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With you, Spot can
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More Parkour Atlas
Spot Launch
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Mush, Spot, Mush!
UpTown Spot
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Parkour Atlas
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Getting some air, Atlas?
Testing Robustness
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What's new, Atlas?
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The New Spot
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Introducing Handle
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Introducing WildCat
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Petman Tests Camo
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Sand Flea Jumping Robot
RHex Rough-Terrain Robot
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AlphaDog Proto
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BigDog Evolution
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PETMAN Prototype
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BigDog Beach'n
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BigDog Olé
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BigDog Reflexes
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Bob McL
Bob McL 3 minuter sedan
Wow, better than most of the ex-basketballers on DWTS!
JUAN LOPEZ 5 minuter sedan
q miedo cuando se revelen
Олександр Слободян
Олександр Слободян 5 minuter sedan
Нам піздец
Armin Arminy
Armin Arminy 7 minuter sedan
That robo dog is so scary.........imagine that think with that freking head come to your home and take the knife with it......holy shit
ryan00101101 7 minuter sedan
I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.
Z9000 10 minuter sedan
People in 1000 years time: I can built that in my garage
- Lancepie -
- Lancepie - 11 minuter sedan
Jan Foselli
Jan Foselli 20 minuter sedan
Anybody watch Terminator 2??? This is totally not cool and scary
DrunkenScoper 13 minuter sedan
Skynet doesn't want to kill all Humans. It just wants to get its groove on.
Vipus2501 22 minuter sedan
Well, with every new robot you get us closer and closer to mass unemployment and, quite possibly, to an inevitable machine uprising... But yeah, I still love you guys :)
ZanderLexx 25 minuter sedan
My vacuum cleaner watched this. Now he competes for Elon Musk's 100 million $ contest :) !
Lennart Engel
Lennart Engel 28 minuter sedan
can robots kill?
Павел Павел
Павел Павел 32 minuter sedan
А федор был в космосе. Правда тушкой, но вроде был.......
Clem Kwoah
Clem Kwoah 36 minuter sedan
when you get access to Skynet's console and type in '/dance'
marian Vamesu
marian Vamesu 42 minuter sedan
Love the Man behind this Good sens of humor
Yogurt Tophat
Yogurt Tophat 43 minuter sedan
Is the cameraman human?
Suspense_Comix 44 minuter sedan
Why doesn't Atlas wear a mask? ROBOTS CAN GET CORONAVIRUS TOO!
Joao Rocha
Joao Rocha 44 minuter sedan
Hell, no.. :O
Tucker Morales
Tucker Morales 46 minuter sedan
Whoever says this is CGI must be fined
CARLITO Plays Timme sedan
How tf do you dislike this?
henry 61
henry 61 Timme sedan
Cinema 4D Modell!!!!!
A. J.P.
A. J.P. 13 minuter sedan
This is 100% real.
Klipk Timme sedan
Conspiracy nuts: It's not real When they find out it's real: Skynet will destroy the world
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield Timme sedan
they dance better than me.
William Howard
William Howard Timme sedan
I don't believe this is CGI, just look back at their other videos, they have amazing robots. Boston Dynamics can you confirm?
1-minute CRAFTS
1-minute CRAFTS Timme sedan
what if it turned out this wasnt cgi
William Howard
William Howard Timme sedan
It's not cgi
iron poopie
iron poopie Timme sedan
this is cute to look at till they end you without a second thought.
Fire Lord
Fire Lord Timme sedan
Tragic robot try’s to commit suicide 😢
Deko Hawaii
Deko Hawaii Timme sedan
JesusReallyDoesLoveYou dot com
JesusReallyDoesLoveYou dot com Timme sedan
So that's kind of cool, until they have a weapon and are coming after you.
Tony Chen
Tony Chen Timme sedan
I can't wait to see the next gene robot, with AI facilitated development, unleash the full potential of machine labor.
Tim Baker
Tim Baker Timme sedan
good cgi
A. J.P.
A. J.P. 12 minuter sedan
FYI, these are real robots.
1-minute CRAFTS
1-minute CRAFTS Timme sedan
@Sukotto I agree
Sukotto Timme sedan
This is the single best comment in the entirety of this section.
Virgin Two
Virgin Two Timme sedan
Love it. 🙂
John Labuda
John Labuda Timme sedan
i wanna see the blooper reel from this
Second UNIT
Second UNIT Timme sedan
This is what scientists do in their free time. This world is in good hands
subject blue
subject blue Timme sedan
Uhhh.... Why ?
Second UNIT
Second UNIT Timme sedan
Why not I guess
daWKin548 Timme sedan
Standard day at Boston Dynamics I imagine
El Monetizador
El Monetizador Timme sedan
Esto es real? Oh es falso digo no porque ese "robot" podria ser una persona
Guillermo Nuñez
Guillermo Nuñez Timme sedan
Es real, adan savage en su canal "Tested" muestra que el update del perro robot que él compró trae esos pasos de baile
Jack Gonz
Jack Gonz Timme sedan
This is LIFE!
This is LIFE! 2 timmar sedan
Глупость какая-то😅🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ лучше бы запрограммировали бы в пользу всего человечества
This is LIFE!
This is LIFE! Timme sedan
@М.З.А МЕГАЛОДОН ты хочешь чтобы не были воины, нищеты, болезни и деньги?
М.З.А МЕГАЛОДОН Timme sedan
Drawable 2 timmar sedan
People: OMG these robots are so creepy they're going to take over the world!!! Robots:
BB 10
BB 10 2 timmar sedan
Isaac you knew
GMeister1130 2 timmar sedan
*Spots walk in* Omg they're walking together, that's so cute! *Truck rolls in behind* Oh, they're pulling a ca- oh. Oh. Oh boy.
Heyim18bro 2 timmar sedan
shit y'all coulda hired me, I coulda done better cgi then that xD
Heyim18bro 20 minuter sedan
@Quint Van Giessen dope, I'd hope not cause that'd be an insult
Quint Van Giessen
Quint Van Giessen 2 timmar sedan
It’s not cgi
Heyim18bro 2 timmar sedan
so this is what it was all for?
JennaB Timme sedan
hamerts garzon
hamerts garzon 2 timmar sedan
te das cuenta qye ya valiste cuando vez que un robot baila mejor q tu
Doom And Gloom
Doom And Gloom 2 timmar sedan
I want that yellow dog but it's super expensive
WOZ 21
WOZ 21 2 timmar sedan
This looks like the Kind of thing that chases you in nightmares when you get that feeling of not being able to run 😂😂😂
GMeister1130 2 timmar sedan
Imagine attaching a bazooka to the back of that thing.
malik utku
malik utku 2 timmar sedan
Guys stop making the same Terminator/Skynet jokes they're not even funny anymore, robots are not going to hunt us down
Anonymous Commenter
Anonymous Commenter 2 timmar sedan
what the dog doin?
ISP BrotherWolf
ISP BrotherWolf 2 timmar sedan
C Y humans :-) By By!
A K 2 timmar sedan
Everything cool till the light turns red.
Daniel Ahlert
Daniel Ahlert 2 timmar sedan
He's no Michael Jackson
dante side
dante side 2 timmar sedan
Ya va sacando la lengua ese robot a los 28km
Добрый 2 timmar sedan
Нам пиздец...
Auto Prueba
Auto Prueba 2 timmar sedan
CGI with bad physics simulation...
A _
A _ Timme sedan
This isn't CGI dummy
Konstantin Stepanov
Konstantin Stepanov 2 timmar sedan
watch the recent video with Adam Savage, not sure about the other robots, but Spot for sure can do all those moves
tehm0n 2 timmar sedan
This will forever be known as the Point of No Return
Fire Lord
Fire Lord 3 timmar sedan
Now we just need to add the soul.
Chi-sa Lin
Chi-sa Lin 3 timmar sedan
Where're you going...stay Home,please 😷 ~~
Wrinkled Solesniff
Wrinkled Solesniff 3 timmar sedan
If the plan is to win us over with cuteness, so we embrace the great robotic takeover, this just might work!
Fire Lord
Fire Lord 3 timmar sedan
It just might 🤔
Dave Hart
Dave Hart 3 timmar sedan
It's all fun and games until one day there are 1000s of them checking to see if you have had your vaccination .. SMH .. Scary where this world is headed ..
EDWIN CRUISE 3 timmar sedan
It's amazing and kinda makes you wonder at the same time. You can imagine unlimited possibilities what these machines can do.
Santiago Carmelino
Santiago Carmelino 3 timmar sedan
Lo mejor que vi en la cuarentena
Trusten Baker
Trusten Baker 3 timmar sedan
The good ole days. Now they carry weapons, and shoot you if you disagree with their politics.
Dacil Fabi
Dacil Fabi 3 timmar sedan
Who is here from the roger Billings Acellus video?
Astronomical Gaming
Astronomical Gaming 3 timmar sedan
Looks like Portal 2 is here. And now they’re working on androids!
UpstateArms1 3 timmar sedan
And we all thought 2020 was a bad year.... wait for mid 2021 when these bots get pissed for being made to dance......
Гастроном Минский
Гастроном Минский 3 timmar sedan
For monday morning - all team, all bosses, everyone! DANCING!
Duncan Glover
Duncan Glover 3 timmar sedan
When Skynet takes over
mastersadvocate 3 timmar sedan
In what universe is thing a cat??? This thing insults cats to the nth degree! Cats are fluid, and move gracefully. Besides, it runs like a horse! ~Janet in Canada P. S. PLEASE STOP making scary things!!!
Lee Radmall
Lee Radmall 3 timmar sedan
Wait until the bottom falls out and oil goes everywhere
David Dumez
David Dumez 3 timmar sedan
Ce n'est pas une avancée pour l'humanité mais un grand pas en arrière pour l'homme
spartanspyke 3 timmar sedan
I still say they dance better than me.
Douglas 3 timmar sedan
2:10 This should go in slow motion. Its like a human being using a rock to break a coconut for the first time in history.
Ігор Баумгартен
Ігор Баумгартен 3 timmar sedan
Слава Украине
Omega 2 timmar sedan
@Al Mumba Мир! Труд! Май!
Al Mumba
Al Mumba 3 timmar sedan
Путину Слава!
mastersadvocate 4 timmar sedan
OH MY GIDDY AUNT! I read about this dance sequence, and all the 2 years' worth of programming, and I must say, those things are great dancers, but they really CREEP ME OUT!!! For Goodness sake put some HEADS on those things!! Headless humanoid robots are mega creepy!!!!! ~Janet in Canada
Eric 3 timmar sedan
lol are you sure a human-like head would actually be an improvement?
Majk Ja
Majk Ja 4 timmar sedan
terminator is coming for yu
frankbatista4guitar 4 timmar sedan
Angry Gromit
Angry Gromit 2 timmar sedan
@DamTak the Negan no, it's real.
Kyle Young
Kyle Young 2 timmar sedan
It's very real. Look up Boston Dynamics and see all the work they've done with their robots. That 'dog' looking robot can sprint stupidly fast, on rough terrain. It has the processing power to calculate/stabilize itself. It almost looks fake bc it's kinda unbelievable. But Boston Dynamics has been developing these robots for YEARS.
Allie O'Neill
Allie O'Neill 3 timmar sedan
@Alex Pak ​ I understand your point. I also don't see why a robotics company would go out of their way to pay a CGI house to make a video for them, and then pass it off as their own actual robots doing their own actual engineered robot things. Granted, I tend to just take things at face value and people at their word. Only time will tell, I suppose :)
Alex Pak
Alex Pak 3 timmar sedan
@Allie O'Neill I strongly believe this is CGI. The floor is the biggest indicator. Machines like that would weigh far more than enough to indent the foam floor upon movement, but there is no interaction like that occurring.
Allie O'Neill
Allie O'Neill 3 timmar sedan
@DamTak the Negan No, it isn't. This was years in the making. AP did an interview with one of the project leaders and he talked about the idea behind the project and how the engineers discovered limitations to the robots and how the project made them develop more advanced technology. It's fascinating.
JR 76
JR 76 4 timmar sedan
Jobs being lost at an alarming rate to Robots and Illegals. America First!
Gary Ritter
Gary Ritter Timme sedan
holding back progress for the sake of keeping unskilled workers is short-sighted.
mlalex45 4 timmar sedan
нормальная графика ))
Omega 2 timmar sedan
Обычная госдеповская дворцовая графика. Изготавливается прямо в комнате грязи и затем аквадискотека.
Donovan 4 timmar sedan
Very impressive.
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов 4 timmar sedan
Янки молодцы! Наш "робот" федор нервно курит в сторонке.