Illusions of Time
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The Odd Number Rule
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How Many Holes Does a Human Have?
Laws & Causes
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Mind Reading
2 år sedan
Behavior and Belief
How to Talk to Aliens
Should I Die?
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The Stilwell Brain
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Moral Licensing
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The Origins of Disgust
Which Way Is Down?
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The Napkin Ring Problem
Vsauce Live Stream!
Touch - Mind Field (Ep 6)
The Brachistochrone
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Is It Okay to Touch Mars?
Talking With Attenborough
Fixed Points
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Alzheimer's and the Brain
How Earth Moves
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Math Magic
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Messages For The Future
The Zipf Mystery
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The Banach-Tarski Paradox
Who Owns The Moon?
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Human Extinction
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Is Cereal Soup?
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Is Earth Actually Flat?
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Spooky Coincidences?
What Is The Earth Worth?
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What is Random?
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Some Surprising Things
The Web Is Not The Net
Where Is This Video?
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Moving Illusions
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Why Are Bad Words Bad?
Cruel Bombs
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Our Narrow Slice
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How People Disappear
last words
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Why Do We Clap?
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Why Do We Get Bored?
What Will We Miss?
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Sidney Pires
Sidney Pires 15 timmar sedan
wow! I loved !
Arcadia Occult Curio Shop
Arcadia Occult Curio Shop 15 timmar sedan
I really don't care about Mars or space travel but the background music is really freaking out my cat!
Anthony Thomas-Garrett
Anthony Thomas-Garrett 15 timmar sedan
People in wheel chairs punching the air rn
Chris M
Chris M 15 timmar sedan
The world dies with you
Ruimtarrista 15 timmar sedan
bruh... the lick
David Frismodt
David Frismodt 15 timmar sedan
We’re finally asking the right questions
Atreus 15 timmar sedan
what about law of conservation of mass. How can masses be created from nowhere
FIGGELDORPE 15 timmar sedan
Thank god for the Planck constant
TexturalThePhantomForcesNoob 15 timmar sedan
what if aliens are dumber than us?
pedro gbs
pedro gbs 15 timmar sedan
This is literally one of the best videos on youtube
Léo Bergeron-Cyr
Léo Bergeron-Cyr 15 timmar sedan
Well Michael, you got me scared
Joseph Von Ryan Prangan
Joseph Von Ryan Prangan 15 timmar sedan
Wait, let me comment this that I got a creeps when Mona Lisa Stared and faced in front of me
Blue Room Slots
Blue Room Slots 15 timmar sedan
Is it weird that understood everything after he mentioned balls?
SG Wolf3
SG Wolf3 15 timmar sedan
Did anyone notice the picture switching in the background haha
Aelorus 15 timmar sedan
i feel like time flies by but when i count it takes forever
Aaron James
Aaron James 15 timmar sedan
Where is he?..
Bobby B Burns
Bobby B Burns 15 timmar sedan
Bobby B Burns
Bobby B Burns 15 timmar sedan
hope ppl know this is a joke
The Colonel
The Colonel 15 timmar sedan
I’m going blind in my right eye so eventually I’m going to see everything in 480p
Beakyboii 15 timmar sedan
Vsauce is to close to the camera at the intro
Coren la Volpe
Coren la Volpe 15 timmar sedan
I love how a lot of the comments here are about EATEOT now that it gained more traction in the past year. What a soul piercing work of art.
Poké WishMaker
Poké WishMaker 15 timmar sedan
I realized that somewhere no idea how hafar away, think about something and you’re looking at it everywhere you look pretty much (idk for a while I’ve been thinking about that “life and death is an illusion” thing)
Raul Dias
Raul Dias 15 timmar sedan
4:08 oh I knew the scene already Michael. Thanks anyway
butaneandthebeast 15 timmar sedan
Is the anus also taking into account the urethra and (in roughly 50% of the cases) the vagina?
noezelaya7 15 timmar sedan
i am so high rn V Sauce here!
Brent Hartline
Brent Hartline 15 timmar sedan
A bunch of hungry hippos Michael. More more more
ElMikeoMysterio 15 timmar sedan
He lives!!!
Alima Repuyan
Alima Repuyan 15 timmar sedan
the wigs at the back on the start of the vid
Raul Dias
Raul Dias 15 timmar sedan
Everytime something awkward happens just count to 10 out loud to accert dominance
Rambo 15 timmar sedan
4:52 Michael : "Speed of light is always the same for everyone." I expected : "...... _OR IS IT?_ LoL
Autumn 15 timmar sedan
I don't get why people break things off with their friend after they reject them. I mean, you worked so well together that you thought it could be an actual working relationship, why would you end the friendship there??
Dave Bajado
Dave Bajado 15 timmar sedan
0:58 I've seen enough... I'm satisfied
lity fity
lity fity 16 timmar sedan
bruh time bruh
Beakyboii 16 timmar sedan
"Hey, Michael, V Sauce Here, I am Distorted" Well ok Dang it--
drivethrupoet 16 timmar sedan
I was always annoyed when we'd go into a new chapter in ancient/early history class, and find out that all this other stuff was happening at the same time as stuff we'd already learned about. I ended up with these pillars of information that aren't connected by a timeline. I'd feel like I missed some context plus it's harder to remember the information now as an adult.
andrew vanorden
andrew vanorden 16 timmar sedan
I actually think of this exact thing all the time. Funny seeing a video about it randomly on SVfrom. Glad you're back bro!
Eric Jauregui
Eric Jauregui 16 timmar sedan
Here's to boredom every once in a while.
BasicDorito 16 timmar sedan
How much does cute weigh????
CrispCentre 16 timmar sedan
0:41 my manz to the right was vibin hella hard
Jaydon Richardson
Jaydon Richardson 16 timmar sedan
"where do missing people go?" Tree shredder will the job lol
FAKHRI ARRAZI 16 timmar sedan
Dont worry you can spawn again and watch galaxy colide
Alexis Martinez
Alexis Martinez 16 timmar sedan
I was off by one second lol
Beakyboii 16 timmar sedan
Mike Is Strange Well yeah he is. Ok yeah but his vids are crazy cool--
kooczsi the editor
kooczsi the editor 16 timmar sedan
"Hey vsauce here! And bananas are fantastic! "
Supercrazypanda1234 16 timmar sedan
Long John
Long John 16 timmar sedan
Yay Arabic 😃
Tommy Ellis
Tommy Ellis 16 timmar sedan
House of the Rising Sun is in 6/8, not 4/4 (common meter).
luisgerardocar9 16 timmar sedan
And now the ozone layer has healed :D
Alulu Joseph
Alulu Joseph 16 timmar sedan
Goat pepper herbal tea
Goat pepper herbal tea 16 timmar sedan
Fuck eternity bruh I’m tryna live on turbo😎
SpicyTaco320 16 timmar sedan
I thought this was the origin of "is water wet?"
Marianne Rochon
Marianne Rochon 16 timmar sedan
Great info much appreciated 💝
Begginer 9090
Begginer 9090 16 timmar sedan
"what if we kissed and then ran away saying "I am leaving you with a ever changing velocity"
Joaquin James Rabauliman
Joaquin James Rabauliman 16 timmar sedan
is it just me or was anyone elses add popup also red
AntGutz 16 timmar sedan
13:07 Wait a minute...Are you just changing outfits and having a conversation by yourself?
Wewetson Jawewet
Wewetson Jawewet 16 timmar sedan
What does human taste like Me start tasting my self It's salty
Mitch Barker
Mitch Barker 16 timmar sedan
My head hurts
sean laRiviere
sean laRiviere 16 timmar sedan
alright I'll shut up now
sean laRiviere
sean laRiviere 16 timmar sedan
and that's only ONE out of maaany stories that are prophesized to happen that's only the christian side just how many cultures have written about michael? just what wrath does michael really have in-store for us just what is his real purpose for teaching us all these things? well all soon find out won't we
justin marteL
justin marteL 16 timmar sedan
@Vsauce - Michael. Several of your videos insinuate that the heat death of the universe may be the end of existence, but I have not seen you thoroughly explore this through the lens of Eastern dualistic cosmologies and how to describe a number so big that it includes the opposite (not the negative) of infinite nothingness. Sort of like a sudden big bang from which everything suddenly explodes into existence. Hmmmm? Also curious to know, how do black holes buzzing around the depths of space screw up the whole heat death thing? One would ASSUME that it accelerates this process due to the fact that these hungry monsters are either digesting physical objects, creating wormholes, or migrating data from a 3D universe back into a 2D universe. However, these are all just cute ideas we really can only speculate upon. I sense that they accelerate the heat death of Universe A and decelerate the heat death of Universe B in direct proportion, but I have yet to prove it. It's the whole up creates down, light creates dark, sight creates blindness, thing only applied to the most rudimentary principles of existence. Namely a circle that creates an opposite circle and loops back on itself forever. Can you think of a symbol that imagery might describe? If you are interested in exploring this as a video please let me know if I can contribute to some initial ideas for you to run with. Appreciate your channel very much. My kids, as young as they are, get an occasional dose of your stuff, which really gets them eager and focused on their thinking skills so thanks a bunch. -J
heccboi 16 timmar sedan
Hes going insane
UNSTOPPABLE_DUCKY 16 timmar sedan
My future, That's the brightest thing in the universe.
Marianne Rochon
Marianne Rochon 16 timmar sedan
💝 🌱 Love grow in Peace of mind.
Livin' like JustiΠ Y.
Livin' like JustiΠ Y. 16 timmar sedan
And they say that “Mahabharata war” was the only war which happened due to family arguments, they were all wrong then.
Tony martian
Tony martian 16 timmar sedan
The left aren't right until you think about how much they depict a slogan of hypocrisy
Ryan Gagne
Ryan Gagne 16 timmar sedan
The high-pitched chemistry curiously crack because candle electrophoretically deliver towards a spotty police. cautious, educated onion
Arjun Verma
Arjun Verma 16 timmar sedan
Make video on lucid dreams
sean laRiviere
sean laRiviere 16 timmar sedan
no? alright
Jason hogan
Jason hogan 16 timmar sedan
Everyone just got their first calculus lesson and didn't even know it. This guy is good.
stephalupigus 574
stephalupigus 574 16 timmar sedan
Why would i want to remember being concived? 😂
Krule World
Krule World 16 timmar sedan
More likely those three days in isolation nothing happened, so your brain over-wrote those memories to use the hardware for newer data. You probably only have one or two left that were moved to long term memory.
Ryan Gagne
Ryan Gagne 16 timmar sedan
The perpetual goldfish chemically pick because stocking rheologically behave notwithstanding a dependent america. psychedelic, gorgeous albatross
PoTatoSaLad4DaYz 16 timmar sedan
facially hairless michael looks like dan barrett
sean laRiviere
sean laRiviere 16 timmar sedan
I'm saying that Michael may very well be lucifer or thoth or any of the other teachers of culture and wisdom to us lowley savage hoomans he could very well be ALL of them at once oooooooo he could be some all knowing universal being that has for whatever reason decided that us lowley savage humans were worthy of his knowledge you know and so all of the big knowledge bringers written and spoken about in all of our ancient cultures we're all just michael in his different forms he likes to take being a formless being after all
Reagan Boettcher
Reagan Boettcher 16 timmar sedan
This guy usually answers all of the questions I didn’t know I wanted answered
Matt Bryja
Matt Bryja 16 timmar sedan
What song is playing at 30:10?
sean laRiviere
sean laRiviere 16 timmar sedan
so I think you can guess at what I'm suggesting
Moroni 00
Moroni 00 16 timmar sedan
sean laRiviere
sean laRiviere 16 timmar sedan
mabey Michael is actually really the arch angel tho Im pretty sure that the arch angel michael wouldnt bother trying to teach us humans anything with him being the top dog warrior in the angel army wasn't he tasked by God to protect the garden of eden from us humans or was it just the flaming sword I can't remember anyway no teaching us was lucifer's job depending on who you ask ofcourse
Rush1169 16 timmar sedan
How many times do you yawn for me it was like 4
CottenEyeJew 16 timmar sedan
Your intro is THE scariest thing in this universe.