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MorningLine: Gun Laws P.1
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Lisa Braden
Lisa Braden 5 minuter sedan
Dose anyone know where I can put my camper to live in we renovated it so that it was liveable its cozy just need place to set it for liveing in .
Lisa Braden
Lisa Braden 7 minuter sedan
Need a place to live in my camper or I will not have a home
Lawrence Taylor
Lawrence Taylor 21 minut sedan
Well of course!
Polar Bear Hero
Polar Bear Hero 23 minuter sedan
Those are QAnon beliefs.
Marion Sanders
Marion Sanders 37 minuter sedan
I have a feeling rape might be going on and the NFL as well because who tf came up with he’s and athlete that’s why” like wtf does that have to do with anything ??
Reginald Eggleston
Reginald Eggleston 39 minuter sedan
White men (racist conservatives) feel entitled to enact terror against black citizens when they have a gun and a badge. He's no different than the night riders of the 1900s. The only difference is when he kicked in this woman's door he didn't rape her. That did happen with white male night riders of the 1900s. In the deep South.
Dan Bechan
Dan Bechan 47 minuter sedan
Ahhhh... Why a person would commit a crime and boast about either doing it or preparing to do it are baffling things to me.
Jonah Israel
Jonah Israel 49 minuter sedan
The so called white man woman cannot do anything wrong
Jonah Israel
Jonah Israel 49 minuter sedan
Another story of white supremacy
High Everyday
High Everyday 50 minuter sedan
White people are the only threats on this planet, and I feel like they know this!
Bryan W HARP
Bryan W HARP 51 minut sedan
TENNESSEE Good old boys
Have a heart.
Have a heart. 52 minuter sedan
Part of Trump's great swamp.
Peggy Pennington
Peggy Pennington Timme sedan
I'd love an Obama plate right now.
Super Max
Super Max Timme sedan
I just wonder when they will raid Hunter Biden and his relatives. Instead of targeting only GOPs
Fap Stoner
Fap Stoner Timme sedan
Kimer Med is now continuing the work of the Genius Todd Rider in New Zealand. They need massive funding. Get the word around if we ever wanna defeat COVID and all the other viruses.
Cindy Nuchi
Cindy Nuchi Timme sedan
Tell me this just happened to my partner and I buy luckily we reported it
JonThis IsMoody
JonThis IsMoody Timme sedan
7 weeks no answer. Filed successfully 7 weeks now
Patrick Saxon
Patrick Saxon Timme sedan
That is so wonderful! I am a musician and eating out is very expensive.
Magic World
Magic World Timme sedan
If I charge over 20 dollars they ask me for ID. I guess they ask who they wanna ask.
C j
C j Timme sedan
Jack Cassidy
Jack Cassidy Timme sedan
If you boat a Tom Shayre?? Can’t understand a word this goober hick is saying
Salinda S.
Salinda S. Timme sedan
They are all corrupt! Even the FBI!
Tim Dot
Tim Dot Timme sedan
NYPD is the worst police department in the country
Richard Grant
Richard Grant Timme sedan
Shocking, but not really, look how they illegally assigned a incompetent man to the office of president of the United States of America. Biden. NMP
Spinal Compression
Spinal Compression Timme sedan
His voice sounds like he got a little fruity in the booty in the pen.
Tin Shack Videos
Tin Shack Videos 2 timmar sedan
I'd go after the Contractor who forgot to add rebar and concrete to the cinder block
momo amen
momo amen 2 timmar sedan
Of course there is low morale. That's Because more and more officers are now being held accountable when citizens are abused by cops these days they know its now harder for them to get away with misconduct thanks to cellphones cameras and social media
Zachery Kesler
Zachery Kesler 2 timmar sedan
Lock up all those rainbow proud boys🤣👏🏽🤣👏🏽🍻🍻
Phone Booth
Phone Booth 2 timmar sedan
That truck won’t be parked there again he probably doesn’t have a job
Donald Brown
Donald Brown 2 timmar sedan
You are a thief why call your wife you told on his own self body cam dummy.
Donald Brown
Donald Brown 2 timmar sedan
He is a dummy
Glen DeLoid
Glen DeLoid 2 timmar sedan
Saw the new ad - what an obvious group of dirt bag con men, and what an awful ad. Is this 1990?
Dirty Dish
Dirty Dish 2 timmar sedan
"Zip him up! Zip him up!"
Ms Sunsetthesunsetter I am the sunsetter 1
Ms Sunsetthesunsetter I am the sunsetter 1 2 timmar sedan
Happy they got his ass
Alpha SheWolf
Alpha SheWolf 2 timmar sedan
Big dummy... Applaud the cop tht kept his camera on and the one tht didn't lie
Azface 2 timmar sedan
They treated this like a Mr Beast video😭
Alpha SheWolf
Alpha SheWolf 2 timmar sedan
Big dummy
RealMenWorshipZeus 2 timmar sedan
Excellent. Throw the book at these corrupt Republican goons.
BORA 2 timmar sedan
And now he’s running for Kyle Busch in trucks.
Gabriel von Wolfhausen
Gabriel von Wolfhausen 2 timmar sedan
J 3 timmar sedan
Dude didn't do it
Cássio Martins
Cássio Martins 3 timmar sedan
The fact of, you can own ( steal ) a house like that, it's already mess up
Man Of Truth
Man Of Truth 3 timmar sedan
Yet ANOTHER Silly,Stupid,Naive,Brainwashed Self incriminating Sufferer of LOW self-esteem...*BITES* the dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pixie lowman
pixie lowman 3 timmar sedan
wht a farce........its ll lie.......who has n oil well anywhere in the contry where tall grass next to grass grows next to a well.....even an abandon well......all lies
pixie lowman
pixie lowman 3 timmar sedan
they cud......but the farmer still is making money.........dont here him bitching
Stephen Kershaw
Stephen Kershaw 3 timmar sedan
A US federal judge blocked his release. Obviously a corrupt Tennessee hillbilly judge wanted to release him because he's white
gantmj 3 timmar sedan
Boo hoo. Learn to drive. Stop driving on people's lawns.
Tyler Stone
Tyler Stone 3 timmar sedan
I love how he calls himself such a patriot but never served an prob has a closet full of military attire I bet
Sergio Ceballos
Sergio Ceballos 3 timmar sedan
That is so wonderful what the nurse did for the lady.
Denny Bailey
Denny Bailey 4 timmar sedan
Ted Cruz hawley. FBI. Wanted list.
bungopony 4 timmar sedan
Wow! He was with Frank Zappa in Montreux at the Grand Hotel. Were the Rollin Truck Stones thing just outside?
Justin Credible
Justin Credible 4 timmar sedan
Julian Gray
Julian Gray 4 timmar sedan
Dude literally almost killed him and he still regrets his choice now that’s a good man right there God Bless Your Soul!!
Samuel Sweetmann
Samuel Sweetmann 4 timmar sedan
Now he and 74 million others are left stunned that Trump didn't announce a state of martial law and declare himself dictator. It's what they wanted.
happy winnings
happy winnings 4 timmar sedan
I haven't heard the FBI investigating chinavirus joebiden son hunter??? Absolutely INSANELY UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Roman Milukhin
Roman Milukhin 4 timmar sedan
So much for peaceful protesting in one hour the Soviet snowflakes then USS that's it Nazi Pelosi first thing out of her ass mouth put up a machine guns yeah right you dictator and do new KKK white supremacist Joe dementia Joe kowtowing to China
TreesOnTheBeach 4 timmar sedan
Lock him up.
DearMrFear 4 timmar sedan
God you got to be the stupid guy I ever saw at not good at covering your track dumba$$
Ian Oeder
Ian Oeder 4 timmar sedan
That's all truth hidden in plain sight, very intersting! You guys over there at news channel 5 ever see the movies the Faculty, invasion of the body snatchers, They Live, or the Hidden! Something big is playing out here! Something is afoot! I don't want to scare people or come off as conspiracy theorist, maybe I'm more of a connect the dot theorist! I am surprised when he set off that RV in Nashville, we didn't hear about these ramblings, sooner! Great News work, keep up the Great Work!
K J 4 timmar sedan
Let me get this straight🤔...he is set to be released although he went to the Capital with the intent to kidnap/take hostage members of the government??? Although he is pictured here with the evidence in his hand dressed like Rambo??? it!🙄 Oh what it must feel like to have the complexion with the connection in this Country!!🤨
normboynormboys world
normboynormboys world 4 timmar sedan
I'm gonna buy the house for 500 and turn it into a gammer haven
michaelcorbin2540t 4 timmar sedan
Poor journalism honestly
Mecha-Art 4 timmar sedan
are these the people who wear tinfoil hats as well?
gantmj 5 timmar sedan
The house isn't going to collapse. Enough with the drama.
Barbara Patterson
Barbara Patterson 5 timmar sedan
Great.. Love it.
Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams 5 timmar sedan
Fire her if she can't do the job.
Gelatin Skeleton
Gelatin Skeleton 5 timmar sedan
What he wanted to do isn't clear? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Also, was that COWARD rioting with his MOM???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Edward Bucher
Edward Bucher 5 timmar sedan
everybody knows black rifle coffee merch/subscriptions, oakley glasses, blue lives matter flags, MAGA merch is actually a red flag that screams "white power".
Linda Foster
Linda Foster 5 timmar sedan
This reporter needs to not say S so much. That whistle hurts my ears
Chadimous 5 timmar sedan
“White County”, go figures they’ve got crooked cops. Kudos to the cop that didn’t lie on his report!
Jay Gat
Jay Gat 5 timmar sedan
Hes white they will free him
Trump Girl
Trump Girl 5 timmar sedan
Look at that fat nosey neighbor, what a beast! I wonder if this is a sham? If so he will have a nice lawsuit to file against them! I think this is a set up too!
Mac 11 Daddy
Mac 11 Daddy 5 timmar sedan
I’ve been a driver for 10 years and air brakes don’t fail. If there’s no air or you cut one of the lines the brakes automatically engage. That trailer and truck are not going anywhere.
Kenneth Mory
Kenneth Mory 6 timmar sedan
Free Delke.... Hambrick earned it. Clean shoot.
john wick
john wick 4 timmar sedan
Shooting someone in the back is not a clean shot, that's a coward shot.
DarkStar Matter
DarkStar Matter 6 timmar sedan
From bartending to bars tending him. The irony.
Richard Hallett
Richard Hallett 6 timmar sedan
Title 42 Section 1983 FEDERAL LAWSUIT. Take $$$$$$$$ from these criminals department for the CRIMES they committed and the VIOLATIONS of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION they committed. § Any 'public servant' whom violates any section of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION (Shall be) punished by up to firing squad or hanging. §
Nathan Dean
Nathan Dean 6 timmar sedan
they have the d.a. arrested instead.
Nathan Dean
Nathan Dean 6 timmar sedan
lets do that to thier homes . and lets see how they feel.
Richard Hallett
Richard Hallett 6 timmar sedan
Missions Bible Ministry
Missions Bible Ministry 6 timmar sedan
True Christians will stand with Welch college but will not condemn nor condone Yanna