Burna Boy: Way Too Big
Jacky Felder
Jacky Felder 6 timmar sedan
Your blushing bernie
cj engelwood
cj engelwood 6 timmar sedan
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sobreaver 7 timmar sedan
carolyn bridgeman
carolyn bridgeman 7 timmar sedan
Wow an actual strategy. How refreshing
Bret Heinemeyer
Bret Heinemeyer 7 timmar sedan
Seth Meyers does nothing for anyone? Just try to be funny. Not impressed.
Gabrielle Cruz
Gabrielle Cruz 7 timmar sedan
i want a swiss army wife
Tom Walker
Tom Walker 7 timmar sedan
Ted Cruz the new Mitch McConnell?
grace sol
grace sol 7 timmar sedan
no one believes you but the ones in on it, sad.
Gerald Wallace
Gerald Wallace 7 timmar sedan
As a proud Black man, I approve that kool-aid joke 🤣🤣🤣
Yaslina 7 timmar sedan
That was not a bodyslam.
Turtle Wolfe
Turtle Wolfe 7 timmar sedan
much like Nirvana lyrics.. trump's popularity is based on its simplicity, Critical Thinkers need not apply.
Cinder Ella
Cinder Ella 7 timmar sedan
My favorite Seth, is the "big bang theory" where Sheldon complains to Leonard that Bernie is sitting on his seat. 😂
John Bram
John Bram 7 timmar sedan
Cynthia Christen
Cynthia Christen 7 timmar sedan
I'm sorry, Biden didn't understand about climate change and how to prevent polution. He shouldn't cancel the pipeline, that would eliminate big part of polution! Biden wants US imported oil again from Middle East / south America, which means, there'll be thousands of tanker ships traffic in the oceans, and they could have accidents and oil spilled into the ocean. I think Joe Biden don't have good advisers who really think about risks of oil transportations. It's mind boggling!
Jennifer 7 timmar sedan
I wish he was the president. I love him so much.
Sky Kincaid
Sky Kincaid 7 timmar sedan
"Go back to the trump scandal orphanage and choose one" 😂😂😂
Flora Zuideveld
Flora Zuideveld 7 timmar sedan
Sanders was about to explain that envelope but Seth Meyers didn't let him. I wish interviewers would let their guests do the talking!
Succubusisis 7 timmar sedan
But the end is so cringey always
Nutellaboytv 7 timmar sedan
Bernie Should be 2021 President
GoldGalaxy28 7 timmar sedan
Love how when Trump was interviewed the interviewers started debating with him, but when anyone else is interviewed they just accept everything they say.
Eddie Mot
Eddie Mot 7 timmar sedan
F... Donald trump ya ya
Shoba Singh
Shoba Singh 7 timmar sedan
Bernie is a a no-nonsense guy! Seth: Can we impeach Trump and achieve all our goals at the same time? Bernie: Yes we can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time! You go Bernie! Love your mittens!
Alfredo Becht
Alfredo Becht 7 timmar sedan
What kind of parallel univers were living all leftsided dumpasses?
Lesley Phillips
Lesley Phillips 7 timmar sedan
I don’t like Trump and I can’t agree with Bernie, his policies disagree with Bernies statement on division.
Ismat Shaikh
Ismat Shaikh 7 timmar sedan
More like the YEAR!
SuperGlide Fletch!
SuperGlide Fletch! 7 timmar sedan
All the problems he stated are Democratic failures.
Pierce Moore
Pierce Moore 7 timmar sedan
Bernie goes into an interview and after the meme gets brought up he IMMEDIATELY shouts out the teacher who made his mittens. BE LIKE BERNIE.
Lawrence Bauer Lawrence
Lawrence Bauer Lawrence 7 timmar sedan
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pado joe biden
pado joe biden 7 timmar sedan
And Tom introduced seth to child po...
M Sealey
M Sealey 7 timmar sedan
Great interview!!!
Solo Skipper
Solo Skipper 7 timmar sedan
It makes me sick to see people celebrating the crimes of DtrUMPists against the US and democracy in general. IMO we need to imprison anyone supporting those engaged in destroying democracy
mlouis035 7 timmar sedan
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Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or 7 timmar sedan
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Stevie Stevie
Stevie Stevie 7 timmar sedan
Omg wtf is this garbage ? And wtf is it recommended to me ??? I swear they repeat the lies so much they actually believe it.
Batz130 7 timmar sedan
These jokes are great 🤣🤣🤣
Gary McMahon
Gary McMahon 7 timmar sedan
Hans Jeffrey Scott
Hans Jeffrey Scott 7 timmar sedan
The only “damage “ Real President Donald J Trump did is not invoking the Insurrection Act in June so we could have had an honest, in person election w/o the phony ballots & Dominion/Smartmatic rigging...now the Democrats stole the WH and the Senate.
Brad Templar
Brad Templar 7 timmar sedan
WHY THE f..K are they shouting at each other.
ShadowHunta 7 timmar sedan
Berniiiiiiiie!!! I love this guy! He reminds of a real life Doc Brown.
ron gaudreault
ron gaudreault 7 timmar sedan
ron gaudreault
ron gaudreault 7 timmar sedan
Hans Jeffrey Scott
Hans Jeffrey Scott 7 timmar sedan
Biden has done more damage in one week than Real President Donald J Trump did in 4 years.
P Michael
P Michael 7 timmar sedan
who is in charge of seths skin care....? he needs a gay in his life
rash b
rash b 7 timmar sedan
I love juror lady making a face and Mexican Merit award moment. 😂 Classic! Other than Judy Dench, and Tilda and I'd rather see Sarah Silverman before the other actors.
Dina Karimi
Dina Karimi 7 timmar sedan
asa teenage girl this sounds insanely scarey and i would also cry
9lives lie-cat-lie
9lives lie-cat-lie 7 timmar sedan
Ted Cruz: the new king idiot to replace former president Trump
Wendy 7 timmar sedan
Some of these jokes could only have been delivered in true snarky style - well done, Seth! 😄
B ob de Mon
B ob de Mon 8 timmar sedan
Not everything about Trump s negative. He left the US also something good: a brandnew synonym for lying: TRUMPING!.
sk Torre
sk Torre 8 timmar sedan
TED time to GO .. you are now the NEW problem ...
Taiana Arlandini
Taiana Arlandini 8 timmar sedan
I love Mariska
Landon Troxclair
Landon Troxclair 8 timmar sedan
People were divided way before trump maybe trunk didn’t make it better but he had some good battles that were plausible not all but some were acceptable
reginaldino enchillada
reginaldino enchillada 8 timmar sedan
Sometimes art just hits too close to reality. Its great that ppl enjoy the film.
Hammer Time
Hammer Time 8 timmar sedan
This guy has lost his mind
Kimberly Beaurad
Kimberly Beaurad 8 timmar sedan
Stop lying!!!!!!!!!!
Jon Mac
Jon Mac 8 timmar sedan
If Bernie cant be president he can be a meme...
Kimberly Beaurad
Kimberly Beaurad 8 timmar sedan
Christopher VanZetta
Christopher VanZetta 8 timmar sedan
If I ever wanted to be gaslighted I'd come here
San Cristobal
San Cristobal 7 timmar sedan
this isn't gaslighting us, they have no credibility with us. this is controlling the narrative for the people that are still under the spell.
robin riley
robin riley 8 timmar sedan
I’m with you Bernie, you are a class act
Neo VeNoM
Neo VeNoM 8 timmar sedan
Bernie Sanders 2015: millionaires and billionaires need to pay their share in taxes 2019: billionaires need to pay their share in taxes he is probably the nicest senator as a person. But I don't trust nice politicians. Also the woman who made those mittens stopped doing that, because taxes basically killed her business. www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/woman-made-bernie-mittens-viral-meme-quit-taxes-crushed-business
soulseeker aka sandy wolf
soulseeker aka sandy wolf 8 timmar sedan
I love this man! BERNIE !!!
TP 9
TP 9 8 timmar sedan
Hahahaha love how the “shes not actually with us anymore” was just to make herself laugh. I do that a lot. Its a problem.
RGMG 8 timmar sedan
Gotta love Bernie! Just a great man..
Ded Hampster
Ded Hampster 8 timmar sedan
I dont agree with Bernie on some of his plans, but i sure do respect him on his work ethic and plain speech. And even if he were to succeed in some of his programs that i dont agree with it wouldnt be detrimental or marginalize a large swath of workibg class people, it may even help or could be tweeked to work better.
J Dubz
J Dubz 8 timmar sedan
“Well you know, we could be talking about the troops in Syria, but my meme is so much more purposefully widespread.”
Steve st steve
Steve st steve 8 timmar sedan
Quid pro joe. Make human trafficking great again
Molly Chambes
Molly Chambes 8 timmar sedan
The somber rabbit relatively prepare because question annually observe behind a graceful dashboard. ordinary, laughable moustache
Quinn Parker
Quinn Parker 8 timmar sedan
I grew up 10 minutes from Essex Junction. It's blowing my mind that 5 m people know about it now!
Carol May
Carol May 8 timmar sedan
I just love that little man.
Mark Hayser
Mark Hayser 8 timmar sedan
Emily is basically Amber Heard and Kate Winslet combined
Fifthelement203 8 timmar sedan
That Kool aid joke is hilarious ! 😂😂😂
S 8 timmar sedan
Demonrats stole it from Bernie ya'll should be mad at that Dominion software that flips votes. But your hate for Orange Man blinded you to accept fraud and lies! That software has been changing votes for yearsssss.
David Stracener
David Stracener 8 timmar sedan
Ah yes, Patriot’s Day
Jose Trevino
Jose Trevino 8 timmar sedan
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Owen Wade
Owen Wade 8 timmar sedan
The teeny dream pivotally scrub because radish evidently punish upon a elfin soil. glamorous, lackadaisical stage
Herowebcomics 8 timmar sedan
I disagree with many left wing things, but I also agree that Trump was not a good president! He did everything he could to not do the job and most of the stuff he did do was dangerous! I am glad that he is free to just hang out and eat his cheeseburgers now! As for old Joe, I look forward to seeing what good he will do and I hope he will resist the temptation to try and take over the healthcare industry again! That is not a good use of his time! That's the CEOs' job! Also, you may hate on how there are people who question Joe, but I am ok with it! it is good to see more then one side of an issue!
HoodHood007 -
HoodHood007 - 8 timmar sedan
What an absolute unit Bernie is
JamesAllmond 8 timmar sedan
Why did he do that, because he is a good man, period. I would vote for him and have no idea what party he is in and do not care.
Josh Graham
Josh Graham 8 timmar sedan
Biden has already done more damage in a few days that Trump did in 4 years. How bout you get back to reporting truth
Tracy LF
Tracy LF 8 timmar sedan
PS: Seth???? Can you PLEASE stop saying Fox *NEWS*???? They are NOT a news channel-- not at all. Did you miss the bit where Tucker Carlson was brought up for his comments as false, or something to that effect? slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/09/judge-rules-fox-news-tucker-carlson-not-source-of-news-defamation-suit-mcdougal-trump.html
Martin Justa
Martin Justa 8 timmar sedan
Nice...it is 250 pages more than Trump administration.