Garry Love
Garry Love 3 timmar sedan
There's so much oil in this video I fear America might invade it
Ep. 3 timmar sedan
Sarah’s been ready for this moment
Michelle R
Michelle R 3 timmar sedan
The US wants to know your location
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius 3 timmar sedan
Amazing show. I just started to cook at home and love it.
Texas Kosmonawt
Texas Kosmonawt 3 timmar sedan
What a title
Dj Sushi
Dj Sushi 3 timmar sedan
Squeak 3 timmar sedan
Squeak 3 timmar sedan
pog 1000th comment
Chris B
Chris B 3 timmar sedan
why does he touch disgusting grime with his bare hands
MY Name
MY Name 3 timmar sedan
The way he said “you think that’s too much olive oil?”😂
Marney Olson
Marney Olson 3 timmar sedan
The title of this video sounds like a recipe off of The Kitchen.
JacerXD 3 timmar sedan
That amount of oil will soon turn into an oil rig
CAPITAL D COLON 3 timmar sedan
Why do people hire people as cooks who cant speak english properly? The kitchen NEEDS clear communication, no need for idiots who cant speak english after many many years in the US. wtf!
Mr. Mannen
Mr. Mannen 3 timmar sedan
Sebastian's wife/owner
mylen Hansen
mylen Hansen 3 timmar sedan
I love how the official kitchen nightmares channel chose that title
The Prime Minister of Australia
The Prime Minister of Australia 3 timmar sedan
C'mon Rita have you never seen the show? You don't give him frozen food!
vivi :D
vivi :D 3 timmar sedan
me eating my homemade garlic bread: *haha noobies*
Eric Henningfeld
Eric Henningfeld 3 timmar sedan
I love this daughter. She's loyal. And now she's learning to cook with Gordon Ramsay and she's a good cook. What a badass. I hope things go well in life for her.
All Australian Sales
All Australian Sales 3 timmar sedan
What a doofus owner.
Parkerzilla 3 timmar sedan
At 0' 35" that waiter's forearm is f*cked with self-harm cuts.
The Prime Minister of Australia
The Prime Minister of Australia 3 timmar sedan
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius 3 timmar sedan
I have myself 5 Goodyear Stars
JebClang 3 timmar sedan
3:56 "Too much lobster" Perfect example of the "telephone game". Gordon never said it that way.
Mariyam Roshi
Mariyam Roshi 3 timmar sedan
13:22 omg that transition
Memeater 3 timmar sedan
Gordon Ramsay is always strict, and cusses, but he's a good man at heart. HE IS A REAL MAN AND A COOK
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph 3 timmar sedan
He knows his stuff in regards to Ramsey
Prince 3 timmar sedan
im starting to fall in love with gordon every time i watch him. i just wish one day i get yelled imma fcking doughnut by him.
Grind Smore
Grind Smore 3 timmar sedan
I didn't know Mel Gibson owned a restaurant.
poptato 3 timmar sedan
I hope you dont get fired
Syahrul Ridzuan
Syahrul Ridzuan 3 timmar sedan
Bitchy Vibe
butchers of london
butchers of london 3 timmar sedan
Gordy lol
Praveesha Chapman
Praveesha Chapman 3 timmar sedan
Most people hear an argument, I only hear music
The Prime Minister of Australia
The Prime Minister of Australia 3 timmar sedan
Tfw you try to go toe to toe with Ramsay but the best you can muster is a limp dicked "tough shit" 😰
Laguna Libre
Laguna Libre 3 timmar sedan
That tiramisu being a hard rock is one of the greatest mysteries of my life. How did it get... solid?! Wtf
elver galarga
elver galarga 3 timmar sedan
the title: THE WORST PIZZAS. the video: only one shitty pizza.
AEKAskenburne 3 timmar sedan
3:08 purrrrrrfect!
HustleBerry 3 timmar sedan
It's called soul food cause you're going to heaven after eating it
Sol Baguma
Sol Baguma 3 timmar sedan
tofu 3 timmar sedan
"four times I've gotten compliments about it being too spicy" uhhh that's when you make it less spicy idiot
Alicia Williams
Alicia Williams 3 timmar sedan
Sam, she a all star... Sad restaurant hood movie
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher 3 timmar sedan
4:50 .. Ramsey is ignorant & doesn’t know the first thing about Middle Eastern food
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B 3 timmar sedan
"Do the right thing, Mani, nuke the frozen food."
Meri C
Meri C 3 timmar sedan
Really feel sorry for the daughter. I hope she's doing ok.
Karm3l Kitty
Karm3l Kitty 3 timmar sedan
This honestly sounds like some recipes I have seen on the internet
Layla Jane
Layla Jane 3 timmar sedan
If I was him, I’d check out the kitchen before eating their food 🤷‍♀️
SukkaBlukkaCheez 3 timmar sedan
" I know chefs. I've cooked--been all around." Anyone else smell that?
Lyftic 3 timmar sedan
16:03 It seems he has the right to argue with a customer because she does not work for a microwave company lmao
Kyuzo Kyuzosan
Kyuzo Kyuzosan 3 timmar sedan
She still commenting? Or finally gave up :D
Ruan Antunes
Ruan Antunes 3 timmar sedan
That first chef really is a doofus.
Federal Bureau of Investigations
Federal Bureau of Investigations 3 timmar sedan
I saw a lady cutting a penne with a knife
Sandlax 9
Sandlax 9 3 timmar sedan
Owner: I bet that Gordon will like our food. Everyone watching: makes THAT face
Minotaur1776 3 timmar sedan
“That lobsters dead, but it’s fine.” Some of you may die, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.
Minimallie 3 timmar sedan
Lol i saw grilled Cesar salad in Hell’s Kitchen tho as a menu dish so...
Dorian Alia
Dorian Alia 3 timmar sedan
I personally thought there wasn’t enough oil...
Memeater 3 timmar sedan
Rsmager24 3 timmar sedan
I love how staged all these are
tetrahydro x
tetrahydro x 3 timmar sedan
When you go into the comment section to see people's comments on the content of the video and all you find is everyone circlejerking around the title lol
Turtox 3 timmar sedan
I feel sad for the last women she gave up any hopes
Jamil Salman
Jamil Salman 3 timmar sedan
I swear gordon is making these titles
Abdulmalik Khayat
Abdulmalik Khayat 3 timmar sedan
“Spoiled useless owner” Uhm, like? 90% of kitchen nightmare owners?
Reuben Noam
Reuben Noam 3 timmar sedan
First time I've seen Gordon noticeably wrong (this is not to say that he isn't wrong more often, this is just something I know for a fact): I am middle-eastern and he was mistaken when he criticized the amount of olive oil on the hummus. He may not like it, but it is traditionally served with tons and tons of olive oil on top. The first images on Google will also show this. Hummus is a dip, not a meal, and just as the French have olive oil dips, hummus often practically becomes one. I can't vouch for the flavor on that particular plate though; it did seem a little plain. Generally hummus should also have whole chickpeas, tahini, parsley, paprika (which was present), maybe crisped shallots, etc. That kind of unseasoned hummus is usually made for children. Just my thoughts.
Digital 3 timmar sedan
I cant believe the head chef doesn't know what a pescatarian is But just in case whats a pescatarian again
cj mead
cj mead 3 timmar sedan
Keep in mind that the cook, (I dare not call him a chef), is cooking for one of the best and most famous chefs in the world. He knew his ribs were horrible and he sent them out anyway. There's no excuse for that.
slate grey
slate grey 3 timmar sedan
'See this is why we need xanax' bruh
Paul Stancioni
Paul Stancioni 3 timmar sedan
What a weirdo
Judette The Unicorn
Judette The Unicorn 3 timmar sedan
I have infinite love for Mr. G Ramsay. Mostly because I KNOW I can't cook for shit and I'll never be faced with a situation where he would have to eat my food. I would be crying before he even sees the food.
David Shlenskiy
David Shlenskiy 3 timmar sedan
Wait until he tries deep fried olive oil. 😳
Fiona Novis
Fiona Novis 3 timmar sedan
Gorden’s insults are on fireeeee 🔥
FuzzBeed 3 timmar sedan
Connor Tremblay
Connor Tremblay 3 timmar sedan
"I've forgotten more than you know." Holy shit Gordon, no holds barred goddamn.
theflamingtoaster1 3 timmar sedan
Lol that last waitress was great
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph 3 timmar sedan
This has to be to fake. I'm blown away.
LOSC LXII 3 timmar sedan
16:39 the poor microwave sences Gordons presence lol
Frost Huskee
Frost Huskee 3 timmar sedan
I fucking love this channel
Olivia Martini
Olivia Martini 3 timmar sedan
I understand why the lobster roll is making the restaurant hemorrhage money, but Hell if I lived near there I'd be a regular. Twelve bucks, take it home, get more buns and it's dinner for the family! Plus it looked delicious and perfectly cooked, Gordon might have deigned to eat some. Sometimes he does act like a little bitch, OTT with the criticism when he knows how sensitive cooks/chefs are. HE certainly can't take what he dishes out. So to speak.