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Love love love love love!!!!
Ashlee Williams
Ashlee Williams 4 timmar sedan
Your voice is so amazing.
Billy Carson
Billy Carson 5 timmar sedan
Thank you for this, what a beautiful way to start a day. Thank you sir from Kentucky
Sylwia Grzybalska
Sylwia Grzybalska 5 timmar sedan
Sylwia Grzybalska
Sylwia Grzybalska 5 timmar sedan
Tim 6 timmar sedan
This guy would be Hopper if he ate all the eggos and chose depression instead of redemption by helping Eleven in Season 1. Now he be like Ocean Eyes 🎶🎶
Cristina Pavalache
Cristina Pavalache 6 timmar sedan
Love your kitchen sessions!
Janet Arnold
Janet Arnold 7 timmar sedan
HOLY FUCK!!! You're amazing!!!!
Janet Arnold
Janet Arnold 7 timmar sedan
Damn! You sound just like him!!!!
Mathew Millard
Mathew Millard 7 timmar sedan
Must have been 68 people accidentally hit dislike when rushing to hit the like button. Only explanation.
Made in Michigan 67
Made in Michigan 67 8 timmar sedan
H8RNs TRIPLE 9 timmar sedan
I still like the one he did on AGT better..
Ethan Currivean
Ethan Currivean 10 timmar sedan
I keep looking forward to a time where Chris Stapleton and Chris Kläfford get together for a song. Both have a very similar look and voice. I think that'd be really cool. Also I'd like to see more songs that Kläfford sings that are Stapleton's songs.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 3 timmar sedan
Such an awesome video!
John Peverill
John Peverill 10 timmar sedan
He has one of those voices that makes you want to listen. His renditions are better than the original artist.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 3 timmar sedan
Sometimes it´s just nice, taking a break, doing a cover song in my kitchen. 😄 I loved doing Kitchen Session season one for you all, and I hope you’ll join me for season two!
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony 11 timmar sedan
I believe Chris Stapleton would tip his hat to this version. Well done 👏
Barbara Marquis
Barbara Marquis 11 timmar sedan
This was great. Your mom did a good job.
Noah Salmeri
Noah Salmeri 11 timmar sedan
There are 68 people who have bad taste...
Barbara Marquis
Barbara Marquis 11 timmar sedan
You are amazing. I could listen to your music all day. Great job.
Neil Brewer
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😁 Excellent
Christina Algate
Christina Algate 12 timmar sedan
Hi Chris I watched a 15 singer from Russia song this song. Her name is Diana Ankudinova and her voice will surprise you.
lonewolfrb478 13 timmar sedan
My only complaint is that I can only thumbs up this song one time. Holy hell that was good.
Hellen Moore
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Magnificent version as always!!!
Cameron MM
Cameron MM 13 timmar sedan
Holy shit.
Lukey Singles
Lukey Singles 14 timmar sedan
This song represents probably her fondest memory of you. And watching you create her very own rendition is a beautiful gift to both of you. Had alot of laughs and thought your mum did great, and the end result was not perfect but it was perfect in every way!
Barry Unke
Barry Unke 14 timmar sedan
Have to Second, a Cover of Simple Man by you....Might be Mind Blowing!! Keep Spreading the Love of Music!! You Are A Gift To this World!!
SpookyRooster135 14 timmar sedan
Aww she's beautiful and so special.
Barry Unke
Barry Unke 14 timmar sedan
A belated Christmas to you and Family!! 3 weeks into the New Year, may we all across the Globe, look forward to a Heathier Year! Keep Singing Brother...Your Voice is a Blessing to us All!!
Barry Unke
Barry Unke 14 timmar sedan
Just wondering if you ran into some Dwarves looking for Smaug? The mountains are a Spiritual place!! The Accent is most times the easiest, the descent, tests your strength and endurance. Keep this content coming!! Climb more Hills! Be Safe! Your Mom can Sing!!
colleen shaw
colleen shaw 16 timmar sedan
This was a good idea, sorry I did not see it sooner. I really like your voice and your song brings home inside the heart the hardness and sadness of walking and doing what you know is right for you. I am glad it has a positive note that you are strong and you can do it. I needed to hear that tonight, Merci beaucoup!!!!
Azakius TV
Azakius TV 16 timmar sedan
I'd also love to see these on Spotify. Listen to you on my daily commute and this would be great to add to the playlist.
Krister Persson
Krister Persson 16 timmar sedan
Hi Chris, from a fellow Swede. Is there any chance you would make a cover of Alien by Atlanta Rythm Section (I feel this would be great but Iäm not a musician so I could be talking out of my ass :-) )
Diana Hubbart
Diana Hubbart 17 timmar sedan
You have such a great talent!!! Music is my passion, and, you sir have a SPECIAL talent in any song you sing!!!
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Marcus J
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För jävla bra
Pavel Gorenitsyn
Pavel Gorenitsyn 18 timmar sedan
Chris, my man, you are one helluva singer - and one with an amazing personality! I wish I could teleport to a small, cozy pub right now with you signing your songs at random... Maybe one day...
Ariel Lovera
Ariel Lovera 18 timmar sedan
Dude! Have you ever heard 'La chispa adecuada" from the band "Héroes del silencio"? Those first chores were just like that! Beautiful!
dana burton
dana burton 18 timmar sedan
she sings great thank you my brother
AGUNG WICAKSONO 18 timmar sedan
he looks like Teddy
Suzanne Labbe
Suzanne Labbe 11 timmar sedan
nah, Chris is way better looking !!
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I love this song ... your version is beautiful
Wendy Pasos
Wendy Pasos 22 timmar sedan
i love your voice it makes my heart beat again...take care Godbless you always keep up the good work
!!ゲーム大好き Dag sedan
Spider Channel MP3 II قناة العنكبوت إم بي ثري
Spider Channel MP3 II قناة العنكبوت إم بي ثري Dag sedan
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Pkt south side Dag sedan
2:25 is when he goes odin force mode
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martin price Dag sedan
From Townsville Australia, we love your voice man. Just awesome, YNWA!
Kelly Dawn
Kelly Dawn Dag sedan
Chris your voice is like looking at a painting that is almost impossible too pull away from ( the painting in my mind is of no important)... it could be anyone’s favorite painting that moves them... I’m stuck in a hotel ( during this devastating plague) and can’t sleep. Listening too your voice has given me the serenity that I need too get through this evening and back too my place in Houston Texas. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift. Stay safe & continue your writing. Namaste 🙏
Latchman Mangra
Latchman Mangra Dag sedan
The curious moat synthetically shave because enemy bailly peel upon a boiling coast. obnoxious, lying eye
Willow Zephyr
Willow Zephyr Dag sedan
I am soooooo looking forward to listening much more from this immensely talented gentleman. It's not very often I hear someone sing me to goosebumps and had me searching for more videos after just accidently coming across this video. Love light and peace to you always, thank you for sharing your beautiful talent <3
Michelle Giorno
Michelle Giorno Dag sedan
Your voice is the honey to my whiskey... love this rendition!! Keep it up, my friend!
Thoni Flenik
Thoni Flenik Dag sedan
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Thomas Palmer Dag sedan
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Longs Quest
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Suzanne Labbe Dag sedan
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Suzanne Labbe
Suzanne Labbe Dag sedan
you and Hanna really compliment each other well in this duet. nicely done Chris... Suz
Robin R
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Michelle Dag sedan
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Deborah Langlois Dag sedan
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Kristoffer Hellström
Kristoffer Hellström Dag sedan
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yasio bolo
yasio bolo Dag sedan
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Sammi Hillier Dag sedan
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Sjef Hendrickx
Sjef Hendrickx Dag sedan
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Christian Höhrhan
Christian Höhrhan Dag sedan
... talent and a good teacher ... iḿ sure she had a lot of fun with you too ... and she is very proud of you and she is a gifted singer fun to watch this and share this with you
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