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Here let me save your time, skip to here 6:40 👌🏻
trifio5242 15 timmar sedan
"Nasa wants to put people on mars" 2015. Nice joke :) By now we know that th government machine is too corrupt and inefficent. Elon Musk will get there first. The video though is FANTASTIC. Kuddos to all people who work at NASA. They are true belivers.
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Lets test it on a rabbit next😅😬
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Alex Tricks 15 timmar sedan
The energy needed to compress material into a super solid shape is released in form of light when broken
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David Meier 15 timmar sedan
Destin "So when I interviewed President Obama....." like everyone gets to do that every day! This dude does some great things for sure.
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Nicholas Khan 15 timmar sedan
That's y when u see a UFO going so fast u see fire does anyone knows what a ufo is ?
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this was a very deep thinking video, a lot of very interesting and important concepts of the mind! My gears are turning
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It's kinda like a regular kitchen only smaller
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This is the only time it’s ever thought baseball was interesting
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9:32 I'm trying really hard to keep level headed about this. I'm not American so I guess I "don't understand" [sic] but having checklists inside school classrooms & having pupils run drills for active shooters situations is f'd up so hard. I've taught High School kids so this is a raw topic for me. I get that shooting guns is fun, I've done it. But there's a social disconnect going on when you can't see past your own selfish enjoyment and sense of entitlement, even when your kids' safety is literally on the line. More guns don't make you safer, they don't deter crime, they don't protect your family. No detectors are going to make any difference. The science, the numbers, the evidence....they all say you're doing it wrong.
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I think its gonna be like folded paper. Only 6 or 7 folds can be done and it will deflect outword
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I want to see this with well made catcher's mits !
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Destin: (tries out to be a navy seal astronaut) Instructor: So how do we launch into space? Destin: SNATCH BLOCK
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I was in the baby bubble heads are the craziest people in the navy... They go nuts
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Tizian 16 timmar sedan
Elon Musk
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4:53 For Those Who Only Came For The Thumbnail, Enjoy ;)
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8:48 when you reward someone with a hamburger for saving your life
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The Ball have 14156 Joule, ist the same energy on a 50 BMG.
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Everyone's talking about "Son, go get the rifle" but nobody's talking about "Wait, safe the weapon, stay back until it's safe" smh
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I'm in love with your sister. Any woman who will shoot a drone out of a tree is good by me!
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How come it doesn't talk about the cancer many of the crew members end up with after working on them for years.
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21:26, clearly, Destin was never hella drunk and then tried laying onto bed...
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Live this video. Clear water is such a beautiful place. Go to the indoor go cart track that's there. The lady was a great instructor hands off and let you learn. Love all of your content. Thank you for all you do. You are the reason I went into engineering ♥️
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6:47 did y’all see the fire around the ball
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So this video is really just intended to manipulate us into signing up with ExpressVPN!
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Dustin the world needs more dad's like you. Maybe you can come help me and my daughter find so many lost rockets.
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Sent by Weird explorer
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What a cool guy Mr Bruno! And absolutely incredible tour and video! Thanks SmarterEveryDay
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11:33 theoretically, that means that if two cows collided at supersonic speed, they could potentially cook themselves on impact
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I have watched the "BLUE ANGELS" from the ground for years. The first time when I was a kid ,at Sea Fair in Seattle. They preformed maneuvers over Lake Washington. I'm 62 now and I still get serious GOOSE BUMPS! If I was 16 again, I'd go enlist. Absolutely fascinating!
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anybody know the song at 4:20?
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Could you guys try shooting a baseball against a sharp object, like a knife or idk a Katana?
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I keep mine in this airtight jar 🌿🌿
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There should have been no question about the results because as you BOTH mention, in sync on both videos, that hurricanes rotate in different directions on opposite sides of the equator. Additionally, the sky spins in the opposite direction AND the moon phases are opposite as well. Nonetheless, as all great scientists throughout history, you put your money where your brain is and demonstrated to the world, there REALLY is a difference. GREAT JOB and VERY CREATIVE!
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this is the very best science!
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SVfrom algorithm: have you ever seen a baseball disintegrate? Me: no SVfrom: *WOULD YOU LIKE TO?*
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3:54 this is what you came here for
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If you're worried about your camera being in the firing line then just use a mirror at 45deg and shoot at that. Women's compact mirrors should be cheap enough. Great videos BTW.
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Somebody call ICP, there's an update to magnet technology
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how cool would it be to se a real close up on the skin when the lightning is hiting you :) :P king you are
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metric system, Yay or Ney.
Ryota Arai
Ryota Arai 17 timmar sedan
This trait is common to predatory birds so that they can keep a steady aim at their prey even during flight. Maybe chickens evolved out of being predators or maybe they just need a steady sight to capture critters and bugs on the ground?
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"Watch his hands work," as he motionlessly holds onto the block. Hmm
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Kid: "Hey dad, why did you call my sister Rose?" Destin: "Because mom loves roses" Kid: "Thanks, dad" Destin: "No problem, snatch block"
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At 9:00
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I am sure having a mechanical engineering degree, aerospace engineering degree. And being a missile test flight engineer helps a little. Not too many social media personalities who could have pulled off this video. Thank you!
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hey, the slow motion video of the last shot, the record shot ????????????????
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I hope he know now that west Africa is a continent, not a country. So plz be specific and educate yourself on Africa. Love u video tho. No hate!
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The inside of space however where it is advanced turning to the jaw.