Trump is Almost Gone
4 dagar sedan
Fauci on a Couchi
Månad sedan
Tones And I - Fly Away
Luis Abarca
Luis Abarca 14 timmar sedan
This is horrible... Greetings from Chile, the best Chili con Carne restaurant in El Paso...
Austin White
Austin White 14 timmar sedan
Donald: lets hold hands. Francis: no.
Amelie Says Hola
Amelie Says Hola 14 timmar sedan
You can tell she is young by all the “mans” she says 😊
Sophia and aeliyah's Vlog
Sophia and aeliyah's Vlog 14 timmar sedan
all i see in this interview is JANET
Disco Pop
Disco Pop 14 timmar sedan
the guitar chord appears to be a rock version of PussyCat Dolls 'When I Grow Up'
Jose Guevara
Jose Guevara 14 timmar sedan
Johnny don’t care at all😂
Assawebation 14 timmar sedan
They are answering a bit late because they are used to having a laugh track after their sentences.
Kel W
Kel W 14 timmar sedan
I'd be so excited too!
Yaritza Perez Santiago
Yaritza Perez Santiago 14 timmar sedan
Doc: Don't Go To 2020 2020: *Its Corona Time*
Donna Griffin
Donna Griffin 14 timmar sedan
Parts of it sound like Radar Love by Golden Earring..Pretty Cool
Tav Finkelstein
Tav Finkelstein 14 timmar sedan
It sounds like Seth Rogan, it acts like Seth Rogan, but it does not look like Seth Rogan
Raoul.__.r 14 timmar sedan
He’s up to something
Leech 14 timmar sedan
Mikenkfalls P
Mikenkfalls P 14 timmar sedan
You counted on Americans too be passive. You counted wrong!
Leech 14 timmar sedan
Andre Bubbles
Andre Bubbles 14 timmar sedan
So nobody seems to talk about this.. but Eminem is cleary high here right? Not sure on what.. but look at his pupils.
Hello There
Hello There 14 timmar sedan
Yes, yes I have smoked pot.
HD’s Quality
HD’s Quality 14 timmar sedan
I can’t tell who has better chemistry: Matt and Jimmy or Kevin and The Rock
Harry James
Harry James 14 timmar sedan
Jimmmy kimmel do you have a black friend? That is the question
nekkid fiddler
nekkid fiddler 14 timmar sedan
Dadgumit im a day late and a dollar short .
Robert Courson
Robert Courson 14 timmar sedan
And now we get the "savior" who has never done anything in 50 years of work. Democrats in this country have got to be the most ignorant delusional people who have ever walked this earth. # TRUMP ALL DAY EVERYDAY#
Luis Abarca
Luis Abarca 14 timmar sedan
At the end, one single and brilliant boy. And before him, an assorted bunch of donkeys, very much representatives of a country which is a huge failure to itself and to rest of humanity... From Australia, I am laughing, I am crying.
Seif hammady
Seif hammady 14 timmar sedan
Greetings for all the Americans who still think Africa is A Country
IndyBlock 14 timmar sedan
jimmy you will look cooler in 6 years.
Fulcrum 67
Fulcrum 67 14 timmar sedan
I swear Matt Damon needs to be in comedic roles right now.
Seif hammady
Seif hammady 14 timmar sedan
This is Horrible, Greetings from Egypt, Biggest desert in North America
michael Steven
michael Steven 14 timmar sedan
12:10 you mean someone watched that guy on tv and saw some kind of talent and then decided to call him to offer a job? He's got the world's most annoying laugh
TheSecret Protocols
TheSecret Protocols 14 timmar sedan
Don't believe this Jimmy Kimmel. this demon holds power in media to deliver false support.
Existencial Misery
Existencial Misery 14 timmar sedan
i'm glad that my boys finally they're having some spotlight
michael Steven
michael Steven 14 timmar sedan
How is it possible to be as delusional as trump is
Olaf Kersten
Olaf Kersten 14 timmar sedan
Greet education over there! This is disturbing !,
K.c. Gig'em
K.c. Gig'em 14 timmar sedan
I think Dave should get what he wants. 1 war for you coming right up after the break.
Fernan Fernando
Fernan Fernando 14 timmar sedan
Thank you Jimmy Kimmel for speaking out the truth The rioters are domestic terrorists Thanks to the white supremacist Donald Trump he must be prosecuted and put in prison where he belongs
Luz Torres
Luz Torres 14 timmar sedan
God bless my former President Obama he was a wonderful President. And God bless his wife Michelle and his Daughters as well.
The mighty Goose lord
The mighty Goose lord 14 timmar sedan
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman
Tara B
Tara B 14 timmar sedan
I’m obsessed with Lily Tomlin’s laugh
peachella 14 timmar sedan
Her accent, the frick. America has corrupted her, crap.
Wati Szadyr
Wati Szadyr 14 timmar sedan
🤣🤣🤣🤣hilarious. 😍
Jaden 14 timmar sedan
this is dope
Ron Wylie
Ron Wylie 14 timmar sedan
That lady tRump wannabe is a right toss pot!, we will see many more of those If they dont jail tRump
Nikhil Rampal
Nikhil Rampal 14 timmar sedan
what's up with JLD
LakersFan 8
LakersFan 8 14 timmar sedan
Jimmy kimmel isn’t even funny
Lester Merryman Jr
Lester Merryman Jr 14 timmar sedan
Snek go blep
Fran Cintrano
Fran Cintrano 14 timmar sedan
I love this song!
Ratheeka 14 timmar sedan
Nick Kroll the panty dropper. Sorry. That was my hormone monster.
青木朋博 14 timmar sedan
Derek Elliott
Derek Elliott 14 timmar sedan
Without witnesses?? The whole world saw it!!
Holly Kale
Holly Kale 14 timmar sedan
Chris has the best hand motions. Its very entertaining 🍿✊👄
velveteencherrytart 14 timmar sedan
This was the nail in the coffin for my sanity. I’m officially an army
European God
European God 15 timmar sedan
This is so unbelievable that I think its scripted
Arthur Henning
Arthur Henning 15 timmar sedan
you just gotta love Magic
Kieran 73
Kieran 73 15 timmar sedan
Shut up Kimmel you plonker..
Peter Stevens
Peter Stevens 15 timmar sedan
The world is taking a massive number 2 (with Trump leaving) and will feel massive relief.
European God
European God 15 timmar sedan
The amount of people who dont realize this is scripted
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman 15 timmar sedan
Giulio DaVinci
Giulio DaVinci 15 timmar sedan
look at the signals, they obviously are very into each other.. makes you wonder
mm mm
mm mm 15 timmar sedan
this dickhead is a war criminal
European God
European God 15 timmar sedan
This is 100% scripted dude
Holly Kale
Holly Kale 15 timmar sedan
European God
European God 15 timmar sedan
I honestly dont believe this. Its made up. Everybody knows this.
thatelectropig 15 timmar sedan
How bout this: uhh Texas
Dana & Luca
Dana & Luca 15 timmar sedan
The kid at the beginning is soooo cute! I mean, he said butthead like four times!
Sweeptheleg !
Sweeptheleg ! 15 timmar sedan
Is it their guns, cows or country that the Dems are trying to take from them? I wish they'd make up their minds. 😁
lisa is bae
lisa is bae 15 timmar sedan
Sophia Malcolm
Sophia Malcolm 15 timmar sedan
Are we sure this isn’t Janet pretending to act human??
Kiara Shawnita
Kiara Shawnita 15 timmar sedan
Does she have boxed braids in her hair??? I like it just cant really tell,if so awsome
brianna7921 15 timmar sedan
It could also be that Mitch doesn't like almost dying.
Jose Guevara
Jose Guevara 15 timmar sedan
My drawing skills are literally at Chris’s. Average Not great but could be better with practice 🤣💯
BizzyIzzy87 15 timmar sedan
I had no idea he was British until now
Marty Ringo
Marty Ringo 15 timmar sedan
Rip David Dorn
Holly Kale
Holly Kale 15 timmar sedan
I thought Hawkeye would be the og not Antman but who cares ilhsm
Ela Walczak
Ela Walczak 15 timmar sedan
1:04 RDJ: WhOoOo
Professional Gaming
Professional Gaming 15 timmar sedan
And they say that our generation is the worst bah !!!😂
Ralph Franklin Macalintal
Ralph Franklin Macalintal 15 timmar sedan
Witness do you even see the truth.......
Holly Kale
Holly Kale 15 timmar sedan
Slytherin Varisi
Slytherin Varisi 15 timmar sedan
Chet Brinkley
Chet Brinkley 15 timmar sedan
Did Terry play a Scotsman in the Austin Powers movie?
Burnoutrocker 15 timmar sedan
Once Zlatan was feeling cold, so god invented global warming
Tarquin Farquhar
Tarquin Farquhar 15 timmar sedan
Black pudding is basically just a giant scab. I'll leave you with that. Karen is a goddess.
Test Prep Dojo
Test Prep Dojo 15 timmar sedan
I just re watched the original three LOTR movies. It’s incredible how much was ripped off by GOT, particularly the way they had the army of the dead swarm people and even the scene where Merry is singing while they do the charge (was ripped off when Pod sings in “a night of the seven kingdoms”)