MacGyver Season 5 Promo (HD)
Chicago PD 8x03 Promo (HD)
Chicago Fire 9x03 Promo (HD)
Chicago Med 6x03 Promo (HD)
This Is Us 5x05 Promo (HD)
NCIS Season 18 Trailer (HD)
FBI Season 3 Promo (HD)
bharath v
bharath v 5 timmar sedan
is it only me who think paige looks like sabrina spellman?
Jim Moore
Jim Moore 6 timmar sedan
I think the character of Kevin is going through the most transformations he's been average built, fat, super Jack, now he's skinny ripped
Keira Hawkyard
Keira Hawkyard 6 timmar sedan
Ivonne at the beginning: "I'm not really emotional about this." Ivonne at the end: *gets emotional*
Ivaylo Krastev
Ivaylo Krastev 6 timmar sedan
June 18 2021 New Season
Daniel Kabeli
Daniel Kabeli 6 timmar sedan
I watched this before she ra and I didn't know where i knew her from
doom21100 6 timmar sedan
The question is: what is the real name of Red?
Legends Of The Arrowverse
Legends Of The Arrowverse 6 timmar sedan
Damn he's changed a LoT
abc C
abc C 6 timmar sedan
Gosh I hope to see Fiona!
VladEk KremenchuKsky
VladEk KremenchuKsky 6 timmar sedan
The last of us?..0_o
Alison Nova
Alison Nova 6 timmar sedan
What is this song for the promo??!!! It sounds so good!!!!!!!
Jacob Clements
Jacob Clements 7 timmar sedan
Is this like a reboot of Walker Texas ranger
assassin 7 timmar sedan
Respect from Poland!
assassin 7 timmar sedan
Respect from Poland!
Madina Dautova
Madina Dautova 7 timmar sedan
Well... no sign of Fiona. Okay.
Jade l
Jade l 8 timmar sedan
хлебная жабка
хлебная жабка 8 timmar sedan
Tessa M
Tessa M 8 timmar sedan
Average User
Average User 8 timmar sedan
Nothing compared to the UK version
Выхухоль с шишечкой
Выхухоль с шишечкой 8 timmar sedan
Аааааа, где грёбанные русские субтитры?
raymond thurber
raymond thurber 8 timmar sedan
2 last episodes i felt so much emotion as when supernatural first came out. Thank you to that all made supernatural a TV series. There is no way I can stop watching. I am always finding myself rewatching great movies and TV series. The morale story told, the emotions, the music. That is what makes a masterpiece TV series or movie.
raymond thurber
raymond thurber 8 timmar sedan
I believe they deserve movie or TV series awards.
Metrics Soundlabs
Metrics Soundlabs 9 timmar sedan
Your mum moves in next door kills the FBI protecting your daughter , takes your daughter to the park leaves her there to kill a man , shots your grand father, and liz just says one thing my mum is innocent and blames Red 🤦🏿‍♂️ how did she pass her profile test cos she is clearly bad at it and she was one of the top 6 wow
Florida Man
Florida Man 9 timmar sedan
We need more Noir in season 3
support ugly orphan babies!
support ugly orphan babies! 9 timmar sedan
This show has become way too light hearted and comedic focused since 7 onwards...
Sorta Busy
Sorta Busy 9 timmar sedan
It’s been three years & she is still holding the baby 👶 like she is a newborn 🤷‍♂️
Sorta Busy
Sorta Busy 9 timmar sedan
Max Latour
Max Latour 9 timmar sedan
This shows writing and plot has gone down hill. Season 1 rocked
Incredible Home Tips
Incredible Home Tips 10 timmar sedan
Very nice video 👌 stay connected friend
sad bitch.
sad bitch. 10 timmar sedan
где Фиона ?!!!!?!!
lucky 10 timmar sedan
Why are you suggesting this now youtube are you pouring salt on my wounds it's over TBBT is ended 2 years ago.
chetan mh
chetan mh 10 timmar sedan
hahahaha!!!! she said "boo!" that's it! i like this! i'm gonna watch her and the second season! :D
Marius Baciu
Marius Baciu 10 timmar sedan
Congrats to HBO for bringing down the record for worst finale previously owned by GoT.
Boris The Animal
Boris The Animal 10 timmar sedan
Here are the names of the first 5 Episodes of Season 7: 1. "All's Wells That Ends Wells" 2. "The Speed of Thought" 3. "Mother" 4. "Central City Strong" 5. "Fear Me"
Eagle Claw
Eagle Claw 10 timmar sedan
Let's go!
Nicholas Fenstermaker
Nicholas Fenstermaker 10 timmar sedan
It will most likely get canceled
darnlove55 11 timmar sedan
Oh my heart!!!!!! I can’t !!! Conic kill me !!!!!!
yusuf max
yusuf max 11 timmar sedan
Shippers are here
Travis Peterson
Travis Peterson 11 timmar sedan
This episode looks so freaking good.
The-LittleFangirl 11 timmar sedan
... How high were they in this event?
ZHUOMING LI 11 timmar sedan
I like this American TV show because of a short video in TIK TOK. I like it very much.
BleNx 11 timmar sedan
I am so excited for season 7 run Barry run
Jeremy H.
Jeremy H. 11 timmar sedan
It's good to see that Captain Yates has landed on another sci-fi series.
John Zero
John Zero 11 timmar sedan
If we wanted our kids to be sissies we would've named em dr quinn and medicine woman.
Sanu Kumar
Sanu Kumar 11 timmar sedan
Praveen Babu Peyyala
Praveen Babu Peyyala 12 timmar sedan
I'm waiting &in Telugu language
Fabiola Plata
Fabiola Plata 12 timmar sedan
I love how in some scenes you can see the masks they are wearing
Javier Nuñez
Javier Nuñez 12 timmar sedan
As much as I love Chuck Norris movies I hated *Walker, Texas Ranger*. I'll give the remake a shot
Evolving_aspirant 12 timmar sedan
*At first I thought Oliver trains Mia Khalifa* 😂
Monique Sinha
Monique Sinha 12 timmar sedan
This series is still going on ?
Kavya Sharma
Kavya Sharma 13 timmar sedan
Why can't I see Carlos?!
OfficialTwerp 13 timmar sedan
I wonder if the lantern is actually gonna be green or a Dif color
little boy 223 223
little boy 223 223 13 timmar sedan
This show had potential but it got canceled
Pakistani Mulhid
Pakistani Mulhid 13 timmar sedan
Red didn't killed Katarina That was a just a show like the the kazania brothers Red took the body with him was to to world believe she is dead She will be resurrected again in season 8
Mauricio Jaramillo
Mauricio Jaramillo 13 timmar sedan
I love how Max the Magician is back, now that's classic SBTB!
FaZe Sway
FaZe Sway 13 timmar sedan
This is. 6 season
Alicia Borth
Alicia Borth 13 timmar sedan
1:50 I love when Oliver does his "seriously? unreal" sigh.
Brooklyn Lopez
Brooklyn Lopez 13 timmar sedan
I love the show, its funny
Amy 2023
Amy 2023 13 timmar sedan
Is season 1 on the fox app. I can’t seem to find it.
Amy 2023
Amy 2023 6 timmar sedan
@Julie Leek ok thank you.
Julie Leek
Julie Leek 11 timmar sedan
1 2 3 are on there
Julie Leek
Julie Leek 11 timmar sedan
jax g
jax g 13 timmar sedan
Ian was 😍😝🤤
Francisco Montenegro
Francisco Montenegro 13 timmar sedan
Noah Holderman
Noah Holderman 13 timmar sedan
Did they forget Sheldon read the whole Bible already to humiliate the pastor?
Grim Lust
Grim Lust 13 timmar sedan
that ya'll.... ugh
victor ramirez
victor ramirez 14 timmar sedan
lol you would think dean would be walker since his character from supernatural likes western
Gaige Williams
Gaige Williams 14 timmar sedan
Cameraman has a good job
Charles Caple III
Charles Caple III 14 timmar sedan
As much as i love this show i hope its not the end i need at least one more season please ill cry if Meredith passes but im happy to see Derek and hopefully lexie george and mark come back! I definitely want to see Christina
Molly N
Molly N 14 timmar sedan
Everyone freaking out about glee and me having a panic attack about Jeremy frickin jordan
nordette 15 timmar sedan
Lol this is like white Empire
Purp Key
Purp Key 15 timmar sedan
Colleen Sarmento
Colleen Sarmento 15 timmar sedan
Euphoria and otis🥰
car enthusiast
car enthusiast 15 timmar sedan
yesssss the new season has come
Ashley Reams
Ashley Reams 15 timmar sedan
I was touched that they would film a thank you for us fans after the ending, just makes me like them more. I have to say I cried like a baby for the last 15 minutes, but I felt like both of them got the ending they wanted.
Silly Goose
Silly Goose 15 timmar sedan
This looks horrible.
Analía Rivas
Analía Rivas 15 timmar sedan
Oh no... here we go :(
Killagunz5 15 timmar sedan
I can’t wait 😭
Lindsey Sheppard
Lindsey Sheppard 15 timmar sedan
The first thing Lexie said to mer was ‘excuse me’ and mer just said that too... and we all know how the writers are sooo it might be LEXIEE
bazzingaification 15 timmar sedan
Does anyone know the name of the song ?
Júnior Castro
Júnior Castro 15 timmar sedan
No brasil essa série faz sucesso Só esperando essa 7ª
Ilahmae Cunanan
Ilahmae Cunanan 15 timmar sedan
I really love it
Rosa Dalessio
Rosa Dalessio 15 timmar sedan
Carmine Paradis
Carmine Paradis 15 timmar sedan
Lebum James
Lebum James 15 timmar sedan
This is last weeks episode LMAO
Dizi Editleri
Dizi Editleri 11 timmar sedan
Hi.I have good videos. Will you support me,,,
dragonsareawesome123 15 timmar sedan
HBO is an episode behind BBC and just finished airing Season 2 Episode 3 so that's why they're releasing the trailer for Season 2 Episode 4 now.