Bekzat Sadykov
Bekzat Sadykov Timme sedan
His 101st goal will be in League of Europe :D
Esauro88 Timme sedan
Il Crotone gioca meglio di Genoa, Torino, Parma e Benevento ma ha una difesa da serie B. Questo ha fatto la differenza.
is no one gonna talk about how rebic scored a hatrick in 12 minutes, and his shirt number is 12! loool
Irwan Zirwanda
Irwan Zirwanda Timme sedan
3 days in Turin, 10 Goals 0 conceded, Amazing!
Motivational cafe 2.0
Motivational cafe 2.0 Timme sedan
FutureAndCulture Timme sedan
at night without a fight, they killed my childhood ~ pray for Palestine
Francesco Costa
Francesco Costa Timme sedan
Certo che per guardare questa magnifica partita alle 4 di notte devo avere dei seri problemi mentali
User Unknown
User Unknown Timme sedan
Sime Nkwankwo>>>???
Ikhya Ulumuddin
Ikhya Ulumuddin 2 timmar sedan
💣 💣💣💣⚫🔵
Indra Nurawan
Indra Nurawan 2 timmar sedan
0:45 poor defense from the number 55, Lukaku is very monstrous here.
Nirnoy Debnath
Nirnoy Debnath 2 timmar sedan
Ronaldo OP
S H A N GAMER 2 timmar sedan
Miss zlatan 😭
Alessio Di Matteo
Alessio Di Matteo 2 timmar sedan
The commentator making comments as if Juric's job was at stake...his side has been over-acheiving for years thanks to him that finishing below top 10 is seen as a failure.
riko ooo
riko ooo 2 timmar sedan
Саясат Конарбаев
Саясат Конарбаев 2 timmar sedan
Миранчук молодец 👍👍👍
Parangi Umadevi
Parangi Umadevi 2 timmar sedan
I think most viewed by Indians
Ak Fatiey
Ak Fatiey 2 timmar sedan
0:33 what???
Bocah Bocah
Bocah Bocah 2 timmar sedan
C Romero 👍👍👍
sergioclari2 2 timmar sedan
Non leggo commenti su questa gara a dir poco scandalosa....Ah ok sì adesso capisco, mica è stata la Juve ad aver vinto in questo modo!?
Jackson Wen
Jackson Wen 2 timmar sedan
Cristiano Ronaldo The Best Football Player Ever. 👑
Nip Anipp
Nip Anipp 2 timmar sedan
Forzaaa Milan🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
You 2 timmar sedan
Jetter Smith
Jetter Smith 2 timmar sedan
I love both Liver Pool and Manchester United. Juventus is my real team , Oh how I love CR7. I Rate Dybala but, I know they can't mange that strong team Saturday! 😭😭😭
Priya killer yt
Priya killer yt 2 timmar sedan
हर घर मे कोई एक होता है जो गरीबी रेखा को पार करके आग चला जाता हैं | भगवान करे कि वो आप के घर में आप हो🙏........
TABI 2 timmar sedan
Juv will rebuild
روان الشمري
روان الشمري 2 timmar sedan
مدا افتهم انكلش
Mario Rossi
Mario Rossi 2 timmar sedan
😲😲 ha segnato contro il Sassuolo. Mostro
Dani Muharrom
Dani Muharrom 2 timmar sedan
Rade Krunic 2 assist 😁😁
ds r
ds r 2 timmar sedan
ну, это уже не то Буффон, которым он был лет 10 назад, но могёт ещё, могёт. 👍
Izzul Hidayat Naisan
Izzul Hidayat Naisan 3 timmar sedan
Did Rebic offer his apology after scoring last goal?
Jim Jam
Jim Jam 3 timmar sedan
I hate Jews
Jim Jam
Jim Jam 3 timmar sedan
Free Israel! Destroy Palestine!
unodostres cuatrocinco
unodostres cuatrocinco 3 timmar sedan
Aditya Pawar
Aditya Pawar 3 timmar sedan
Ronaldo ❤️
Jim Jam
Jim Jam 3 timmar sedan
Inter champions
Aloyce Junior
Aloyce Junior 3 timmar sedan
Forza Milan ❤️🖤❤️🖤
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud 3 timmar sedan
Looks like an Inter side that can once again dominate Serie A for the next few years
Hišh-am Žt
Hišh-am Žt 3 timmar sedan
Hišh-am Žt
Hišh-am Žt 3 timmar sedan
Hišh-am Žt
Hišh-am Žt 3 timmar sedan
Non Fair
Non Fair 3 timmar sedan
10 goals in turin
Hišh-am Žt
Hišh-am Žt 3 timmar sedan
Vincenzo Bassano
Vincenzo Bassano 3 timmar sedan
È sbagliato il titolo. Il Crotone ha vinto a fine aprile contro il Parma.
felipe 3 timmar sedan
legendary keeper, have my all respect. #forzaINTER
Abdulrahman Alalawi
Abdulrahman Alalawi 3 timmar sedan
Beautiful Italian League.
S19 Pajua
S19 Pajua 3 timmar sedan
Raspadori mad underrated