The Search Begins - Big Sky
RYAN WONG DZIE-WEI Moe 9 timmar sedan
I remember the show"Fresh Off The Boat"
Biobele 9 timmar sedan
RMV Book
RMV Book 10 timmar sedan
Million Dollar Potential in Ruvol I have invented a Board Game [still unpublished and not yet out in the market] that is guaranteed to be far more challenging and exciting than CHESS. I called it “RUVOL.” Over time, Ruvol will surpass chess as the “Number One Board Game in the World.” Why am I so sure about this? Because I am an avid chess player myself. The weakness of chess is it always starts in fixed positions that the opening moves become “memorizable.” In fact, not a few have so mastered the moves that they can play against their opponents “blindfolded.” It is for this very reason that the great Bobby Fischer introduced his so-called “Fischer Random Chess,” where the starting position of the pieces is “randomized” to make the memorization of openings impracticable. Fortunately, it is also for this reason that I invented Ruvol where “every game” has been calculated to be a challenging one to play. HOW IS RUVOL PLAYED? Ruvol is played somewhat like chess. It is played by two players. It uses a board that is rectangular in shape but containing more number of squares than chess. It has equal number of pieces on each side of the board, where each type of piece moves in distinct ways. However, if the way to win chess is to checkmate the opponent’s king, the way to win Ruvol is to be able to cross a designated line. But there’s one big advantage Ruvol has over chess: The Ruvol pieces are randomly placed at the start of “every game” which makes it impossible for any clever player to memorize the moves. It is the players themselves who dictate the starting positions of their pieces, depending on the strategies they have planned before the start of each game. Hardly would the starting positions of one player be the same as the starting positions of his/her opponent in every game. Ruvol was intended to give chess a direct “apple-to-apple” competition. At present, there is no other board game in the world within the same category of chess “where chess players can switch to.” Chess is totally a monopoly in its class. Chess players can now have an alternative in Ruvol. A MILLION DOLLAR POTENTIAL IN RUVOL The people who play chess will be the same people who will play Ruvol. In my Google search, I learned there are around 800 million chess players in the world. These 800 million players comprise the “Total Potential Buyers” of Ruvol across the globe. At an average profit of just US$3 per set, the “Global Income Potential” of Ruvol then is US$2.4 billion. Assuming only 1% of it will buy each year, the annual global potential sale of Ruvol is US$24M. I AM SELLING MY COPYRIGHT TO RUVOL. For the reason that I don’t have the resources to publish Ruvol on a global scale, I find it “wiser” to simply sell my copyright. If you similarly see the great potential in Ruvol and wanted to buy my copyright, I will be very glad to receive your BEST PRICE OFFER via email. My email address is: [email protected] Thanks and God bless! RODOLFO MARTIN VITANGCOL The Ruvol Inventor
ayaan 10 timmar sedan
Can someone really be fully one race ? I mean with the world migration history and stuff. I'm from Africa. I'm a Somali and I still can't say I'm fully black . I have slight arabic features and my grandma although african looks white with hazel eyes .
_Enigmatic_Bloke_ 10 timmar sedan
"We run this business 50-50" and you expect as to believe you mr. Dad😂😂😂.
ayaan 10 timmar sedan
I'm a Somali I lived in africa till recently and I haven't ever heard of those foods by Bow's mom .
Ghetto Mukbangs
Ghetto Mukbangs 10 timmar sedan
This is a problem every female has to face
MeMe 10 timmar sedan
People forget that girl recently lost her mom at the age of 25, then coming into the lime light and having to deal with the guy who shot her in the foot. I am surprised her mental state is still so strong!
Monopoly guy
Monopoly guy 10 timmar sedan
I have to watch this for homework otherwise I would never be here
Abriel 10 timmar sedan
I think the fake audience cheers, applause, etc. Made the people who won like Megan very awkward because it wasn't genuinely natural applauses and cheers lmao
Michelle Declan
Michelle Declan 10 timmar sedan
I never believed in spell until I met this special spell caster called Dr Evanora The man i wanted to marry left me 2 months to our wedding ceremony and my life was upside down he was with me for 4 years and i really love him so much he left me for another woman for no reasons when i called him he never picked up my calls and he don't want to see me around him so when i told the doctor what has happened she helped me to do some readings, and after the readings she made me to realize that some other woman has done some spell over my husband and that is the reason why he left me ,she told me she will help me to cast a spell to bring him back At first i was skeptical but i just gave it a try In 3 days, he called me himself and came to me apologizing..I cant believe he can ever come back to me again but now i am happy he's back and we are married now and we live as a happy family Am posting this to inform if anyone need the help of this doctor Can contact her on WhatsApp for any kinds of spells, sickness and disease or Reading +2...3...4...9...0...4..1..1..9...5..4..2...7
April H
April H 10 timmar sedan
why is Meredith dying?
Kukk Bun
Kukk Bun 10 timmar sedan
Yeayyyy congratssss BTS
ᴘᴀʙʟᴏ ᴇꜱᴄᴏʙᴀʀ
ᴘᴀʙʟᴏ ᴇꜱᴄᴏʙᴀʀ 11 timmar sedan
Kim Park Hart's Jongin-Chanyeol
Kim Park Hart's Jongin-Chanyeol 11 timmar sedan
I was so happy when Ruby got checked. She kept overstepping and I guess that makes for comedy but the joy I felt when got to stepping and Dee growing a pair to stick up for his wife
Accordeontipico 11 timmar sedan
Kevin : ".......…...….…, I'm out."
anh mai
anh mai 11 timmar sedan
1 like = god will forgive us Yang milih allah like 450 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja 5:27
Lamont King
Lamont King 11 timmar sedan
Bow is thick af
Laura Teddy
Laura Teddy 11 timmar sedan
I feel like someone complains after season one that there wasn't enough death and so they were like you know we'll fulfill that wish and I just want to punch that person right now this is like the third person I love who died
Spanish Bob
Spanish Bob 11 timmar sedan
Becky G and The Weeknd collab can like, ruin me, I guess
Colorful Skies
Colorful Skies 11 timmar sedan
Little rant: Ok I don’t like Tom or anyone in this love triangle rn, but I can’t be the only one who felt bad for him when he was putting together the crib while Teddy was having the baby. He seems like a damaged dude who needs someone but I think the whole love triangle is toxic. Also it’s so weird that Tom slept with Catherine and April, bc that means Jackson’s ex wife and his mom slept with the same dude. Callie was right they literally all have sexual relations, I can connect them through different ppl they slept with. It’s currently almost 2:00 am so I’m gonna finish this now, thanks for reading.
Lily Bolanos
Lily Bolanos 11 timmar sedan
Carly deserves to find someone really great who will treat her well. She has such a big heart and is such an understanding person.
Lindsey P
Lindsey P 11 timmar sedan
Their costumes are killing me. XD
MIS315 11 timmar sedan
All you bitches talking about boys get girls pregnant, its an equal responsibility need to stfu. Because once it actually comes to the girl Getting pregnant, then you flip the script and its all "her choice only, no uterus no opinion". So shut your hypocrite asses up
You Need Jesus
You Need Jesus 11 timmar sedan
Oh no 🤦🏽‍♂️
Lily Bolanos
Lily Bolanos 11 timmar sedan
I mean yeah, but also Morgan is like the scary big sister type that you dont even realize cares. I think if it was one of the other staff who she was older than and more mature than, she would do the same thing.
Nisha N.
Nisha N. 11 timmar sedan
i'm crying rn
Kevwe Tony
Kevwe Tony 11 timmar sedan
News flash; we live in a dog eat dog world, natural selection ( the strong dominates the weak), that's the way nature designed it, and that's how we as a species have dominated this very cruel planet that we live in. This is our reality, whether you chose to accept it or not. You can teach boys not to rape all their lives and the ones that would rape would still rape simply because they can, therefore teaching girls that they are equal to boys in every way is simply doing them a disservice ( don't get me wrong, girls are just as valuable and intellectually capable as boys, but they're certainly different physiologically from boys) . Also, the fact that you abide by a set of rules doesn't mean others do the same, a misogynist wouldn't automatically respect you as an equal, simply because you believe you are his equal. This is a man's world, it has always been and it would always be because the world responds to force and strength. Irrespective of how intellectual we would like to think we are as a species, we still value might over ideals.
Brenda Gomez
Brenda Gomez 12 timmar sedan
M S.
M S. 12 timmar sedan
I'm not crying.
momo gege
momo gege 12 timmar sedan
wish my kids going to be this cute all twins are amazing
Kurt 12 timmar sedan
I was watching Derek propose to Mer on the elevator before this video came on shuffle. Imagine the new found rage I felt for that disgusting idiot.
tania ambriz
tania ambriz 12 timmar sedan
I want all the old/killed characters back !!!
Meghna 12 timmar sedan
I wish I could give him rabbit and his brother Steve
Meghna 12 timmar sedan
This episode when he did he wouldn’t leave till he knew the girl was okay 😭😭😭😭
2hotcici 12 timmar sedan
Double standards not cool
Meghna 12 timmar sedan
When Shaun won the money I lost it 😂
Meghna 12 timmar sedan
The lady on board keeps calm and tries to handle everyone well
laura netea
laura netea 12 timmar sedan
Oh lord... “Gaston” uhm... remove the “G” in “Gaston” if you replace it with “W” it’s Waston switch the “S” and “T” for the “S” to be a “T” and the “T” to be an “S”..... AHh WATSON Emma Watson. /aka belle
Sw 12 timmar sedan
What is up with this beat up look? I’ll take that weird hairstyle that he used to have back in the day...
Eric Coleman
Eric Coleman 12 timmar sedan
Ben Spalding
Ben Spalding 12 timmar sedan
Let's build a robot that would attack people who resented this show for existing!
Dafne Hernandez
Dafne Hernandez 12 timmar sedan
Owen deserves someone who loves him !!🥺🥺
madalyn 12 timmar sedan
bitch just died like that to escape the stress
ItzBurnBan 12 timmar sedan
Feel bad for Zac and anyone else wondering why Charli is here besides of her famous stuff.
She Savage
She Savage 12 timmar sedan
Haha "the blades again"
lil vic Winters
lil vic Winters 12 timmar sedan
My birthday nov5
Mr Me
Mr Me 12 timmar sedan
IM irritated that she didn't acknowledge Paris. Also, im super irritated that everyone's saying she deserved this over Meagan. Doja had 2 songs and thats it. Meagan has put out hit after hit, and went to number 1 twice... The fuck?!
Rianna Bailey
Rianna Bailey 12 timmar sedan
I still cannot believe they did Ryan like that. Smh. And am I the only detective in this show? Nobody feels the bad vibes that trooper is giving off?
Sheilann Nataucappo
Sheilann Nataucappo 13 timmar sedan
Congrats to you weeknd 🙌❤🥰❤🥰❤🥰❤
Grace Green
Grace Green 13 timmar sedan
Awww Junior loves black girls now lol. They are so cute together
Dhaval Mehta
Bolted 13 timmar sedan
i thought it was haley lmao
Royal Couch Potato
Royal Couch Potato 13 timmar sedan
I hate it team Barry
Chris Pearson
Chris Pearson 13 timmar sedan
Literally just reminded me of piper and pheobe 🤣🤣🤣
Ashley Amtmann
Ashley Amtmann 13 timmar sedan
i stopped watching after s9, can someone explain what’s happening?
Alexia 11 timmar sedan
Looks like she has covid 🤷🏽‍♀️
Brent oesterle
Brent oesterle 13 timmar sedan
Deciericed qaiuke of em
lovethepandainyou 13 timmar sedan
Don't know the show, don't know why it was recommended by YT, don't know why I watched it. But pretty dang good scene, to be honest.
Damilola Owoyele
Damilola Owoyele 13 timmar sedan
Does that boy have a moustache?
GxldRBLX 13 timmar sedan
“but he can get someone pregnant”- Diana johnson
J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅
J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅ 13 timmar sedan
This was the best television I have ever watched.
DimKen 1E
DimKen 1E 13 timmar sedan
-Neela & Carla (ER & Scrubs : the 2 best western medical, & my 2d and 3rd favorite, TV show so far) -Dre doesn t wear a mask when he talks so close to his son but doesn t want to hug him...
Irene Antonius
Irene Antonius 13 timmar sedan
Meredith: you didn't even attempt to give him bur holes. Me who knows absolutely nothing about bur holes and why he should've done it: "Yeah, what an idiot"
Constance Mosley
Constance Mosley 13 timmar sedan
Go head Megan and cardi b on wap song
Noah Detiveaux
Noah Detiveaux 13 timmar sedan
what episode is this
w_R Andrs
w_R Andrs 13 timmar sedan
Michaela left alone. Connor (for the time being) leaves Oliver behind. Oliver devistated. Laurel abandons her friends. Not only did Frank die, but Bonnie got caught in the crossfire. Every inch of my soul stung at the end. Nontheless, by HTGAWM's standards... this was a happy tragic ending. Annalise died an old wise woman whom fought till the end, gave Tegan a chance, and only loses Ophelia to natural cause. And Eve recognizes her love for Anna mae. Connor and Oliver found their way together once again, and are reunited with Laurel and her now grown son Christopher. And Michaela honors Asher's wish of becoming a justice supreme judge.
Colby Denning
Colby Denning 13 timmar sedan
if meredith dies...what was the point of watching the sow bruh...its gone tear me into pieces bruh....
Rachel W
Rachel W 13 timmar sedan
Jay became a dad for the third time at 65. When you think about that, this really isn't so bad.
So Numchick
So Numchick 13 timmar sedan
แงงงง คิดถึงมากกกกกกกกกก ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alberto_ Idk
Alberto_ Idk 13 timmar sedan
Poison arrow vs Minotaur that would be a good fight
Robbie 14 timmar sedan
I hate when ppl use the pregnancy excuse bc girls don't impregnate themselves. I understand where they're coming from bc it's easier for the boy to walk away while the girl has to deal with judgement, abortion, adoption etc They have to make adult decisions even though they are still a child. We need to hold the boys just as responsible. My parents would and I'm grateful for that
cm zam gaming
cm zam gaming 14 timmar sedan
What season and episod is this?
Robbie 14 timmar sedan
my parents don't allow me or my brother to date. They will kill the both of us
Marcell Marselius
Marcell Marselius 14 timmar sedan
Men and Women were created equal, However we have different responsibilities in life and neither is without reward or consequence. However, I do see Dianes point ☝🏾
Zaydee Eraso
Zaydee Eraso 14 timmar sedan
I just watched this and when Charli popped up I was like oop- . But how did she manage to get in there...why you in here... no hate tho, luv you Charli...
Tamara Robichaud
Tamara Robichaud 14 timmar sedan
I’ve haven’t watched season 17 yet and I can’t believe COVID is encorpreated in the show now!
James Lower
James Lower 14 timmar sedan
Wow John Goodman looked great,he really lost alot of weight
LIFE 009
LIFE 009 14 timmar sedan
Girls and women get approached more than boys and men, so it’s easier for them to have interactions with the opposite sex. Diane’s life isn’t that hard. Women are too busy worrying about the disadvantages of being and they completely ignore their advantages.
Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh Sharma 14 timmar sedan
Wakanda Forever!!!
Vanesa Terry
Vanesa Terry 14 timmar sedan
I'm tired of the Richard fake out deaths