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K11LUA Timme sedan
Heya! Can you watch toradora and review it?
GhostRiderTheVangance Timme sedan
I was dissapointed by this movie. I mean visuals and Score are amazing, but the story is what bothers me, I dont sympathize with any character what so ever, for me they all are kinda weak and at times even irritating, for example those "ghost children" or Tetsuo himself, in someways I despise these characters. The story it self dosen't hook me it goes all over the place and can't really take a focus on one specific idea or theme. I dont know... It just doesn't work for me.
Roger Gregory
Roger Gregory Timme sedan
Epic movie, but I can’t believe you didn’t talk about the movie’s score. The music is iconic.
Steven Cowie
Steven Cowie Timme sedan
Poor writing is a crime tbh. Elwes was so funny for all that. I'd watch the 2nd one now. Never before.
Steve Myers
Steve Myers Timme sedan
I don't care what anyone says, my preferred way to watch this movie is the original 1988 English dub. The voice acting isn't great, but it's charming as hell and really brings the characters to life.
neil Varma
neil Varma Timme sedan
Excellent movie! America ironically can’t do it justice
Gordan Lazinica
Gordan Lazinica Timme sedan
I rented 'Akira' from the video store back in the 90s as a small kid thinking I would watch just a cartoon. What a mistake, I was so tripped out and disgusted with the weirdness and just psycho stuff. I watched it again a few years ago to see what I feel and think as an adult and it has a lot of deep psychological and philosophical themes, it can go deep into the abstract but that's it makes interesting.
Dillan Damodar
Dillan Damodar Timme sedan
Can you review Wolfwalkers? Sleeper animated hit from Apple TV+!
Plena Timme sedan
Hell yeah, more Extreme-G would be great!
goldmemberpb Timme sedan
The motorcycle slide has been reference in so many anime and movie at this point, calling this movie influential would be undercutting it. I think this is also what a lot of people would reference for the 180 camera rule.
Non Specific
Non Specific Timme sedan
I actually threw up the first time I saw Akira. I'd seen gore before but somehow the animation style makes it more vivid. It was like visual indigestion to me because I had never seen something so rich.
Corn Pone Flicks
Corn Pone Flicks Timme sedan
I honestly never found this film confusing at all. It just doesn't hold your hand through everything. You're expected to do a little thinking.
Fiery Phoenix
Fiery Phoenix Timme sedan
It is my favourite movie that I have memories of seeing it on VHS and being awe stuck. It is the exception to subs over dubs. Particularly the original dub with Cam Clarke
Eduardo Varela
Eduardo Varela Timme sedan
HAHAHA!! That Extreme-G reference caught me off guard, great games! I used to turn on the stereo and blast The Prodigy's Fat of the land album while I played.
Greyson Gutzmer
Greyson Gutzmer Timme sedan
Would love to see a halariocity of Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang 1999
James Moss
James Moss Timme sedan
Akira is a excellent anime classic. 😀👍
Karanvir Kooner
Karanvir Kooner Timme sedan
Steven Spielberg and George Lucas thought it was unmarketable
Pure Hell
Pure Hell Timme sedan
One of the best anime movies ever. Princess Mononoke and this are my favorites for sure
palbo4 Timme sedan
Surprised you didn't mention the music!
Shiirow Timme sedan
Akira, a cartoon for children. hehehe
samuel brook-williams
samuel brook-williams Timme sedan
I got really lucky! Just before lockdown, my local cinema played Akira. Wow. On the big screen it was even more amazing.
Kristopher Williams
Kristopher Williams Timme sedan
It's so funny that Chris talks about his mom blocking his anime rentals as a kid. I can remember going to this sort of mom and pop video store as a kid in the sense that it wasn't a big chain and them having a "Japanamation" section. Unlike Chris I could get there on my bike and probably at around the age of 12 or 13 I started renting these movies. This store didn't let kids rent Rated R movies without a parent being present but for some reason, despite having a whole Japanamation section, they let kids rent these titles. My guess is that someone younger was buying these for the store and the owner jus t didn't care. I can even remember some Hentai titles being mixed in with stuff like Ghost in the Shell. I'm so surprised that parents never complained about this but I guess they never looked in that section anyway so they didn't know. All in all I credit this video store with introducing me to anime and I'm still a fan today. So thank you loose-moraled video store owner. You made a fan out of me. 😆
Beatriz Pessoa
Beatriz Pessoa Timme sedan
Keep the good work, man! You are doing great. Congratulations
Evan Blea
Evan Blea Timme sedan
This is absolutely my favorite movie of all time, no competition. There's so much bts details that make it so much better. The movie was animated around the soundtrack which other movies do the other way. SPOILERS the sequence at the end with the Akira explosion mixed with the soundtrack filled with a terrifying organ piece playing makes it feel like an apocalyptic event, it is the most awe inspiring show of raw power in an anime. Every detail makes this movie absolutely perfect to me.
FFVII1992 Timme sedan
Used to LOVE this movie, visually stunning in every which way. First watch it when I was in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and it was SO cool. But, THEN, then years later they re-released the original manga and read it all...90 percent of what’s in the manga is NOT in the movie. As I re watched it, I couldn’t help but feel unfulfilled. It’s still a great visual landmark. But, the mangas better. Please, watch the film and form your own opinion.
Friedrich Faustus
Friedrich Faustus Timme sedan
The only complaint i have with the Anime is that the whole Manga doesnt fit into one Movie. Damn... the creator should remake the WHOLE story on that original level of detail and with modern tech as a series! I liked the Anime plottwist but the expanded story is really cool and leaves more room for the characters to grow (what Chris was critisizing)
Karanvir Kooner
Karanvir Kooner Timme sedan
I’m buying Akira on DVD BluRay and 4K UltraHD BluRay only
Bronx Bomber
Bronx Bomber Timme sedan
Karanvir Kooner
Karanvir Kooner Timme sedan
Akira inspired Looper The Dark Knight and Inception even The Matrix
Tom Landolt
Tom Landolt Timme sedan
first review i clicked like before it started playin
Lo Re
Lo Re Timme sedan
Sucks so much that covid killed the japanese olympics. I bet they wouldve honored the movie during the opening. Could already imagine the kaneda theme drums
Karanvir Kooner
Karanvir Kooner Timme sedan
Akira is a masterpiece
Brupcat Timme sedan
The manga is far better than the movie, and this is coming from someone who loves the movie. The characters are far more developed in the manga.
Nita G
Nita G Timme sedan
I’m so happy you have gotten to a place to be able to do what you love and be who you are. Yours is the first channel I go to after I see any movie, to find a review because I love the way you appreciate films and movies and I respect your opinions. I hope for good things in your pursuits; I don’t think anything can stop you. I hope your family still embraces you and communicates with you but if they won’t, there are tons of people in your life, some you haven’t even met yet,that will love you like family. All the best to you.
Huisbeest Timme sedan
i get people who do not understand this movie. i DONT get people who do not like this movie. one has no opinion so they are honest and say they don't understand. the other needs to STFU!
Bill Geo
Bill Geo Timme sedan
Why is it that even though you hear the name Akira many times in the movie, everyone pronounces it wrong?
Jovo Hodzic
Jovo Hodzic Timme sedan
7:23 if that's the kind of imbecile who can emotionally hurt you, you deserve a punch in the nose.
Ronpage :P
Ronpage :P Timme sedan
I would love a video of Chris talking about the film with full spoilers. Characters, theories, everything.
Mark Manoj
Mark Manoj Timme sedan
I was going to ask you to review this film!!! Thanks for making this review🙏🙏🙏
Alex Worm
Alex Worm Timme sedan
Soundtrack is so underrated and not talked enough about.
Robin Waters
Robin Waters Timme sedan
Psh.... Chris... My man! You're THE Extreme G 😉
Arehandoro1986 Timme sedan
I remember the first time I watcher Akira, it was the extended cut, and half way through, my sister came downstairs and watched it with me... then I put it again and watch it all over again. It was one of the most epic movie experiences I've had to date. I mean it was like 6 straight hours.
Tim Lopresti
Tim Lopresti Timme sedan
Review spirited away!
The Joker
The Joker Timme sedan
Anyone know where I can get that shirt that he's wearing??
Brian Thornton
Brian Thornton Timme sedan
Bruh I just watched this yesterday how convenient lol
pupax Timme sedan
Wow Chris, that is a lot. I'm sorry that you had to grow up like this, and I am so happy that you managed to get out and make the life for yourself, that you want, and that makes you happy. Thank you for sharing this with us, I can only imagine how tough it must have been <3
Benjamin Livingston
Benjamin Livingston Timme sedan
Chris mentioning David Lynch has me really curious now...
Seth Heasley
Seth Heasley Timme sedan
Never been a fan of anime, but if I'm going to watch any of it, I'll start with Akira.
NBMTX Timme sedan
Tetsuo? Kei is the most interesting character in the series.
Fernan Wilford
Fernan Wilford Timme sedan
You should reed the manga, its amizing and more developt
Ndima Silwana
Ndima Silwana Timme sedan
I still wish they'd make an anime series that goes more in depth with the många.
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones Timme sedan
Having someone come to your door to push religion is annoying, but the shotgun bit was just edgy out of line shit from some little dick bag. Any normal person would just say no thank you, and if they persist just go back inside.
The Joker
The Joker Timme sedan
No lie I recently watched Akira sometime last year for my first time ever and about an hour and I was like oh we only got like an hour left in this movie I wasn't bored of it or anything but I'm like damn it's coming to an ending so soon just to find out that movie was 3 hours long but I enjoyed every minute of it
Hork Porkler
Hork Porkler Timme sedan
Akira is okay
Nordic_Caveman Timme sedan
So much oppression. I grew up JW as well.
JY L Timme sedan
Chris, I always thought you already reviewed Akira lol Akira was a manga first which had more story and characters fleshed out in the books but had to be squeezed into a movie. Even still, it was epic on its own. The bike, the jacket, the story, the message. Anime
william Sveda
william Sveda Timme sedan
Now he should review End of Evangelion.
Nico Simioni
Nico Simioni Timme sedan
Has anyone here read the manga? Do you recommend it?
Freddy Ray
Freddy Ray Timme sedan
Aaahhhhh this is a classic. Loved it back in the day and love it now. Precursor to Ghost in the Shell. I like it mainly for the art.
ronelbytheway Timme sedan
you should review Attack on Titan after the final season :) best writing in anime history (imo)
bitfusion inthecloudtv
bitfusion inthecloudtv Timme sedan
My dog is named Akira, after the anime.
Schwag Daddy
Schwag Daddy Timme sedan
I wish they made a 2cd film for the rest of the books
Glenn Neumeister
Glenn Neumeister Timme sedan
They keep talking about a live action remake. I wish they would do an animated series based on the manga instead.
Carmai7 Timme sedan
I will say this about Akira, the problem with a lot of movies and movie reviewers is that the "audience", movie goers and the like, have been accustomed to perceive the story as being subservient to the the character/characters. In reality the characters should be subservient to the story. Akira is a perfect example of characters being subservient to the story. Also, Akira only represents a third of the story written in the manga. Before I get the "the movie should stand on its own" argument, let me say that the movie story does stand on its own, but if you read the manga, you will understand that character development eventually shifts towards a third character that will play a mayor roll in the outcome of the story. That being said, my point is, characterization sometimes detracts from world building and constructing a deep mythology... my humble opinion.
Francis Smith
Francis Smith Timme sedan
Nice Extreme G reference. Great games and great soundtrack too. There was a game cube release but it wasn't as strong as the N64.
Wingate at Ulster
Wingate at Ulster Timme sedan
I'm here because Brie Larson said, "white dudes" had no business reviewing this film.
T Walker
T Walker Timme sedan
I watched this movie with zero expectations and absolutely hated it. Story is nonsense, characters are idiots, voice acting is terrible. Beautiful animation can’t save it.
pablo ramirez
pablo ramirez Timme sedan
7 min?
Zach Gerrity
Zach Gerrity Timme sedan
I really want a spoiler review from you now
Justin 1
Justin 1 Timme sedan
I just saw this for the very first time a few days ago. I can definitely see why this is considered a legendary anime after finishing it. I'm also a sucker for great sci fi films.
xKami102x Timme sedan
Chris I'd love to see you review the 2001 animated film Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis. Definitely one of the most underappreciated anime films when it's just as good and thought-provoking as Akira
Eben Pajanconi
Eben Pajanconi Timme sedan
Bruh When Attack on Titan ends, would Chris actually do a review for one of (on pace to be) THE BEST Anime of ALL TIME??
Charles Farley
Charles Farley Timme sedan
Sadly, I suspect I may never entirely comprehend the full staggering scope of Otomo Katsuhiro's masterpiece, even after so many revisits of the OAV* as well as the six volumes of the manga, which is so many orders of magnitude more dense than the anime that even light itself cannot escape and is inevitably consumed by the azimuth of artistry that is Akira. *First seen at age 11 in 1995, as the third round in the all day triple header which saw Vampire Hunter D & Ninja Scroll played on the VERY first day I experienced the artistic medium which profoundly altered the course of my future and, after about three years, a Wizard magazine article would inform me was referred to by the Japanese word for animation, anime, resulting in the immediate and eternal banishment of that most cringe inducing of labels... ugh... japanimation.
GW Comics
GW Comics Timme sedan
Akira is my favourite anime (movie)
Matt Mcgarvin
Matt Mcgarvin Timme sedan
looks like a live action is in development by taika waititi... should be interesting.
spadePerfect Timme sedan
The opening scene with the music kicking in while they're riding through the city is visionary. Just phenomenal. It feels like another planet every time I watch it.
Deadwood Jawn
Deadwood Jawn Timme sedan
This is massive. Thank you for sharing something so sensitive, Chris.
Jake Dyer
Jake Dyer Timme sedan
hey Chris do a review on films by Shudder by the time when it gets to Halloween.
2cents Timme sedan
Protesters angle doesn't fit with the past few years. Akira would need some intelligence forces behind the protest movement and /or shown to be usefully manipulating it.
xic777 Timme sedan
right in the money!!! , so close to todays world, its scary