Sensei Lawrence
Sensei Lawrence 3 timmar sedan
If leafs beat the habs, there going to the semifinals, but I don’t see them beating a team like the caps or pens, even the isles
Sensei Lawrence
Sensei Lawrence 3 timmar sedan
Habs got no pressure, leafs have everyone relying on them, don’t be surprised if habs bring it to them hard. I see it going 6-7 games either way
New Vintage
New Vintage 3 timmar sedan
Habs vs Oilers second round
Phil S
Phil S 3 timmar sedan
Only way Toronto loses is if price or who ever stands on their head. If the leafs are patient and physical they have no issues getting out of the North...gotta be physical though...Everyone!
The Puck Drop Podcast
The Puck Drop Podcast 3 timmar sedan
I have a event that got erased! 2019, Tampa Bay, swept by Columbus (who never won a playoff series at that point) while the 2019 Tampa team was one of the greatest teams record wise in history!!! 2020, Tampa Bay, beats Columbus in 5 in route to becoming Stanley Cup Champions!!!
WPG JETS 280 3 timmar sedan
Leafs fans already planning the parade. lol that's funny.
David Snōck
David Snōck 3 timmar sedan
Producer Drew isn’t real, then who am I following on Twitter?!? PS. Love how the NHL is doing make-up suspensions for the fact that they didn’t call one on Mr.Wilson.
synerhi 3 timmar sedan
HE’LL WALK IN, WALKER SHOOTS and scores.... when the breakaway itself has more energy than the goal
Cubertral 3 timmar sedan
That is because the Avalanche commentator is just as Biased as Washington and Boston
Michael Li
Michael Li 3 timmar sedan
walker walked in
Sidney McDavid
Sidney McDavid 3 timmar sedan
Hopefully the leafs all die in a plane crash
Miguel H
Miguel H 3 timmar sedan
Kopitar HHOF bound ?
Dd Ulchddenebwjwjw
Dd Ulchddenebwjwjw 3 timmar sedan
Nice and bad
King OPtiCzZ
King OPtiCzZ 3 timmar sedan
Just saying... Price Weber Drouin Gallagher Byron Tatar Chiarot Danault all of those were injured in most (if not all) of the end of the season (when the habs started to go down) and all of them are expected to be back by game 1 or 2 so... I’m Just Saying...
Ryan Davids
Ryan Davids 3 timmar sedan
Women announcers, no crowd, this year's schedule, JOKE.
Jonathan Earley
Jonathan Earley 3 timmar sedan
I know some people like the fighting, but I don't. I'm glad the Penguins and Islanders get to play first because they're literally the two sanist teams out of the 4. Bruins have Brad "The Rat" Marchand and Capitals have Tom "Anger Issues" Wilson and I'm not excited to have to deal with either of them.
Joe gladue
Joe gladue 3 timmar sedan
Yakupov is a loser
Dan34 3 timmar sedan
jackson suke
jackson suke 3 timmar sedan
I a, wacthing this right now
Trickshootz 3 timmar sedan
Mercedes S550
Mercedes S550 3 timmar sedan
I hope we win
DarkDays 3 timmar sedan
Hate em because you ain't em
OilersAnalyst 3 timmar sedan
It doesn’t matter, the Kings have been done for a while...
Adam Lecavalier
Adam Lecavalier 3 timmar sedan
Nicholas Hiotakis
Nicholas Hiotakis 3 timmar sedan
It really all depends on price and wether he turns it on or not.
Jackson Rember
Jackson Rember 3 timmar sedan
Montreal wins the series!! Perry, KK , Anderson etc ... is gonna step up in the playoffs
Nicholas Hiotakis
Nicholas Hiotakis 3 timmar sedan
were underdogs... I like it. Habs in 6
G Man
G Man 3 timmar sedan
Twisted wrister
langenbrunner1 3 timmar sedan
57 points in 56 games now
ALLISEN ASANOVICH 3 timmar sedan
Marcus Carbonaro
Marcus Carbonaro 3 timmar sedan
8:24 Coach: whatever you do, DON’T LET THEM SCORE After that: leafs score a breakaway goal
Adam Dolson
Adam Dolson 3 timmar sedan
Go Bruins (2021 Stanley Cup Champs)
Darrion Roberts
Darrion Roberts 3 timmar sedan
Very bold guys, just take both the favorites. Seems like you were just picking apart Montréal and Winnipegs weaknesses. Whos Toronto starting these playoffs? Jack Campbell with a whopping zero playoff starts? Edmonton for as good as Smith has been, playoffs are a different animal and he hasn't had any playoff success since 2012 with Arizona. Maybe try taking a look at their weaknesses and how those teams can lose as well. Nothings guaranteed for either of them.
Trickshootz 3 timmar sedan
Can't believe we gave him away for cody eakin
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson 3 timmar sedan
As long as the Leafs don't play Andersen they're in good shape.
Brett Hoff
Brett Hoff 3 timmar sedan
It’s 4-3 blues after 2
Geoff 3 timmar sedan
Who are they guys?
Jenna Schwinna
Jenna Schwinna 3 timmar sedan
Averaging above a point a game now!
Dustin 3 timmar sedan
McDavid is the best let it go everyone.
Brandon Nothwood
Brandon Nothwood 3 timmar sedan
Is Chara the the toughest guy in the nhl?..
simon marshall
simon marshall 3 timmar sedan
Wednesday Night Rivals
Dexter Haven
Dexter Haven 3 timmar sedan
Leaf inconsistency. A problem for Keefe's teams. A problem last season. And this.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 3 timmar sedan
pregame soccer helped him here haha!
mrnoob1275 3 timmar sedan
Hi Chest
BryanFerrero RGT
BryanFerrero RGT 3 timmar sedan
That second vasi one was sad abuse the defenceman aren't even trying to get back they are meandering I to the zone like oh maybe we should go and stop that player from scoring
Vince 3 timmar sedan
Unfortunately playing in a small market like Winnipeg most announcers and analysts invested nothing in Buff. Their byline for Bufff was, "takes chances blah blah blah" over and over and over again -that's all they had. If was in a big market suddenly he's a star and an elite player - a freak of nature, size, hockey smarts, perfect timing with clean hits, laser passing, soft hands and a hilarious fun loving attitude. When they look back and tally his stats they will shake their head and realize he didn't get the star treatment and respect that he surely deserved.
The winged Wheel
The winged Wheel 3 timmar sedan
That is why they play hackey sack/soccer as pregame warmups
Chaosweaver 3 timmar sedan
Hat pick
Boomstin Bang
Boomstin Bang 4 timmar sedan
Hi chest!
Think Critically
Think Critically 4 timmar sedan
They really got to fix the audio mismatch with the video.
A YouTube Guy
A YouTube Guy 4 timmar sedan
was here when it says "Hi" lol
Kenny Storck
Kenny Storck 4 timmar sedan
Hi chest
Aran Thranduil
Aran Thranduil 4 timmar sedan
Sportsnet's been having so many typos recently.
Henry Duong
Henry Duong 3 timmar sedan
@Gary Oak what did you just say ? That doesn't even make sense 🤣
Gary Oak
Gary Oak 3 timmar sedan
@Lincoln 101 can you read?
Lincoln 101
Lincoln 101 3 timmar sedan
@Gary Oak wtf did you just say
Gary Oak
Gary Oak 3 timmar sedan
They’re Canadians. They’re NPCs.
Owen Faulkner-Nolan
Owen Faulkner-Nolan 4 timmar sedan
Jack Edwards is my least favourite announcer in sports. Genuinely can’t stand him.
box back knitties
box back knitties 4 timmar sedan
Not Fade Away
Eddie Jackson
Eddie Jackson 4 timmar sedan
That’s definitely a cheap shot but certainly not enough to injure a player I think Pasternak was trying to sell it to the refs like Marchand and they bought it. Jack Edwards was over reacting if this was an islanders player he would call it embellishment on the islanders.
Jackson Graney
Jackson Graney 4 timmar sedan
Hi There Title Writer
blueyeswhiteclaw 4 timmar sedan
Brings a new meaning to "Say it with your chest"
Lincoln 101
Lincoln 101 4 timmar sedan
Hi Chest
Mayureshan Muhunthan
Mayureshan Muhunthan 4 timmar sedan
Drake Rymsha is making his NHL debut tonight (May 13 2021). Insane😳
Jake Broer
Jake Broer 4 timmar sedan
Rymsha is making his debut tonight. The tree keeps growing!
Michael Dym
Michael Dym 4 timmar sedan
As a habs fan, I don’t think we need to hear it constantly that we need star talent, and that the leafs have it blah blah. I agree though, we lack star power and I wish we had it but we don’t. I think saying the schedule thing and writing them off because they struggled while playing 19 games in 31 days or 24 in 42, whatever the numbers are, that’s really hard and they ranked 1st in GP since March 20 (when they had their covid issues). The leafs are going to be the favourite and I’m fine with that, but if the habs find the way they played for that first month of this season and get the bubble price we saw. I think the leafs are gonna have a really tough test. We’ll see, I hope the habs win but who knows.
Hockey Chase
Hockey Chase 4 timmar sedan
Is this playoffs
Jimmy kostiuk
Jimmy kostiuk 4 timmar sedan
What a play! From his HI chest
Maximus russo
Maximus russo 4 timmar sedan
Nick Suzuki is better than Pierre Luc Dubois.
Braetel Derksen
Braetel Derksen 4 timmar sedan
What a beauty!!
Gary Bettman
Gary Bettman 4 timmar sedan
Lovely goal by that young man as I’m eating my nice rib eye streak, lobster Mac and cheese and a nice glass of Faust Cabernet Sauvignon Napa valley wine! Life is great!
John M
John M 3 timmar sedan
Not much wrong with that meal. Maybe wash it down with a beer.
CDN-KillSwitch 22
CDN-KillSwitch 22 4 timmar sedan
BAM! 4 timmar sedan
Nobody asked Bettman
WarDocs - Military Clips
WarDocs - Military Clips 4 timmar sedan
Go Away Gary
Gary Oak
Gary Oak 4 timmar sedan
Nice shoes.
L F 4 timmar sedan
After Leafs last game with Ottawa they better clean up their act or it's bye bye in the first round...
Alex Lamerton
Alex Lamerton 4 timmar sedan
Hi chest?
Thatsnoghost! 4 timmar sedan
Is there anyone else out there who could care less about original six matchups?
Frederic Villeneuve
Frederic Villeneuve 4 timmar sedan
I'm half way through this video and neither of you has mentioned Gallagher, Caufield or Perry. I will watch the rest but it better start making sense.. So much for making sense
Roland Kennedy
Roland Kennedy 4 timmar sedan
Marcus Foligno is so underrated. Especially fisticuffs
Rice Roket
Rice Roket 4 timmar sedan
Imagine not being first
Rice Roket
Rice Roket 4 timmar sedan
@NEON Gaming ok cool I like hockey more I play hockey 5 hours a day
NEON Gaming
NEON Gaming 4 timmar sedan
ok fortnite kid
Mason Stoltz 28
Mason Stoltz 28 4 timmar sedan
Couldn’t be me
Mason Stoltz 28
Mason Stoltz 28 4 timmar sedan
Granny Vibes
Rice Roket
Rice Roket 4 timmar sedan
Gary Oak
Gary Oak 4 timmar sedan
Huh. Granlund was a massive plug. Foligno is a 100 times better. Don’t say that name again.
Matthew Larson
Matthew Larson 4 timmar sedan
Lets go Isles baby!!!!
Zeke and Opie
Zeke and Opie 4 timmar sedan
The Habs should get as many penalties as possible to keep the Leaf on the powerplay lol 🏒 🏆
Daboss Tim s
Daboss Tim s 4 timmar sedan
Daboss Tim s
Daboss Tim s 4 timmar sedan
Derek Jordan
Derek Jordan 4 timmar sedan
Tuned in for hockey and this jagoff wants to ask Colby about his chair. Thanks for fast forward.
umbrella 4 timmar sedan
Wish my Flyers were in this discussion
Derek Jordan
Derek Jordan 4 timmar sedan
DarthLetalis 4 timmar sedan
1967 9 6 7
Derek Jordan
Derek Jordan 4 timmar sedan
Trotz is the best guy to coach against the Pens. He alone gives the Isles a chance in round one. But I hope not, LET'S GO PENS!
louis lewis
louis lewis 4 timmar sedan
W guy hits everyone in the league Now it’s everyone’s turn to hit him One day he will be gone for good .
poweredbuyer 4 timmar sedan
Randip you need to stop making random analogies like “haymakers” or “shot for shot “ when talking about hockey man ... do you even understand the game or have u ever played bruh ? Horrible analysis ... and yes finally some love for Toronto