Darragh Monaghan
Darragh Monaghan 3 timmar sedan
For people saying that they are blank, it is the lighting and camera angle. Even when held up to the camera the font is incredibly small. Stop being desperate to catch him out, it's tragic at this point.
Jordan Staal
Jordan Staal 3 timmar sedan
Rebuild the economy! What is there to rebuild! Trump was doing it!
Glastonbury Risen
Glastonbury Risen 3 timmar sedan
we are the people, get all these inauguration videos deplatformed simply by NOT LIKING all of them, bad ratings get them removed.
The Equaliser
The Equaliser 3 timmar sedan
😎🛑 Impeachment articles been drafted today the world will know the truth about the JB crime family! 👍 😁
Campeon Campeon
Campeon Campeon 3 timmar sedan
Glastonbury Risen
Glastonbury Risen 3 timmar sedan
we are the people, get all these inauguration videos deplatformed simply by NOT LIKING all of them, bad ratings get them removed.
Vocal Experiments
Vocal Experiments 3 timmar sedan
I was expecting the marin to hold him by the hand 😂
gordon020958 3 timmar sedan
Garth BENEDICT ARNOLD Brooks. Your music is now in the bottom of my trash can.
Mark Side
Mark Side 3 timmar sedan
I like the Continental soldiers, I wish they recreated the Union soldiers and WW II soldiers.
Dania Pauli
Dania Pauli 3 timmar sedan
lolsiahsahf1204 3 timmar sedan
Why i always see trump supporter in comment
Andy B
Andy B 3 timmar sedan
What about the RED FLAGS... ? Who thinkS Pelosi Hates Donald Trump ? If Yes, Do you think Pelosi's Hate for Trump affected her Duties as an elected official in our goverment ? When is "Hate" a "Hate Crime" ? Ever see her reaction when asked if she hates Trump ? She said she doesn't HATE Trump... What did you expect.... She said "Don't go there..."
Jeramie Kirkpatrick
Jeramie Kirkpatrick 3 timmar sedan
I miss Donald ):
Hollie Breitung
Hollie Breitung 3 timmar sedan
The infamous cycle regretfully wait because numeric postsurgically shock midst a rigid pond. interesting, nifty turkish
Rachael Moule
Rachael Moule 3 timmar sedan
Blank pages????!!!
Cameron Turner
Cameron Turner 4 timmar sedan
Who are the redcoats??
Mark Side
Mark Side 3 timmar sedan
They're called Fifes flute players. They're not British soldiers, it's just the color of the uniform.
All kind of Stuffs
All kind of Stuffs 4 timmar sedan
I can’t sing this song. Because my tears will keep flooding in my eyes.
samchen18p 4 timmar sedan
president of flag, house speaker of the flag
Snatched. 4 timmar sedan
2:55 he wasn't even gonna shake VP Harris's hand🤨
Elizabeth Mercurius
Elizabeth Mercurius 4 timmar sedan
Beautiful u all are so bless lovely songs god bless all Americans
kamogelo kameel
kamogelo kameel 4 timmar sedan
Those hoops girl😍😍
Jai De Leon
Jai De Leon 4 timmar sedan
great!!! 💙💙💙 congratulations mr. president biden and vp. harris
Bella Paz
Bella Paz 4 timmar sedan
Just like the song 🎵 says we have finally found Peace and love on Earth 🌎 ❤ Finally the Earth and humanity has Rise Up for a change with the New Elected President Biden and Vice President Harris. Finally start 🙌 seeing democracy for a better nation in unity with Peace and Love❤🙏So let it be true happiness for all the people in whole world 🌎 it was time. Yes this amazing girl sings like an Angels yes she's an Earth Angel😇 and the other young lady that was skating was very amazing also. I wouldn't doubt there where Angels all over the White House and around this young lady singing. Because they are always among us protecting there children ❤ Actually this Inauguration was so beautiful and creative and inspiration. They did a wonderful job preparing everything. I am so happy everything was peacefu turn out beautiful. Thank you Lord protecting our Nation on this day of Inauguration. 🙏 Bella Paz
jimoh soliat
jimoh soliat 4 timmar sedan
Stacy Salles
Stacy Salles 4 timmar sedan
Love the skating on BLM street. A commitment to hope. We still have work to do, but let’s enjoy this moment of freedom and light
pintosound 4 timmar sedan
virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual virtual
Jungle Dirt
Jungle Dirt 4 timmar sedan
Great performance but it’ll never beat Toby Keith’s performance for the last election.
Kenyatta The Shepreneur
Kenyatta The Shepreneur 4 timmar sedan
WE WILL RISE UPPPP👐🏾😍 Loved This, So Beautiful!
Love JetFuel
Love JetFuel 4 timmar sedan
Hope they sanitized that chair after Trump got kicked out
Yeti Hunter
Yeti Hunter 5 timmar sedan
China China chinA
phong nguyễn
phong nguyễn 5 timmar sedan
Fucking pelosy. Rip
laamik nyambura
laamik nyambura 5 timmar sedan
Wow at first before I opened the video I thought it was Riri!🤭My Goodness she's soo beautiful and has a veryyy AMAZING voice God bless you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Molly Gambiza
Molly Gambiza 5 timmar sedan
Who is reaching for a tissue? Beautiful!
Sharron Smith
Sharron Smith 5 timmar sedan
Simply Beautiful
Afia Huq
Afia Huq 5 timmar sedan
Debra Baretta
Debra Baretta 5 timmar sedan
What a joke
The Law of Divine Oneness
The Law of Divine Oneness 5 timmar sedan
Diversity is such a beautiful thing. I don't understand why the Trump mob are so threatened by it. When they invaded the U.S Capital one of the Trump criminals yelled "America just showed up!" They actually thought that they represented America as they screamed "Hang Mike Pence" and as they hunted for Speaker Pelosi. What a joke. America is what we saw today. A melting pot of different colors and races and creeds. THAT IS AMERICA. Not some rude, bombastic, self obsessed buffoon from REALITY TV pretending to be president. Congratulations President Biden and Vice President Harris. America is back !!!!!!
Ellie Green
Ellie Green 5 timmar sedan
The skater and that fantastic song/singer and that symbolic roadway, beautiful.
Phillip Walden
Phillip Walden 5 timmar sedan
Only a jerk would perform for
Kang Kang kang
Kang Kang kang 5 timmar sedan
Trump you are the winner, you deserve to be the champion ... Our soul and body for you trump, I am ready to die for you.
us citizen
us citizen 5 timmar sedan
People all over the world have, and will continue to be influenced, and given hope by usa culture and music. it was never about gold gilded displays of opulence and bright light glamour... what some apparently think of as "culture" ... how much wronger could they possibly be?... it was broadway ... and hollywood ... and the stories they told of freedom, opportunity, and liberation ... but even more it was jazz and it was the blues ... at the heart of it all it has been the music that came from unimaginable suffering mixing with the unlimited hope and aspiration of our black brothers and sisters that created, and frankly continues to create, the most uniquely american sounds and impacts around the world. Many follow and imitate, and strive for justice in their own countries from such songs they hear as they still inspire millions every day outside, as well as inside the USA. Kudos.
Guido Habets
Guido Habets 5 timmar sedan
the papers are blank and the pen is without ink?
Darragh Monaghan
Darragh Monaghan 3 timmar sedan
I can literally see his signature
Ibrahim Ekiru
Ibrahim Ekiru 5 timmar sedan
This one hit me differently... Teary eyes already!
Charles Ponzi
Charles Ponzi 5 timmar sedan
I've lost all faith in our politicians who clearly don't work for us. We have been conditioned to think that only politicians can solve our problems. Maybe at some point we'll wake up and recognize that it was politicians who caused our problems. We must stop giving our votes to politicians. Our voice is the key and without our own key to the front door, we will always need permission from mommy and daddy to enter or leave our own home. No wonder our politicians treat us like little children! Stop the lockdown! No masks! No curfew! Freedom now!
Casondra Wallace
Casondra Wallace 5 timmar sedan
Casondra Wallace
Casondra Wallace 5 timmar sedan
Kim Williams
Kim Williams 5 timmar sedan
umu oza
umu oza 5 timmar sedan
Am not American, Am not in America but why am I sobbing? why are these tears in my eyes watching this? this girl and her delivery got me for real...I lack words to describe this awesome delivery
Bettina Hedemand
Bettina Hedemand 5 timmar sedan
And there he was.. Garth Brooks, huge hug from Denmark. New future for USA. Big thanks to the people of this great country.
capdatzme19 5 timmar sedan
Is this an earlier pre-recorded? If it is citizens need to see if Pelosi even went to tha actual inauguration. If actual footage can't be found with her in it will mean Pelosi was arrested.
Dek Bagz
Dek Bagz 6 timmar sedan
Love this 😍
Mike K
Mike K 6 timmar sedan
Crafting Mamas
Crafting Mamas 6 timmar sedan
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 6 timmar sedan
He better do what he says he is gonna do otherwise I will be pretty pissed off
Recruit Gab
Recruit Gab 6 timmar sedan
Hes done more that trump
Shane Shrimp
Shane Shrimp 4 timmar sedan
Nice try
Allison V
Allison V 6 timmar sedan
I’m sobbing from the beauty and emotions invoked by this piece and most importantly, relief. It’s a new day. We can finally heal and move forward
EMPRESS SHION 6 timmar sedan
She's gorgeous. First time seeing her I thought it was Rihanna
ehi matte
ehi matte 6 timmar sedan
Joseph Seed approves
Vickie Taylor
Vickie Taylor 6 timmar sedan
You did a good job Garth but the most beautiful cover of this song is by The Statler Brothers, the video with the butterflies and flowers. Anyone that wants to hear it go over to Amazing Grace The Statler Brothers. If it doesn’t touch your soul nothing will. Thanks for trying to help heal the nation. I am scared we are so divided we may never heal. I am a Trump supporter and I do not need to be reprogrammed.
Craig Cundiff
Craig Cundiff 6 timmar sedan
I would not sing for that dam Ass
demonhunterC 6 timmar sedan
Biden won’t change anything, he said so.
perfect voice
Trina C
Trina C 6 timmar sedan
This is hilarious! They picked a song that is in millions of videos supporting Trump!
The Law of Divine Oneness
The Law of Divine Oneness 5 timmar sedan
Don't worry, Trump is now just an embarrassing footnote in history. The Trump Error is over.
Saskia Moni
Saskia Moni 6 timmar sedan
Tears rolling down my cheeks wonderful performance
Lava Girl
Lava Girl 6 timmar sedan
APRIL Hernandez
APRIL Hernandez 6 timmar sedan
Mark Masterson
Mark Masterson 6 timmar sedan
Vey nice ceremony. I liked the "hats off/staff down" style by the soldier in pale blue (, sorry I'm not a military person) and the slow walk of the flute playing soldiers. That was all long enough, although I'm sure many who had been training for the ceremony will be disappointed to miss out.
SING TORRES 6 timmar sedan
Just her tone and vulnerability, OMG! This is breathtaking.
SING TORRES 6 timmar sedan
This was the best inaugural I've watched. I'm not an American but I felt so proud.
Jaylin Dantzler
Jaylin Dantzler 6 timmar sedan
He ganna be tired
katherine owian
katherine owian 6 timmar sedan
Absolutely a beautiful performance by both the singer & the roller blader. I didn't know it was possible to skate ⛸️ like that on a road. She excited perfect multiple circles & twirls as if on ice. WOW!
SAINT JOAN OF ARC 6 timmar sedan
That was beautiful....songstress...and skater. Thank you both!
richard richardson
richard richardson 6 timmar sedan
PBS is cancer
VIOLET DAVIS 7 timmar sedan
Thomas Kidd
Thomas Kidd 7 timmar sedan
Please keep comments.
Thomas Kidd
Thomas Kidd 7 timmar sedan
Please keep comments.
Dodgy Trump
Dodgy Trump 7 timmar sedan
It’s great to see musicians come out to perform on Joe and Kamala’s Inauguration. We missed you all!
Gee Zee
Gee Zee 7 timmar sedan
George Moore
George Moore 7 timmar sedan
Pinocchio Joe Friden, open the border, they'll work for peanuts long hours don't care about taxes, know the health-welfair system.
MG Massey
MG Massey 7 timmar sedan
Beautiful performance. Brings tears to old eyes