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Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"
Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
Tom MacDonald - "Gravestones"
Tom MacDonald - "My Fans"
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Tom MacDonald - "No Response"
Tom MacDonald - "I Cant Sleep"
Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Drink"
Tom MacDonald -"Coronavirus"
Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Care"
Tom MacDonald - "Famous"
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Tom MacDonald - "I Hate Hip Hop"
Bazza Stevens
Bazza Stevens 6 timmar sedan
And that some shit bro u gave even me goosebumps
jrdn alkr
jrdn alkr 6 timmar sedan
i clicked on this video hoping it was a song about Black Friday and then i realized this mans really sold the fuck out like what the fuuuck. this is worst than that young ass caroline korn star chick.
Queen hgjhg
Queen hgjhg 6 timmar sedan
Un gran agradecimiento al Dr. Peju por el gran trabajo que ha hecho en mi vida. De hecho, estoy agradecido señor. Para quien necesite cura para VIH / herpes / SIDA / CÁNCER diabetes, puede contactarlo y tendrá soluciones a sus problemas. Puedes contactar él en WhatsApp +2347019583281 o [email protected]
SinfulShooter 6 timmar sedan
This shit is to fuckin funny [email protected] for life
ƈɨռռǟʍօռ 7 timmar sedan
i fuckin love this 😭😭🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Teah Rieck
Teah Rieck 7 timmar sedan
Darkstar 7 timmar sedan
Dude I’ve listened to a lot of your songs... you got a new fan here..... keep on keeping on..... love your message
Forsaken_ Dredgen
Forsaken_ Dredgen 7 timmar sedan
I wish I wasn't crippled no more. Thank you for this much love.
Michael Blackburn
Michael Blackburn 7 timmar sedan
I found your music by accident (someone had a video in their sig) not only fantastic music, but a superb storyteller. Thank you, sir :)
gecko 1
gecko 1 7 timmar sedan
Pls do more this shit was crazy best fuckin story teller no bs
Justin Case
Justin Case 7 timmar sedan
I laughed so hard up until the last seconds. That’s when I peed my pants
Kerrigan 7 timmar sedan
People keep asking: "Who is Tom?" But no one asks: "How is Tom?"
Jon Rice
Jon Rice 7 timmar sedan
I've heard that I'm white privileged a thousand times, instead of helping the people who are "mistreated", people want to attack me like I'm the problem. Sorry Karen, the shit you go through in life does not depend on your race, ethnicity, skin color, religion, or sexuality. Those descriptions might influence the bad things that happen to you, but it is not the main cause. Everyone goes through shit not because of what I just said, they go through shit because they're human. We all have shitty lives. I for one, don't look to attack people on social media or go rioting stores and destroying some people's only source of provisions. I'm supposed to kneel to other races and feel guilty for who I am but the other way around is just appalling. If you seriously think that your race or religion or sexuality is the cause of your "suffering", you're fucking stupid.
Trooper Buddy
Trooper Buddy 7 timmar sedan
Good song👍 I think it's time people woke up and listened👂 World Doctors Alliance: “We Do Not Have A Medical Pandemic.” Full video Shock Report - COVID is NOT a Pandemic According to Doctors Inventor of the PCR tests - Kary Mullis. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR Test, Santa Monica July 1997. Full video Covid-19 - Who Fact Checks the Fact checkers? How lethal is covid-19 (coronavirus)? The truth about social distancing Why are covid cases soaring in NZ? PCR test update. Dr Bukacek: Death Certificates Are Being Manipulated Dr Cameron ICU New York Speaks about what Is really happening with COVID patients Dr Dan Erickson Covid briefing (full video) Perspectives on Pandemic - The Epicenter Nurse Erin Olszewski Dr judy Sep 29th Dr Kaufman - COVID Theory You Are Not Allowed To Hear Doctor exposes covid fraud Dr Bukacek: Death Certificates Are Being Manipulated Registered Nurse & District Manager Knows This is All Fake Max lgan with Dr Kaufman Spanish Doctor destroys government-media covid 'crisis' narrative Faking Death Certificates to make every Death a Covid Death (Must watch)- Vaccination: The Hidden Truth.
Arien 7 timmar sedan
Can we all acknowledge that his style is flawless
mrg1617 7 timmar sedan
Hello, here's my opinion. For me, antifa and black life matter represents the Communist red guard and anyone that doesn't conform to the rigid ideology is considered the enemy. Remember it's important within a democracy to share once opinions and views. I actually welcome people who have different views than me because in order to grow there needs to be an opposing Force just as smart as you are. Unfortunately what I seen within the left is people run away when someone with intellect tries to talk to them. So I welcome your opinion too.
Kostas Petridis
Kostas Petridis 8 timmar sedan
Him and markiplier with del monte
Ryan Sullivan
Ryan Sullivan 8 timmar sedan
The bouncing head subtitles cracked me up lol
Bo Donley
Bo Donley 8 timmar sedan
Wait Tomas is a fire name ngl
David E
David E 8 timmar sedan
"And every man needs to know where he came from, cuz he headed for a gravestone" damn. Truth.
Marcus Childers
Marcus Childers 8 timmar sedan
I couldn't do it
BUY BEST PHONE 8 timmar sedan
at least someone is telling the truth.🖤🤎💛🤍
Healz 7 timmar sedan
Trump does , this is why every1 hates him.
Guilt-Toy Racing
Guilt-Toy Racing 8 timmar sedan
good stuff!
David E
David E 8 timmar sedan
This is fucking stupid. But it made me laugh.
Bruce Marlatt
Bruce Marlatt 8 timmar sedan
What up dawg, I'm brucey. I make mistakes every day, got a fifth in my hand in tears and I'm fuckin lost. No matter how hard I try I continuously fuck up and I'm trying so God dam hard.. how's you fuckin do it tom macdonald :(
Bruce Marlatt
Bruce Marlatt 8 timmar sedan
I got drugs in my pocket madchild. What the fuck am I to do with them :(
Rob Press
Rob Press 8 timmar sedan
Hell no you don't don't change just always speak the truth you and your family is awesome ❤️😊 y'all keep it up please 🙂
Realizmz R
Realizmz R 8 timmar sedan
Funny Fo Sho!
salvador M P
salvador M P 8 timmar sedan
Bravo 👏 bravo 👏, you sir deserve honor.
Neel Nair
Neel Nair 8 timmar sedan
He switched it up hard 😭😭😭
Jarad Morton
Jarad Morton 9 timmar sedan
I love you guys! Yall are hilarious. Keep killin it! 😂😭🔥💙
RED HOOD 9 timmar sedan
Oh yeah and this is our ax
Connor Lhamon
Connor Lhamon 9 timmar sedan
It’s almost sad that I relate more to this man more than any other man in the world. I say almost because I feel honored that someone feels that same way I do. As a man who works construction you’d think i get positivity for building shit that will last, I get more hate for being a straight white male, being in construction owning trucks and guns. Honest I just don’t care. If you hate me you hate I don’t care . If you love me you love I still don’t care. You will do what you want . I’m not going to stop you’re feelings. Because I’m not going to put my energy into something I don’t care about. Call me fuckem frznk because fuckem, Frank.
James Junior
James Junior 9 timmar sedan
The NY/Canuck accent tho
Coneman 9 timmar sedan
Ahahah this was hillarious
Keishla Peters
Keishla Peters 9 timmar sedan
"Don't tell Disney about this one" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Fat Man
The Fat Man 9 timmar sedan
tom just a question is the lyrics ... They say keep hangin' on (keep hangin' on) And, to hold on, too .... or is it supposed to be... They say keep hangin' on (keep hangin' on) there aint shit to hold on to? jw