Blue Colt7
Blue Colt7 11 timmar sedan
Trumps gone & it's all about Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣 & even that's bs.... dems are fkn joke
carpedukem 11 timmar sedan
Creepy Joe
Zapphire QvQ
Zapphire QvQ 11 timmar sedan
Mike Pense is extremely extroverted, he should shut up
this algorithm sucks
this algorithm sucks 11 timmar sedan
I'm done with these useless politicians..I'm done voting for this bullshit.
Gwen Harris
Gwen Harris 11 timmar sedan
Love him.
uwa Courage
uwa Courage 11 timmar sedan
This was a debate and mike pence the moderator. What a joker
Wet Tiger
Wet Tiger 11 timmar sedan
They didn't cover their faces. That's all I'm saying.
Michelle Odom
Michelle Odom 12 timmar sedan
Bla bla bla.
JIM MOW 12 timmar sedan
How dare you 🤮
Aysia Norr
Aysia Norr 12 timmar sedan
Big Boss Man
Big Boss Man 12 timmar sedan
A man for the people that can speak to many people. A sign of intelligence in US politics.
DingoHammer 12 timmar sedan
If the senate can try him when he is out of office then why can't he pardon himself when he is out of office?
this is me
this is me 12 timmar sedan
Herding sheep.
Philip Jackson
Philip Jackson 12 timmar sedan
No it's you Tucker that's the Moron.
Agιlιту 12 timmar sedan
He drinks water like its the rarest thing in the world
David Fox
David Fox 12 timmar sedan
Most popular President ever WOW . 35000 troops to protect him from a adoring nation? Nothing going on here the election was fair!!!!! like f*** it was
PK K 12 timmar sedan
Alex Gram
Alex Gram 12 timmar sedan
Arghh BS from fake news and democrats calling him Putin´s dawg. Some comments suggest that he only does this to break NATO up, so that mighty Russia can take over Europe (Stupid people deserves weak creepy Biden).
Mrs. Emcee
Mrs. Emcee 12 timmar sedan
The mob started while Trump was still speaking!! So these people were not Trump supporters! Trump ended his speech at 1.11 pm, then the crowd there had to walk all the way to the capitol building, what takes at least 45 minutes, but probably longer whit a crowd like that. The mob was initiated by antifa and police that invited them in and an hour before the crowd arrived.. this is what I saw from an eye whitness that was there
Tayte Holley
Tayte Holley 12 timmar sedan
Rubio... you're good with the insurrection incited against the US Capital? Did you not see what happened? Are you oblivious to the constant lies Trump and thr GOP told regarding the election? Senator, you may have just committed political suicide! I've been right before. Enjoy your new career.
Robert Fleming
Robert Fleming 12 timmar sedan
the video from The New Yorker is a little different
Daniel Burleson
Daniel Burleson 12 timmar sedan
Mike pence is weak
Daniel Burleson
Daniel Burleson 12 timmar sedan
Mike pence is a backstapper
Steve Fish
Steve Fish 12 timmar sedan
Similar to the so called "Stab in the Back" legend propagated in post World War 1 Germany.
maded jr batara
maded jr batara 12 timmar sedan
Would have been a hostage situation in the House chamber had not the police shot Ashli. Main aim of the insurrectionists was to delay if not stop the election certification. Last desperate maneuver of Trump. Impeachment is the right thing.
JnaArt 12 timmar sedan
Schumer: Let's debate it in private. Pelosi: We came here in good faith, & we're entering into this kind of discussion, in the public view- Trump: -but, its no bad Nancy, it's called transparency. Transparency is the only way for any legitimacy for anything. Everyone who's within government "ranks" should & must be ready for any & all forms of open conversation, discussion or/& debate, its their responsibility & duty, it is the job that we all (civilian tax payers) are paying them to do. Any of them requiring for privacy for any reason during open conversation, discussion or/& debate must have efficiency openly questioned, for their employment recovery or revoke of their employment. Open & impartial, reasoned with all angles presented, & all angles witnessing.
Shadow 12 timmar sedan
Thank you very much, Trump, for ridding Iraq of Soleimani and Al-Muhandis
ZeroSumGame 12 timmar sedan
What a ridiculous way to die
Sione Fatongia
Sione Fatongia 12 timmar sedan
You guys did the right thing. keep your hard up high...his lost in or out
Gabriele Kane
Gabriele Kane 12 timmar sedan
Trump is like the egg of Columbus. Done.
Liselott Ullberg
Liselott Ullberg 12 timmar sedan
Everytime a new Jim Jones show up in the world tryng to start building a new Jonestown it will end up in destruction, thank God this time drumpf didn´t succeded, but we have to learn to see the signs and all the red flags that goes with it!!!
just me
just me 12 timmar sedan
OUTgoing mitch mcconnel....Best news of 2021.
Gabriele Kane
Gabriele Kane 12 timmar sedan
Looks like the Germans are trying to to show some character or personality by having a different opinion than than this president. But it doesn't make sense. And they know that too.
Gabriele Kane
Gabriele Kane 13 timmar sedan
So there. Any other questions?
Bob Jeep
Bob Jeep 13 timmar sedan
Down the rat hole.
Yajur Gupta
Yajur Gupta 13 timmar sedan
imagine if they burnt the buiding, that would be epic
Keith Warren
Keith Warren 13 timmar sedan
Racism is everywhere even in the Armed Services.
Yev2_ Shenko
Yev2_ Shenko 13 timmar sedan
The F ascist O nanistic X enophobic ......channel.... ...enough said.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 13 timmar sedan
her issue is demonic....her conversion to islam is just one of many indications of this fact; islam is satanic in nature! oppressive! sexist toward women...hateful toward all who dont convert....muhammad was a false satanic demonic pedophile false prophet who died in his sins!
NinjaJedi04 13 timmar sedan
I am sick of living through historical events, I don’t care if other people have already said this I’m not joking, I’m tired of it
AbdulAziz Clare
AbdulAziz Clare 13 timmar sedan
Get out of Afghanistan it's been going bad for years. Taliban still walking around. Don't be like the Russians a bad war.
Blubird3 13 timmar sedan
They controlling the weather !!!.....long dark winter .......
Bill Olsen
Bill Olsen 13 timmar sedan
Everyone looks so silly in them masks
AbdulAziz Clare
AbdulAziz Clare 13 timmar sedan
Kushner and Russians in bed all this time. MbS walked around saying he had him too. Russia behind Trump all this time what a game. Back door to Moscow
Swapmeet sheriff Don Knott expert
Swapmeet sheriff Don Knott expert 13 timmar sedan
Y r they always the same person same attitude same rap.
Nickolas Smith
Nickolas Smith 13 timmar sedan
The sweltering transport tinctorially seal because refrigerator elderly sniff underneath a magical twilight. nasty, hanging xylophone
Masruk Siddique
Masruk Siddique 13 timmar sedan
May the wrath of god fall on these shameless, selfish, hypocritical, low life “republicans”. I wish the worst for them.
Shannon.mabirimisa Shaz
Shannon.mabirimisa Shaz 13 timmar sedan
Cynthia Copland
Cynthia Copland 13 timmar sedan
This is what happens when you only watch Fux “News” Opinions are NOT facts.
Toddy wang
Toddy wang 13 timmar sedan
trump is an honest man at least
phennec 13 timmar sedan
Hindsight is 2020. People will look back on this years later with a totally different perspective. How did they let a president like Trump stay in office for so long?
LaLa Johnson
LaLa Johnson 13 timmar sedan
How about pay attention to the truth 10 billionaires who own all of uSA knew, USA is a joke and corrupt and run by big tech. Any intellect knows Biden did not win.
Silvia Mira
Silvia Mira 13 timmar sedan
Pence bling twice if you're in trouble. Hahahaha.
Texas Life
Texas Life 13 timmar sedan
Pence O% participation grade, WTH, say something...
Sam Basha
Sam Basha 13 timmar sedan
Why Pence is there? He is not engaging with them!
Slade Wilson
Slade Wilson 13 timmar sedan
Finally a press secretary that doesn’t enforce the “dumb blonde” stereotype.
zannatun Nayeem
zannatun Nayeem 13 timmar sedan
I don't believe in anything which is not scientific
JOSE ANTONIO Ricketts 13 timmar sedan
Stupid hat
Amiss Abyss
Amiss Abyss 13 timmar sedan
0:21 those 2 lonely "yeah!"s in the background xD
Ellen Kortman
Ellen Kortman 13 timmar sedan
Four horrifying years.
jogiff 13 timmar sedan
At every goddamned step we said that Trump would undermine democracy to try to keep himself in power. At every stage we warned that Trump was an authoritarian and the only thing that stopped him from being the dictator that he wanted to be was our democratic institutions and that he would lean hard on everyone to turn them against these institutions or try to pervert them to his own ends. And we were constantly proven right at every turn, but people just responded by saying "TDS" or "orange man bad". And here we are, proven right yet again, but at least this time they aren't saying that we're crazy, they're just pretending that no one warned them about it.
Brad L
Brad L 13 timmar sedan
@DeadlyButSilent2 😂😂🤣🤣 😃😀 fuckin bum
Dieno Vandale
Dieno Vandale 13 timmar sedan
So your Leaders ,? , Run & Hide , rather than lists to you the people ?.
Jax 14 timmar sedan
*Very Biased* 😐
Mr Carr
Mr Carr 14 timmar sedan
What about the foreign nationals that were caught at the capital with weapons? What about the antifa people wearing maga gear that really broke in? Balanced honest reporting. Not here
Gavins friend
Gavins friend 14 timmar sedan
Despite parliamentary Democracy having its flaws, i prefer it over this charade.
Mohammed Zain
Mohammed Zain 14 timmar sedan
May allah forgive him and his team
Steve Movies future
Steve Movies future 14 timmar sedan
You are just trying to save yourself. Graham is just as bad. He should also go prison.
a binocular
a binocular 14 timmar sedan
crazyboyemyz 14 timmar sedan
My boy Pence just chilling collecting that check !! 🧐.. 😂
sabrina darlene
sabrina darlene 14 timmar sedan
I miss My President!!!! ♥️
Henry Martinez
Henry Martinez 14 timmar sedan
Mohamed Said
Mohamed Said 14 timmar sedan
John Barron
John Barron 14 timmar sedan
GOP "Nah, yeah, let's move on, forgive and forget, ya know... hey, look over there, a squirrel!"
crazyboyemyz 14 timmar sedan
Donald J Trump the first president to be “Impeached twice” awwww that sounds so good 😊....
Ar 15
Ar 15 14 timmar sedan
Let’s see what Biden does not even a full 24 hours he put Americans out of a job...that could have been your family in that situation!
Roy Ho
Roy Ho 14 timmar sedan
MAGA idiocy !
segalamasuk 14 timmar sedan
Loverdogan from indonesia
melissa gregory
melissa gregory 14 timmar sedan
Thirty-nine lies per day is tremendous but so eight when coming from the president of the United States.
Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan 14 timmar sedan
Im gonna make a serious comment since all the lemmings have to make the same comment about pence being quiet over and over again. Pelosi and Schumer keep saying let’s debate in private. Why??? They should debate the topic in public in an open forum for all Americans to see since these topics affect us citizens they work for us and they have to remember that