How Strong is a $2000 Lock???
The New Close Quarters 50BMG!!!
Ultimate Colt Python Torture Test
Who's the Best Shot??? New rifle!
The Future of Room Breaching!!!
Is a Bulldozer Bullet Proof???
40 Ton Leopard Tank vs My New RV
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PixlCrim 7 timmar sedan
"I'm going to leave you guys real close while I duck behind cover" Bruh, betrayal 9000
Birb Man
Birb Man 7 timmar sedan
travis newport
travis newport 7 timmar sedan
after he shot the shield the first time with the 45-70 and he said cooter who else heard the hey in the background
Cheif E The Edgelord
Cheif E The Edgelord 7 timmar sedan
Bruh they rlly gave him a german ww2 helmet lol
The Quiet kid
The Quiet kid 7 timmar sedan
Who summoned me?!?!?!?!?🔫😐
jace samford
jace samford 7 timmar sedan
I'm surprised you didn't banana peel that barrel 🤣
Regal 7 timmar sedan
Level 3 doesn't stop .30-06...
Jack_Taylor2007 7 timmar sedan
A 2 minute intro.......nice
Content Theef
Content Theef 7 timmar sedan
So are you saying the Boomstick shouldnt have scared the knights?
Just Jazz Now
Just Jazz Now 7 timmar sedan
I'll take that empty shotgun shell
Absolute fucking unit
Absolute fucking unit 7 timmar sedan
If you buy body armor less than 500€ and go situation where your live is at risk, you really deserve to get killed
Jack_Taylor2007 7 timmar sedan
Thumbnail: bullet says hi to glass and wrist
janu jano
janu jano 7 timmar sedan
85% of the budget was wasted in this spot 14:50
Leopard 3402
Leopard 3402 7 timmar sedan
0:57 where did head come from tho?
Haistapaska01 7 timmar sedan
Rising Crap = Demolition CRAP!!!
jonathan martinez
jonathan martinez 7 timmar sedan
That pistol almost flew out your hand
Cade Bagley
Cade Bagley 7 timmar sedan
Shoot a 50 BMG out of a 12 gauge. Please.
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog 7 timmar sedan
Are you ever concerned about the amount of lead exposure you get from your guns,ammo and sometimes targets?
HyPer539 7 timmar sedan
Tou should shoot a block of ice with it.
Fate Slayer
Fate Slayer 7 timmar sedan
This fact is so unbelievable search it in English キラークイーンはすでにあなたの目にあります
Keìr 7 timmar sedan
it hit it
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sohrab roshan 7 timmar sedan
Hello Los Angeles!
Zack Luetkemeyer
Zack Luetkemeyer 8 timmar sedan
This would be perfect for a a vest
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Александр Н 8 timmar sedan
Спасибо за прикольное видео.
Austin Laurin
Austin Laurin 8 timmar sedan
Yes it will
Sirus 8 timmar sedan
This is definitely what the PAYDAY gang wore.
Julian Martin
Julian Martin 8 timmar sedan
Gold bar shots look like T1000 Terminator body !!
Jelmer de Jong
Jelmer de Jong 8 timmar sedan
04:22 ☹️
1969d0dge_daytona 8 timmar sedan
I love his intros at the start
Jelmer de Jong
Jelmer de Jong 8 timmar sedan
Timme 03.22 oeps😣
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 8 timmar sedan
i bet they would still have to cut your leg off after that 500 magnum.. your bones would have turned to shrapnel lol
John Henry Eden
John Henry Eden 8 timmar sedan
I wonder who tested British helmets Mk III
Donnie Greathouse
Donnie Greathouse 8 timmar sedan
U need a 20mm
Ryder Scheeren
Ryder Scheeren 8 timmar sedan
The gleaming fish morally file because basement aesthetically hang sans a plant iran. right, rapid brake
xxDankSter420xx 8 timmar sedan
Kris Schaut
Kris Schaut 8 timmar sedan
How many footballs will it take to stop a bullet
Tango the SilkWing
Tango the SilkWing 8 timmar sedan
Imagine robbing a house and you hear this 10:52
DageLV 8 timmar sedan
They didn't say shot bullets. They said speeding and included a cartridge the photo. Try throwing the bullet.
Michael Treppelin
Michael Treppelin 8 timmar sedan
9:50 speaking of that we had our vote stolen and now an illegitimate president sits in a foreign dc....
The_Silly_Squid 16
The_Silly_Squid 16 8 timmar sedan
you should partner with the slo-mo guys and see if you can see the "counter" impact if thats what its called
Ellie Noir
Ellie Noir 8 timmar sedan
What was the .22 he was using? Was it in another video?
??? 8 timmar sedan
Kinda late but another pro about the shield is that you can have a vest too.
HeWasA DragonMan
HeWasA DragonMan 8 timmar sedan
Level 4 chest armor will work on anything up to .300 Winchester Magnum fmj, but you're breaking ribs if you get hit square on and you BETTER hope you get hit square on, because a glancing blow will penetrate and that 200 grain bullet WILL be tumbling through your shoulder or collar bone along with somw ceramic shrapnel. ANYONE needs to invent level 3+ shoulder and arm shields along with level 3 collar/neck shields for glancing blows off of the chest plate. That would be half way to a Juggernaut outfit.
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Толик Жумма 8 timmar sedan
Simeon Vicente
Simeon Vicente 8 timmar sedan
12:21 collateral +350
filip neacsu
filip neacsu 8 timmar sedan
Hey you should take all the intros you made and put it in one video just for them I think that would be a really good idea
Roger Groom
Roger Groom 8 timmar sedan
DOOOD Nostalgia Week watching old Demo Ranch videos
Rakan Al-Manary
Rakan Al-Manary 8 timmar sedan
Imagine someone is hiding in the woods Matt shot this vid in just waiting to rob him lol. Like he is really rethinking life choices
Gamer Codm
Gamer Codm 8 timmar sedan
Uhh matt 😡😡 I thought you said that Kentucky sucks
Håkan Berglund
Håkan Berglund 8 timmar sedan
Why No handle on your shovels? So fucking stupid
NewProGamer122 8 timmar sedan
Very poor choice of words 🤣
Tol Smith
Tol Smith 8 timmar sedan
NTW 20 Anti-Material Rifle. That should be fun to watch
Dest 12
Dest 12 8 timmar sedan
Yall give that sword back to Asta🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 8 timmar sedan
The helmet looks like ww2 german helmet
PinkiePinkie SteffSteff
PinkiePinkie SteffSteff 8 timmar sedan
The mean celery inspiringly shiver because cold serendipitously polish in a flowery pike. wide, towering probation
Christopher Wade
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Alec Ladd
Alec Ladd 8 timmar sedan
The suppressed .357 mag Henry needs to be called “The Silent Howdy”
dragon slaer
dragon slaer 8 timmar sedan
i live in the netrlands
EnVision 8 timmar sedan
That bola gun is the coolest thing I have seen.
barbariandude 8 timmar sedan
Pronounciation of Brno should be "Burno", not "Bruno".
Marshall Hill
Marshall Hill 8 timmar sedan
What if some asshole had filled the duct tape with pyrodex....
cameron simison
cameron simison 8 timmar sedan
I kind of want to see if a burglar can stop a .50 bmg
Joshua Koerner
Joshua Koerner 8 timmar sedan
Glass is a liquid. If we existed in speed time we'd see it flow.
The Reaper Production
The Reaper Production 8 timmar sedan
that's a bigass hornet bullet !
Arun 8 timmar sedan
The reason it makes a ripple and the back of the globe is effected is because glass is actually a liquid.
Dominik R
Dominik R 8 timmar sedan
Dark Entity
Dark Entity 8 timmar sedan
lesson learned: guns are bullet proof
Kostas Diamadopoulos
Kostas Diamadopoulos 8 timmar sedan
*happy doom slayer noises*
Master Cheif
Master Cheif 8 timmar sedan
Meanwhile im wishing i could afford an suv or even a car
Sonny Cusack
Sonny Cusack 8 timmar sedan
I already have it on switch and I found it on the shop
Jakub Konečný
Jakub Konečný 8 timmar sedan
"You got a pistol chambered in a nazi round, you got long hippie hair, you got glasses like *tupac* *shaker* and now you wanting to deal drugs in my range?!?"
Mrs Mellor
Mrs Mellor 8 timmar sedan
Are they in England
Disabled Gooru
Disabled Gooru 8 timmar sedan
i swear, for good, quality armor companies your videos are like a rite of passage
Andris Māzers
Andris Māzers 8 timmar sedan
the helmet looks like a German ww2 m40 stalhelm from the sides or a post war finnish model 45
Prototypefreak 45
Prototypefreak 45 8 timmar sedan
the Christmas tree video of 2021 is missing
Tyrant boiii
Tyrant boiii 8 timmar sedan
scooter is that one kid at a supermarket that keeps looking at girls at a corner and never talks to them. If he really is a scooter, he's the kind that gets thrown at one corner
Ray beam123
Ray beam123 8 timmar sedan
matt: I hope i end this video saying how bad this gun is. 9 minutes later... matt: this isn't that bad of a gun.
SCPlanes 8 timmar sedan
I love the intros
JxstJay 8 timmar sedan
Matt: "Dont ask questions" Also matt: "Just say, great job Matt! where did you get that door?" lol
disarmyouwith a
disarmyouwith a 8 timmar sedan
Getting a very Mythbusters vibe where, if it doesn't blow up, they just keep going until it blows up anyways. xD