Tim Moreno
Tim Moreno 3 timmar sedan
I wanna be friends with him.
Grace Namkung
Grace Namkung 3 timmar sedan
This is what my earlobes see
Jackie Owens
Jackie Owens 3 timmar sedan
Daddy asf
douchebagme 3 timmar sedan
Dang she fine n thicc I think I found the one
M0ch0 0fficial
M0ch0 0fficial 3 timmar sedan
If there were equally amount of women complimenting bald men to men complimenting them, they would have more confidence but more women hate the bald look in men rather than like it. All I've seen is men complimenting them in the comments I rarely see women
The LEGO Doctor
The LEGO Doctor 3 timmar sedan
0:07 they accidentally mixed up the before and after. lol
Hilma Thomas
Hilma Thomas 3 timmar sedan
You guys lie to each other alot ...
Lyla Samoon
Lyla Samoon 3 timmar sedan
this store shoukd be called: diabetes store
A random turtle with internet connection
A random turtle with internet connection 3 timmar sedan
Aw it looks like someone made a joke and it hurts your little fragile feelings
A Lopez
A Lopez 3 timmar sedan
man this is like the opposite of what guilty gear does with its 3d engine to emulate 2d and play with its lighting, how ironic these innovations are.
Heath 3 timmar sedan
"Paper-Thin Ice Cream Is As Delicious As It Looks" so not very good?
joey jeffery
joey jeffery 3 timmar sedan
Yea the Ruby Ridge incident was a shit show.
Lengo aka Thor
Lengo aka Thor 3 timmar sedan
K.K.K don’t want to kill Black people but Brown people told K.K.K to do it.. Wtf 🖕🏻
asfsdf 3 timmar sedan
Freaking ads wtf
Mr. Bacon
Mr. Bacon 3 timmar sedan
Me: going to make a murderer joke @Just Some Guy without a Mustache : "can I help you"
Royal Aquiro
Royal Aquiro 3 timmar sedan
The reminiscent porch typically wreck because timpani statistically scrub unto a adaptable waterfall. voracious, lonely trail
Spag 3 timmar sedan
Other people:that’s disgusting 🤮 EWW Me:satisfying 👁👄👁
H P 3 timmar sedan
Did they use a card board and put leaves on top and bottom? If yes, its not sustainable at all. Also they used plastic to wrap a batch of these plates!
PRIVATE SECTOR 042 3 timmar sedan
The dislikes are from the people that don't like chains.
Brianna Ortiz
Brianna Ortiz 3 timmar sedan
Nahhhhhh just give me the whole cylinder
Hedge Lad
Hedge Lad 3 timmar sedan
That looks like frosting. Frosting tastes like shit on its own.
Chris Raz
Chris Raz 3 timmar sedan
I think we should get rid of "best score" and replace it with the stunt people.
ok 3 timmar sedan
Why the hell are these bags so expensive they aren’t any more useful than any other bag
Tanmay Goswami
Tanmay Goswami 3 timmar sedan
15:00 Basically what stannis did when he attacked mance
Locke Spartan
Locke Spartan 3 timmar sedan
1:29 they all have the same face
Abi B003
Abi B003 3 timmar sedan
Eroomeroom M
Eroomeroom M 3 timmar sedan
Literally took this from “How It’s Made” lol
Spitznock 3 timmar sedan
Guys voice is fantastic.
parasite159 4 timmar sedan
would love to see this guy review some Vinland Saga
Christopher Blackburn
Christopher Blackburn 4 timmar sedan
The omission of 30 Minutes or Less is a travesty.
linkbirds 4 timmar sedan
this looks like paper dogshit
Beezow Doo Doo Zoppity Bop Bop Bop
Beezow Doo Doo Zoppity Bop Bop Bop 4 timmar sedan
Haha, yall got ratio'd
g l O O m
g l O O m 4 timmar sedan
He did not rob 100 banks ..he did 24 ..the record is 50 ..whats with the CAP?
Jack HandMa
Jack HandMa 4 timmar sedan
This man needs to make a big John Cena sculpture.
YO BOY SHEEPY 4 timmar sedan
This should be illegal
Charley Edwards
Charley Edwards 4 timmar sedan
poor stunt people, they are the ones who make those movies happen
ViperB77 4 timmar sedan
What kind of watch is that guy wearing?
Dakota Zigler
Dakota Zigler 4 timmar sedan
The ak guy
Aryan Kohli
Aryan Kohli 4 timmar sedan
Why do people get tanned ?
Clark Parker
Clark Parker 4 timmar sedan
This is so inspiring. I think I just found my vocation.
Roman 4 timmar sedan
He looks like thor björnsson in 30 years
SAM STROMBERG 4 timmar sedan
Okay so that's all fine and good, great video, but just saying Black Widow wasn't just trained as a spy, she was a full on assassin. Like she had to be able to fight like that. I get that most spies wouldn't though
Beef Supreme
Beef Supreme 4 timmar sedan
Mulan is Chinese CCP propaganda garbage
James Hughes
James Hughes 4 timmar sedan
Oh it's the kangaroo bandit
the amazingsq
the amazingsq 4 timmar sedan
websurfer63 4 timmar sedan
I think it's really important for films to use practical effects alongside cgi
Edean Chu
Edean Chu 4 timmar sedan
“What would happen if you spun it” Everything on it would fly away
Futives 4 timmar sedan
3:55 amongus
Statistics Discussion
Statistics Discussion 4 timmar sedan
The few fierce gate seasonally ski because pamphlet delightfully slow unlike a silent newsstand. elastic, plant joseph
PenguinCaves 4 timmar sedan
So basically shaved ice that’s more sweet
Carme suze Bazile
Carme suze Bazile 4 timmar sedan
Keean Eckert
Keean Eckert 4 timmar sedan
This should be titled " 10 desserts that Australia has that other nations also have"
Space Guy Bob Productions
Space Guy Bob Productions 4 timmar sedan
Bro why would I want to look like an origami midevil soldier?
Mr man6601
Mr man6601 4 timmar sedan
He seems WAY to happy he robbed the banks
Javier Ponce
Javier Ponce 4 timmar sedan
I thought set it off was going to be part of the discussion
Javier Ponce
Javier Ponce 4 timmar sedan
Yo where's set it off at
Javier Ponce
Javier Ponce 4 timmar sedan
What about set it off
Javier Ponce
Javier Ponce 4 timmar sedan
Bruhh what about set it off nobody thought of bringing that to attention
IrisFilmProductions 4 timmar sedan
I remember going to one of those places when I was a kid. A nice Christian couple owned the place, sadly they ran out of business
Brian Silveri
Brian Silveri 4 timmar sedan
Freedom of speech anyone ??
Okike Ure
Okike Ure 4 timmar sedan
America is atrocious
Taha Hadada
Taha Hadada 4 timmar sedan
I can die in Peace
BikerTom 58
BikerTom 58 4 timmar sedan
They really picked the worst battle from GoT smh. Not that they’re all that accurate, but it would’ve been so much better to see this guy critique Blackwater or Battle of the Bastards, or he’ll when Daneris fucks up the Lannister army. Cmon
Pieas Timperton
Pieas Timperton 4 timmar sedan
The crabby speedboat concordantly wish because season commonly punch for a ready boy. different, unequaled list
Unbonpetitdiable 4 timmar sedan
pls dont tell me that im the only one that instantly looked at his charging port to see if it was dirty
log 2112
log 2112 4 timmar sedan
cruise is an ACTOR...he PRETENDS for a living. if YOU believe he does HIS own stunts, you're dumber than you LOOK, and THAT boggles the MIND.
Samantha Guerra Nuñez
Samantha Guerra Nuñez 4 timmar sedan
Why is everyone so salty. Sometimes less is more
Pieas Timperton
Pieas Timperton 4 timmar sedan
The brainy apartment macroscopically comb because leg intraorally tempt up a economic physician. weary, sore berry