The Weeknd - Faith (Audio)
10 månader sedan
The Weeknd - Too Late (Audio)
The Weeknd - Snowchild (Audio)
The Weeknd - In Your Eyes (Audio)
The Weeknd - Alone Again (Audio)
TpXd8bXqT 10 timmar sedan
Where have all the cowboys gone...
Miriam Parada
Miriam Parada 10 timmar sedan
camila ahob
camila ahob 10 timmar sedan
Malvino Rafael
Malvino Rafael 10 timmar sedan
POV: Your playing Pay Back
_.Pablinho ._
_.Pablinho ._ 10 timmar sedan
wtf this face
dotnaf 10 timmar sedan
pls lemme get a glimpse of this track at the super bowl show mayne
solider of the apocalypse
solider of the apocalypse 10 timmar sedan
got this song on repeat..this video is a masterpiece the msg behind it
christian gonzalez
christian gonzalez 10 timmar sedan
Benjamin Garcia
Benjamin Garcia 10 timmar sedan
Why did you do this wekkend
Nallely Garcia
Nallely Garcia 10 timmar sedan
Trey Shultz
Trey Shultz 10 timmar sedan
Is the reason his face looks so weird because of the girls in “too late”? They were getting surgery on their faces why not try it on him.
Luke Rodriguez
Luke Rodriguez 10 timmar sedan
He’s like Michael Jackson and Bruno mars
Dalia Martínez
Dalia Martínez 10 timmar sedan
Yo viendo en lo que se convirtió mi Dios 😔
Mr.parody 10 timmar sedan
everybody arguing who is the next Michael Jackson Bruno Mars or The Weeknd it's settled the weekend is now officially the new Michael Jackson no questions asked.
alex price
alex price 10 timmar sedan
Superbowl halftime bout to be lit
幽灵Adelmo 10 timmar sedan
Vontade de sair correndo/dançando na rua na chuva com essa música veyr
John Bryan Arriola
John Bryan Arriola 10 timmar sedan
OMG i love this using airpod and earphone
Rosa Feneque
Rosa Feneque 10 timmar sedan
The weeknd should go back with bella because she is so beautiful they make a good couple 😘❤️
Uwu 7w7
Uwu 7w7 10 timmar sedan
Merece estar el top #1 de tendencia ,
TheKillerKing507 •
TheKillerKing507 • 10 timmar sedan
0:58 covid reference JDUIBWHFBDHBHBWFH
Bonnie Ziomkowski
Bonnie Ziomkowski 10 timmar sedan
My goodness I love him!!!
7 Smith
7 Smith 10 timmar sedan
Alphonso Thomas
Alphonso Thomas 10 timmar sedan
That boy sooo damn kold! The best at it
Andres Hernández
Andres Hernández 10 timmar sedan
02 2021
Jun hee Bae
Jun hee Bae 10 timmar sedan
Can't compete with them stilettos vs a flat top. Those women are very tall. By at least 3 inches
The Nicolas Artillery
The Nicolas Artillery 11 timmar sedan
Jose Garza
Jose Garza 11 timmar sedan
F love u man 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Alex Manrique
Alex Manrique 11 timmar sedan
Xq si era tan guapo 😢😢
Eric Caissie
Eric Caissie 11 timmar sedan
This feels like a music video the Joker would make
Nallely Garcia
Nallely Garcia 11 timmar sedan
Brian McFarland
Brian McFarland 11 timmar sedan
I project 1 bill views before 2021 ends
Erika Souza
Erika Souza 11 timmar sedan
Jesus o quê aconteceu com o rosto dele,era bonito!!
sammy2010ful 11 timmar sedan
Im happy ...that my parents dont know english
Brian Obey
Brian Obey 11 timmar sedan
Ima ima ima
Frank Sotelo
Frank Sotelo 11 timmar sedan
Kenny G in the house! Awsome video out of the world music ! 👍
graphicgoddess64 11 timmar sedan
Omg I love this song.
GFL_DED BOI 11 timmar sedan
His dancing skills are totally "fire"
Ashley Prentice
Ashley Prentice 11 timmar sedan
what did he do to his face...
Frank Caruso
Frank Caruso 11 timmar sedan
He forgot to pay royalties to George Michael and WHAM for stealing melodies from their song “Everything She Wants” . Same key as well, gosh, at least change the key if you are going to rip it
Patrick Dixon
Patrick Dixon 11 timmar sedan
Ak iraq
Ak iraq 11 timmar sedan
What happened to your face
Hugo Armando Salazar San Martin
Hugo Armando Salazar San Martin 11 timmar sedan
Muy buena rola. Los puentes musicales unas joyas.
SoyIker 11 timmar sedan
Hace Muuuuuuuuu
jennifer vicencio
jennifer vicencio 11 timmar sedan
Selena gomes = the weeknts = lana del rey = diablo
Ace Sus
Ace Sus 11 timmar sedan
80’s vibes
shy shy shy
shy shy shy 11 timmar sedan
I came here again after i read in LMH comments that this was apparently about AG lmao
DRAX FF 11 timmar sedan
Credo que escroto
R.C 11 timmar sedan
Since when does Freddy Mercury sing like Michael Jackson 🤣🤣🤣
Ra's Al Ghul
Ra's Al Ghul 11 timmar sedan
I can't decide which is best this or the original
Frodeno Boris
Frodeno Boris 11 timmar sedan
Doug Judy, the Pontiac Bandit
abel villamar
abel villamar 11 timmar sedan
El spanglish en todo su esplendor viejo ya ves como si es popular
Vivek Vaishnav
Vivek Vaishnav 11 timmar sedan
FACT:-The song is sad,but it got famous by it's background music "I say ohhhhhh"
Alane Alencar
Alane Alencar 11 timmar sedan
O cara parou a ponte inteira pra gravar o clipe.
Maiko 11 timmar sedan
Let's go to the Super Bowl LV ✌🏽😎
Trilogy vibes
Shade-Ann Isidore
Shade-Ann Isidore 11 timmar sedan
His song Over Now hits different, y’all should listen to that too!!
Jose Miguel
Jose Miguel 11 timmar sedan
Don't ask who's back here in 2021 cause we never left
Denilson Yoel Llontop Morante
Denilson Yoel Llontop Morante 11 timmar sedan
Alguien 2021🙄
Br Kfl
Br Kfl 11 timmar sedan
3:25 he hurting inside 😔, he better start new r/ship.
c a l v i n
c a l v i n 11 timmar sedan
jorgeplays 11 timmar sedan
You’re goddamn handsome Squidward
Kaaron Gabourel
Kaaron Gabourel 11 timmar sedan
He looks like the mask
I’m not like them, but I can pretend
I’m not like them, but I can pretend 11 timmar sedan
When he turns his smile upside down, too real.
Kaaron Gabourel
Kaaron Gabourel 11 timmar sedan
He looks like the mask
Nixion Gaming
Nixion Gaming 11 timmar sedan
Yoo Who still listens to this song tho in 2021 now
Bo CUd
Bo CUd 11 timmar sedan
Cómo es que salió este año esta canción? siento que ya tiene varios años, que raro :c
christian nuñez
christian nuñez 11 timmar sedan
Quien mas se acordo de Kalimba
Delilah Jones
Delilah Jones 11 timmar sedan
I absolutely love the 80s vibe he's adding to his latest music.
Anime exclusive Tea
Anime exclusive Tea 11 timmar sedan
Repent for the kingdom of heaven is near
Mina's Bae is Chae FIGHT ME
Mina's Bae is Chae FIGHT ME 11 timmar sedan
Why am I so late gosh
Doctor 095
Doctor 095 11 timmar sedan
The mask 2021
azim nizomiy001
azim nizomiy001 11 timmar sedan
If drug were legal this would be the advertisement
Adrián Sánchez flores
Adrián Sánchez flores 11 timmar sedan
When haces tus momos en los comentarios :v
Pagz 11 timmar sedan
Why does this give me nostalgia?
Caio Vieira
Caio Vieira 11 timmar sedan
Dexter John Alvarez
Dexter John Alvarez 11 timmar sedan
i'm just waiting for this pandemic to end and to see the weeknd performing again this songs to a big crowd.
Trivikram Dhar
Trivikram Dhar 11 timmar sedan
Klingon salute
draces20011 11 timmar sedan
Can no one else see that he looks like Lionel Richie??
Izzat Zakwan Zamri
Izzat Zakwan Zamri 11 timmar sedan
many of yall sleeping on this performance
sebastian sanchez
sebastian sanchez 11 timmar sedan
beautiful squidward 😍😍 your voice is beautifull