Film Theory: Aquaman is NO Hero!
Shadow Torchx2
Shadow Torchx2 24 minuter sedan
what the... Out of all the theories I've seen from this channel. *THIS* is the most horrific one I have ever seen..
Jishnu Jetwani
Jishnu Jetwani 25 minuter sedan
Bro it’s 2am and I went downstairs to get some food and I feel like there’s a murderer around every corner Edit: Finished the video and can confirm I am fin-
the mobile gamer
the mobile gamer 26 minuter sedan
Doof Is related to the president
Dakota Siebrass
Dakota Siebrass 27 minuter sedan
I love this guys openings.
Leon Gower
Leon Gower 28 minuter sedan
It takes two souls to make a Horcrux, 2 ÷ 2 = 1. So he never looses any strength.
Squallycellar 25
Squallycellar 25 28 minuter sedan
Hmm yes
Jp gamer
Jp gamer 28 minuter sedan
matpat:cat meme or dog meme me:CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT
7 ATE 9
7 ATE 9 28 minuter sedan
I love how the intro music is subtitled “dope x-men intro theme”
Sophie Marie Estabillo
Sophie Marie Estabillo 29 minuter sedan
Kion ni lion guardian is Simba’s son
lionel masinga
lionel masinga 30 minuter sedan
I am a lion
Ttv Duesh4
Ttv Duesh4 33 minuter sedan
I am in so much pain
Dusty2084 35 minuter sedan
I'm super fucking late to this, but what about genetic memory that other animals show?
Jet Jesse
Jet Jesse 40 minuter sedan
Matpat: calls Asuna a loli Kirito: ……. And I took that personally
anony 42 minuter sedan
I cant hear green needle??
Ash's Adventures
Ash's Adventures 44 minuter sedan
When you’re smoking ouid and the lighter sparks in time with one of mat pats dramatic sound effects👂👁👄👁👂
GL Rowe
GL Rowe 44 minuter sedan
Stephanie 44 minuter sedan
I love the original the new is bad
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky 45 minuter sedan
Zelirious 47 minuter sedan
The fortnite ad was more acceptable than this
Jyryl Crest Biboso
Jyryl Crest Biboso 49 minuter sedan
Me:I wish i can brainwash any creature in every galaxy Genie:Done Me:Now give me more wishes (Work smart not hard)
Ayden Vasser
Ayden Vasser 51 minut sedan
Mans was so smart he could beat the chess A.I
Challenger's Approach
Challenger's Approach 52 minuter sedan
I love gravity falls and honestly my favorite person is old man Jenkins.
Ezra Sitt
Ezra Sitt 54 minuter sedan
The thing I really don’t get is how some of the “people” are dogs, yet Arthur has a pet dog. Is Pal considered a slave in this universe of anthropomorphic animals? And why is he not also anthropomorphic?
Brett Strawn
Brett Strawn 55 minuter sedan
Fun Fact: what minions say can actually be translated.
Mike PlayZ
Mike PlayZ 55 minuter sedan
Theory about the bubble guppies. Look I’m not joking I really want a bubble guppies theory.😅
Micah Russell
Micah Russell 58 minuter sedan
My only question is that Snyders Justice League isn't a conclusion. Darkseid at the end said that the Anti life is now found, and to "Ready the armada. We will use the old ways." Darkseid si still coming
Duhkota Timme sedan
Ehsan Heydari
Ehsan Heydari Timme sedan
This is what happens when one takes a fictional cartoon too seriously.
sian paige
sian paige Timme sedan
I don't like how frozen 2 debunked the frozen and little mermaid theory
Mr Ditkovich
Mr Ditkovich Timme sedan
Note to self,don't let Matpat scale again
Blazeddonuts Timme sedan
Look up Cheeto lamb 😎
Juan Vargas
Juan Vargas Timme sedan
I'm sure your calculations are correct, but what if the suit Tony Stark gave Peter (MCU) makes him stronger?
Jordan Beebe
Jordan Beebe Timme sedan
Well actually Willy Wonka would still be responsible for all those problems until Charlie reaches 18 because you can't legally hand over a multimillion dollar company to a 10 year old kid who knows nothing about it and the like, so not only will Willy Wonka still have to pay for those new regulations to be put in to place but also safely train the kid on how the factory works in every aspect and teach him about business, which is expensive on its own
Steven Chuong
Steven Chuong Timme sedan
Can you do a theory for Thomas the train that is the train really train?
Batya Forsyth
Batya Forsyth Timme sedan
15:31 pause at the right time and you'll see it
Nyarlathotep Timme sedan
And here I thought Mr. Krabs is just putting his meat in the burger
RNJR green
RNJR green Timme sedan
huh, its is currently 14th of may 2021 and i stumble across this in a playlist......hmmmmm.
natalia nicole Pratt
natalia nicole Pratt Timme sedan
Spiders didn't evolve to do that God created them to do that
Ben Palmreuter
Ben Palmreuter Timme sedan
I am a lion rawwwwww
Grim The Reaper
Grim The Reaper Timme sedan
Why Is The Water Orange?
0 MIEDO FAITHFUL Timme sedan
If you read it on 9:03 it says asmr triggers
Nitro Romeo
Nitro Romeo Timme sedan
oregon, matt greining is from there
Callender Man
Callender Man Timme sedan
What is it with youtubers being obsessed with Charmy the Bee?
BOT Gaming
BOT Gaming Timme sedan
u explained it all in just the first 1 minute
Novie Ambros
Novie Ambros Timme sedan
dekus body dosent change but his bones are
Ibbyal Timme sedan
in the podcast he says he has 120b
AzStaryu Studios
AzStaryu Studios Timme sedan
Maybe you should make a theory about Cinnamon Toast Crunch!
Madelyn Meza
Madelyn Meza Timme sedan
Thanks for summarizing this so I don’t actually have to watch it!
James Timme sedan
Tbh mat this video could have been much shorter. Entertaining nonetheless
German Ball Animations
German Ball Animations Timme sedan
Wait did you just call the clone wars a *s p i n o f f ?*
Oshawott Blue
Oshawott Blue Timme sedan
I seriously doubt love is the power that Voldemort knows not. I mean sure Lily sacrificed herself for Harry but how many of the mothers and fathers would do that? The answer is probably a lot I mean even teachers do it.
Canyonero CZ
Canyonero CZ Timme sedan
3:27. there you go
enkai liu
enkai liu Timme sedan
And if I were to tell you that there's a secret so hidden, so subversive, and so shocking, that the writers probably didn't even think about it and this is just overanalyzing a children's film. I love it
statesmanuel Timme sedan
Orrrrrr: Use the Oort Cloud to fulfill all food needs for over 7.5million years. I mean, it's right there where their ship is located. Co-incidence??? I DON'T THINK SO!
Loid Zillon
Loid Zillon Timme sedan
Mattpat:Dont believe the lies your third grade science teacher is pedling!" Me: GASP wut
Unknown 1111
Unknown 1111 Timme sedan
It's easy just be the camera man.
C L Timme sedan
But In order to maintain a weight of 500+ pounds, you HAVE to eat way more than just 1400 calories
SchneiderUnlimited Timme sedan
No! You're wrong! The Cars universe takes place within the My Hero Academia Universe where the Ida family evolves into the cars we see in cars through thousands of years of... breeding?
シJupiterシ Timme sedan
Just wanted to say that I love your theories! This is totally my comfort channel (same with game theory and food theory!) :D
HARRY CAO Timme sedan
Mario Jaikaran
Mario Jaikaran 2 timmar sedan
Waste of my frickin time
Squallycellar 25
Squallycellar 25 2 timmar sedan
If Disney doesn’t love any movie technically Disney loves every film equally
AD Gaming
AD Gaming 2 timmar sedan
I really wish that more research had gone into this theory. Hazbin and Helluva are phenomenal shows and I feel that this episode doesn't do them justice, but I understand that the theorist crew are very busy and may not be able to research everything. Pretty good overall though, especially somehow making an adult show kid friendly.
PrimagenistW10 Irish
PrimagenistW10 Irish 2 timmar sedan
Lets get down to business, to prove this theory, yes or no!
kat williams
kat williams 2 timmar sedan
Siam 2 timmar sedan
5 words right? Spotify. :)
sergeant frog, commenter legend
sergeant frog, commenter legend 2 timmar sedan
10:43 Makes sense, one of the somewhat recent episodes, "Walking Big & Tall" mentions that Springfield is just off the interstate.
ShackuHachi 2 timmar sedan
If you would have wished to take every point of view, you should have watched the other series (clone wars and rebels), where we see more of the empire and the republic
LightKnight 2 timmar sedan
Bill cipher Gaming and animations
Bill cipher Gaming and animations 2 timmar sedan
Haha you were right ;) But just remeber it’s just a theory A FILM THEORY
nurse. 2 timmar sedan
ok but like that clip of oliver brought back that christmas morning feeling and it made me so happy- also, that means 10,170 minions are clones
Chase Jordan
Chase Jordan 2 timmar sedan
But... Calling weed drugs, then saying she was hallucinating because of drugs literally makes zero sense.
Edy Wolf
Edy Wolf 2 timmar sedan
Pooh and friends are imaginary friends of Christopher robin most stuffed animals and a couple just creatures from the woods warped to fit his childhood fancys so its a narrative not real diet
Home ehd
Home ehd 2 timmar sedan
Ya know Ive been learning more stuff from this Channel than school :P
Necracudda 2 timmar sedan
As an Ohioan. I apologize for everything that Jake Paul has done.
isabella ashby
isabella ashby 2 timmar sedan
GarrettTheWolf2007 2 timmar sedan
All episodes of BFDI season 1, but every word containing the letter R is replaced with every episode of Happy Tree Friends, but every time something gory happens, every Nostalgia Critic review plays, but every time the critic swears is replaced with every episode of the Mr. Men Show, but every second the colour blue is in the frame is replaced with Chicken Run, but every time a chicken is shown, It's replaced with every episode of Arthur played backwards.
Squid beak
Squid beak 2 timmar sedan
This still runs my childhood
Bub Douglas
Bub Douglas 2 timmar sedan
Or maybe Mr poopy butthole is really bill Cypher because if im not mistaken aren't they the same color and both wearing top hats?
PowerJY Gacha
PowerJY Gacha 2 timmar sedan
**When you're a Malaysian and you heard the word "Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur"** Me: I'm so proud of our country we actually have some recognition for once-