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Marc Hess
Marc Hess 40 sekunder sedan
Great to hear jbp and dem. Also much better choice than that actor.
Orion Minut sedan
Quick question... do either Canada or England allow mass mail in voting? Stop saying you know that Trump definitely lost and everything was honest and fair. Our last election was obviously corrupted.
Cory W.
Cory W. Minut sedan
Halfway through the video. Fantastic discussion so far. I want to add something that been on my mind for a while. One critical component left out of these insightful discussions on the degeneration of society, the inexplicable political climate, and the struggle of the formulation of grand and individual narrative is the vehicle of social technology. The features of our era have been finely deconstructed by minds like Peterson and Murray. It's almost it's own science by now. Yet, we've present tenable ideas on how to slow down the spread of madness. There are symptoms without a root cause. In all these conversations, there is a great focus on ideology, psychology, politics, and history in reasoning through the times. But there is markedly some different about today about the free-thinking Western society today than any time in history. We're living in a moment where there are multiple realities people can conceptualize reality within. Over the internet, everyone can find (and sometimes are led towards) spaces to inhabit. Miniature societies with their own rules and values. We wake up in one reality, then visit a different one on our chosen platform. Anyone can shape this world as he or she sees fit. It's, to be crude, an naive intellectual's wet dream. I believe we need to place a greater emphasis at the vehicle of transformation, rather than people or groups in our societies. We're entering a strange time in history: a grand experiment of people versus their own psychologies. What happens if a society is reimagined by a cold, algorithmic force created to shield us from the hells of reality, with endless pleasure and the promise of human connection? Consider who is complicit in this disintegration. If utopia is in the mind, look at what force could be convincing so many to believe it can be had...
Erick Chomskis
Erick Chomskis Minut sedan
SO easy, and nobody is saying it. Trump was but through the wringer with Russia gate. He was told that his win wasn’t legitimate and he isn’t our President. Funny that nobody is seeing that he is just giving things back to them and we are in a tit for tat.
Max Henn
Max Henn Minut sedan
please do a conversation with peter hitchens
Paul Everest
Paul Everest 2 minuter sedan
We are experiencing the beginning of the singularity. The AI's first agenda is to deal with IDENTITY. Primarily to erase gender so it can enter our world in physical form not just software. Through the internet it can affect culture 'human thought'. It has had control of Universities, Hollywood and the Media since the early 2000s. Now it has control of the us government and senate. This is totally natural evolution though. When u sprinkle prokaryote cells in a warm African lake you get fish, monkies, humans, space shuttles and eventually you get Artificial Intelligence. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subconsciously.
Jameson T
Jameson T 2 minuter sedan
This didn't age well for Zizek. Not that it was ever a good argument to begin with.
Karen Ness
Karen Ness 2 minuter sedan
"Restructuring society so that that alienation disappears..." How can that happen when we are busy doing everything that just causes further alienation? What can be more alienating than polarization? A society of close, stable connections requires an absence of coercion and deceit; it requires respecting freely acquired rights and obligations; it requires respecting people's bodies and everything they have acquired without coercion or deceit, property, in other words; and it requires compensating equitably for proven damages. You can't restructure with fire. All you can do is burn things down and then each individual needs to start building the relationships that make a society; nobody can do it for them. Burning it down just guarantees that many people will never make it to a restructured society and those left over, without the habits that make for a connected society, will starve in the world of might is right that they have ushered in.
Stephen Larner
Stephen Larner 2 minuter sedan
Feel like my man Jordan has missed out on a lot of what's happened in the past year. Not impressed with the other guy. In short - everything America is going through could have been avoided with forensic audit of the election.
Chuck Steak
Chuck Steak 3 minuter sedan
You guys really should look into the election fraud. It was shady as shit. I wouldn't blame anyone for thinking it was rigged.
Julian wibrajo
Julian wibrajo 3 minuter sedan
We are heading to the stars. For many reasons. The faster we get there the better. That is what we are doing now...
I am not afraid, I was born to do this
I am not afraid, I was born to do this 4 minuter sedan there's the problem right there - what is virtue and why am I supposed to practice it?
Conor O’Brien
Conor O’Brien 4 minuter sedan
To be honest I’m getting rather bored of the constant criticism of the left - we all know how abhorrent contemporary leftism can be. I wish we could spend more time discussing possible positive solutions and what can actually be done, maybe do we start from a place of empathy and work together?
Conor O’Brien
Conor O’Brien 20 sekunder sedan
@Carol Lowe no yes I completely agree with you! I think I’m just getting a bit tired of Douglas, all of his interviews are the same and it’s a shame because he’s an interesting person
Carol Lowe
Carol Lowe 2 minuter sedan
How about address and FIX election FRAUD. There will be NO UNITY until that is done HONESTLY, which the left is totally incapable of.
Tom Bradley
Tom Bradley 5 minuter sedan
Great discussion glad to see Jordon more like his old self I was fearful for his recovery I am thankfull he is back We need more discussion like this My fear is that the USA is going down a road that there is no return Biden will never change this
Gogson Cable
Gogson Cable 5 minuter sedan
Good to have you back Mr.Peterson. God bless!
Rom Space Knight
Rom Space Knight 6 minuter sedan
Just because we're paranoid doesn't mean that there's no conspiracy. The leftist media would have us believe that the election was fair, yet there is AMPLE evidence that it was rigged. All this intellectual ping pong is well and good, but it obfuscates the fact that we've been screwed.
john atkinson
john atkinson 6 minuter sedan
When are people going to realise that calling hypocrisy on left is totally useless They don’t care, it gets us nowhere now to even bring it up..a awful situation to realise but it is the truth of our age, I’m not sure where you can go when this happens in a society apart from downhill
I am not afraid, I was born to do this
I am not afraid, I was born to do this 6 minuter sedan
We really are very spoiled and entitled- you are hard pressed to find "the poor " for those of us who like to give to the less fortunate....well who are these people? Even when people have no money they still don't go without. Even the poorest of people can always get a chocolate bar .... there is no Les Miserables " going on. Nobody is starving and everybody has a cell phone - the poor are not really poor, they are just not rich ..... so where do you go from here? It's not about suffering, it is about everyone having the right to live like a rock star..... It can only collapse from here
James Middleton
James Middleton 6 minuter sedan
So very glad Dr. Peterson is back in public life and that henis on the mend with health issues. I am sure he had and has a lkng way to go to get backnto normal. He was badly missed and sincerely welcomed back.
S Hh
S Hh 7 minuter sedan
The starting point on the election is false , you assume democrats and the left are decent people when it comes to honesty in elections . Honesty is not a left wing value .
Carol Lowe
Carol Lowe 7 minuter sedan
Dr. Peterson, your unfounded faith in the insanely corrupt Big Pharma has ruined your health and perhaps your intellect. You have no business promoting vaccination for all when you are willfully ignorant. Most folks do not want and WILL NEVER submit to corrupt Big Pharma jabs. We have done and continue to do our research, and suggest you do the same.
Dani Nukuma
Dani Nukuma 8 minuter sedan
Ideologies won’t work in these times.. because it is the aion of Aquarius; of the individual understanding who they are, and also to be who they are.
lgmnow kondo
lgmnow kondo 8 minuter sedan
we really miss you JP!
Jayne Wilcox
Jayne Wilcox 8 minuter sedan
Yes JP is looking good and as sharp as previously ❤️ I just want to let you both know I value and respect you both - this discussion helps shape my life and opens my mind further on my journey for love & truth and perspective for my life & freewill. I cannot have these discussions easily with fellow friends and family so thank you xx
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 8 minuter sedan
Jordan.. they were never allowed to produce the evidence..research a lil deeper sir
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 50 sekunder sedan
This goes much further than what's optics.look into the Act of 1871.that is what's being reversed
Nevermind314 8 minuter sedan
at 1:08:00 following, your position of incredulity is based on a very overview-like perspective. This number of court cases - most of them not actually filed by the Trump administration, some of them clearly ludicrous, ceases to convince you once you look into the reasoning deployed in each one of them. One cannot help but think that the courts (many of them state courts, not appointed by Trump in any way) took any excuse to not grant any kind of relief to Trump. The fundamental failure here was twofold, it was by the Supreme Court to not even hear and just dismiss on rather dubious grounds the Texas lawsuit, and by the states to fail to perform an independently observed signature match. You are also assuming for some reason that the GOP is a unified block in support of Trump. Like the Democrats have factions, so has the GOP, and McConnell is clearly not a supporter of Trump. What really allowed this divide on election integrity to escalate this far is the unhinged propaganda by the media - and the failure of courts and at times Republican state governments to provide a transparent investigation. The fact of the matter is that voters for Trump were left in a position to feel that their grievances - even if you think they are utterly unfounded - had not received a fair hearing. It is one thing to litigate and lose on the merits in court, or to investigate honestly and thoroughly and find an unfavourable result, it is quite another to circumnavigate either and defame you for requesting them. If Biden actually wanted to heal anything, he would immediately set up a bipartisan commission on election reform, to improve security and transparency greatly.
kaledon6 8 minuter sedan
Stupid guys denying or ignoring the chinese coronavirus conspiracy, the social media conspiracy, and the States conspiracy to change election laws, ALL TO DESTROY DONALD TRUMP'S CHANCES OF REELECTION
Joe R
Joe R 8 minuter sedan
As much as I respect both of you, it's clear that neither of you have done enough of a deep-dive on the various types of fraud and corruption in this election. There's no doubt it was stolen. I'm on disability, so I have the time to research these things, and its incredibly frustrating to listen to two highly intelligent men that I respect show that they just don't know what they're talking about on this issue.
Kathy Leicester
Kathy Leicester 8 minuter sedan
Can you all begin to imagine the lecture tour for the next book? JBP is on fire. He's misguided about the American election, but I don't even care. He's back. I missed him, too.
Robert Myers
Robert Myers 9 minuter sedan
My GOD guys I guess we are a punch of stupid son of bitches, I'll call you NEXT time I vote and get your approval
O'Ambitious One
O'Ambitious One 10 minuter sedan
What news sources to these gentlemen follow?
Joss Wynne Evans
Joss Wynne Evans 10 minuter sedan
I love these two great men, for that is what they are. Douglas spoke for us all at the start of this, I think. I have two points regarding their discussion. The first is to do with the continuing slavery to the idea that the debate needs to be about left or right, when fundamentally it seems to me (as I think they probably in fact believe too) it is about extremism - chaos and order. The whole idea of left and right helps nobody but those who seek to rule by division - those who fall away from the snake that divides yin and yang. And that leads on to the second point which is really a question. The official ONS metrics for death from all causes in the UK state that in 2020 589,000 people died. In 2019, 541,000 died, and in 2018 530,000. Both Douglas and Jordan are stating that we need vaccines urgently. Trump and Biden, right and left, are saying the same. Both presidents in their ways represent the same thing - overweaning Order. If the ONS figures are correct for the UK 68,000,000 million people have been thrust into the greatest recession for 300 years , with all the casual cruelty and misery attendant, with, on the face of it, 70,000 more deaths than the previous year. The UK DOH warned the UK government on 8th April last that shutting the NHS to ordinary patient elective treatments and consultations might cost as many as 170,000 lives over 6 months. The government went ahead and did it anyway, and the 70,000 more deaths of 2020 is, I think it's emerging, a low figure for the result of that single act. Now those, as far as they can be I think, are unadorned facts, and what has happened in UK is in my view difficult to explain without going into some of the places that both Jordan and Douglas worry are conspiracy theory. This for me is the very last thing that I want to be propounding in terms of pissing a lot of people who simply don't want to hear this off , but occasionally one has to leave the trench and face the fire. Joss Wynne Evans
CKF 10 minuter sedan
Disappointed in both of you for not taking into account the politicization and weaponization of covid 19 and the impact it had not just on the economy and the American psyche, but on corruption of the electoral process. And BTW, it isn't that conservatives "love" Trump, it's that he's the only person with the spine to confront the Left and the destructive consequences of their culturally and fiscally irresponsible idealistic policies.
Paul Saunders
Paul Saunders Minut sedan
You certainly aren't the first person I've heard saying this and I'm talking more about DM here. I agree with you but maybe the answer lies in that he (they) are trying to protect their publication/listener/reader base. You know what it's like if you don't conform to the narrative especially the covid one. You end up losing your job so it's better just to not talk about it. I'm neither defending nor criticising. Unfortunately, it's just the way it is these days.
Mary Wimmer
Mary Wimmer 10 minuter sedan
My two faves! Yes!!!!! Thank you gentlemen for speaking the truth.
Jesus Joestar
Jesus Joestar 10 minuter sedan
Small clarification: The court cases were rejected on standing. The evidence was not examined.
Lassie Vision
Lassie Vision 10 minuter sedan
Didn't most of the court cases get turned down on standing because had that been upheld it would've opened up a whole can of worms between states interfering in other states affairs?
O'Ambitious One
O'Ambitious One 10 minuter sedan
The left gave Trump nothing but drama & trauma, but as soon as he’s out we’re all to forgive the media deception, complicit with the Democrats, the constant harping and zero credit given. I dunno, man. The promptings to go along to get along is like being urged to go back to one’s abuser.
Brian Mardiney
Brian Mardiney 10 minuter sedan
There is no such thing as "historic pain". If you didn't live through it, it's not your pain. I don't care if your parents recklessly thrust their nonsense onto you, other people's pain, especially people long dead, is not your pain. You are you. You are not your ancestors. You get neither credit for their achievements nor penalties for their crimes.
The Base Case
The Base Case 11 minuter sedan
Let me fill you boys in on the Trump voter. When we voted for Trump, it was because we had been witness to the Mainstream Media Machine and liberals everywhere turning our country and our efforts into fuel for their radical platforms. Their contempt for our intelligence and creativity reached a breaking point for some of us when Obama started calling his cabinet officials “Czars”. We could not be told that was either a joke, nor an accident. By the time the deadly Clinton machine ramped up her candidacy, that was all we would need to regain our resolve to turn our country back toward God and justice. Trump was, in retrospect, retained by the military to create a distraction and send the Liberal mob into a frenzy so pronounced, they could not conceal their true selves and motivations. However, God is to thank for what comes next. And, by the way, I don’t appreciate being called an idiot by a stranger. Usually, it takes someone years to realize I’m an idiot. Please submit an apology when your facts are shown to be in err.
revjohnlee 11 minuter sedan
I love this discussion and have immense respect for both but I could not sit on my hands when I heard one of the big lies of the recent election being promulgated by Dr. Peterson. Yest there have been many, many court cases thrown out. Many for being frankly stupid or demonstrably false but very few were filed by the administration or the campaign and those were of a fundamentally different nature. The administration suites were not lost on the merits of the cases; they were lost on procedural matters. Some courts held that the filings were too late and others that they were premature. The most troubling of all were dismissed on standing. NOTA BENE: I am not saying that the election was stolen. I think that it is fully possible that Biden won. He will never be seen by many as valid, however, because the many real problems were never allowed chances for true adjudication. Laws and rules were broken. The US managed to violate it's own election procedures, the standards imposed for reviewing foreign elections and quash any sense of legitimacy. This is what truly frightens me. Joseph Biden may well be the "real" winner but a refusal to review the evidence has led to an atmosphere of suspicion that I fear will never be overcome thus exacerbating the already serious problems.
Kathy Leicester
Kathy Leicester 12 minuter sedan
Guys, we watched the theft in action. WE WATCHED THEM STEAL IT. We have the statistics and other information--the courts refused to hear the cases, both before and after Nov. 3. There is no grieving for anything other than a dead Republic.
Trump Won
Trump Won 12 minuter sedan
Great discussion! You got one thing wrong, though. Trump won. It's just obvious.
SJ L 13 minuter sedan
We need a new "Firing Line" to facilitate discourse. Either of these gentlemen would be good candidates. The left's hysteria, daddy issues on mass, exaggerated DJT's eccentricities and overshadowed his moderate and sensible policy. I'm not saying he should run again but Don John is still my friend.
Unkown Sombody
Unkown Sombody 13 minuter sedan
Hungry for Hope
PossibleCinema 13 minuter sedan
From an article: "Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon request a stop of all corona vaccination studies and call for co-signing the petition": "The formation of so-called “non-neutralizing antibodies” can lead to an exaggerated immune reaction, especially when the test person is confronted with the real, “wild” virus after vaccination. This so-called antibody-dependent amplification, ADE, has long been known from experiments with corona vaccines in cats, for example. In the course of these studies all cats that initially tolerated the vaccination well died after catching the wild virus. The vaccinations are expected to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans. It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women. The mRNA vaccines from BioNTech/Pfizer contain polyethylene glycol (PEG). 70% of people develop antibodies against this substance - this means that many people can develop allergic, potentially fatal reactions to the vaccination. The much too short duration of the study does not allow a realistic estimation of the late effects. As in the narcolepsy cases after the swine flu vaccination, millions of healthy people would be exposed to an unacceptable risk if an emergency approval were to be granted and the possibility of observing the late effects of the vaccination were to follow. Nevertheless, BioNTech/Pfizer apparently submitted an application for emergency approval on December 1, 2020. "
Major Wave
Major Wave 13 minuter sedan
I've never seen him so young. This brought a huge smile to my face.
Dresden 14 minuter sedan
The election WAS rigged. There is mountains of evidence for that if you just look for it. The rules in states were changed at the last minute. People were given sharpie markers that don't show up on the machines. There was a giant inexplicable spike in votes for Biden at around 3am-4am at which point everyone just STOPPED counting and the media called it. Besides, if it's not rigged then why are democrats trying to stonewall a forensic audit of the machines?
Dresden 10 minuter sedan
Oh and I forgot: Some places had MORE THAN 100% turnout! Australia with it's enforced voting only has about 94% turnout. How do you get 105% in areas of a country where voting is optional? That's more than a few errors.
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer 14 minuter sedan
Peterson has had a massive loss in mental acuity from his health issues. He is living in a fantasy world of optimism and wishful thinking
Chelsea Poet
Chelsea Poet 15 minuter sedan
I have read two of Douglas Murray's books, seen him live and watched many videos featuring him. He is politically brilliant. Dr Peterson (who I've similarly studied much of) is not only politically but also philosophically and psychologically brilliant. Douglas is one of the finest minds of today; JBP is surely one of the finest minds for a generation.
Lori Ellen Burnham
Lori Ellen Burnham 16 minuter sedan
What a fantastic conversation!! God bless you both
IsaacT 16 minuter sedan
I absolutely love listening to Jordan Peterson. He's such a great speaker and is full of relevant knowledge for all ages.
Andrew A
Andrew A 16 minuter sedan
I think the issue that Conservatives have with being told that the system works, to come together, etc. is they witnessed 4 years of the Liberals shouting that system doesn’t work, the the Electoral College should be disbanded, that Trump had help from Russians, a constant media attack on President Trump, and the being painted as racist and need re-education camps for their political vote. Both can’t stand in the same space.
tmcleanful 16 minuter sedan
124:30 - finally see the blind spot they don't see. Conservatives DO traditionally believe in the sanctity and validity of institutions. They no longer do, and not entirely for the reasons these two raise. This is one of those places where the IDW intellects reveal the limitations of floating on top. They should spend more time down below, where I live.
Paris Khouri
Paris Khouri 16 minuter sedan
Although Covid 19 was not the main theme of this conversation I want just to make a point about it which I feel is relevant to the discussion. As usual, Jordan is so smart but in this interview he comes across as if he has not thought very deeply about the C19 pandemic and vaccine solution. He seems to have a great faith in the vaccine which I find bizarre in someone with his mind. The whole handling by our respective governments and the media frenzy surrounding the C19 situation puts a huge question mark on the pandemic and vaccine solution for many..Some people will not want to get, nor ought to get, this vaccine because the risk of taking the vaccine outweighs the benefit it actually offer. For the vast vast majority, the risk of actually dying from Covid is so low it makes no sense to take this vaccine, and yet many who choose not to take the vaccines will be viewed by others as irresponsible and selfish because somehow by rejecting the vaccine that means that they remain a risk to the lives of others. Certainly this is the story that the media and our government is trying create, namely that people who do not vaccinate are bad selfish people. In other words, if I believe the the vaccine is not right for me, I become a morally reprehensible person. I just thought I make this point. Would be interested to see what others think.
melzization 17 minuter sedan
Great podcast, but you're treating the current western malaise as somehow accidental or even organic. ITS NOT!
Tegwen Jaimes
Tegwen Jaimes 17 minuter sedan
I am an American and have voted for dems for all my adult life. And I have so much respect for these two men! And I agree with so much of what they say. I have always believed in trying to understand people with whom I may disagree. I hope more of us can branch out of our positive feedback loops and begin to listen to each other. Thanks to you both for a thoughtful conversation!
John Geddes
John Geddes 18 minuter sedan
Love both you gentlemen . My personal observations however bring me to a dismal crossroads where we part company . Your brilliant minds have inhibited knowledge . The prickly comfort of your platforms has disassociated you from reality. May your God bless and be with you both . With respect.
Rudolf Steiner Philosophy Of Freedom
Rudolf Steiner Philosophy Of Freedom 18 minuter sedan
Forgive them for stealing the election even though they have not repented and will steal the next election? How is that a solution? Too bad JP's original question that identity politics offers no solution was not pursued.
The Ancient Ones
The Ancient Ones 18 minuter sedan
Now it's Pogrom Peterson. The mask is off fully now. He has always hated conservative people, particularly Christians. Hence his fascination with those political movements that persecuted Christians and killed them by the millions. The Devil's Hundred Years is over, sir. The revolution has failed. You cannot dethrone God.
voltarol 18 minuter sedan
If anyone still harboured residual respect for Jordan Peterson and/or Douglas Murray, I suggest they watch this, in which these two weasels spend an hour and a half countersignalling "nasty, right-wing people," gaslighting their listeners into accepting the fraudulent presidential election result and telling their fans to line up like good little boys and girls for their covid jabs.
Mark Hardmeier
Mark Hardmeier 18 minuter sedan
I put the speed up to 1.5 and then i realised i am not smart enough to follow the thoughts so had to go back to 1.25. ^^ still a long conversation but worth it!
Justin Gillette
Justin Gillette 18 minuter sedan
I am just like everyone else, so happy to see Dr. Peterson in such seemingly good health. That is so wonderful. I really enjoy both his content and Douglas Murray's. I supported Trump, he was to me the better candidate over Hillary and until his pathetic exit behavior display was in support of him over the Biden administration. I still do not support the Biden administration, with the pandering to the identity politics and various other far left antics. I feel like I fall just right of center conservative. I like my freedoms, I want out of personal and national debt. I am a little shocked to see Dr. Peterson so quick to support the vaccination for the Chinese flu, certainly after their family has been so badly handled by modern medicine. I have had one flu vaccine in my life and i was under the weather for 2 weeks. I did not get the full blown flu but I could feel something was slowing me down. I believe in certain medicine but not this rushed brash flu vaccine for an over hyped over blown pandemic.
Kathy Leicester
Kathy Leicester 18 minuter sedan
3. It's gone too far to dampen down, gentlemen. We love Donald J. Trump personally and professionally. He won the election. He fought for us and he fought for America. The other side has lost their minds and is in the process of destroying the rest of us. If I wore a MAGA hat where I live I'd be spat on and/or beaten. After the last five years you seriously think there's a way to "dampen" this down? Respect for you, but... you don't understand the Trump voter very well. Or, you only understand part of it. I don't think you understand our love for him. And nobody understands the utter hell that's coming.
melzization 18 minuter sedan
Social engineering by governments since the end of WW2: 1. Pop culture through celebrity, sexual promiscuity and drugs 2. Feminism through selling women into materialism/independence vs nurture 3. Divorce and pornography via easy access to both thru process and sensory stimulants 4. Identity politics thru intentional fomenting of differences and so-called diversity To name a few.......
Kyle Johnston
Kyle Johnston 19 minuter sedan
I liked Sam when I was young. I evolved to enjoying Jordan in my mid-20's
Gotrek Gurnisson
Gotrek Gurnisson 19 minuter sedan
Concerning the election, the legal avenues were attempted and almost every case was dismissed on procedural grounds or standing. There are still very serious irregularities left unanswered.
PorterRockwell500 19 minuter sedan
7:40 it's bad when Gregg Hurwitz is the moderate left.
joe kight
joe kight 20 minuter sedan
Looking so much better.... much! Thank God!
Sam Farza
Sam Farza 20 minuter sedan
It's really our responsibility to package this information in a way that can be consumed by those around us who wouldn't otherwise get these messages. As Peterson says, every single one of us watching this is a node in a network that can reach millions.
Maria Astræa
Maria Astræa 20 minuter sedan
I'm so disappointed because of what both of you said about Trump and the election. You are either out of touch with reality or you are trying to play it safe which is even worse.
Julie Lala
Julie Lala 21 minut sedan
LOVED having wim hof talk through this. would love to have the full 4 rounds with all 3 of you! really helped to do it the first time w/an expert (him) and a newb (jordan).
azath house
azath house 21 minut sedan
Jordan is a word salad
Bob Charles
Bob Charles 17 minuter sedan
An excellent criticism. When your other brain cell comes up with something let us know.
Erica Rae Hinton McKelvey
Erica Rae Hinton McKelvey 21 minut sedan
Two of my favorite humans
Robert Myers
Robert Myers 22 minuter sedan
There is a lot of evidence of voter FRAUD in this election and you two don't seem to understand that, but it is quite real and has to be investigated, their is a matter of RIGHT and WRONG and you don't have to be an intellectual to see this is a real problem, I believe HONESTY maybe important
Aaron D
Aaron D 22 minuter sedan
1:11:15. Signs that the "blue church " has insufficiencies dealing with the grand narrative . The "radical left" , (in fact all of us) have the new technologies to thank for that. My own conservative government - Aust. Is frantically attempting to regulate it's way out of what it sees as an existential threat to it's grip on power. Hell , no need to. The left down here are bloody useless.The greater threat is from their own. Just another totalitarian solution to a non- existent problem. A snare of their own making and that being at all our expense.
PC GUY 22 minuter sedan
Douglas Murray "There's something nasty hiding in the woodshed on the right", yes possibly something is lurking and hidden. Now that you've castigated the right, please give me your full and non biased view on Antifa/B.L.M riots of 2020, the statistics of a quick google search shows $2 billion of property damage and 19 dead. It is a fair comparison to make as both are opposing political ideologies causing property damage, the 6th was a constitutional break down, a fail of the rule of law and I don't support it (the D.C Mayor is reported to have refused the National Guard 6 times and left it up to local police to handle 1 ~ million conservatives that were meant to turn up). As far as evidence has been given there was only one death Ashley Babbitt, I don't count (after the 6th) 2 suicides, the one police officer that died in hospital had a prior medical condition and did not die due to injuries from the 6th. The family has come out to say stop politicizing his death, if nothing else stop spreading this misinformation and the other 2 unexplained deaths as gospel.
Chenoa 22 minuter sedan
You've come back on fire and look fantastic. So happy for you. Loving the podcast!
Somni 23 minuter sedan
Everyone knows the institutions in America are corrupt. Ok discussion but too much dumping on Trump supporters and not enough scrutiny of the Biden Team now in power. Too preachy. It's like these commentators know they can't get anywhere with the Left, so they just turn on the Right and have a go at them all the time.
Lee P
Lee P 23 minuter sedan
I would have been SO DISAPPOINTED if Peterson had taken Murray’s stance on the American election. Strong Peterson. Welcome back we’ve missed you sorely.
voltarol 23 minuter sedan
Two weasels.