Bonnie Rowley
Bonnie Rowley 7 timmar sedan
God bless Judge Jeanine for speaking truth!!!
Nick Priebe
Nick Priebe 7 timmar sedan
this dude is a joke
Dan Marijanovic
Dan Marijanovic 7 timmar sedan
Dunno if anyone caught this, but: "running for governor" = "starting my own business"
The Sky Forge
The Sky Forge 7 timmar sedan
Leftists have a CULT. Not a Culture.
themasterzman11 style
themasterzman11 style 7 timmar sedan
Isn't it not clear already that the far left uses Antifa and BLM as proxies to further push their agenda. Wake up ppl
Jason Ball
Jason Ball 7 timmar sedan
Biden is the fake news
Charlie Disney
Charlie Disney 7 timmar sedan
He didn't win!
Auggie 7 timmar sedan
Please become a Republican
bertha redmond
bertha redmond 7 timmar sedan
No Biden is not going to do nothing but leave them all in .
Ann Bruce Pineda
Ann Bruce Pineda 7 timmar sedan
I’m not Roman Catholic and wear purple a lot due to my gray hair, but isn’t it a color of mourning?
John Alexander
John Alexander 7 timmar sedan
The one thing worse than a power crazed man is a power crazed woman. Do I hear an Awoman?
Karla Lee
Karla Lee 7 timmar sedan
So many are being lulled to sleep into a Socialist party. Which all those Demonrats have turned their Back on the United States Of America,. To Take handouts now. And now we are America last and China First this it's Chinamerica and PEACEFUL HOSTILE TAKEOVER into peaceful slavery. We the people PATRIOT'S of United States of America Demand Freeedon we will not be bought. And DC needs take their policies they are trying to impose on America people and Leave United States of America. DC is Not A star in America. Dc is A country in its own. Bought By the Catholics vatican from Britian. True story. America's original CAPITOL. Was York Pennsylvania.
Dan Dan
Dan Dan 7 timmar sedan
Where has the rest of this post gone the first bit
Yasmine Nasser-rafi
Yasmine Nasser-rafi 7 timmar sedan
To John Brennan: what about your unholy alliance with the forces of darkness that only has the desire to enslave and crucify All Life?
Phil Carreon
Phil Carreon 7 timmar sedan
Unions gave Biden millions so he would "protect" union jobs. Instead he caves to socialists and communists who detest unions as well as elite environment who want the US to again be dependent on oil nations that hate us but will gladly accept US dollars.
Honest Abe
Honest Abe 7 timmar sedan
China controls Canada
Earl Dunning
Earl Dunning 7 timmar sedan
I hope that everyone who voted for Joe are getting exactly what they wanted 😊😁😂
Tatiana Soares
Tatiana Soares 7 timmar sedan
Fight for America!
Nick Durkiewicz
Nick Durkiewicz 7 timmar sedan
Didnt biden just swear an oath to protect, preserve, and obey the constitution. Yet hes trying to violate it three days in office.
sm w
sm w 7 timmar sedan
Poor Arkansas! She is such a liar! A professional liar. Wouldn't believe ANYTHING that woman said! Despicable human being! She would lead you right into the heart of a national pandemic.
Henry Markle
Henry Markle 7 timmar sedan
America is slowly becoming like China.
Stephen H
Stephen H 7 timmar sedan
Marxist Dem "End Game" = Communism / Surveillance State. America is Now amerika
Felix The Handyman
Felix The Handyman 7 timmar sedan
Estan Natse
Estan Natse 7 timmar sedan
I will vote for you. Pray for you, and pray for AMERICA FIRST
chris mill
chris mill 7 timmar sedan
Well said Tucker! As Voltaire said in the 18th century: "I disagree with everything you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it." Where did these present day morons who want censorship get their education??
Gary Mittelstadt
Gary Mittelstadt 7 timmar sedan
Jessie's exactly right, couldn't agree more.
Joseph Perez
Joseph Perez 7 timmar sedan
Your narrative is that hes nefarious, the truth is that hes being lead around the white house by kamala with a balloon in her hand.
Ron Mathews
Ron Mathews 7 timmar sedan
The biggest growing industry and Joe Biden's Administration will be the unemployment office
Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle 7 timmar sedan
Abel Moreno
Abel Moreno 7 timmar sedan
Caleb Dowling
Caleb Dowling 7 timmar sedan
Imagine caring what celebrities and Hollywood think and say
Samantha Bella
Samantha Bella 7 timmar sedan
if you're a politician and you get rich you're corrupt
Brooklyn MMA
Brooklyn MMA 7 timmar sedan
Biden is a Bum
Ramblin mystic Rose
Ramblin mystic Rose 7 timmar sedan
She is a liar too
Partrick Moran
Partrick Moran 7 timmar sedan
NOT MY POTATO. ❤🇺🇲 Salty Army. 🧂🧂🧂
Gary McMahon
Gary McMahon 7 timmar sedan
Vincent R
Vincent R 7 timmar sedan
Do a vote in your state. Put it on the ballot an vote
Larry Ness
Larry Ness 7 timmar sedan
Ironically, those stupid union folks probably all voted for Obiden.... Lesson learned yet? I doubt it...
Tosse901 7 timmar sedan
What a total load of bs. You don't need more oil, and especially not another pipeline. Killing a few jobs now will help provide millions of jobs in the future, because renewable energy is the future, oil is not!
505 Time
505 Time 7 timmar sedan
Someone stop this guy
Brooklyn MMA
Brooklyn MMA 7 timmar sedan
What a bum
Gloria A
Gloria A 7 timmar sedan
The debauchery of haters toward Trump still over spewing!!!! Thumbs up to this video!!!!👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 7 timmar sedan
Don’t worry after this 4yr. Train wreck they will be begging him to come back. Trump 2024👍
mario duran
mario duran 7 timmar sedan
Why is everyone crying they voted for that idiot suck it up now!
Brooklyn MMA
Brooklyn MMA 7 timmar sedan
Democrats are trash
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen 7 timmar sedan
Biden allow crack pipe not pipeline, what a disgraceful
Denise Hunt
Denise Hunt 7 timmar sedan
We see the Deep state why do we not prosecute them
martin donlan
martin donlan 7 timmar sedan
Sandra Signorelli
Sandra Signorelli 7 timmar sedan
I would love to see Kaylee McEnany run for office. Senate or Congress maybe?
Andy Minter
Andy Minter 7 timmar sedan
Vote for a demo'rat you get what you vote for.
Misti Reid
Misti Reid 7 timmar sedan
You have to filter LIES! Big companies can’t keep spewing LIES. SAY WHAT YOU WANT! But a blatant lie that causes a nation of dumb muthafuckas to be dumbed down even further, is DANGEROUS. These companies have to cover their own asses. You’re a judge, you know what it is.
1776 Style PATRIOT
1776 Style PATRIOT 7 timmar sedan
Warren Buffet and Bill Gates own the railroads that will transport the barrels of oil so there's your answer!
Ramblin mystic Rose
Ramblin mystic Rose 7 timmar sedan
Fauci the inept liar !!!
Zareksis 7 timmar sedan
“She has done a very good job in her role and to some degree I’m a bit jealous,” Spicer allowed.
73 Beetle
73 Beetle 7 timmar sedan
I think they should make me a doctor with no schooling. They could teach me on the job. Lol
George Jefferson
George Jefferson 7 timmar sedan
“Science was distorted or rejected” Like all of the doctors and scientists that were silenced across social media for going against the narrative?
Courtney Ellis
Courtney Ellis 7 timmar sedan
DA RULES: No: 183 - Never dump on your closet allies🤣
Alex Lielbardis
Alex Lielbardis 7 timmar sedan
Everyone Hillary Clinton doesn't like is an agent of the Russians. Is she schizophrenic?
John Q. Public
John Q. Public 7 timmar sedan
These are the LIES and Propaganda being shoveled out by the Bovine Scat "msm"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wil low
Wil low 7 timmar sedan
When comey says he doesn't remember receiving that info you know he's lying. He would remember receiving something like that.
je 7 timmar sedan
Stand your ground Trump supporters!!dont give up!!!
Kindhest 7 timmar sedan
Its crazy fox news BS. Its a Big con. Rupert Murdoch wants you to be blind.
Mark Lysogorski
Mark Lysogorski 7 timmar sedan
The British tried what Biden Proposes in 1775. We all know how that ended. Besides if he Believes in it, he should Disarm the Secret Service.
James Hendricks
James Hendricks 7 timmar sedan
Riots and devision is in the Communist Playbook B.L.M. & the dems.are on the same page
Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee 7 timmar sedan
Is she a Republican or a DEMITURD???? Typical politician wagging that fork tongue both ways
Lloyd Wright
Lloyd Wright 7 timmar sedan
She would be great
RedDirtSouthernBelle 7 timmar sedan
Well glad I went to college and put myself into debt for the Dems to pay an 18 year old as much as I make at 33. Five days into office and our country is already sinking. Nothin like starting to get our country out of debt and becoming more self reliant just to have some idiot think that firing people makes more jobs and raising minimum wage isn't going to sink business owners. I knew this was going to be a weird time in our history but "c'mon man", it's been a week and everything's gone to hell already.
jojje ja
jojje ja 7 timmar sedan
This happend to Russia now it happends to America, Selling out to the Gews makes this the outcome, NKVD coming to America.
Cecily Clark
Cecily Clark 7 timmar sedan
Schiff resign, no Tucker, he's needs to be jailed for life, no parole.
Carlos Butler
Carlos Butler 7 timmar sedan
Yes, sir we needs those jobs back. If not is going to be a bad 2021 worse than 2020.
Gary McMahon
Gary McMahon 7 timmar sedan
Steve 7 timmar sedan
Wisconsin I’m sorry America I’m sorry. This all is going to get very bad for everyone. He has no clue as to what he is doing look at the last 50 urs of him in congress
Ray Ilmast
Ray Ilmast 7 timmar sedan
I wonder why you so protective of this idiot, maybe because he is a American puppet, or you simply spend to much money on him for spreading American ideology in Russia and financing his daughter education in Stanford?
Yasmine Nasser-rafi
Yasmine Nasser-rafi 7 timmar sedan
Bravo Tulsi. You are an example Democrats and Republicans need to immitate. No more man-made laws to enslave and harass Americans. Tyranny must DIE in America.
roncha tex
roncha tex 7 timmar sedan
IMPEACH this clown before he destroys the country! (estimate of time required 100 DAYS!)