Cyberpunk 2077 - No Limits
Cyberpunk 2077 - Seize the Day
Russian Community Developer Q&A
Cyberpunk 2077 - Lifepaths
Grimes - 4ÆM
11 månader sedan
Cyberpunk 2077 - Behind The Music
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' 17 timmar sedan
*We're still waiting*
ImperialSpence 17 timmar sedan
9 days now, fellas
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Sir Daniel Fortesque 17 timmar sedan
Torn between a motorcycle or a truck... Do I want to be able to get into tight spaces and do some tricky shit, or do I just want to smash through everything that gets in my way? Hmm....
Daddy Dagoth
Daddy Dagoth 17 timmar sedan
I keep thinking "There is no way this can be speedrun." Then I remember all the crazy shit you can do in Skyrim and Fallout 4
JG Gameplay
JG Gameplay 17 timmar sedan
A merda, lá vamos nos de novo!!
tilon 17 timmar sedan
what is that music?
Daddy Dagoth
Daddy Dagoth 17 timmar sedan
Female hacker corpo mommy. Male gunner nomad chad. Male Melee street kid Lunk
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Sir Daniel Fortesque 17 timmar sedan
I feel like I'm going to be a mixed bag of several different styles.
Nova 17 timmar sedan
10 days left!
Allenpoe17 17 timmar sedan
WheatStoneTV 17 timmar sedan
What is 66 street gang song
Lu 17 timmar sedan
This game will be either a worldwide success or the most hyped failure ever witnessed in the gaming industry.
Sammylammy 18 timmar sedan
this is the type of game that you look back to in 20 years and be like: "this was the shit"
Ash Williams
Ash Williams 18 timmar sedan
9 days left.... so time to end witcher 3 for the 69th time
AntagonisT 18 timmar sedan
this game won't be like GTA, dudes...don't compare those two games. CP2077 is an RPG, not a shooter or GTA-ish sandbox. I think many people will be disppointed because they have false expectations.
Allenpoe17 17 timmar sedan
Agreed on that
Johnny Gongora
Johnny Gongora 18 timmar sedan
7 YEARS CMON MAN thats as old as gta 5
get_dooted 18 timmar sedan
YEah now I can deffinitely see this turning out to be the biggest clusterfuck of videogame history in this decade. Yes, bigger than No man's sky or destiny.
muffin mann
muffin mann 18 timmar sedan
Arynn Saevherne
Arynn Saevherne 18 timmar sedan
Best one in the playlist. I am so happy. This is a dream game and fire soundtrack. This is pure fucking EUPHORIA.
Retro Guardian
Retro Guardian 18 timmar sedan
Bladerunner 2077
Jonathan Luna
Jonathan Luna 18 timmar sedan
Damn i remember seeing this video when it came out. How time flies.
Berohero 18 timmar sedan
They take sooo long but I just can’t wait
Arynn Saevherne
Arynn Saevherne 18 timmar sedan
This game is almost like the kind you'd dream of as a kid.
Aniqqqerz 18 timmar sedan
In my perspective : Nomad = Easy Difficulty Street Kid = Normal Difficulty Corpo = Hard Difficulty
Baleur 18 timmar sedan
No offense to Grimes, but this wasnt really a "song" was it? Zero identifiable melody what so ever. What will i remember from this song? Nothing, it was just a homogenous noise field of ambience.
Canal do Jhow Br
Canal do Jhow Br 18 timmar sedan
dublagem foda jogos todo em português é uma delícia pra caraio
Jordan Dorough
Jordan Dorough 18 timmar sedan
9 days left ❤️
P.T Gaming
P.T Gaming 18 timmar sedan
Did they not scrap the 2018 version of Chippin' In? That's the main riff in the beginning of the trailer.
Clinton T
Clinton T 18 timmar sedan
Can absolutely see my character _flowing_ down Night City streets to this.
Alex O
Alex O 18 timmar sedan
Imagine if every game was announced 8 years before the release.
Top 10 Best Channel
Top 10 Best Channel 18 timmar sedan
This world doesn’t deserve Keanu the man is a good
Mecha Sandvich
Mecha Sandvich 18 timmar sedan
This game was announced in the end of the PS3 360 generation, and is just now releasing at the beginning of the PS5, Series X generation.
Warcabugabuga 18 timmar sedan
Itz Me
Itz Me 18 timmar sedan
Who's here mindlessly rewatching old gameplay videos...
churros724 18 timmar sedan
"dices que tengo un terrorista en la CALABAZA?" hijos de su putamadre suena de la verga este juego en español europeo
l0IlIl0IlIl0I 18 timmar sedan
I just need to find Rick Deckards attire and I'm all good.
Mustafa Nasser
Mustafa Nasser 18 timmar sedan
Can someone tell me if this is gonna be on playstation 4 as well?
tilon 17 timmar sedan
Sally September
Sally September 18 timmar sedan
Boy Keanu Reeves has a beautiful complexion!
Anderson Baeta
Anderson Baeta 18 timmar sedan
reservado, só esperando...
George 18 timmar sedan
"And I thought that was a very fine idea." followed by a huge smile xD Love it!
MontajTv 18 timmar sedan
cv 19 dan ölmeden oynasak be a**
OTACO ILUMINANTI 18 timmar sedan
Cadê a parte do "um tapa na goxtosa"?
Guilherme seles
Guilherme seles 18 timmar sedan
músiquinha Top
Phrog JUIC
Phrog JUIC 18 timmar sedan
Mad respect for this man filming multiple things at once
Dantas pereira anthony
Dantas pereira anthony 18 timmar sedan
Par les créateurs de THE WITCHER!!!
Annabelle Dark
Annabelle Dark 18 timmar sedan
I'm gonna be a cute asian street kid...male and female 😂😂😂😂
陳偉恩 18 timmar sedan
Can we actually been a total human without any modification till the end of the game? I know it might turns the game into extreme difficult but I want to experience something totally opposite
TGGamesmaster 18 timmar sedan
I honestly thought this trailer came out in 2015 not 201 3 wtf almost 8 years!
Adnan Lukman
Adnan Lukman 18 timmar sedan
Bro before 8 years you started 5o tease this game man wtf will it even be out or more 8 years left for it to come out
S0lidF0x 18 timmar sedan
Not the kind of music I'd like to hear on this game...
Phantom Knights
Phantom Knights 18 timmar sedan
you used to pray to god whom? you're the one who needs this vacation for real, i didn't like the song tbh it's dope.
silkktheshocker 18 timmar sedan
No piece of entertainment in history has had as many trailers as this game has had.
kubusjd 18 timmar sedan
We're still waiting
Gala 18 timmar sedan
Shut up and take my money!
A 18 timmar sedan
Son, It's time, wake up. Son...? CYBERPUNK, SON!
Armon Naddaf
Armon Naddaf 18 timmar sedan
I’m so glad I didn’t hear about this game until 3 months ago.
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 18 timmar sedan
1.8k people clearly aren't samurai!
Chaika Gaz
Chaika Gaz 18 timmar sedan
Dec 10th another delay im ready. Dont release it at all
Few CoCa
Few CoCa 18 timmar sedan
Lol, and why is everyone hyped on this ?
hambone 18 timmar sedan
did anyone else notice she put on a braindance headset?
Tony 18 timmar sedan
screw this game these games are trying to prepare people for robot ruled world
Adam Fadilla
Adam Fadilla 18 timmar sedan
10 days boys.
Green General
Green General 18 timmar sedan
Sucks for the people that saw this 8 years ago and didn't make it to see the gameplay footage, RIP.
Yavor Kapitanov
Yavor Kapitanov 18 timmar sedan
I thought this game was announced two years ago or something.. what????
TZY RTM 18 timmar sedan
the wait is nearly over lads only 10 more days
Roberto Vivancos
Roberto Vivancos 18 timmar sedan
What about electric cars in 2077?
Destin4Victory 18 timmar sedan
I got actual chills watching this ad.
The Silent Gamer
The Silent Gamer 18 timmar sedan
I would be very happy if only a few people took 2 minutes of their time to check out my SVfrom page. It takes $0 to support by subscribing to me. Thanks!
Marek Rothe
Marek Rothe 19 timmar sedan
I have a ps4 pro and just upgraded my pc... But oh boy i buy this MF for pc. The surviving chances for my pc are higher than for my ps4. And i think as good the last of us 2 graphics were. I think cyberpunk 2077 graphics will become a reference point for the upcoming AAA games.
Phillip Martinez
Phillip Martinez 19 timmar sedan
I ask one thing , give me a akira bike to purchase
Arthur Callahan
Arthur Callahan 19 timmar sedan
Lead and Nano-blades. Until it is done.
Rahib Rustemov
Rahib Rustemov 19 timmar sedan
This stuff for STANDART EDITION. GOAT Cd Projekt Red ❤
Matheus Cardoso
Matheus Cardoso 19 timmar sedan
-The Witcher 3 definiu a 8 geração... Será que Cyberpunk 2077 irá também definir a 9 geração?! ...Sinto cheirinho de GOTY no ar!!! Hehehe.
Akshay rairakhia
Akshay rairakhia 19 timmar sedan
altered carbon but a game
Илья Салтаев
Илья Салтаев 19 timmar sedan
Привет из 2020. Мы все ещё ждём.
JuvyThaKid 19 timmar sedan
10 DAYS!!!
Jester Wolf
Jester Wolf 19 timmar sedan
This is the video I saw 7 years ago that sold me the game right there and than.
FabioHQ 19 timmar sedan
Tendi nada
FBI official
FBI official 19 timmar sedan
Joshua J.
Joshua J. 19 timmar sedan
4:36 I want those laser knuckles blades. I don’t know how or when I’ll get them but I will Get Those Mfs
levermory 19 timmar sedan
за что спойлеры то