dcoog anml
dcoog anml 16 timmar sedan
Luis Ángel Islas Olmos
Luis Ángel Islas Olmos 17 timmar sedan
why didn't they just call themselves United? without Manchester
Muhammad Azzamabdussallam
Muhammad Azzamabdussallam 17 timmar sedan
. Jahannam. 😊
Muhammad Azzamabdussallam
Muhammad Azzamabdussallam 17 timmar sedan
Bismillah,jangan telungkup itu tidurnya setan,wallahhua'lam. 😉 😊
TahsinAli 17 timmar sedan
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Sam Jones
Sam Jones 18 timmar sedan
It's been a long recovery but I've only just come to terms with the result, it hurt a little bit 😂 Best game I've seen in a long long time and although was gutted by the result, was literally on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately the stoppage time and the skill difference paid off in the end and the pace just couldn't be matched, the better team won and I'm still a proud Torquay fan!
Emily An
Emily An 18 timmar sedan
That must've been our 4th headed goal direct from a corner in the last 8 years. 😂🤣
Anthony Estrada
Anthony Estrada 19 timmar sedan
Wigan will alawys be the best club to support i miss wigan in the premier league its sad to see a relegated team like this like if you want wigan back in the premier league
Samuel VMJM
Samuel VMJM 19 timmar sedan
This song?
shawn bernal
shawn bernal 19 timmar sedan
Where’s the keeper eating a pie?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 20 timmar sedan
Those passes from ziyech just another level
Tron 20 timmar sedan
got to say as a spurs fan I'm so happy for Aflie devine, hopefully his career can keep progressing forwards!
Tiger Plays!
Tiger Plays! 20 timmar sedan
Louie Barrie is probably happier than Werner with his goal.
Chizzy B
Chizzy B 21 timme sedan
Emile smith Rowe future of arsenal
SA Football
SA Football 21 timme sedan
Only 9 comments?
Mahdi al-Hashemi
Mahdi al-Hashemi 21 timme sedan
8:06 Chelsea fans celebrate early🤣🤣🤣
Ben Slack
Ben Slack 21 timme sedan
I mean Derby had the entire first squad and the majority of the U23s unavailable (self isolating) rendering the game children versus men, but sure, 'shock'. Makes for a better story I guess.
abdirahman ahmed mohamud
abdirahman ahmed mohamud 22 timmar sedan
Smith rowe is the best
Harry Selvakumar
Harry Selvakumar 22 timmar sedan
Are we all just going to pass that Werner and Havertz had some tap ins as they’re goals
KOOKIZ 18 timmar sedan
A debut goal is goal. However it's obtained it's still a goal. But yeah they aren't the greatest goals on eartg
Keynesian Economics
Keynesian Economics 22 timmar sedan
Smith Rowe is something special.
Tate Glasgow
Tate Glasgow 20 timmar sedan
💯 agree
Keynesian Economics
Keynesian Economics 21 timme sedan
@Christiano lawtininho I am calm.
Christiano lawtininho
Christiano lawtininho 21 timme sedan
Calm down fella
The Dark Arts
The Dark Arts 22 timmar sedan
Werner scoring a goal no that can’t be
It'sAlwaysHardBeingAnArsenalFan 22 timmar sedan
i mean it was against a team in the fourth division but yeah fair play to him for scoring that tap in. a goal is a goal i guess
MaskedFN 22 timmar sedan
Smith rowe was probably the best in my opinion
Daniel Q
Daniel Q 22 timmar sedan
Muhamad Izzuddin
Muhamad Izzuddin 22 timmar sedan
Yudha Khan
Yudha Khan 23 timmar sedan
Noah Bowie
Noah Bowie 23 timmar sedan
We wouldn't play in those conditions at school football. Credit to all players there for putting in a shift in those awful conditions
Yanis 23 timmar sedan
Ricardo Castro
Ricardo Castro Dag sedan
That pass by Torres was sick asf
Usama Ajaz
Usama Ajaz Dag sedan
Mourinho’s harsh sometimes but u can never hate this man, the way he support his players especially the youngsters and gives them the ball in the end is just fantastic ❤️.
bareknuckles2u Dag sedan
Best goal EVER!
Lorraine O Sullivan
Lorraine O Sullivan Dag sedan
ClassicGame Dag sedan
The first time I saw this solo goal from giggs is on PS1 😄, so memorable
noah wakhanya
noah wakhanya Dag sedan
2021 any?
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Dag sedan
All I see is Louie Barry everywhere on my socials
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Dag sedan
Guys! Jurgen Klopp was scouting during the game!
Man like Chucko
Man like Chucko Dag sedan
VAR would have had a say in at least 2 of those 5
t3n9 Dag sedan
How many strikers does Portsmouth have? Kanu, Benjani, Baros, Nugent...?