Arda Tahmaz
Arda Tahmaz 17 timmar sedan
OMG Rick is Planetsexual
AllTheOthers 17 timmar sedan
I'm schizo, glad I'm not this kind of schizo.
Lachlan Cinanni
Lachlan Cinanni 17 timmar sedan
Lol everyones talking about suicide squad and poor bizzaro too bad he says everything opposite
Create More Ash vs Evil Dead stuff NOW!
Create More Ash vs Evil Dead stuff NOW! 17 timmar sedan
Not into it at all. I like traditional Rick & Morty,
AllTheOthers 17 timmar sedan
This is fuckin sweet
Nobody000 17 timmar sedan
The universal translator is a thing out there, essentially all languages can be decoded yes even cross species because we communicate through waves yes waves literally, wave patterns can be rearranged into a frequency we can intercept. Sound waves unless a species communicates through other mediums. But that leaves heavy processing
Moonlight Boy
Moonlight Boy 17 timmar sedan
I'm soo excited for this
Nana Ohemeng
Nana Ohemeng 17 timmar sedan
Make this into a game or else....... Please 🥺
princess μia
princess μia 17 timmar sedan
Lol why she look at him like she like him or sum??
D F 17 timmar sedan
It's coming out on my birthday, and I'm fucking stoked
princess μia
princess μia 17 timmar sedan
Waiiit was that mac demarco ???
AllTheOthers 17 timmar sedan
I really hope nobody had to suffer a full hour of this really bad song and crappy singing on adult swim.. This is kinda bad.
Gamer 441
Gamer 441 17 timmar sedan
AllTheOthers 17 timmar sedan
I've met a lot of girls that have tried to get with me and my friends but decided it would be a great idea to continue being sexually active which obviously made a big impact on if they were going to not only be together but continue to be friends anymore. Kinda sucks but at least none of us have been ignorant enough to get with them without knowing they were that kind of person.
Sarah Harken
Sarah Harken 17 timmar sedan
I keep coming back for the grandfather's song lol it's so catchy, stuck in my head
A Wilde
A Wilde 18 timmar sedan
Legit need this game
Swagger BOB LEE
Swagger BOB LEE 18 timmar sedan
I want this game!!!
Starcloak Starside
Starcloak Starside 18 timmar sedan
Uncertain. Why does Ash have 2 eyes now?
Finnius Minitus
Finnius Minitus 18 timmar sedan
the writer for this skit deserves an award🤣
Jeremy Hurtado
Jeremy Hurtado 18 timmar sedan
Anybody else find this creepy
Doctordice2 Doctordice2
Doctordice2 Doctordice2 18 timmar sedan
What I’m getting from this: if i say i “dont see race” and see people of color as their own individuals I’m a part of the problem
Mitsuba Sousuke
Mitsuba Sousuke 18 timmar sedan
The songs tho
asdfghj sdfgg
asdfghj sdfgg 18 timmar sedan
"Damn this guy just wrote off his mistress as a tax dependent" this killed me
Tokyo Damage Report
Tokyo Damage Report 18 timmar sedan
I'm actually surprised at how little we die from the shit we do. Do you know what I've done on rollerblades? Looking back on it I'd have thrown my ass in jail. Just saying.
kijs 18 timmar sedan
Absolutely surreal
Sinister Santos
Sinister Santos 18 timmar sedan
.... Oreo
Jelmarcio S.B
Jelmarcio S.B 18 timmar sedan
He barely can tell the difference between allucination and reality at the time
Imaginative Monkey
Imaginative Monkey 18 timmar sedan
I saw Summer's shit in a shit museum in New York.
Broken Soul
Broken Soul 18 timmar sedan
I have been a big fan since season 1 and i appreciate all the work put into it. It already looked amazing but for some reason it only gets better and better. Keep the good work up, Adult Swim!
Frank Lee
Frank Lee 18 timmar sedan
Better animations than 90%+ of games out there
Oh K
Oh K 19 timmar sedan
This is what adult swim should be mind bending
shut up
shut up 19 timmar sedan
Rtj rhe goat
kek 19 timmar sedan
When he used his penis to hold a steady note😂😂😂😂😁👌👌👌👌
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson 19 timmar sedan
Whats the background music track name???
Brandon Moreno
Brandon Moreno 19 timmar sedan
Jazz song?
Arture n
Arture n 19 timmar sedan
Jerry is a really small jerk this dumb destroy it
Puffthecarrier1 19 timmar sedan
"MOMS NOOOO!" *stressfully plays guitar*
Tank Vincent
Tank Vincent 19 timmar sedan
As dumb as the show was, Pauly seems like a genuine dude
Bri'Ayanna Turner
Bri'Ayanna Turner 19 timmar sedan
Shout out to him, because I CANNOT read drunk
A T 19 timmar sedan
I love how when she said she was a germaphobe a flock of Jews came to initiate her into to Judaism
Sik _
Sik _ 19 timmar sedan
Love how alch is just there lol
Kamikaze Klansmen
Kamikaze Klansmen 19 timmar sedan
I died when he unplugged the cord.
Robert Vazquez
Robert Vazquez 19 timmar sedan
Orli kinn
Orli kinn 19 timmar sedan
Есть кто смотрит триллер?
Chris Cox
Chris Cox 19 timmar sedan
Greg: “Warner Brothers..” Tim: “Uh.... Looney Tunes.”
New Zealand
New Zealand 19 timmar sedan
David Bowieeee
Drew Jensen
Drew Jensen 19 timmar sedan
"I had to go to the bathroom at both ends" all of us who have found the joys of alcohol also feel you, Steve.
Drew Jensen
Drew Jensen 20 timmar sedan
I like how Steve breaks, in order to dry and make Steve Drangus break. Top of the line character reading (make the tough guy smile) shit.
Nolan Willett
Nolan Willett 20 timmar sedan
it takes skill to look this genuinely unwell
Evan Faust
Evan Faust 20 timmar sedan
I am referring to Democrats as “lib cucks” from now on 🤣🤣🤣🤣
that guy
that guy 20 timmar sedan
SplimboPuddleGod 20 timmar sedan
Reminds me of when MTV actually focused on music videos.
redanimatez 20 timmar sedan
Hi opal
Mr.Donut683 20 timmar sedan
One Rick is actually being nice? Also is there gonna be more updates for the vr game?
Berenstein Bear
Berenstein Bear 20 timmar sedan
1:01 pipeline hacker
Sheth Sez; Mr. Maestros Music & Muses
Sheth Sez; Mr. Maestros Music & Muses 20 timmar sedan
If u read this as Donna losing her mind & the crazy shit she does in the house as taking place after crawling home, + her calling her own name on the phone as stuck in her own head.. Did this bitch take Claridryl, go crazy & kill her kids?
Артем Иванов
Артем Иванов 20 timmar sedan
1:23 "Well, It wasn't actually the N word, but still, Roger shouldn't had said that"
Max Luke
Max Luke 20 timmar sedan
What the hell is a plumbus anyways? Is it some kinky sextoy ailens use?
Sicc 20 timmar sedan
Ayyy it’s Jimmy Wu
Monkey 20 timmar sedan
i thought it was going to get all DOOM -y at then end since they released at the same time
MrMatt474 20 timmar sedan
“CHECK ME OUT NOW, MOTHER******S!!!” That really made me laugh!!!
MultiCommissar 20 timmar sedan
Fuck this, Imma go watch me some Space Ghost.
zach desfeux
zach desfeux 20 timmar sedan
Seth Zambrano
Seth Zambrano 20 timmar sedan
what are chips?
Seth Zambrano
Seth Zambrano 20 timmar sedan
can’t stop won’t stop watching it
Seth Zambrano
Seth Zambrano 20 timmar sedan
fuck miss bush leer my econ teacher shi t
Seth Zambrano
Seth Zambrano 20 timmar sedan
this video is made for people who are high and lmk tell you
Seth Zambrano
Seth Zambrano 20 timmar sedan
i took one with my sister and i can barely remember the shit he did
Seth Zambrano
Seth Zambrano 20 timmar sedan
tell mom you forgot how to sleep hmm
milkman's wife
milkman's wife 20 timmar sedan
so many handsome young men in this, right up my alley, mmmmhmm
SkAR *-*
SkAR *-* 20 timmar sedan
Well that wasn’t fucking creepy
Its Amx
Its Amx 21 timme sedan
his head is the yogurt cup, the old lady is the milk and she disappeared because she expired, the artisanal guy is the bag of bread, the grocery worker is the roll of paper towels, the schedule guy is the bowl of oatmeal, the energetic lady’s head is the shape of a mug, and for the cheese i’m not so sure but if anyone knows pls inform me
brady vian
brady vian 21 timme sedan
It's the crazy 88 ricks
bryce251 21 timme sedan
It's so much funnier without the bleeps lol.
ͧ ᷠ ᷜ ᷠ ͦ ᷱ ᷠ ᷮ ͤ ͬ ᷤ ͦ ᷠ
ͧ ᷠ ᷜ ᷠ ͦ ᷱ ᷠ ᷮ ͤ ͬ ᷤ ͦ ᷠ 21 timme sedan
How did the snake bite mortys leg?
moiiimerde _
moiiimerde _ 21 timme sedan
logan 21 timme sedan
from 0:00-1:20 there were 11 of them in total and then when they replaced the table with the round one it became 8 total meaning they lost 3 knights in the process
Karwew 21 timme sedan
Cool bear
SoulReaver267 21 timme sedan
"Yo Mama so ugly Vader saw her and said 'you need this mask more than I do.'"
James Proffitt
James Proffitt 21 timme sedan
Eli Guerra
Eli Guerra 21 timme sedan
This guys so coked out
Gianni Giampolo
Gianni Giampolo 21 timme sedan
We wouldn't miss this for anything! You said it Mr. Cel-ree.
milkgod 21 timme sedan
Rick actually brought the alien
musk ratt
musk ratt 21 timme sedan
neat how the coffee lady's head looks like a cup of coffee