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Polly Molly
Polly Molly 10 timmar sedan
17:13 thats cool
I’m Ash
I’m Ash 10 timmar sedan
Vogue : why do you think the colours are beautiful? Kanye West : because they’re COLOURFUL.
Julia Bernard
Julia Bernard 10 timmar sedan
I thought something was off but y’all right she isn’t reading off script.
Alexia Camilo
Alexia Camilo 10 timmar sedan
4:29 me knowing she has Tarzan with Shawn
Sasha Yasasha
Sasha Yasasha 10 timmar sedan
So very very very very very very cuttteeee sweettt i love you Gigi :*
Brooklyn O'Brien
Brooklyn O'Brien 10 timmar sedan
i love her energy! even when she has to deal with so much stress all the time, she manages to stay confident, and positive!
Anika Sear
Anika Sear 10 timmar sedan
Addison Rae is so much more down to earth than Charli
Julia Bernard
Julia Bernard 10 timmar sedan
She does look like a cute young Grandma!!!
Accidental_Lounge _Comfort
Accidental_Lounge _Comfort 10 timmar sedan
I swear after the ted bundy movie I always see zac as rest bundy 😂
Paul Webley
Paul Webley 10 timmar sedan
Wow - such amazing looks
sna1910 10 timmar sedan
I can see her playing whitney houston
Danielle Gutierrez
Danielle Gutierrez 10 timmar sedan
Love how she’s always talking about Kylie
Der Potsdamer
Der Potsdamer 10 timmar sedan
Holy moly, it's astonishing how much of a fake this is...
Akshitha s
Akshitha s 10 timmar sedan
Is it blurry for anyone else?
KIRTIKAA SHARMA 10 timmar sedan
Talia Yana
Talia Yana 10 timmar sedan
She's so pretty 💕
Kalpana Sahu
Kalpana Sahu 10 timmar sedan
Her nails are longer than my fingers lol😂
kamori01 10 timmar sedan
Just stop the lips. Ugh.
Areebah Mahasin
Areebah Mahasin 10 timmar sedan
This video goes so well with blackpink crazy over you instrumental 0o0
María Carla Cabrera
María Carla Cabrera 10 timmar sedan
The only nanny who wear high fashion, how she paid for it is a complete mystery
Daniela Zarate
Daniela Zarate 10 timmar sedan
I feel her soooo much as a latino women,
زينة علي
زينة علي 10 timmar sedan
Who os her after she and bryce are official
Jin hit employee
Jin hit employee 10 timmar sedan
The interviewer really stuttered while asking some questions like he was into that moment, feeling it. She really made him feel like he was an old friend who came to visit her after long time and he is asking her everything that he missed while being away. She is really one of the most down to earth person ❤️
Heike Hannah
Heike Hannah 10 timmar sedan
Beautiful. Welldone Vogue for showcasing ALL beauty.
Silje Muggerud
Silje Muggerud 10 timmar sedan
This was a beautiful video Vogue. The way he talks about his mental health and how horrible some people can be to a another human. This break my heart. but I fell in love with his absolutely beautiful personality. Thanks again for this video 💖
Najia Walker
Najia Walker 10 timmar sedan
Yara stay sweet! Wishing you much joy and health
Julieth Espinal
Julieth Espinal 10 timmar sedan
Is it just me or in 10:30 that face time was fake lol
PCM B 11 timmar sedan
Cheesyhotdog 16
Cheesyhotdog 16 11 timmar sedan
I’m not surprised he ate pencils I mean... He’s a leash kid... And got expelled for selling p**no magazines snsjsksk
Julieth Espinal
Julieth Espinal 11 timmar sedan
In 3:51 I can see that Kim was stressing out
VALEXi TV 11 timmar sedan
❤️❤️❤️❤️Foarte frmos canal❤️❤️❤️❤️ si prezentarea !!!! Am sa urmaresc mai des canalul tau !!! M-am abonat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lauren 11 timmar sedan
Finally a face that moves naturally. Pretty!
Lily Jacobs
Lily Jacobs 11 timmar sedan
i feel like im interrupting something
Fabrizio Yusupov
Fabrizio Yusupov 11 timmar sedan
Mf Vibes are crazy
Jingran Xu
Jingran Xu 11 timmar sedan
confused random person coming into this comment section: I just kinda want to know what lipsticks she used
Badri Vasudevan
Badri Vasudevan 11 timmar sedan
she can pull off red eyebrow!!! like whatttt!!
Dnyati Chaudhari
Dnyati Chaudhari 11 timmar sedan
Why is she so cute ❤️
Emma Donaldson
Emma Donaldson 11 timmar sedan
Thank goodness for people like this in the world, I’m in awe 🖤
bxbey cxkes
bxbey cxkes 11 timmar sedan
B R E A D P U R S E 😍😍
rachel maxwell
rachel maxwell 11 timmar sedan
Ok i can see what the hype is about // why there are hella songs about her. I’m falling in love w her rn🥲✨
Iggy is Gorgeous! Love Her!💖🥰💋
deli yamur
deli yamur 11 timmar sedan
Ruby Garcia
Ruby Garcia 11 timmar sedan
“I don’t drink water. I drink TEA.” I don’t think anything else can be as English as that sentence...
I malik
I malik 11 timmar sedan
Great video. Refreshing
Ruby Garcia
Ruby Garcia 11 timmar sedan
We are sure that you have already seen this video, but suddenly someone missed it. Then just type in the search "Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am (Parody) Starring Jimmy Fallon in 30 Rock". In addition to the fact that this is a really fun video, it is, in some sense, and sad. Because behind all the humor hides a sad reality...😩😷
Angie Sepulbeda
Angie Sepulbeda 11 timmar sedan
Angie Sepulbeda
Angie Sepulbeda 11 timmar sedan
Angie Sepulbeda
Angie Sepulbeda 11 timmar sedan
gwendolyn Beecroft
gwendolyn Beecroft 11 timmar sedan
Omg, to much cosmetic surgery and lip fillers for my liking.
Mads Space
Mads Space 11 timmar sedan
theyre so pretty
Danielle Schake
Danielle Schake 11 timmar sedan
It was fake jkjk
Isabel Kim
Isabel Kim 11 timmar sedan
high waisted pants for life! never going back to low waisted 👍🏼
Leonardo Smith
Leonardo Smith 11 timmar sedan
The pink one. So terrify
Aerin 11 timmar sedan
Makeup and whole style all cool but do not walk on the road!!!
Alyza Rose
Alyza Rose 11 timmar sedan
Whats going on with her eyes..
Jeremiah Stephens
Jeremiah Stephens 11 timmar sedan
They need to do 73 questions with either Megan thee stallion.or Doja Cat next.
sabina blair
sabina blair 11 timmar sedan
It all makes sense now that they’re dating 👀
THATBLACKGIRL 11 timmar sedan
Datina Ghani
Datina Ghani 11 timmar sedan
She glitched on 8.01th minute
aesdiablo 11 timmar sedan
Her makeup is just so mesmerizing
theprivatespeaker 12 timmar sedan
Define him in one word:: *Badass*
Nicola Maher
Nicola Maher 12 timmar sedan
Suddenly I don’t want to die anymore
Metalgal 12 timmar sedan
She's looking more and more like a caricature of herself every year.
王微言 12 timmar sedan
有点神经质有点乡村有点70s有点贵族 宝藏男孩
carley 12 timmar sedan
They are literally amazing
GAUTHAM DINESAN 12 timmar sedan
Liza's heart be beating like crazy.....
Roy Hernández
Roy Hernández 12 timmar sedan
santhiya karvi
santhiya karvi 12 timmar sedan
Just came here to see priyanka 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Avaneesh SS
Avaneesh SS 12 timmar sedan
Me at 0:20: 😋
王微言 12 timmar sedan
María B.E.
María B.E. 12 timmar sedan
Me encanta su estilo y su idea de performances, mucho éxito en sus proyectos. Me fascina su humildad y la forma en que menciona a todas sus referencias en cuanto a su arte, incluso las más mínimas. Magnífico.
Sekar Wulandari Yogaster
Sekar Wulandari Yogaster 12 timmar sedan
Here after the news broke that they are in fact dating
ʎpoqou 12 timmar sedan
She’s the better of the sisters
王微言 12 timmar sedan
有点点害怕 很哥特 暗黑美学
Princesa Burgos
Princesa Burgos 12 timmar sedan
She forever had the same hair style and same make up look as well for as long she's been in the industry.
jamie lamb
jamie lamb 12 timmar sedan
You are So Incredibly beautiful! You shine that amazing heart!!!!!!😍😁
C. Cheeves
C. Cheeves 12 timmar sedan
That Red hair is a No Go
pritirajat 12 timmar sedan
So irritating. Half watched 🙄🙄🙄
EE La 12 timmar sedan
Is this some kind of mental health disorder? Kids don't do drugs.
ray angel
ray angel 12 timmar sedan
lol why is being french one of her personality trait? 😭
DailyDoseOfGood 12 timmar sedan
Bone marrow, her own blood whipped into a cream, stem cells? What some people won’t do for vanity’s sake. Awful.