HZA boys plays games
HZA boys plays games 4 minuter sedan
Can you shout me out I have liked and subscribed
freddie tovell
freddie tovell 21 minut sedan
jeff hardy my faviroute wwe wresiler
freddie tovell
freddie tovell 21 minut sedan
jeff hardy arm band
Dahen xø
Dahen xø 30 minuter sedan
Niko is de best ref of all of The UK,Europe,THE WORLDDDDD
BlueLeaf 42 minuter sedan
ur content is great do not dare to take a long break again
Oofy TeamRequeird
Oofy TeamRequeird Timme sedan
so sad he stopped making vids D:
Liam Johnson
Liam Johnson 2 timmar sedan
i fought this is family freiendly
Maya naif
Maya naif 3 timmar sedan
anyone here on 2021?
Lewis Ball
Lewis Ball 3 timmar sedan
Bruh dps is only better when close
Kent Brian Ignacio
Kent Brian Ignacio 4 timmar sedan
My childhood is this channel when he always prank his little brother
BRICKY 4 timmar sedan
Tray is a legend
Dubee 123
Dubee 123 4 timmar sedan
2021 anyone
Abdelrahman Mahmoud
Abdelrahman Mahmoud 5 timmar sedan
Antoaneta Antonova
Antoaneta Antonova 5 timmar sedan
Antoaneta Antonova
Antoaneta Antonova 5 timmar sedan
somali chocolate
somali chocolate 7 timmar sedan
Chunkz big legend
London Lavergne
London Lavergne 8 timmar sedan
What kind of laugh is that it sound like a little crybaby🤣😂😂😂😂😂
London Lavergne
London Lavergne 8 timmar sedan
Why did you do that
Matiasthebest20 Figueroa
Matiasthebest20 Figueroa 8 timmar sedan
0.11 king kenny copyed from travis scout butterfly effect
Fnaf Fan
Fnaf Fan 8 timmar sedan
Don’t listen to them
Toluwalope Awobona
Toluwalope Awobona 9 timmar sedan
give me a skin on fortnite name proven-balloon
Fnaf Fan
Fnaf Fan 10 timmar sedan
Good thing the when he killed the Default and that had a scar that Kenny did no Notice
TETY clasher
TETY clasher 10 timmar sedan
Someone fall in love
TYRON DAVIS_WOODS 10 timmar sedan
No I’m not
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 11 timmar sedan
If Jonny worked with a pro coach for a year he would actually be very decent
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 11 timmar sedan
Drum gun
Lum1LAD 12 timmar sedan
These man no nothin bout boxing 🥊
DK domingo
DK domingo 13 timmar sedan
DK domingo
DK domingo 13 timmar sedan
You're brother he's a noob
Ryzo_YT 13 timmar sedan
Bray don’t beg dude
Flyable Flamingo
Flyable Flamingo 13 timmar sedan
Flyable Flamingo
Flyable Flamingo 13 timmar sedan
Kenny: EXPLAIN YOUR SELF me: your mom Kenny: EXACTLY!
London Lavergne
London Lavergne 13 timmar sedan
xxmoslaysxx 14 timmar sedan
Btw the tiktok that kenny made is fake bc he looked at the camera and sniped
Ishaq Ahmed
Ishaq Ahmed 15 timmar sedan
Mohammed Yusuf Patel
Mohammed Yusuf Patel 15 timmar sedan
Chunks got speed nd power negl
faze bomber
faze bomber 15 timmar sedan
Kenny: can you see those clothes floating random guy: yea but I'm white man 5:35
J1_Trappy 16 timmar sedan
She drank water🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ it gets worser
FNCrypz 16 timmar sedan
K32xl l
K32xl l 18 timmar sedan
Happy birthday wisdom
JM SICKNESS 19 timmar sedan
Akuma 19 timmar sedan
Beta Squad vs Sidemen boxing tourn?
Alejandro Sihuay
Alejandro Sihuay 19 timmar sedan
He libes in a manshipn
Daniel Abobo
Daniel Abobo 19 timmar sedan
😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅 wisdom raged so badly
Seven Zephaniah
Seven Zephaniah 20 timmar sedan
Why king Kenny me to call 911So he can buy some spinners spinners
issy 1774
issy 1774 20 timmar sedan
Did i hear he wants to call out ksi
Adnan P
Adnan P 9 timmar sedan
@Ptao Tom You literally copied what kenny said
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 11 timmar sedan
Safe to say niko is an awful ref LOL
Khaled Elashry
Khaled Elashry 20 timmar sedan
sorry kenny i would rather use an rpg
Charlotte Kanyi
Charlotte Kanyi 20 timmar sedan
Charlotte Kanyi
Charlotte Kanyi 20 timmar sedan
Poo your pans
zoi Vrettea
zoi Vrettea 20 timmar sedan
Mannix Priestman
Mannix Priestman 21 timme sedan
How old is his brother and he’s getting IPhone 11
The LitBrothers
The LitBrothers 22 timmar sedan
I do not have Deadpool but I have fortnight
Khaled Elashry
Khaled Elashry 23 timmar sedan
kenny kenny kenny - wisdom 2018
shama sayid
shama sayid 23 timmar sedan
I think Wisdom was more savage than you
International Woly
International Woly Dag sedan
Kenny is obviously acting and playing along with these pranks, there's no way he could be this much of a moron to fall for these pranks.
Mohammed Hoque
Mohammed Hoque Dag sedan
Legend tray
Schmuck SQuad
Schmuck SQuad Dag sedan
WTF happened to beta squad
Xcot ArtsYt
Xcot ArtsYt Dag sedan
Thats not funny
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Dag sedan
We whant see chunkz boxing again
Daniel Abobo
Daniel Abobo Dag sedan
It’s bandages
Daniel Abobo
Daniel Abobo Dag sedan
Kenny is correct,it is a scar not an SMG
Calvin Pearson
Calvin Pearson Dag sedan
“Last one to get knocked out” Used head guards ......
Pikachu 147
Pikachu 147 Dag sedan
King kenny is the king
Huzayfah Laher
Huzayfah Laher Dag sedan
chunkz swinging like someone stole his food
LMC Football
LMC Football Dag sedan
It’s called a secondary school mug
CHxBO Dag sedan
0:10 kenny mate what are you watching 😂
Je rry
Je rry Dag sedan
Got glassed to the head ouch
Kryptonian Khan
Kryptonian Khan Dag sedan
Go on chunks!
Jack Baughan
Jack Baughan Dag sedan
Sound Wave
Sound Wave Dag sedan
shush kenny
Sha Blox Friends
Sha Blox Friends Dag sedan
I like how hes so young (younger than me) and already has a iphone 11
Chef.6ixty Dag sedan
whos watching in 2021?🤔
MK ts
MK ts Dag sedan
Nathan Dsouza
Nathan Dsouza Dag sedan
ayyy he is back
Janira Plaza-Langkos
Janira Plaza-Langkos Dag sedan
Sassan Chen
Sassan Chen Dag sedan
60 FPS lol
Sonny Baldeo
Sonny Baldeo Dag sedan
Delete channel come on
Hadeel Alraei
Hadeel Alraei Dag sedan
I think the drum is better cause drum has more dps
LaTanya B
LaTanya B Dag sedan
LaTanya B
LaTanya B Dag sedan