Like Nowhere Else
Månad sedan
le th
le th 2 minuter sedan
SAVAGE mum lol
Real_Les Llama ツ
Real_Les Llama ツ 2 minuter sedan
Absolute pogger moment
Scott Bartram
Scott Bartram 3 minuter sedan
Pawel P
Pawel P 3 minuter sedan
Bentley on a rally stage... Only Top Gear...
Anton Prothe
Anton Prothe 4 minuter sedan
in hawaii we get stung by these every year lol
jie li
jie li 4 minuter sedan
thanks for America leadership leading world over the 100 million people got corona virus!
Gilbert Toban
Gilbert Toban 4 minuter sedan
The minor meter informally trap because science provisionally thaw minus a drab stool. blushing, tangible twine
SUPER SOM MAGAYVER 4 minuter sedan
Stiamo evangelizzando qui oggi, Gesù Cristo è il Re di gloria e potere, perché tutti coloro che credono in lui e sono battezzati saranno salvati, cercheranno la sua salvezza, Gesù Cristo è la via, la verità e la salvezza, disse Cristo, siate pescatori di uomini e donne per la salvezza, amen.1
clifford heywood
clifford heywood 4 minuter sedan
Strawman 4 minuter sedan
Audrey Edmunds
Audrey Edmunds 4 minuter sedan
YC龍族玩家一龍飛[Hongkonger] 5 minuter sedan
" We built the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in history of politics" Joke Biden
Anya Tranter
Anya Tranter 6 minuter sedan
Birds lift our souls to the almighty
Read With Jessica
Read With Jessica 6 minuter sedan
Well, YEAH... Just like we are still likely to get the flu even when we get the flu jab; its just less of a chance. In other news, water is wet :')
Blackie Berry
Blackie Berry 6 minuter sedan
I hope billions die!!..nobody wants to believe covid exists more than me but it just doesn't
Blackie Berry
Blackie Berry 7 minuter sedan
Laying groundwork for why people die despite being vaccinated !!..but as always I wonder how long till people realize that no royals, politicians or corporate people have ever died from covid
le th
le th 7 minuter sedan
I'm so confused...(atheist leaning anagostic here lol). This went right over my head. :D Wherein lies the problem with someone being Christian at work? Sorry to have to ask. When you don't dawdle in the minutae of organized religion it is easy to miss the finer points.
Tadiwa Kwashiwa
Tadiwa Kwashiwa 7 minuter sedan
She made pple laugh their ahh off
Anya Tranter
Anya Tranter 7 minuter sedan
They are so polite and gentle
jie li
jie li 7 minuter sedan
thanks for America leadership leading world over the 100 million people got corona virus!
jie li
jie li 8 minuter sedan
thanks for America leadership leading world over the 100 million people got corona virus!
Peter Hewitt
Peter Hewitt 8 minuter sedan
I'll take the vaccination when the manufacturers are no longer immune from prosecution.. 29 dead in Norway, their families get nothing
Me Sоul
Me Sоul 8 minuter sedan
Dani_PlayzGacha 9 minuter sedan
Lmao I remember once lying to my brother that my mom gave birth to him in a toilet. He hated me when he found out I was lying :)
Glad Tidings To The Strangers
Glad Tidings To The Strangers 9 minuter sedan
Oh for crying out loud... Johnny boy! If not for the public, then at least for your own bush... open the hair salon. Looking like a blonde pigeon mate!
Omnia Ehab
Omnia Ehab 10 minuter sedan
Every time I listen to this song i just feel like I want to cry my eyes out, I'm deeply in love with him & his voice... I mean who doesn't ?!
Daniel Robert Dickenson
Daniel Robert Dickenson 10 minuter sedan
I find it genuinely sad how many people are getting vaccinated.
James Humfry
James Humfry 10 minuter sedan
That'll be the lack of staff you bed wetting demon
Judith Schuett
Judith Schuett 10 minuter sedan
Never a word of truth from leftist BBC...the truth will come out...the truth IS MUCH STRANGER THAN FICTION ..imagine these dummies cannnot imagine George Soros would fund the company that was next door to his on Spadina Ave. in Toronto in a building full of leftwing organizations in Canada that shared staff... not to mention the influx of $400 million at the last minute from China...just watch and learn...the truth WILL COME OUT or people will die as they try to hide it.
CBM 215
CBM 215 10 minuter sedan
I have new respect for Angela Merkel for being a part of this event.
razz b
razz b 11 minuter sedan
Bye bye BBC 👋
Jamie Mason
Jamie Mason 11 minuter sedan
why does Boris's phone cord not appear in the mirror
Alfie Rollitt
Alfie Rollitt 11 minuter sedan
pete womberbat is a delightful fellow traped and posiend by these foul of this so called park legislation a discraful space for such a man or should i say w=armbat
Peter McLelland
Peter McLelland 11 minuter sedan
That's the good thing about democracy ? You can freely vote stupid people in to govern you ? So suck it up !
Cameron Riley
Cameron Riley 13 minuter sedan
The dancing was good really good but the crowd made it better by drowning Lewis out lol
Steve Pritchard
Steve Pritchard 14 minuter sedan
Such a liar
Jimmyredcab 15 minuter sedan
People have been under house arrest for 10 months, time to end this madness.
Jennifer Keeler
Jennifer Keeler 17 minuter sedan
It frightens me how many of these lines I heard during the election.
Geoffrey Sangany
Geoffrey Sangany 17 minuter sedan
Peter always has this dramatic look on his face
Si Hopebgood
Si Hopebgood 18 minuter sedan
Trump supporters are just scary, weird lunatics.
Cyber Ms
Cyber Ms 18 minuter sedan
When the media attacks someone, know he hurtled their masters
DizzySkilla 19 minuter sedan
For mental health stuff? I'm guna refuse my jab and treatment. I'll ask for a steady stream of morphine.. This is perfect for young suicidee's
motorcity Mayhem
motorcity Mayhem 19 minuter sedan
Some of his mannerisms reminded me of rowan Atkinson or more specifically his character mr bean lol
D Me
D Me 20 minuter sedan
Drumpf & Ivanka stole items that belong to the American people when they got the fuc* out. ARREST THEIR THIEVING ASSES!!!!
Beefs 23 minuter sedan
looks like he could be blown away by the wind
Kingirish_1 23 minuter sedan
5.38 listen very carefully did he spell the beens ?
Daniel Robert Dickenson
Daniel Robert Dickenson 8 minuter sedan
About the social distancing?
\\\\\\ 23 minuter sedan
Daniel Williamson
Daniel Williamson 24 minuter sedan
I'd buy that for a dollar.
Hüseme Erbolat
Hüseme Erbolat 24 minuter sedan
YERLERİN VE GÖKLERİN VE HERŞEYİN SAHİBİ YÜCE ALLAH çin doğu Türkistan kardeş lerimizi zülmeden zalim bir terör ve işgalci devleti çin yok olmaya mahkumdur ALLAHIN İZNİYLE zalimler için yaşasın cehennem
JohnGolightlyLive 24 minuter sedan
We all got antibodys so we still got it when it started
Duncan Twist
Duncan Twist 25 minuter sedan
Let it be - let them do what they will do. Have money ? Invest. Hint. American Battery Technologies and Alpine 4 Technologies
Ian 25 minuter sedan
cry more, libtards
Finley Nash
Finley Nash 26 minuter sedan
Watching this sober is so different holy shit
Hüseme Erbolat
Hüseme Erbolat 27 minuter sedan
YERLERİN VE GÖKLERİN VE HERŞEYİN SAHİBİ YÜCE ALLAH çin doğu Türkistan kardeş lerimizi zülmeden zalim bir terör ve işgalci devleti çin yok olmaya mahkumdur ALLAHIN İZNİYLE zalimler için yaşasın cehennem
Sonja Kristiina Lindberg
Sonja Kristiina Lindberg 27 minuter sedan
Spring is aprroaching 😁
Japfourme 28 minuter sedan
Seems to me there’s no point in having the jab if people can’t get back to normality!!
Addie Pensec
Addie Pensec 30 minuter sedan
Sandra Foxley
Sandra Foxley 30 minuter sedan
breaking news - police arrest man for murder - but put it down to covid - one less crime to worry about.
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis 31 minut sedan
i can barley use a laptop now so back then i would have been doomed
mark macthree
mark macthree 32 minuter sedan
The cheek of Asda and Tesco's their just like the banks and media!!!!!!! Sheep on BBC lover's
Renea Cat
Renea Cat 33 minuter sedan
Being American, I watch BBC only because I love the accent ❤️😂
Renea Cat
Renea Cat 5 minuter sedan
@Daniel Robert Dickenson 😊❤️
Daniel Robert Dickenson
Daniel Robert Dickenson 6 minuter sedan
By the same token, I would love your accent. 😝
Claire Carroll
Claire Carroll 33 minuter sedan
I don't trust this vaccination. I don't know what the side effects could be, or what long term problems I could have, as a result of having this vacine. Untill I know the true risks, I can not make a decision on whether I would like it or not.
Daniel Robert Dickenson
Daniel Robert Dickenson 3 minuter sedan
@Logan Richardson Does that not tell you something? Not allowed to go abroad without the vaccination, is control. You could take all the precautions in the world when you wdnt abroad without the vaccine. It is all about control. Also, as the other person said, just because your Grandad is okay now, doesn't mean it won't cause long term side effects and/or complications later on. Don't be so naive and so quick to listen to what you're told to do.
Claire Carroll
Claire Carroll 20 minuter sedan
I have no plans to go abroad, I'm in lockdown. Glad all went well with your grandad. Blessings to you and yours.
Logan Richardson
Logan Richardson 28 minuter sedan
Have fun tryna go abroad. My grandad got it a week ago. No side effects. Just a bit of weight loss. I'm getting asap.
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis 33 minuter sedan
prints out MY move u cant trust these computer things
SAG Brady
SAG Brady 33 minuter sedan
God..I love this man
Obi Have
Obi Have 34 minuter sedan
If the first dose is no good without the second what's the point in delaying it so every one can get the first?
Tolga 34 minuter sedan
what the fork is this? youtube, why are you recommend this video to me?
Rachel Goulding
Rachel Goulding 35 minuter sedan
You're doing a great job Matt, I'm sure Klaus Schwab is very proud of you. I mean, not so much the pathetic fake crying, be we can't all be talented at everything.
Me Me
Me Me 36 minuter sedan
O just shut up !!! your getting on every one nerves...Yes you have vaccinated all the old folk while queing for an hour before hand surrounded by people, but apparently the second vaccination in which you insisted they need,is being investigated for if it can combat the new variant...So if the second vaccine doesn't combat it the first doesn't because you have told us that you can not mix different vacines together,the trouble with Hancock is he thinks we all forget what's been said so far
Daniel Robert Dickenson
Daniel Robert Dickenson 2 minuter sedan
Exactly! Either way, I'm not getting any of the vaccinations!
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 36 minuter sedan
The government and mayor of Jakarta should get scientist and engineers on board and try to find a good solution
Cheryl Burgess
Cheryl Burgess 36 minuter sedan
We know why bbc is making up this crap look at who owns them. Full of crap and liars. BBC are communist puppets
andy barnett
andy barnett 38 minuter sedan
Welcome to the 3 muppets show now on at 5pm mon-fri
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 38 minuter sedan
Some parts of the world shortage of water some parts to much.
Nite plays roblox
Nite plays roblox 38 minuter sedan
Everyone’s talking about the people that crossed but what about the cameraman?
Anoop Chandran
Anoop Chandran 39 minuter sedan
Not sure why this is even news. You could have asked any immunologist 5 years ago, and they would have told you that vaccinations don't stop infections. Vaccines in this disease are expected to reduce intensity of the disease, and ease the number of people who require medical attention.
SaltRiver Pirate
SaltRiver Pirate 39 minuter sedan
America wins the racism race. MAGA. Jesuz F'n Christ. I am an ordained minestrone of the Holy flying Spaghetti Monster, He who boiled 4 arrrr sins has declared racism in America 'official' Damn. Yeppers, America, KKK, Trump, sorry mates. We arrr working on it.
fireheart 677
fireheart 677 39 minuter sedan
Aww that pure lizard was just sitting there minding it's own business and boom dead 😂😪
Yanick Blair
Yanick Blair 40 minuter sedan
if only you put the same effort into fighting islamism
Roger Francis
Roger Francis 40 minuter sedan
So you won't have your freedom even if you accept the death jab...gosh I'm so surprised..not!
Some Guy
Some Guy 41 minut sedan
mr bean in war i see