93rd Oscars In Memoriam
Golden Light Pictures
Golden Light Pictures 13 timmar sedan
Is this the youngest person to win an Oscar?
jeremy pearson
jeremy pearson 13 timmar sedan
He should have won for North by Northwest, one of the best movies of all time.
Roopesh Kumar
Roopesh Kumar 13 timmar sedan
Greatest Artist of the world Sir. Charles Chaplin
bhuvan garg
bhuvan garg 13 timmar sedan
Argo is one of the most overrated movie
Mark Sevel
Mark Sevel 13 timmar sedan
Bedways is rightways
EveryCrazyDay 14 timmar sedan
LOL I went to Thousand Oaks HS rival school Westlake HS and I heard awful things about their theatre program. Our theatre teacher literally would say no comment. (Ms. Burke when I was there) which is pretty telling. Just poorly run and Donia just being rude to students in general. Kudos to Bo for standing up for her!
DarkPoetik53 14 timmar sedan
Frances Mc Dormand now has more oscars than Meryl Streep...she is a bad ass....
wilson suarez
wilson suarez 14 timmar sedan
Jimmy chin could have done this without that woman really don't know why she was employed she was not happy about it. Jimmy chin worked with him for 10 years thats all you need it. Shish She comes across as a fool here and other interviews.
Am rose
Am rose 14 timmar sedan
1997 he died in December. Yeh not look well. He looks uncomfy i guess he used loud humor to get through it but it funny. Oh if he only stayed off the drugs and ate healthier he might have lived longer.
bamajko 14 timmar sedan
Back before the Oscars became woke!
Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski
Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski 14 timmar sedan
on that free palestine drip since the 70s, a queen
Kathy Paulsen
Kathy Paulsen 14 timmar sedan
A college friend interviewed Angela for his dissertation many years ago and gushed about how gracious and kind she was.
Rolls Royce muzic !!
Rolls Royce muzic !! 14 timmar sedan
Diego Baeza
Diego Baeza 15 timmar sedan
Mira la calidad de los nominados puros monstruos
Moussa Merabet موسى مرابط
Moussa Merabet موسى مرابط 15 timmar sedan
The only supreme
Natalie Davis
Natalie Davis 15 timmar sedan
Fiirt time hearing Chaplin soeak
Raphael Andrews
Raphael Andrews 15 timmar sedan
Angela Lansbury had won acclaim on stage and film as singer and actress. She should have won five oscars not the one she actually got.
Raphael Andrews
Raphael Andrews 15 timmar sedan
To see the three sing and dance and were all famous actresses, then.
master Sl
master Sl 15 timmar sedan
Anne 15 timmar sedan
2021 back here. My favorite Oscar monologue for always
Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas 15 timmar sedan
He's a racist disguised as a comedian who isn't and never has been funny
Jules Jules
Jules Jules 15 timmar sedan
happy for benicio, but I wish joaquin could've gotten one too. commodus is one of the greatest villains of all time.
Leon Veček
Leon Veček 16 timmar sedan
samurai cop
Vinod Khobragade
Vinod Khobragade 16 timmar sedan
❤️This movie lives in my ❤️heart💓
Vic 16 timmar sedan
Please, please some director convince him to return to acting. A good plot, a charismatic character, anything. I'm sure some project could spark bringing him to acting. Such a loss if he's retiring forever. So frustrating.
Eddie Cardwell
Eddie Cardwell 16 timmar sedan
Casey looks badass with that hair and beard. 🔥
Nico Quejano
Nico Quejano 16 timmar sedan
Rishik 16 timmar sedan
Heath must be smiling from heaven.
Lance G
Lance G 17 timmar sedan
This guy is a genius
Jack 17 timmar sedan
Something slightly kermit the frog about him
Leah-Marie 17 timmar sedan
A silent voice and the lego batman movie should have been nominated, not boss baby and ferdinand
bernard noctor
bernard noctor 17 timmar sedan
Bob hope was the best host ever and then Billy Crystal
Sushant Harpal
Sushant Harpal 17 timmar sedan
I can't beat it. I can't beat it. I am sorry
deaetee 17 timmar sedan
Judy Davis at 1:10 "BITCH I'M AUSSIE"
CinemaFamily 17 timmar sedan
Mutesasira Solomon
Mutesasira Solomon 17 timmar sedan
What a boring intro.
Neelansh Mishra
Neelansh Mishra 17 timmar sedan
Was Brad Pitt not nominated for Fight Club?
csk fan edits
csk fan edits 18 timmar sedan
4:08 someone noticed it's Biden the president
Amy Fallon
Amy Fallon 18 timmar sedan
Always loved Tom cruise he is one of the best actors.
Sayan Singha
Sayan Singha 18 timmar sedan
1:15 Is Michael Scott sitting just behind Holly?
vittorio messina
vittorio messina 18 timmar sedan
HollyJude !
Sushant Kumar Nishad
Sushant Kumar Nishad 18 timmar sedan
What a story amazing.... coco
Kaan Erkam
Kaan Erkam 18 timmar sedan
Why is this great video watched so little?
Skills uwu Sis got his way out of drama
Skills uwu Sis got his way out of drama 18 timmar sedan
I am so fucking shocked after all of those years titanic still hasn’t got an Oscar,
Fernando Passos
Fernando Passos 19 timmar sedan
Could you please post the intro, with Robin Williams and the Price Waterhouse employees, and the red carpet?
Quách Thế Nhật
Quách Thế Nhật 19 timmar sedan
Ở Việt Nam dù cả 2 chế độ cũng k có diễn viên nào sánh được với chú này
Pen Muni
Pen Muni 19 timmar sedan
It is a crime that this song did not win.
Tony Degn
Tony Degn 19 timmar sedan
I’m very blessed to have met Leonardo DiCaprio back in 2015 as I gave him a ride to the movie studio! 45 minutes of fun talks! 😁
WorldsWorstBoy 19 timmar sedan
Gregg Turkington brought me here
Ashwin Kulkarni
Ashwin Kulkarni 19 timmar sedan
So no one thinks Hans Zimmer should've won the Oscar?
gopi krishna kandru
gopi krishna kandru 19 timmar sedan
the win was undeserving and the speech made it really horrible...
hdentaldude 19 timmar sedan
Way overrated performance!! He was the least talented of all of these performances!! It was either Tom Hanks, or better yet Edward Norton on this ballot!!! Those POS voters definitely got it wrong this year of Oscar voting!!!!!!
nataliamrg1 19 timmar sedan
Love Eiza mexican girl
J L 19 timmar sedan
He may be a good actor in the eyes of some but he is the certainly the worst judge of character based on his complete and unwavering support of Trump. His intelligence is nowhere to be found.
mycenth22 20 timmar sedan
Never heard of this guy?! Who is he?
Andreas TW
Andreas TW 20 timmar sedan
"Proud to be Chinese.... " it's a rare statement here.... needs ball to say that....
Michael Grey
Michael Grey 20 timmar sedan
I forgot she played Rosanne's mother.
Tanushree Das
Tanushree Das 20 timmar sedan
That gown really stands out upon her.. the color is popping out so radiantly... i just cant keep my eyes off her..
Черноризец Храбър
Черноризец Храбър 20 timmar sedan
Ok, I dislike when actors lecture us about politics or morality as a general notion. If he is really concerned, maybe work towards a funding for global milk substitude and then let us know, how we can help. Or do something concrete, don't lecture us on how humans can do changes, do them or shut up.
el psy kuONGROO
el psy kuONGROO 14 timmar sedan
you shut up, like you even do good sh*t for humanity. Stop telling people to do something and do then yourself.
gleyna21 20 timmar sedan
I can’t believe she signed a petition to release Roman Polanski
Exquisite Events
Exquisite Events 20 timmar sedan
The ugliest oscar rag ever worn
JimElford 21 timme sedan
At the very end he asks "Which way do I go?"
#NTK 21 timme sedan
Matthew James
Matthew James 21 timme sedan
Bobby D was a babe slayer back in the day.
Estheri Renthlei
Estheri Renthlei 21 timme sedan
I love it
ironduke2000 21 timme sedan
Bloody hell, who's the beauty beside Jack?
Thomas Bower
Thomas Bower 21 timme sedan
I finally watched that movie a year ago. Stupid story, pretty much everything related to the military was pure bs, and the acting was straight out of a 1950's B sci-fi movie. The only reason it got the reviews, the acclaim, and the awards it did is because it came out when it was popular to hate the military and to take it out on the soldiers. I doubt it could ever have been made outside the late 60's to the early 80's.
Nathan Barnhart
Nathan Barnhart 21 timme sedan
I never realized growing up how fucking good this guy was.
Campbell O'Brien-King
Campbell O'Brien-King 21 timme sedan
Cliff Robertson: I missed the part where that's my problem
53.VAGISHA ARYA-12C 22 timmar sedan
*A wizard with vampire* 😄 Both are favourite
Taki Yasir
Taki Yasir 22 timmar sedan
Love From Bangladesh ❤️🇧🇩❤️🇮🇷
TechieFluent 22 timmar sedan
It seems like yesterday!! 5 years 😱
bisbeekid 22 timmar sedan
"In the Heat of the Night" - Extraordinary acting. Mr. Poitier, forever enshrined in that one of a kind film.
Tuesday Wang
Tuesday Wang 22 timmar sedan
Wow his Chinese pronunciation is so clean.
Brian 22 timmar sedan
So happy we have this footage of legends.Thank you.👏👏👏👏
Pat McTallica
Pat McTallica 22 timmar sedan
Peter O`Toole wasn`t really winning? Must have been a surprise that days! What a lady! My #2 of all time after Audrey! 💋 God bless her! 🙏
Jessica Natasya
Jessica Natasya 22 timmar sedan
Suddenly newt vibes comes out
Alex West
Alex West 23 timmar sedan
Emma Thompson looks like Linda Cardellini
Humble Homebody
Humble Homebody 23 timmar sedan
Harvey Weinstein ::::::::::::::cringe::::::::::::::::
Kenton202 23 timmar sedan
Cary never won an Oscar was he ever nominated ?