DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)
Xavier España
Xavier España 18 timmar sedan
Would this pass a smog test?
w 18 timmar sedan
Piston return springs just destroy the motor
Joseph Praveen G
Joseph Praveen G 18 timmar sedan
GhostOfMars375 18 timmar sedan
Honestly surprised you haven't gotten sponsored by McGuire's yet.
277 353
277 353 18 timmar sedan
11:32 A golf 4 karawan “or how it’s written “ it’s like the Maserati you have a lot of space
Kim Kim
Kim Kim 18 timmar sedan
Chris is rich as fak
stats 18 timmar sedan
how long do wraps last??
R S 18 timmar sedan
Great channel great content
Alex Bisnath
Alex Bisnath 19 timmar sedan
Blow up a car then fix it
Tom Rylatt
Tom Rylatt 19 timmar sedan
That’s so good well done!
jeffrey barry
jeffrey barry 19 timmar sedan
Alright . . . just like getting kicked in the face by Morten Andersen
Julio Jones
Julio Jones 19 timmar sedan
Wooder Lol
mitkozz95 19 timmar sedan
If u give me all the things that u use i do as well hahaha
CineplexOFFICIALTECHNO 19 timmar sedan
If you clean your vehicle it shows that you love it and it gets better gas mileage lol
slabbinonspokez z
slabbinonspokez z 19 timmar sedan
Mane i died in this mf hearing you describe how dirty the car was 😆
Oscar carvalho
Oscar carvalho 19 timmar sedan
A lobster said, hey bro, over here!
Olga Huczik
Olga Huczik 19 timmar sedan
16:30 cute
277 353
277 353 19 timmar sedan
I can Literally swear to god that he started drifting on a game in his phone
Emre67511 19 timmar sedan
6:31 is this a good idea ? Wouldn't there already be a bump stop on the coilover if it would be necessary ?
Steve Avant
Steve Avant 19 timmar sedan
What about perforated (cooled) leather seats? What’s the best way to clean those?
Gerry Ottersten
Gerry Ottersten 19 timmar sedan
2016 ford Mustang convertible with 1000 horsepower.
Son Ngoc Pham Tu
Son Ngoc Pham Tu 19 timmar sedan
Just need some help mate. If I want to change transmission fluid on my Corolla 2012. Do I need change the filter and the gasket as well? Toyota obviously said the fluid is lifetime! Also, from what you said in what case you actually flush the pump in new fluid, making it 100% new. Most of the case gonna be changing the fluid like you said, partially 40-50%
Son Ngoc Pham Tu
Son Ngoc Pham Tu 19 timmar sedan
@ChrisFix thank you so much for your reply Chris. It does have the drain plug:) But I think it has the filter as well. So even with the change, we have to replace the filter and gasket as well. The idea is pretty much like oil change (noted: with transmission fluid - only less than half of the proportion is changed )
ChrisFix 19 timmar sedan
If it has a drain plug you can just drain the fluid, if it doesn’t then you’ll have to remove the pan, and replacing the filter and gasket should be done anyway! And you are correct, I think the number is lower (something like 30-45%) of the fluid that gets changed when you do a change vs flush!
The Gameboy
The Gameboy 19 timmar sedan
Hey, so i dont know if this has been asked already, but how do you keep your gloves clea, do you wash the same ones, or do you take old dirty ones off and just put new ones on?
ChrisFix 19 timmar sedan
I just put new ones on, makes clean up nice and easy!
Paul Mcgee
Paul Mcgee 19 timmar sedan
I just want to comment on the dupli-color touch-up pens used in the video. While they feature a very clever design, you probably can’t find one in your exact color. The company website does not sell directly, and the pens appear to be available in only a half-dozen colors, at least that is the case at my local auto parts store. That said, the color used in this video was close enough to do a good repair. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Not criticizing Chris, I’m a subscriber and a big fan.
ChrisFix 19 timmar sedan
Definitely a good idea to shop around and make sure you get the right color! Thanks a lot!
Brian & Mimi Villa
Brian & Mimi Villa 19 timmar sedan
Why is that logo of your truck is a mazda from tokyo drift Japanese????????!!!!!…
ChrisFix 19 timmar sedan
Mazda had a line of rebadged Ford Rangers for a while, and I got one!
FAD OFFICIAL MUSIC 20 timmar sedan
My dream car is obviously a Nissan 370z nismo!!😀
Erik Jonsson
Erik Jonsson 20 timmar sedan
thnk you, it was just my battery, my dad said my starter solonoid was bad but i insisted it was the battery so we replaced the battery and it started right up! the starter was clicking btw
ChrisFix 19 timmar sedan
I’m glad it ended up being just the battery and it fired right up!
Boneless Whiskey
Boneless Whiskey 20 timmar sedan
Anyone else enjoy binge rewatching Chris' channel? Tbh its good ive been doing so. Need to know this kinda stuff for when i sink my bank account into my truck.
Jim Tom Stimpson
Jim Tom Stimpson 20 timmar sedan
That is amazing! You are very good at instructional video!
ChrisFix 19 timmar sedan
Thanks a lot!
Emelyn Salinas
Emelyn Salinas 20 timmar sedan
Work hard. Like chris fix says on her videos. Take time. Because perfect whats keeps your car or somebody car looking good like the trailblazer. The paint is a mess and just 3 simple step and the paint looks goid again. So just believe your self and what ever your dreaming is going to come true.
ChrisFix 19 timmar sedan
Varad Vithal Kj
Varad Vithal Kj 20 timmar sedan
hope to buy my mom a mini cooper one day(her fav)....all thanks to the italian job
Mudnut59 20 timmar sedan
Great Idea, Love it!
ChrisFix 19 timmar sedan
It works really well!
LDBEATZ 20 timmar sedan
Your a next guy g c’mon ...I rate this video 10/10 and you ain’t even clean the car yet!
26Caleb Brown
26Caleb Brown 21 timme sedan
Attention all men, look to the right at 3:02
Racer RR
Racer RR 21 timme sedan
alazanjoe 21 timme sedan
Congrats...!!! You've earned it. Thank you for your videos, I've watched many... Signed... Small Shop That Never Stops Learning
Dziki Zwież
Dziki Zwież 21 timme sedan
what if i have stickers on the car. can i do everything as you show?
JayJ_Playz 21 timme sedan
Random car: *gets throw of cliff* Seller: "it just needs a fuel pump"
Audie 21 timme sedan
What happened to driftstang?
Kingcbra Gaming
Kingcbra Gaming 21 timme sedan
0:00 my 4 fravrout words
Kingcbra Gaming
Kingcbra Gaming 21 timme sedan
my dream car is a porch Cayman
Michael McCloskey
Michael McCloskey 21 timme sedan
You should have done the valve stem method with a bike pump. I have a bicycle pump that goes up to 140psi and I think it might work, albeit a bit difficult to coordinate.
Ron Gray
Ron Gray 21 timme sedan
Very Nice. Your Mom asked” where are the key’s???.😄👻🤣
Marcus Holmes
Marcus Holmes 21 timme sedan
great stuff
Ron Gray
Ron Gray 22 timmar sedan
We know Gas Now!👻👻👻
Tarik Kunovac
Tarik Kunovac 22 timmar sedan
Thanks this helped alot.
Guala Pianto
Guala Pianto 22 timmar sedan
Mines is way worse, mines can’t even make any noises like wtf
J H 22 timmar sedan
I just want you to know that I appreciate all the hard work you do that goes into these videos, they really help when ever I need to know how to do a specific task on my car. Thank you!
hot anime chick
hot anime chick 22 timmar sedan
bro i thought the microphone cover was his hair and he is now a kyle
Ali Mahdi
Ali Mahdi 22 timmar sedan
Toyota land cruiser
Ilija horrible
Ilija horrible 22 timmar sedan
I love American suv. GMC looks great. How i wish to buy in United States,and imported to Serbia. But it would certainly be very expensive to send by boat
albert sparks
albert sparks 22 timmar sedan
In most modern cars, it’s the crankshaft sensor messing around.
San Yun
San Yun 22 timmar sedan
10:35 chris the rapper
daratailas 22 timmar sedan
im just to use a CD to skrape an ice from the windows :D
Ron Gray
Ron Gray 22 timmar sedan
Nice Hummer.✌🏾
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Hamed Naimyar 22 timmar sedan
More drift vids!!!!!!!!!
BananenshakeYT 22 timmar sedan
What car is the drift stang product
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A. Aziz 22 timmar sedan
Jaguars are unreliable.
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luke Brown 22 timmar sedan
Wrap it in henti 💯
Mazda mx 5 NA
Mazda mx 5 NA 22 timmar sedan
I don t even have a car but i m still watching chris
Claus B.
Claus B. 22 timmar sedan
Do not forget the blinker fluid!!
Ron Gray
Ron Gray 22 timmar sedan
Yeaaaaaaaaaa you good mannnnn!😄👻✌🏾
Pritpaul Dhesi
Pritpaul Dhesi 23 timmar sedan
You can prime the fuel pump by clicking the start button without your foot on the brake that’s basically the run position
zibo0123 23 timmar sedan
Hm...I wonder if in Chrysler Voyager 2004 can I also increase the steering angle like this. 🤣
rani malik
rani malik 23 timmar sedan
i love it
Johnathan Dietz
Johnathan Dietz 23 timmar sedan
How important is it that the alcohol is 99%? Would 70% be okay?
Ron Gray
Ron Gray 23 timmar sedan
$5000.00 for it Now! Nice Job.😄👻✌🏾
Karen Sigawal
Karen Sigawal 23 timmar sedan
You can use my.mudah is for cars also
mcbrpsr 23 timmar sedan
hmmm i guess my dream car would be a safe car wich is a mercedes s class
aj cloud
aj cloud 23 timmar sedan
The abashed sugar mainly request because granddaughter covalently bomb excluding a aspiring crow. rampant, determined grandfather
JBD clips
JBD clips 23 timmar sedan
18:53 now thats the best drift i seen him do
Jafferyjaffery Jaffery
Jafferyjaffery Jaffery 23 timmar sedan
Any thing to repair dashboard cracks ?
MANSQUITO 23 timmar sedan
Damn it's been a few years since i did it but MY car sure didn't drive like a brand new car after i installed all new suspension, and brake parts And i upgraded EVERYTHING man I remember i was super excited to do it too, but then was pretty surprised, and bummed out after i drove it with all the new stuff I mean i think i spent like around 4k for all the new parts, and it didn't even really make that much difference to how it handled I was almost expecting like a life changing feeling after spending all that money lol Idk maybe because it was a huge V8 sedan
Ron Gray
Ron Gray 23 timmar sedan
ChrisFix!!!! Where do one find the Brains to fix these Project cars like you got??? You got know how!!!!😄🤣😄
Benk Willem Kruise
Benk Willem Kruise 23 timmar sedan
drekcar 350z plies
Sinan Yzclr
Sinan Yzclr 23 timmar sedan
Don't forget to clean door window frames for avoid dirty windows again.
Ron Gray
Ron Gray 23 timmar sedan
It would had been over $2000.00 if they Fixed it!😈
Elijah Mounts
Elijah Mounts 23 timmar sedan
No one will probably see this but I was just wondering if you can mix gas like if I had half a tank of 87 could I put a half tank 91
tara tellefsen
tara tellefsen 23 timmar sedan
My dream car is a ferrari 488 spider
Republican Liberal
Republican Liberal 23 timmar sedan
Let’s all take a moment to notice how much he appreciates his fans he’s still answering comments! Keep up the good work Chris.👏