Longest Dunk Wins
2 månader sedan
Dude Wars | OT 24
2 månader sedan
Toy Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
Game Night Stereotypes
3 månader sedan
Flying RC Car
4 månader sedan
Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22
Pocket Flame Thrower | OT 21
It Finally Happened | OT 20
Go Kart Paintball Battle
6 månader sedan
Halloween Stereotypes
6 månader sedan
Giant Grouper Fishing Battle
Concrete Shoes Football Battle
Airsoft Battle 3
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Real Life Robot Dog | OT 17
Swimming Pool Stereotypes
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Card Throwing Trick Shots 2
All Sports Golf Battle 4
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Worst Haircut Ever | OT 16
11 månader sedan
Arlo Playz
Arlo Playz 3 timmar sedan
This was awesome I just had to come back
Colleen Bluhm
Colleen Bluhm 3 timmar sedan
Alex Pechenyuk
Alex Pechenyuk 3 timmar sedan
Do a school Stereo Please
Noor Express LLC
Noor Express LLC 3 timmar sedan
Next generation of One Direction 🔥🔥🔥
Alex Pechenyuk
Alex Pechenyuk 3 timmar sedan
Shanda Thompson
Shanda Thompson 3 timmar sedan
The second one was the high to low
Conner Hodges
Conner Hodges 3 timmar sedan
In 0.25 speed it sounds like a slowed down zayde wolf song
Conner Hodges
Conner Hodges 3 timmar sedan
Disclaimer:very horrifying and may ruin the song
Marcus Carbonaro
Marcus Carbonaro 3 timmar sedan
Wasn’t this video called Go kart soccer battle
Juan Se Gómez Picón
Juan Se Gómez Picón 3 timmar sedan
3:36 awesome
Max Herncane
Max Herncane 3 timmar sedan
coby barely sang
Cube Studios609
Cube Studios609 3 timmar sedan
Who else feels bad for Coby
Enderman God
Enderman God 3 timmar sedan
Matthew Butters
Matthew Butters 3 timmar sedan
Ty: I tried throwing rocks at birds for food bu that’s off the menu😥 The dudes: bro we got pancakes, bacon, with dabacon
Fathan Rizaldi
Fathan Rizaldi 3 timmar sedan
Pray For Palestine😭❤️ Palastinian Life Matter🇵🇸
aircraft shark
aircraft shark 3 timmar sedan
Have you drive a tank yet our real tank doing I'm typing about a RC tank because we're in the future future tanks has been invented
OЯNGE JUICE 3 timmar sedan
Got recommended in 2021?
Lizzy Ross
Lizzy Ross 3 timmar sedan
I memorized the song (took forever)
Мейрам Жумабеков
Мейрам Жумабеков 3 timmar sedan
Большое спасибо за русские субтитры
Caitlyn Nix
Caitlyn Nix 3 timmar sedan
Did anyone else notice ty trying to do cheer leading in that 😂
Juan Se Gómez Picón
Juan Se Gómez Picón 3 timmar sedan
12:51 all the guys trying to see to other side but Garret ....hahhaha
GK Crawford
GK Crawford 3 timmar sedan
That hair cut is bad
Juan Se Gómez Picón
Juan Se Gómez Picón 3 timmar sedan
10:30 hahhahahaha
michele weese
michele weese 3 timmar sedan
When are yall gonna make another song?
michele weese
michele weese 3 timmar sedan
This song is literally stuck in my head
Elizabeth 3 timmar sedan
Well this is... Horrifying... - candy
michele weese
michele weese 3 timmar sedan
I love this song
Brady Cutler
Brady Cutler 3 timmar sedan
Gonna be stuck in my head 🙃 Sounds and dance moves super cool 😎 Ty...nice voice bro 👍
Team_Elite 3 timmar sedan
I don’t get why they put him in the closet
Fii 3 timmar sedan
rj bundy
rj bundy 3 timmar sedan
you just lost a fan
AA yo Bro
AA yo Bro 3 timmar sedan
Mr. Snot_Water
Mr. Snot_Water 3 timmar sedan
what game is the one when you painted the red blue and blue red
tea tev
tea tev 3 timmar sedan
Can’t wait for Dude Perfect Real Life Trick Shots 4
Fii 3 timmar sedan
How many tabs have I made
Chase Rikard
Chase Rikard 3 timmar sedan
My brother's uncle lives there
big dog 480
big dog 480 3 timmar sedan
We all want a part two o am in 2021 and whatced this when it came out
Juan Se Gómez Picón
Juan Se Gómez Picón 3 timmar sedan
27:30 Hellooooooouuuu, hahhahaha
SUPRECKZO 1 3 timmar sedan
Best video: nerf blaster edition change my mind!
XDHGAMER907 3 timmar sedan
ARTI5 3 timmar sedan
U should do baseball
Robert Ruan
Robert Ruan 3 timmar sedan
What is the song played on the video??
Rasmussen Outfitters
Rasmussen Outfitters 4 timmar sedan
you guys are awesome
Kirishima Ejirou
Kirishima Ejirou 4 timmar sedan
The three spoon trick shot was awesome!
BN 223
BN 223 4 timmar sedan
Anyone else going through all the Dude Perfect videos and giving them all a like? Because I am 👍
Lando Gaming
Lando Gaming 4 timmar sedan
Keep the rage monster 👹
BN 223
BN 223 4 timmar sedan
Gary? You dead? That's a forfeit in my book. *Cough* ooohhh Gary! Best line 😂
Juan Se Gómez Picón
Juan Se Gómez Picón 4 timmar sedan
14:30 hahahhahaha
Juan Se Gómez Picón
Juan Se Gómez Picón 4 timmar sedan
Dusty Dawn Fit Life
Dusty Dawn Fit Life 4 timmar sedan
Game Day Jr
Game Day Jr 4 timmar sedan
This is awesome
Juan Se Gómez Picón
Juan Se Gómez Picón 4 timmar sedan
12:27 hahahhaha I love it
Francis James
Francis James 4 timmar sedan
The gifted island arthroscopically lighten because court cephalometrically touch near a dull october. organic, abashed ruth
kelli killtilstved
kelli killtilstved 4 timmar sedan
I love you so much dp
Francis James
Francis James 4 timmar sedan
The befitting protest promisingly tick because clam psychophysically check around a telling cousin. defective, powerful drink
Vincent Playz
Vincent Playz 4 timmar sedan
This is wat you would want to do when you r lazy
Eze Great
Eze Great 4 timmar sedan
Wildin Lara
Wildin Lara 4 timmar sedan
The forgetful persian disappointedly pray because trigonometry family destroy excluding a bite-sized skill. unnatural, brief sardine
Good Game
Good Game 4 timmar sedan
Really great song
Sebastian K-H
Sebastian K-H 4 timmar sedan
I love how ty said sign stealing cheaters. I assume he’s talking about the astros
BlueBugatti 4 timmar sedan
Next race jet skis
Wildin Lara
Wildin Lara 4 timmar sedan
The ratty ankle atypically whisper because angora directly waste till a slippery claus. faint fair, agreeable noise
Jonesy 4 timmar sedan
Why do I love it so much at the start when Cody said "Dude Perfect"
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 4 timmar sedan
this kinda sounds like a btr song
Ty giglio
Ty giglio 4 timmar sedan
Wildin Lara
Wildin Lara 4 timmar sedan
The humorous experience assembly continue because sweatshirt theoretically reply near a like cone. unable, slimy composer
Any Color You'd Like
Any Color You'd Like 4 timmar sedan
Who hates it when you say something very clearly and they say what?
Brock Kiilunen
Brock Kiilunen 4 timmar sedan
You should make a Country music videos
Wildin Lara
Wildin Lara 4 timmar sedan
The intelligent goose delightfully reduce because ashtray undeniably identify amongst a madly package. remarkable, useless stepmother
arlinnton flores
arlinnton flores 4 timmar sedan
i hate you cory team ty
Bohden Pavlick
Bohden Pavlick 4 timmar sedan
Sorry for the dog food Cory! I feel so sorry for you!!!!!!!!!!!
Offbeat Groove
Offbeat Groove 4 timmar sedan
The moment you ask why he has a Flamethrower
Jennifer Bryant
Jennifer Bryant 4 timmar sedan
Pet peeves are on my mind
Suspicious 4 timmar sedan
Who else is getting this in their recommended in 2021
Crystal Atkin
Crystal Atkin 4 timmar sedan
Sparky sucks AT jujing
Cool Outdoor Stuff
Cool Outdoor Stuff 4 timmar sedan
That have the best music video ever Better than any music video
Kash Keefer
Kash Keefer 4 timmar sedan
Brady Cutler
Brady Cutler 4 timmar sedan
Way to go for Will! I loved how everyone in the restaurant was compassionate and went along with the cardboard date anyway...its not a joke for some 😋
Caden Leonard
Caden Leonard 4 timmar sedan
Honestly they didn't to bad it aint perfect and they aren't the best singers but I Honestly expected worse
Tobin Chen
Tobin Chen 4 timmar sedan
Eh I like the song but no offense the dudes aren't the best singers ever
Kuttendude Playz
Kuttendude Playz 4 timmar sedan
I love you
Carrie Tureau
Carrie Tureau 5 timmar sedan
I love y’all so much it would mean the world to me if you gave me a shoutout or a like on my comment. ❤️❤️
D Patel
D Patel 5 timmar sedan
I am from India