥
tknguyen 8 timmar sedan
he looks like fik shun
Alison Franklin
Alison Franklin 8 timmar sedan
Kaiyeed Aguilar
Kaiyeed Aguilar 8 timmar sedan
Zombies in space land vibes
Dienrr 9 timmar sedan
0.38 soooooo fireeee
josh russell
josh russell 9 timmar sedan
tjay really goated in 2020
Cameron Phillips
Cameron Phillips 9 timmar sedan
You have to REALLY on everything.. understand this song.
Ra Tha
Ra Tha 10 timmar sedan
Ra Tha
Ra Tha 10 timmar sedan
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.
Y Zwebe
Y Zwebe 10 timmar sedan
This is Nice poekoe my friend🔥🔥🔥
elissa mount
elissa mount 11 timmar sedan
why the youngest rappers like NLE,LILTJAY,and LILTECCA have crazy views
Jacob Rocha
Jacob Rocha 11 timmar sedan
This song brings back fun ass memories
Keymero Dash
Keymero Dash 11 timmar sedan
The fact that this is A Boogie instrumental from His song “ Only Time Will Tell”. Lil TJay and J Prince stay tryna jocc Artist flow 🙄🙄🙄
AceDawg32 11 timmar sedan
If only i had the one that was loyal pretty and cared still if i didn't or did have money, no matter what all i need is that special type of girl.