[SPOILER] For Teldrassil
AWC BFA NA Finals | Full VOD
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Shadowlands Afterlives: Bastion
Sol Pd
Sol Pd 15 minuter sedan
Goddamn I miss this expansion...
Jeffrey Carter
Jeffrey Carter 33 minuter sedan
خدايش ريدين گروه سني اين بازي مگه بالاي ٤ ساله از اين طراحيا ميكنيد !؟
Jacqueline -
Jacqueline - 34 minuter sedan
I need a Suramar one T___T
black wolf
black wolf 44 minuter sedan
It's Russia?
superjamz 55 minuter sedan
That would be cool if Blizzard commissioned some more mixes for these covenents.
superjamz Timme sedan
Who else is listening to this while doing world quests in Ardenweald?
Bách Bùi Xuân
Bách Bùi Xuân Timme sedan
"I need the powers of a guardian!" one shots a dreadlord You keep telling yourself that, Khaddy-poo.
Bách Bùi Xuân
Bách Bùi Xuân Timme sedan
Gul’dan’s assassins would stand no chance against her now
Hustle bacher
Hustle bacher Timme sedan
WoW Gj blizzard =)
Ryan Calogero
Ryan Calogero 2 timmar sedan
I will lose ALL faith in this expansion being worth anything other than garbage water if they allow flying SL. "But i can do my dailies faster and get back to playing candy crush and swiping through memes on my phone!"
Vlado Z
Vlado Z 2 timmar sedan
reminds me of WoW original cinematic and that burning crusade cinematic. Still, something is missing... no juice...
SapunMan 2 timmar sedan
0:16 Painkiller flashbacks
Korial 2 timmar sedan
Please release this music as a standalone
Ragnarock619 2 timmar sedan
One of my favorite tracks from the expac so far, nice version for sure. Just hope the main melody wasn't distorted so much, kinda over the top imo.
GiantClassicOFC 2 timmar sedan
Broxigar managed to strike Sargeras, Saurfang managed to scar Sylvanas, Dranosh proudly charged Lich King, they are all brave and proud warriors who must be respected.
S 2 timmar sedan
I can't believe you did this. This is AMAZING. I want more... moooree.... MMOAAARRR! <3 <3 <3
Mkbewe 2 timmar sedan
ktoś od TVgry ?
김동녁 2 timmar sedan
2020 year , 20200000 views
Ensar 3 timmar sedan
Add a red nose to it, so that people who buy it have appropriate costume.
Samuel Pearlman
Samuel Pearlman 3 timmar sedan
Yeah, but this was post-10% nerf, and she had gear from Pandas
Pain Pills
Pain Pills 4 timmar sedan
Oh don't mind me I don't play the game I just want to know if people also have the same thing like me Can we all agree that arthas is the best character ever?even after he died he still the best one?ugh I love him
JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK??
JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK?? 4 timmar sedan
I like how almost all expansions, there will always be one race that is good at trading... Shadowlands - Cartel Ta BFA - Tortollans Legion - Wyrmtongues MoP - Grummles TBC - Ethereals
Василий Мазаев
Василий Мазаев 4 timmar sedan
Spotify version?
Dave Mustaine
Dave Mustaine 4 timmar sedan
When you finally got the Lich King's Helmet and you forgot that you can't wear it because you can only wear leather.
Nikos Ath
Nikos Ath 5 timmar sedan
Luke Weaver
Luke Weaver 5 timmar sedan
MKe more plzzzz
Rookie x
Rookie x 5 timmar sedan
imo bfa is one of the worst expansions, the amount of hype was going towards this expansion was huge. Horde vs alliance , fighting for lorderon burning teldrasill but in reality there was nothing horde vs alliance, it was all just like WoD 2.0 but which had hype, just a new zone and a new level cap.
WoW20 5 timmar sedan
Me: oh, great, a new adventure! The game: "Realm is full. Position in queue: 13736. Estimated time: 488 min."
salmarwow 5 timmar sedan
While this cinematic looks nice I'm sorry to say that I don't connect myself with this anymore. It's Classic for me.
Lusterburn 6 timmar sedan
The is the best game ever made. I was told for 15 years this game was bad and I never got to try it. Chromie sent everyone home so I could live through the adventure for my very first time and experience what my friends did, with my friends. Thank You.
joeyp978 6 timmar sedan
Heady1907 6 timmar sedan
an actual good addon :)
Kronamadness 6 timmar sedan
Pfahahahaha, they dared! I approve this, fun wink to the original and the blizzard touch is always welcome <3
G00ober 6 timmar sedan
Isnt this every school shooters origin story?
G00ober 6 timmar sedan
Its kinda dissapointing that they are putting more effort into these short vids than the game itself...
uilst sug
uilst sug 6 timmar sedan
What version of MK is this?
Revathy Revathy
Revathy Revathy 7 timmar sedan
Thamil nattu karanga like podungappa😍😍😍
Kirbymind 7 timmar sedan
May he live on in the Nexus.
Garl Vinland
Garl Vinland 8 timmar sedan
Arthas did nothing wrong!
K G 8 timmar sedan
Worst opening cinematic yet, and no interest in playing what is essentially a new setting.
Quick Action Figure
Quick Action Figure 9 timmar sedan
It seems they need new players. Many Dinosaurs already left the game.
Quick Action Figure
Quick Action Figure 9 timmar sedan
nope, not hype.
Kalle Saarinen
Kalle Saarinen 9 timmar sedan
you cant use death to scary someone if theyre already dead? sometimes blizzard get a bit old with the death of everyone part. like a black metal band playing the same song....
Date Masamune
Date Masamune 9 timmar sedan
It's honestly weird to have an orc reaping wheat.
Maedaeree Runne
Maedaeree Runne 10 timmar sedan
Gotta admit that I'm still not buying/playing Shadowlands since Blizzard is anti-human-rights. I'll never forget Hong Kong. But the person who thought of this deserves a raise.
Frank J. Alejo
Frank J. Alejo 10 timmar sedan
Love this Blizz!! Anyone if this is youtube/streaming safe??
LOH666 10 timmar sedan
Ткни меня, ткни меня ещё раз
Vashp Lokand
Vashp Lokand 10 timmar sedan
Good old times...
Yonada 10 timmar sedan
And then you ruined Sylvanas.
Rathlord1 11 timmar sedan
Can we get that cat as a pet please
Chris Babaganoosh
Chris Babaganoosh 11 timmar sedan
Beats to get drafted into the Skeleton War to
asdf asdf
asdf asdf 12 timmar sedan
Not gonna lie, I'm still annoyed by the fact that the tutorial doesn't give you boots (seriously, why?).
邹捷 12 timmar sedan
Right now, "there's only darkness before me" ---- "World server is down". Shadowlands indeed.
Ammodean 12 timmar sedan
8:24 revendreth hall theme <3
Scott Chan
Scott Chan 12 timmar sedan
"I'm goin' off the rails on a server disconnection!"
SonicPhantom47 12 timmar sedan
I freakin' love this because of the crazy train
Deborah Barnes
Deborah Barnes 12 timmar sedan
0:06 me: died friend: hey, are you okay? me: I'm well
Harshegoes 13 timmar sedan
Okay why is Blizzard getting noticeably better? I'm very glad but worried it won't last. They're actually being creative.
sOcIAl bLaDE
sOcIAl bLaDE 13 timmar sedan
I just keep jumping back to "a Giant boar!" That's really what's gonna draw people in cause who doesn't love a giant boar.
Nedread 13 timmar sedan
0:49 That HAS to be someone important. I've got a theory, but I'll wait until I play all the way through SL.
СайланВир 13 timmar sedan
Этот трек самый чилловый :)
Mr. Bern
Mr. Bern 13 timmar sedan
Why I isn't this on Spotify, I need it.
Julio Figueroa
Julio Figueroa 13 timmar sedan
Well played, Blizz, well played
Brady 14 timmar sedan
It's almost as if they had forgotten what a video game was
MarkyMark _rb20
MarkyMark _rb20 14 timmar sedan
Players: They went left, they went right, they went down and all around.. where would they go now? Blizzard: up.
Carolina Raymond
Carolina Raymond 14 timmar sedan
Having a lot of fun in this great expansion :D
YoshiPrime 14 timmar sedan
You'll be avenged Ursoc, We're coming for you Dernathrius!
Juice 15 timmar sedan
Ten years ago... T_T
I_Like NCS
I_Like NCS 15 timmar sedan
this cat so cute
Silas Marquez
Silas Marquez 15 timmar sedan
Is there an emote to raise your weapon like an artifact weapon in legion?
Vernal Grenier
Vernal Grenier 15 timmar sedan
Is it just me or the arrangement sounds just like the eurobeat version of Crazy Train?
lolfailism 15 timmar sedan
How does the expansion feel so far ? Seems worth it ?
timestimesx 16 timmar sedan
I thought Devos was going to be one of the main characters of the expansion.
Carlos Mazzoni
Carlos Mazzoni 16 timmar sedan
Revendreth = South america =(