Daniel Nwakaihe
Daniel Nwakaihe 16 timmar sedan
"This guy don't miss"
Marcos Arkiv
Marcos Arkiv 16 timmar sedan
laughs in NFT
White Blogger Black Specs
White Blogger Black Specs 16 timmar sedan
Michael murdered the solar system...
Pre-CookedMutton 16 timmar sedan
"So, I did something about it" *pulls out knife*
NNEvaeh 16 timmar sedan
For some reason when he came from the darkness, I literally though he was about to jump scare me 🤣.
loli - CODM !
loli - CODM ! 16 timmar sedan
Meet the spy
Reality Rogue
Reality Rogue 16 timmar sedan
Nobody gonna comment how he kissed us sweetly
Bowser Studios
Bowser Studios 16 timmar sedan
Infinity plus one
August_ZE_dumlump fortnite playah
August_ZE_dumlump fortnite playah 16 timmar sedan
im losing brain cells or am i
COMECOME_br 16 timmar sedan
Música Br kskskskskskksks COME TO BRAZIL
Silver Haystacks
Silver Haystacks 16 timmar sedan
Micheal: I something about it *pulls out knife* Me: MICHEAL NO-
Marcus Appenheimer
Marcus Appenheimer 16 timmar sedan
This video is 11/10
mr z0mbeman
mr z0mbeman 16 timmar sedan
4:39 me right now
The NascarGamer
The NascarGamer 16 timmar sedan
Depression? A Bad Word? I’m still sayin it!
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas 16 timmar sedan
Ok, but the problem now is that if I decorate them to scale, I need a bedroom the size of a small city.
M gaming 2020
M gaming 2020 16 timmar sedan
Silksong Reactions
Silksong Reactions 16 timmar sedan
All three mind fields are free now so I’m binging
dr,phill m&m
dr,phill m&m 16 timmar sedan
Woah vsauce buy me a drink first buddy
Aritro Dasgupta
Aritro Dasgupta 16 timmar sedan
The universe is flat
Tommy A
Tommy A 16 timmar sedan
No way the moon is that far away
Tommy A
Tommy A 16 timmar sedan
Nvm damnn
Tommy A
Tommy A 16 timmar sedan
How could we see it bigger than Jupiter if it was
Avery James Parrish
Avery James Parrish 16 timmar sedan
Stride 16 timmar sedan
1:50 is fake the notes have different serial numbers
Njgrimreaper 109
Njgrimreaper 109 16 timmar sedan
I'm related to Hitler and Jesus. I feel pretty good
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 16 timmar sedan
"Here we go, Charlie throw the match." "NOW THAT"S A FIRE!" "That's a fire, look at that, look at that." "He be alright, roll Charlie 'round, roll him around."
Recluse Lord 666
Recluse Lord 666 16 timmar sedan
Michael do not kiss me. We will hang out again and I don't want things to be weird
Cookie Saber
Cookie Saber 16 timmar sedan
Smooth loop ngl
Basha 16 timmar sedan
This smooch at the end was uncalled for
Z Floyd
Z Floyd 17 timmar sedan
For that matter, what does anything look like?
Madeleine Solt
Madeleine Solt 17 timmar sedan
:^( scary
Luqrative Entertainment
Luqrative Entertainment 17 timmar sedan
i like this topic so much, i watch this video more than 5 time
Your Favorite Depressed Adolescent
Your Favorite Depressed Adolescent 17 timmar sedan
For anyone who didn't catch the dollar trick, the serial codes are different.
ANGEL DE LEON 17 timmar sedan
God made the Universe DONT always believe those people we all know that god made everything
Uranus Ten
Uranus Ten 17 timmar sedan
a philosophical zombie is a sociopath, in astrological terms a Gemini LMAO
King K
King K 17 timmar sedan
I kept waiting for the sun sticker
Squeaky Tino
Squeaky Tino 17 timmar sedan
Ow we just know, Miriam may watch to much televison xD
JayBird Bennett
JayBird Bennett 17 timmar sedan
I always thought the chicken joke was a riddle..
Sohail Khan
Sohail Khan 17 timmar sedan
"Hydropobic materials are resistant to getting wet" so girls become Hydrophobic when I'm around them? 🤔
Hoji 17 timmar sedan
The 90s wants to know your location.
ThatRandomObbyKid 17 timmar sedan
please, do not make me think about Googol plex factorial squared, it makes me want to die
Nitro297 17 timmar sedan
I’ve never seen such cursed images in my life
Grant Peterson
Grant Peterson 17 timmar sedan
It’s not the SOLar system without the sun
Z Floyd
Z Floyd 17 timmar sedan
In other words, a Martian colony would basically be like the wild west.
willy su
willy su 17 timmar sedan
Cant miss the anus joke eh..
Nitro297 17 timmar sedan
Vsauce when he had no iq
Mrs. H
Mrs. H 17 timmar sedan
This blew my mind, over and over.
Collateral Damage
Collateral Damage 17 timmar sedan
16.9 million subs --
Hentai 17 timmar sedan
I want him as my physics teacher
Aiden Mac
Aiden Mac 17 timmar sedan
Do you know what beats 4 aces? A G U N
Hentai 17 timmar sedan
When I was 10 I was 1,80 meters IS RHIS EVEN NORMAL?
Z Floyd
Z Floyd 17 timmar sedan
Just remember that Vsauce cannot say anything he said with any degree of certainty whatsoever, because some future discovery could be made that completely changes our understanding of physics, which makes what would seem impossible now possible.
Ernesto Marrero
Ernesto Marrero 17 timmar sedan
This is the best thing ever
TheGrandThrone 17 timmar sedan
the title isn't a space, it is "⠀", U+2800
Mister Baiter
Mister Baiter 17 timmar sedan
Time is a blackmagicfuckery
It's A Music Thing
It's A Music Thing 17 timmar sedan
Mr. Beast: Living in self-isolation for 24 hours with some interruption Vsauce: Living in self-isolation for 72 hours with no interruption Mr. Beast sit down
Keep Smiling
Keep Smiling 17 timmar sedan
Wtf, bro. Why the kiss? You got me of guard
Sarah M.
Sarah M. 17 timmar sedan
Yeah yeah yeah, our eyes mirror what we see and our brain sorts it. It is known ... I hope.😔
Raed Salim
Raed Salim 17 timmar sedan
We've been told in quraan before 1400 years that the sun is moving to some final place! سورة يس وَالشَّمْسُ تَجْرِي لِمُسْتَقَرٍّ لَهَا ۚ ذَٰلِكَ تَقْدِيرُ الْعَزِيزِ الْعَلِيمِ ﴿٣٨﴾ Surah Ya-Seen 38. And the sun runs its course towards its destined point. That is the design of the Almighty, the All-Knowing.
Daniel 18 timmar sedan
Eight years later, I'm still interested
philip philip
philip philip 18 timmar sedan
what if u can mold a brain just like the opposite brain and put it back in..
Uthael Kileanea
Uthael Kileanea 18 timmar sedan
Algorithm comment
Adam Wesam
Adam Wesam 18 timmar sedan
Vsauce in the start of the video: haha look chocolate go brr Vsauce in the end of the video: Life is full of complex and infinite combinations, although finite.
joe who
joe who 18 timmar sedan
Is you the sun
Johannes van der Horst
Johannes van der Horst 18 timmar sedan
12:49 I love it that DDR is on the list of sequences of arrows.
Lungam Bangyang
Lungam Bangyang 18 timmar sedan
Saw the thumbnail, saw the channel name, knew its a clickbait, still clicked the video, willingly trapped myself into a clickbait
Goose 18 timmar sedan
micheal with a spring knife is scary
Goose 18 timmar sedan
This man is the personification of my ADHD.
taylor 18 timmar sedan
vidman5000 18 timmar sedan
*Cringes back from my phone that last second and a half* Ew, wtf dude?
Vikrant 18 timmar sedan
That kiss though 👁️👄👁️
Z Floyd
Z Floyd 18 timmar sedan
0:03-0:08 LOL that sounds A LOT like a BLM looting when taken out of context.
JL Lamons
JL Lamons 18 timmar sedan
Didn’t want the anus shot or the kiss at the end but honestly They were essential
GeneralOfShadow 18 timmar sedan
Today I learned that Orange Oil can burn.
blank blank
blank blank 18 timmar sedan
We should if nothing else send WAP to the aliens.
philip philip
philip philip 18 timmar sedan
knick a brain.. lol
Marcos Endo
Marcos Endo 18 timmar sedan
999999 person: What are we naming our child 999999 person 2: Cxoecwdbcibyirccsljxsacvnccnxmpxspozmwz$+++$9717913973198rwhibcbvh83&( Só)nncncdj;rwnhnojnocuwenccfwcrcncncnnvhetinveiurnvncnxmpxsswaqaqaqaqaqaqap010w928$jv j$ god gamer pro
Yusuf Mirgoul
Yusuf Mirgoul 18 timmar sedan
The elephant's foot in reactor 4 is the most dangerous thing to get close to in the world.
Brainy YT
Brainy YT 18 timmar sedan
The kiss at the end made me drop my phone 🤣😂
Alan Gabriel
Alan Gabriel 18 timmar sedan
What the fuck?
Kevin Broderick
Kevin Broderick 18 timmar sedan
His Sol sticker just arrived. Thankfully I have a forklift to unload it.
Kek Yi Feng
Kek Yi Feng 18 timmar sedan
Imagine having a birthday on 29 Feb then they would have to wait 4 years to celebrate their birthday