WorstPrezz 20 timmar sedan
1:16 proof she beat Johnny
Erica Wilson
Erica Wilson 20 timmar sedan
i just kinda hate myself to much
Andrea Lassota
Andrea Lassota 20 timmar sedan
Anganette family might poor but, they’re actually has pure heart and honest people.
Aneesa Syed
Aneesa Syed 20 timmar sedan
haha i'm just focused on the fact that I JUST saw bryce dallas howard behind the woman.
Maria Valery
Maria Valery 20 timmar sedan
Summit shoul forget about Jenny she is disgusting and make me sick
Fan 20 timmar sedan
I see Fake ppl
I see Fake ppl 20 timmar sedan
Covid is as real as Santa 🎅 (bunch of 🐑)
Eira Alvarado
Eira Alvarado 20 timmar sedan
I don't like how Jenny is sitting on that sofa, with a fan in her hands, her legs.... I think it's a bit disrespectful. Doesn't she get it?
Reza Iaam
Reza Iaam 20 timmar sedan
Brittany’s big butty is a very rare thing in the Middle East
Reza Iaam
Reza Iaam 20 timmar sedan
Brittany’s big butty is a very rare thing in the Middle East
More Love
More Love 20 timmar sedan
im in love.
Full Nejwa
Full Nejwa 20 timmar sedan
C'mon people they are happy! The mother who chose the name , she doesn't give a fuck about your comments ! So care on your business and once you had baby name him even poo and nobody will ever care
jinminkook 20 timmar sedan
EVERY REPUTABLE DOCTOR HAS SAID LOCKDOWNS DONT WORK. Quit being sheep and wake up to what’s actually going on around us. There’s so much evidence to still be sheep
Samuel Pierce
Samuel Pierce 20 timmar sedan
Poppy Rob
Poppy Rob 20 timmar sedan
Emotional HATYACHAR thats bad man Sumit
Intan Norhafizah
Intan Norhafizah 20 timmar sedan
Billie Eilish deserve that 🙌🏻 she is my girlll
Dislike 20 timmar sedan
That’s a guy in a wig with makeup on he’s not a girl
Dalia Flower
Dalia Flower 20 timmar sedan
I just love her hair omg 😲
Reza Iaam
Reza Iaam 20 timmar sedan
It’s no tactic Some cultures actually care enough to not take any Chance when it comes to family members well being
Susan 20 timmar sedan
Oh Chantel!🤣🤣🤣
Claire Corinthos
Claire Corinthos 20 timmar sedan
The parents are manipulative! You already forced him to marry someone and he was very unhappy! Let him be with her, that is what he wants. Gosh...
Psychic Carline V
Psychic Carline V 20 timmar sedan
Jenny is a liar
Manaia RATAHI 20 timmar sedan
lex brown
lex brown 20 timmar sedan
First of all she is 16 which means shes still a child yall on her name like you never did something before am sure some of those same persons said things way worst its just that they weren't caught on camera and i honesty dont see the big deal with what she said
Tade Olabisi
Tade Olabisi 20 timmar sedan
Y’all but what doesn’t make sense is that a whole device built for one purpose which is for security camera footage and an iPhone built to call and play games has better quality they might as well just replace the security camera with an iPhone 🙄
Dave k
Dave k 20 timmar sedan
The new show is garbage and too in your face with everything
kkajj5 20 timmar sedan
A waste of time, haven't watched in years.
vanessa rodriguez
vanessa rodriguez 20 timmar sedan
Title should have been Pedro gets offended
phire blu
phire blu 20 timmar sedan
In the after life, it'll be opposite. Unless you change teams spiritually.
Nika Dubeňová
Nika Dubeňová 20 timmar sedan
Sandra Calleja
Sandra Calleja 20 timmar sedan
So Beautiful there deserve happiness there are 2 beautiful couples
Emily Greene
Emily Greene 20 timmar sedan
Poor woman.. if only she was able to let God help her, but she clearly didn’t and made a selfish fatal decision. I say this as someone who made the same choice as she but I didn’t succeed, because of God’s mercy only. Suicide/self murder is not the answer.
Rhythm Negi
Rhythm Negi 20 timmar sedan
Then start respecting people. Simple.
Saron ayeleng Selam
Saron ayeleng Selam 20 timmar sedan
Bini ❤️
Tyre Smith
Tyre Smith 20 timmar sedan
You see how Summit’s mom smiled after he said he wouldn’t do it. Manipulative asf.
seygra20 20 timmar sedan
I do not like that wallpaper behind the host.
Logan Simunic
Logan Simunic 20 timmar sedan
My respect for him 📈📈📈
Yikes 20 timmar sedan
Pedro is something else Dominican republic does have houses like that even in my neighborhood
Isi 20 timmar sedan
LMAO at Sumit daydreaming during the argument
Kiah 20 timmar sedan
My Gemini queen, I love her so much. I just want to talk to her
James the Fisherman
James the Fisherman 20 timmar sedan
I used to support Trump too and quit supporting him this year, but I still support Pence. I don’t support Biden or Harris either. Pence should run in 2024 and choose Kanye as his VP.
Dinorah Avendano
Dinorah Avendano 20 timmar sedan
Is it just me- but if Ben doesn't win with Taysha...could he please be the next Bachelor?!?!?!
Isi 21 timme sedan
I peeped that smirk honey.
Sal Sal
Sal Sal 21 timme sedan
Your right copy cut
Maureen Navarrete
Maureen Navarrete 21 timme sedan
When will these people learn more about these cultures before jumping into relationships🙄
snehasapphire88 20 timmar sedan
Culture has nothing to do with it. All culture will not tolerate their young son marrying granny older than their mom
P Real
P Real 21 timme sedan
Sorry not sorry
Jaime G
Jaime G 21 timme sedan
What does an apology do after the fact?
Poppy Rob
Poppy Rob 21 timme sedan
Pedro felt offended by Chantel when she said reminds me off Pedro's grandma's house ha ha 🤣🤣 Pedro
الحقيقة تفوز
الحقيقة تفوز 21 timme sedan
Sumits Mum is a typical person from their culture in general sadly as I have the same in my culture. Many mums in my culture are narcissistic borderline personality disorder to look good to all society not for the sake of the family members. You marry a stranger with money or nothing in my culture as well.
Milan Carter
Milan Carter 21 timme sedan
Meanwhile Jeannie sitting there just chilling with her legs up😁🧘‍♀️ "you taking the revenge of your daughter to my son?"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I am finished
Isi 21 timme sedan
She have no behavior. No manners with her legs up.
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown 21 timme sedan
0:14 chat-elegant-girls.online
Cardo 21 timme sedan
That’s a guy🤣🤣🤣
truth teller
truth teller 21 timme sedan
If i was jenni i would've handed his mom a blade n say do it please n ty.
Claire Corinthos
Claire Corinthos 20 timmar sedan
Jsbdc Hxdhss
Jsbdc Hxdhss 21 timme sedan
Pedro grand mom house was more cleaner end Bette r so Chantal stop confusion lol
Алиса Байрева
Алиса Байрева 21 timme sedan
Why would giving gifts be seen as rude? We Eastern Europeans always prepare gifts for family and friends wherever we go. It would be really not cool if they went there without any gifts.
Simply C
Simply C 21 timme sedan
That is nice of Mama Shantel Giving Gift 🎁 💝💝💝
ExtendedJr 21 timme sedan
boys when they get 2 followers: *dying from success* girls:
Melanie Hawkins
Melanie Hawkins 21 timme sedan
I can tell the difference between the fake ariana grande then the real ariana grande they look completely different to me
Sofia Perez
Sofia Perez 21 timme sedan
This is tooo good bwahahah
Milan Carter
Milan Carter 20 timmar sedan
Dania_Fatima 21 timme sedan
It's just culture. His parents are just trying to not bring a bad name for their family
Deadly Queen
Deadly Queen 21 timme sedan
Sadie Adler
Sadie Adler 21 timme sedan
Kim Kardashian "MY EARRINGS!!" Charli D'Amelio "Do you dino nuggets?"
Anna Marie
Anna Marie 21 timme sedan
"The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave " look up the free PDF online !
grace A.
grace A. 21 timme sedan
Just the smile they had when he said that . It’s sad
Christian Brown
Christian Brown 21 timme sedan
So nice what she did ! Well done Karen!💓
Beeba 21 timme sedan
i like him so much that i dont want him to be on the show again i dont wanna see a fall from grace like what happened to be bachelor favs .
Nicole Sibley
Nicole Sibley 21 timme sedan
why y'all getting pressed, we all know that we have all seen friends and family during covid, so y'all need stop being hypocrites.
Ashlee Abraham
Ashlee Abraham 21 timme sedan
This made me so happy! I wish Hollywood execs would take the time to realize their impact on not just black culture but on culture in general.
Sabrina M
Sabrina M 21 timme sedan
Love girlfriends!! Maya was and still is my favourite character!! I wish William all the best 😚 stay blessed & beautiful 💜
Denise Morant
Denise Morant 21 timme sedan
Sumit has to grow a pair and stop being a momma's boy.
Mikael Bernat
Mikael Bernat 21 timme sedan
James HIMSELF said it was a joke. He admitted he hated it when people quote this as he did not want respect by the expense of his friend. His comment did not m an Charli was ungrateful. It's just a joke. So why don't u stop being stupid and thinking like james appreciate u doing this and dixie even said she would never do that it was a prank they did on her i cant belive haters would do anything too hate on her
Mihr mihr
Mihr mihr 21 timme sedan
Her dress is so funny did she changed her dress
Audrey Elizabeth
Audrey Elizabeth 21 timme sedan
james Charles, i gained so much respect for u
Chloe Gust
Chloe Gust 21 timme sedan
0:25 I see a Labyrinth tattoo and it makes me respect Erica even more
K.O. 11:11
K.O. 11:11 21 timme sedan
It's her business what she does or does not potentially expose herself to. PERIOD. COVID respects No Color, No Status nor Crowd Size....
Tina K
Tina K 21 timme sedan
Yazaan is too much of a gentleman for Brittany Brittany is inconsiderate
Isi 21 timme sedan
Yazan is a very good guy. Brittany never deserved his love.
Marisa Hart
Marisa Hart 21 timme sedan
What Christina does is none of anyone's damn business. You're all imperfect trolls.
Tina K
Tina K 21 timme sedan
It’s not a tactic It’s in there culture my luv
Malabika Chatterjee
Malabika Chatterjee 20 timmar sedan
It’s not our culture it’s this family conservative upbringing.
Shamia Brooks
Shamia Brooks 21 timme sedan
People need to learn to mind their business. She didn’t need to apologize to anyone. I’m a fan of Cardi B it’s ok to celebrate and give thanks with family. She went through extreme measures to protect her family. Mind the business that pays you which cost nothing.
kevin weaver
kevin weaver 21 timme sedan
That’s one ugly man