Archer 17 timmar sedan
The android auto split screen thing can be fixed in the settings under device connections
mahadevovnl 17 timmar sedan
So it's all touch screen? They actually removed the amazing swivel wheel and touch pad thing in the center console? Now you have to operate a touch screen with outstretched arms in a moving vehicle instead of calmly with your arm on the center rest? HoW MoDeRn! OmG! AlL teH Co0l KiDs are doing it, right? #dabbers #yeatle LOOK AT ME I AM FELLOW KIDS. Said the 60+ year old Mercedes decision-makers who don't know what the fuck they're talking about.
Scott Thomson
Scott Thomson 17 timmar sedan
Save your money and get the Genesis G70 when it arrives. Stunning vehicle, same quality as Merc or BMW and has a 3.3T V6 good for 4.5 to 60. It really is a class machine.
robin borghmans
robin borghmans 17 timmar sedan
Always enjoy your nice and comprehensive reviews but you don't have one for the new tucson 2021 hybrid?
George Yordanov
George Yordanov 17 timmar sedan
A realy realy bad review. Not pointing out the first ever gadgets at this class and price point like the defuse option or blind spot camera. I am realy disapointed from CarWoW and will unsubscribe after this video for sure. You should be ashamed from your work.
Simon Parsons
Simon Parsons 17 timmar sedan
Both Audi and BMW designers have lost their way, whilst this is a more conservatively styled, it's infinitely more elegant.
Sibusiso Satande
Sibusiso Satande 17 timmar sedan
Own 2020 audi r8
Adi Omari
Adi Omari 17 timmar sedan
How can the newer model look worse than the one before? Hyundai did that to a lot of their new cars!
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady 17 timmar sedan
Casually wearing a £900 Burberry jacket there 😂
blurred_clarity_ 17 timmar sedan
If you have a drinking game by how many times Mat pushes another one of his vids and website and you’re drunk halfway through the episode. When it comes to reviews it’s easily AutoTrader just so I have don’t have to hear the constant pushing of his vids most of us would have seen.
Kevin Hatfield
Kevin Hatfield 17 timmar sedan
U tried to race on a wet track WTF
Fred in the Shed
Fred in the Shed 17 timmar sedan
I think the standard 5 year warranty is worth a mention in the review.
Mercury_F12 17 timmar sedan
Take note of this comment for when I will be famous, I drive a Renault megane 2 from 2006 and today his 6th gear decided to die on the motorway on my way to work
miamimo70 17 timmar sedan
Better to see which one ends up on its side, going around a corner
Sibusiso Satande
Sibusiso Satande 17 timmar sedan
Uh the sacred stick😂😉
roel gerits
roel gerits 17 timmar sedan
why isn't there an old vw Touareg in this race ? proper off-roader and great car
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady 17 timmar sedan
Those rear lights are more mustang mach e than they are Peugeot
Frank 18 timmar sedan
Mat would you do a comparison video of this car Tucson vs Qashqai 2021?
Marco not on facebook
Marco not on facebook 18 timmar sedan
No V12?
hardcorerider 18 timmar sedan
Better design than german boring, clinically dull design. Big BALLS in design section in Hyundai. If i have that much €£ i would rather buy that then german rivals
VDK Studios
VDK Studios 18 timmar sedan
We all wanna see the new mclarem 765lt
mario21ss 18 timmar sedan
Mr Watson this car is better than a tiguan, is better than an ateca and better than a karoq.... (vw family that you are in love with them...audi rs6)
glenn alexon
glenn alexon 18 timmar sedan
Siberian tigers live primarily in birch forests; birch trees are made of 50% water and 50% carbon. So hoon on.
Fiona 18 timmar sedan
car in drag car in drag
Charged UP
Charged UP 18 timmar sedan
Shoddy review Matt. Are you grumpy because yes auto got the first review? Did I miss you highlighting the unique DRL’s? Did I miss the spec walk up / pricing etc?? Maybe I did!
Gregory Taylor
Gregory Taylor 18 timmar sedan
5:25 Yanni’s launch face gets better every-time.
22vx 18 timmar sedan
If "prettier" means more expensive and more prone to breakdowns then yes, the Range Rover is prettier.
Titan Gaming
Titan Gaming 18 timmar sedan
Mat Tesla model 3 v 911 turbo s MAT PLSSSS DO IT
Samaksh Agarwal
Samaksh Agarwal 18 timmar sedan
The tata nano is an Indian car
matthew jones
matthew jones 18 timmar sedan
Think your reaching abit on some of the comparisons to other cars 🤔 and the old model definitely looked worse 😴 the worst looking thing in that car is your naf Burberry branded coat 🧥 😂
Thomas Kretzschmer
Thomas Kretzschmer 18 timmar sedan
I love the big grill. I don‘t like the old one. Sure as electric car every grill is fake, but should all electric cars have no design thing like a grill? I bet you would then say they all copy Tesla...
VITTORIO HOUSTON 99 18 timmar sedan
Abcd Efjh
Abcd Efjh 18 timmar sedan
Many thanks from morocco for sharing 🙏🙏🙏y ve done a great job man👍 I ve a question please. Why they said that black color is bad....
J. Wick
J. Wick 18 timmar sedan
Hyundai has a long history in copying designs of other european manufacturers. It is like they have 0 Creativity!!
Tommi BeGoode
Tommi BeGoode 18 timmar sedan
Pipe Godoy
Pipe Godoy 18 timmar sedan
Thats why I live motorcicles 35 grand beat the shit of a boost bmw and a nissan on esteroids.
Frank 18 timmar sedan
Finally, a decent design compared to the previous models.
Luis Pereira999
Luis Pereira999 18 timmar sedan
No One: Mat Watson: click on the pop out banner on the top right hand corner... :D
Rene Delfgou
Rene Delfgou 18 timmar sedan
I think he’s becoming more and more like Waldorf from the muppets. I unsubscribe after this review. Had too much of his wining.
MJHKing1 18 timmar sedan
If you've got nothing going on and want everyone to know, buy this. "150 hp mild hybrid" holy christ. Nice bag snatching coat, Mat
22vx 18 timmar sedan
Hyundai engines are garbage and Hyundai will NOT honor their warranties. Google it.
Rj Mansfield
Rj Mansfield 18 timmar sedan
Ehh... you're grasping at straws here with the exterior design. Everything you've compared it too as copying was a stretch, and there are many vehicles that look closer to those cars you pointed out. Also you must have forgotten that this car was based off of a concept from a couple years ago.
Bozzy !!
Bozzy !! 18 timmar sedan
That’s single clutch vs double clutch for u
מתן אביאב
מתן אביאב 18 timmar sedan
So ugly car... It does not worth the money
stephen mcswiney
stephen mcswiney 18 timmar sedan
Interesting Matt claims he beat the jeep yet in a video not too long ago he said it’s first car to the limiter🙄 constantly changing the rules to suit himself
Nuno Hipólito
Nuno Hipólito 18 timmar sedan
I wonder if this Tucson would be cheaper on Cars and Bids
ALI KHASANOV 18 timmar sedan
Panos 18 timmar sedan
Excellent review, but be more careful with your beautiful phone 😄 , or use a screen protector in the future.
Aisonas 18 timmar sedan
The copied design bit was not warranted, since there are Audis that look like Skodas
Charlie Burton
Charlie Burton 18 timmar sedan
Was this using Tesla’s launch mode. As they was no mention?? They are crazy fast then.
neonblack 18 timmar sedan
I'm a huge bmw fanboy for decades, owned quite a few of them, mostly coupes but they have lost it in recent years. The new c class looks way better in every aspect and way more modern. Between these two, the 3 series looks like it's a generation older car, too many buttons and cheapish design clues in the central console below the screen and that poor design can translate to all over from the outside looks as well. Even though I'm not a fan of this C class interior, too many shiny plastic everywhere and too many lights, too big central screen. But over all it is just way more modern than the bimmer. This C class is the last nail to the bmw coffin, i'm afraid. They will have to redesign all of their models really soon, like next year, if they want to compete but seeing a fugly joke cars they are putting out that not gonna happen. What a fools they have become.
Minecraft zombie boy
Minecraft zombie boy 18 timmar sedan
10:38 really???? Ok I guess the wrx sti left the chat
Goku 1080 Ti
Goku 1080 Ti 18 timmar sedan
Didn’t watch it yet but I know Toyota Corolla is going to be at the top.
Garvey Hally
Garvey Hally 18 timmar sedan
am really disappointed with these new car designs
Neil Murphy
Neil Murphy 18 timmar sedan
That dash cluster remind me of the Peugeot one.
Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson 18 timmar sedan
I can't finish watching this crap. You spent the entire first few minutes talking about tiny bits and pieces that supposedly copied other cars rather than giving us some actual content. I'm glad I never subscribed. Good thing I stopped before the first ad came on because I certainly wasn't planning on allowing you to make money from my view on this pos review.
Arindam Phatowali
Arindam Phatowali 18 timmar sedan
Yianni's reactions were insane..🔥 😂
Sam Carré
Sam Carré 18 timmar sedan
I actually prefer the look of the new one, I think it looks more manly and tough if you ask me
Greg S
Greg S 18 timmar sedan
I’ll take a manual M3 please.
Rb Clark
Rb Clark 18 timmar sedan
Raz I think I know how the 4matic system didn’t work u prob have to warm up the tires
Michael Warren
Michael Warren 18 timmar sedan
Who would pay good money for that monstrosity.......who......🤮🤮🤮
Everything Cars and More
Everything Cars and More 18 timmar sedan
It looks like the new Tucson is the old one and the old one is the new one
максим Зарудаев
максим Зарудаев 18 timmar sedan
RS 7 better. This colour combination is perfect for this car.
C Gamez OO
C Gamez OO 18 timmar sedan
That interior isn’t original, Mat. The middle setup is a carbon copy of 2013-2018 Nissan Altima
shamar davis
shamar davis 18 timmar sedan
I want to see you review and test the toyota gr mark x
Philippos krizopoulos
Philippos krizopoulos 18 timmar sedan
Its the first review i notice, that concludes that the new Tucson isnt such a good car! In general, i really like Mat Watson's reviews, but this time dont know why am pissed off, i think its a really cynical and unfair review for this new Hyundai car.
Vandal42 18 timmar sedan
You should do a Tug-o-War with SUVs in this class -
Elsuerte Ermano
Elsuerte Ermano 18 timmar sedan
Cool video but it misses something 🤔 O yeah, it was Yanni what s missing 👀
K P 18 timmar sedan
Matt's reviews are getting worse and worse! First going from pretending Bentley's offer great value in his Polestar review to resorting to his old tricks of attacking Korean car brands. Man, why are so many car guys racist???
Mark Morrissey
Mark Morrissey 18 timmar sedan
I don’t think the maybach flopped because of the world financial crisis etc It’s because it damn ugly
ficoe39 Udovcic
ficoe39 Udovcic 18 timmar sedan
After those 2000's and all of uglyness, these new style Peugeot model look pretty damn good especially compared to all VW group that look boring. Personally the new 508 looks very very good compared to the competition. 👍
Phakamile Mbengashe
Phakamile Mbengashe 18 timmar sedan
Sankhdeep Mitra
Sankhdeep Mitra 18 timmar sedan
I actually love this design of the Tucson. It's an improvement from the previous generation in every sense. Hope Hyundai launches the full hybrid version in India soon.
Sourav Ranjan
Sourav Ranjan 18 timmar sedan
You forgot ... the black circular wheels..... like ..
Youness LУ
Youness LУ 18 timmar sedan
He forgot that he has a BMW 😂 LMFAO
H LAKHOUA 18 timmar sedan
Your videos are always bad 👎
N A 18 timmar sedan
One of the new ugliest car 🤮
Nik S
Nik S 18 timmar sedan
You forgot to mention that they copied the round wheels. Get serious bro. Wtf was that.
K P 18 timmar sedan
What if I told you the value of *ANY* of this car's competitors is absolutely terrible. If you're concerned about value, get something like a Mercedes Coupe, or even an 8 series.
Zane Slam
Zane Slam 18 timmar sedan
Mg hs